Life Through the Lens of the Water Bearer w/Patrick Walsh

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Aquarius Poster Child: Life Through the Lens of the Water Bearer w/Patrick WalshAquarius Poster Child: Life Through the Lens of the Water Bearer w/Patrick Walsh

In this episode, you’ll get to understand this energy, either to better understand yourself, dear Aquarian or better understand the Aquarian in your life.

So I had this thought: what if we illustrated Zodiac signs with people who are the quintessential of that sign? If we experienced the world through their lens, what could we learn? 🤔

As we all embark on this Aquarian age, I think it’s so important to understand the energies that come with it, and what better way to do that than through the perspective of an Aquarius poster child? 

You see, there are people in my life, or people I meet, that are textbook embodiments of zodiac or planetary archetypes. They are literally poster children for their zodiac sign! Whenever I think of Aquarius, I think of my brother, Patrick. 

And. No, he is not an astrologer, just an extraordinary human being who has his Sun, Rising, Mercury, Venus and Pallas in Aquarius. He also has 9 total planets in air signs, further amplifying his Aquarian essence.  

To me, the Aquarian perspective is the purest transmission of the light and love of the stars being poured over humanity, hence the water bearer glyph…and Patrick brings a lot of that to this conversation!


In this episode, you’ll learn;

👥 Aquarians and the drive to create community and draw people together 

💭 The biggest Aquarian misconception and the truth about their “detachment” 

🕰 Why Time and the “Big Clock” matter so much to Aquarians  

🥁 Why Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum and chase their divine wiring 

💓 How to place love as the center-point of everything you do 

🌌 Why I think the Aquarian perspective is the highest expression of the light of stars 


For you astrology students out there, I’d love you to share what Aquarian qualities YOU pick up on in the way Patrick speaks, shares and lives his life. I’d love to see what you notice!


Guest Bio 

Patrick is the high school football coach at Serra Padres, where former players like Tom Brady attended, leading young men to be both great athletes and quality human beings by emphasizing something you don’t hear a whole lot of football coaches talking about, which is LOVE, brotherhood, humility and ohana or family, in everything that they do.


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Amanda Walsh: Welcome to the astrology hub podcast. I'm Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of astrology hub and your host for our flagship show.

We explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health. And personal growth. Thanks for tuning in if you are an Aquarius or if you have strong Aquarius placements in your chart. If you'd love to understand the Aquarius energy more fully, because all of us are embarking upon the age of Aquarius and or if there's an aquarium in your life that you'd love to understand better, today's episode is for you.

This [00:01:00] episode is something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. You see, there are people in my life. that to me are textbook embodiments of zodiac or planetary archetypes. They are literally poster children for their zodiac sign. Whenever I meet people like this, I often say, if there was an astrological encyclopedia, Your picture would be posted right next to your particular sign.

And there is so much we can learn from simply observing, asking questions, and getting to know people who are living, breathing embodiments of particular zodiacal signs. And since we're in Aquarius season, I wanted to do our first poster child episode on the Aquarius Archetype. And whenever I think of Aquarius, I think of my brother Patrick.

No, he is not an astrologer, just an extraordinary human being who has his [00:02:00] son rising Mercury, Venus and Palace, all in Aquarius. So he's embodying a lot of aquarium energy. He also has nine total planets and air suns, further amplifying his Aquarian essence. And even though the canvas upon which Patrick creates the art of his life is seemingly ordinary, football, he does it in the most extraordinary, and to me, Aquarian, ways.

He's the winningest high school football coach at the high school he coaches at, where former players like Tom Brady attended. Leading young men to be both great athletes and quality human beings by emphasizing something you don't hear a whole lot of football coaches talking about, which is love in everything they do.

He was named the California State Coach of the Year in 2020, not only because of his school's performance in football, but also because of the leadership role he played in the Let Them Play movement, [00:03:00] working with California state government agencies and helping to liberate youth. thousands of young adults all across the state who were idle and isolated in their homes to safely participate in their beloved sports during the very trying times that we all went through.

He's also the co founder of Next Level Sports, providing 50, 000 kindergarten through eighth grade boys and girls across 15 states the opportunity to play flag football, basketball, and volleyball. He is always bringing people together. For you astrology students out there, I'd love you to share what Aquarian qualities you pick up on in the way Patrick speaks, shares, and lives his life.

You can put those in the comments. I would love to see what you notice. And if you like this type of episode, let us know so we can find and interview more Hooster children for all of the Zodiac signs. Without further ado, I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy today's [00:04:00] Aquarian Poster Child episode.

Patrick! My brother! Hi Puma! Hi! Welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast and nobody in the entire world knows me as Puma, which is why we get to that. One of the things that Patrick is pretty notorious for is coming up with nicknames for everyone in his life. And they always evolve like they started one name, but then it just it has a life of its own.

So Puma is one of those. It is definitely had an evolution. But Patrick, I'd love to start here with how would you say that people describe you? Like what qualities would you say that people would use

Patrick Walsh: to describe you? That's a great question. And I've actually. How I'm perceived, um, by others is, is something that, frankly, I don't spend a lot of time on, but it's, it's something that, in a weird, strange way, I've been [00:05:00] thinking about recently.

Um, as a matter of fact, my wife, Lindsay, uh, is reading a book about sending an email to ten of your closest people asking that very question. And that's like how you, like, if you really want to improve and do some self discovery and, uh, ask the people that you love the most, how they perceive you. So it's, it's good timing in that sense, because I've, I've been kind of waffling on whether or not I want to embark on that journey.

Because once you go there, it's like, okay, uh, you have to be in that state of mind and wherever you're at in your life to actually make the changes from the, the perceived strengths and weaknesses of others. So that's a long way of saying, um, I would think that the first. Were the first word that would probably come to most people's minds that they perceive me to probably be a leader.

Um, I've always been a leader. I've always been a leadership [00:06:00] positions. I've always been the captain of the teams that I've played on. Um, and you know, so I would say that's first and foremost, the second one I would say is He's a competitor. Um, and that probably comes depending on who's being asked was some good and bad things, uh, because competition can, can get dicey at times.

So, um, and then from the people that I think know me the most, I would say, uh, extremely considerate and a, and someone who's a community builder, you know, someone who likes to draw people together, likes to bring people together Whatever cause that may be at that time.

Amanda Walsh: Why, why community? Like, why is that important to you?

Cause I mean, I've noticed that you, you draw people around you, no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing. It's like, you're this magnet for community and for people feeling included. You're really good at that. [00:07:00] Why is that so important

Patrick Walsh: to you? Well, I think that's what gives me life. Um, I eat my life source.

My energy source, um, is from others and from the, the love of others, to be honest with you, not necessarily the love that they give to me, but me seeing love grow in their life, in their lives. So if I know that love is growing in their lives and I see people around me that are happy. people that have joy or we're listening to music together or watching a game together or competing together or I see in the business that I run a community of people celebrating their children.

That just brings joy to me. That gives me the energy that I need to continue and the purpose. That I need to continue the next day or the next step in my life. So I don't, it's just an inherent quality of mine or inherent in myself. Um, Amanda, that, [00:08:00] that I need, it's a neat thing. So in 2020, I won't mention it by name, but we all know what happened in 2020.

I lost that life force. Um, that was the number one thing that was stripped away. Like stay away from everyone. Like, ah, And I just had the worst time with that. So, uh, coming out of those, that, that kind of darkness has reaffirmed that kind of purpose in my life to, to bring people together, to see them grow and become the best versions of themselves.

And that is the joy that I get out of life, to be honest with you.

Amanda Walsh: When you are creating community, do you always feel like you're a part of it? Or is it more witnessing it in them? Like, do you always feel included in that community, I guess is what I'm

Patrick Walsh: trying to say. I would say mostly I feel excluded, which is strange.

Um, And there's a, there's a scene in Shawshank Redemption, which if anyone's listening out [00:09:00] there has not watched Shawshank Redemption, it is mandatory homework from this podcast and, or you can read the book if you're a book reader, you can read, uh, I think it's Rita Hayworth or Haywood or something like that and the Shawshank, uh, Redemption.

Um, and it's actually written by Stephen King. It's fantastic. Um, but anyway, there's a, a moment in that book or in that. scene in the movie where Andy Dufresne in prison arranges a, a beer drinking moment for his friends when they were swabbing the tar on the top of a roof. And he worked it out with the warden where they could get beer for that moment, just after they were done with the work.

And he sat back in the corner and watched the whole thing. I see myself as Andy Dufresne in that moment. Um, in many of the things that I do in my life, including coaching football or running a youth sports program is just sitting back and [00:10:00] seeing it all unfold in front of me is more joyful than actually drinking the beer myself.

Amanda Walsh: Mm. So for you being quote unquote excluded the way you said it, it's not a bad thing. It just it is and it actually is it you actually like it.

Patrick Walsh: I actually like it. I feel some constraints or a small level of anxiety when I'm when I'm when I'm a part of something that I've created that way. Uh, for example, if my, my football team wins a championship, like I'm never in the championship picture.

Just, I don't, I don't think that's my time. It's their time. So I, I, I don't, it's definitely not something that, uh, I feel a loss of, or that there's something missing from it. Um, it's just something that. I feel more proud or at least honor in standing away from it and watching it unfold for others that it's me that the real joy is seeing others celebrate their joy [00:11:00] so that that exclusionary feeling that I think probably you're right probably exclusions a wrong word.

Um, it's more like. Just a different vantage point of something beautiful that's happening in front of me.

Amanda Walsh: You're a witness to it, but it's like you're a witness to something that you played a part in creating. And so for you, you get to celebrate what you're witnessing. You get to celebrate your creation.

It's almost like an artist standing back from their painting. They're not in the painting, but they're admiring the painting. And there's so much joy in that. I mean, Aquarius can be seen as detached. Like emotionally detached. Do you feel like people ever think that about you? That you're sort of like

Patrick Walsh: emotionally?

I can see that, um, that some people could probably say that about me, that I'm, you know, uh, it could be construed as I, not that I don't care. Cause I think there's a difference. Uh, I can see a [00:12:00] detachment from it, but I think most people know it. It's not because I don't care. It's maybe because I care too much and that there's a certain level of detachment that I need to have from it so it can flourish on its own.

I also know that the true, true things that happen in groups and communities, um, happen at the deepest, the bottom level, the bottom layer. That is where the life form is. Like if you look at a fire that the strength of the fire is the bottom, the top of the fires, the beautiful flames and everything, everything looks at.

But the strength of the fire is at the bottom of it. That's where the heat is and the fuel and the energy that that fuels the flames that come up. Um. And that's kind of the, the, where I like to sit. I like to sit and flame the bottom of the fire fan, those flames. So everything else can, can grow around it.

And I think for leaders, a lot of leaders try to be the fire. They're in the fire. They become the fire. I [00:13:00] think it's too much. I mean, there's a lot of coaches that, uh, and, and, and coaches. Coaches, uh, that word, even though I'm a, I'm a high school football coach, uh, by Nate, by trade, but coach is a word that can be like a mom in the house as a coach.

Like, you know, the, like any, any one that's a leader is a coach. So I believe as a coach, we are the ones that are creating the environment and if the environment is. A dictatorship, it's not going to be a fluid, beautiful environment. So for me having the, the, the kind of the, um, belief structure that the more I get away from it, but still build the bottom of the fire, the bigger the flames can be.


Amanda Walsh: love that. I have known you my whole life, obviously. And one thing that is so true about you is that you have always marched to the beat of your own drum. You've always been just a [00:14:00] highly unique individual. Tell us a little bit about that. Do you try to do that? Is that just who you are? Like just talk to us about be marching to the beat of your own drum.

Patrick Walsh: Well, I think that the fellow, uh, Aquarius listeners to this know that we are the best. Uh, I was reading the positives and negatives of the Aquarian and I'm like, the negatives are pretty positive. This is great. Um, since we are being navigated by the stars here, I have to throw some Aquarian love out to my fellow, uh, Aquarians out there.

So good. So one of the negatives is Aquarians, like, may act that way and Behave that way and think they're separate and all that. I've read that too. So that's, that is part of the negative, right? I get that. I think there's a level of, of this for the negative side of this, for me, this has been an innate thing for me, my whole life.[00:15:00]

Um, and it's not something that I've studied or I'm kind of a normal human when it comes to this world, I'd say, right, Buma. But I, I really, I really love my relationship with the planet, with the stars, with particularly the moon. I'm extremely attracted to the moon. Uh, the Luna is like part of me. Um, but this, this concept of beating to my own drum has led to some kind of.

feelings of claustrophobia. Um, and, and what I mean by that is maybe others have felt the same way is if I feel constrained or shackled, or I got to sit in a classroom for a long time, or, uh, you know, I have a certain job that, that makes me do things in a certain rhythm. I re I get very, uh, claustrophobic.

Um, and now I can stand in an elevator and I can Plain. So I don't mean claustrophobia in this way, I mean world claustrophobia. And if I don't feel like I am in an [00:16:00] environment that I can be the best version of myself and have the freedom to create. Then I feel drastically, uh, claustrophobic in the world.

And I don't know if others, but, and I think that's, I think getting back to your point, that's why I've always beat to my own drum, because I don't see any other way. I feel like a trapped lion if, if I'm in a situation that I cannot beat to my own drum.

Amanda Walsh: It makes me think of the children out there who might not have been supported in that.

So I'm just thinking of Aquarian children. And thankfully, luckily, you and I had the best parents ever. And I know one of the things our mom wanted to do was, she recognized that we were all individuals. She recognized that we were all different from each other. There's four of us in our family. And And I feel like we were really supported to be who we are.

It was, we were encouraged to be who we are. But if you were an [00:17:00] Aquarian child who wasn't, who was made to conform and made to really, like, be in that box, how uncomfortable that would be, I don't know if you have any thoughts about that because you work with kids. Yes. You probably, you know, you probably see a lot of different parenting approaches and a lot of different children reacting or responding to their parents.

I don't know if you have any thoughts or reflections on

Patrick Walsh: that. Yeah, no, I think that's a great point and I think the avenue that has always connected with me directly has been extracurriculars or co curriculars. Things that happen after school, things that happen after 2 o'clock, after 2. 30, after 3 o'clock, where I could go out and truthfully, I mean if you think about the, the United States educational system, it's 300 years old or something, it's, it's, and I know many people that listen to this are doing different things, and I think that's, that's great, um, and I've, I've been a part of the school for 23 years that, You know, we have 30 chairs in a room and the guy talks in the, in the white [00:18:00] board and there's, there's some magic to that too, but I just, for me, the true magic happened after school for me.

And I think that's important for parents to understand that there are certain things that we might have to do for our children to get them to the next step. But providing the avenue of expression after school is equally as important as what happens from eight to two. And for me, that was sports. Yeah, and seeing a baseball field or a football field or Uh, or just having that expression, um, and a lot of some kids do it through music and whatever.

I think parents need to hammer those, those things, whatever, uh, I think that I'm not a great dad. Um, I do the best I can, but I think one of the things that I adopted as a parent early for my two boys was whatever their passions and enthusiasm were. I was going to chase it because I know that that's where they're going to throw into life.

And if I was to put [00:19:00] a, you know, some sort of structure over it and, and, and pin them down, then they'll just revolt. And if they revolt, they could revolt in certain awful ways. And I never wanted that. But I think that's, that's very important is to allow expressions of your kids through whatever that is.

And, and parents need to get out of the way of those expressions, in my opinion.

Amanda Walsh: Patrick is very humble. He's an amazing dad to two awesome boys that I absolutely adore. So he's, he's an amazing dad. Okay. Just what you just said. I mean, that alone, if that's the one thing that any of us can do as parents is to encourage that individuality.

That one of the things that astrology shows us. is that each person is literally as unique as their fingerprints. They come to the planet with an entire purpose and mission and gifts and talents they're wired for. And then we try to like put them in these boxes that totally disregard the unique wiring that they were given [00:20:00] that that's divine.

It was, it's. It, you know, so we interfere with all that. So one of the things that you've done, so you're a high school football coach and you've also created one of the biggest, if not the biggest, I don't know, youth sports programs like in the country and you've done things in a really unique way. Can you give a few examples of some of the things that you do as a football coach, for example, or you do as the, you know, the.

The founder of next level sports that is unique is individual to to the way that you see the world and the things that you want to foster and in the environment that you create.

Patrick Walsh: Yes. Um, I would say at the center of every decision, um, in these areas that I am making on a daily basis, I use the four letter word that is the most powerful four letter word on the planet.

And that's love. And for a football coach [00:21:00] or for someone who's embraced in sports and competitive culture, um, one would think maybe that runs, uh, against the, the, the, the, the river, if you will. But for us, it is the river. Um, and that word love fuels everything that I do, the interactions that I have with parents, parents of players that play for me at Sarah high school.

Parents that register for next level sports, that love their kid, that sign them up, you know, nobody forces that person to do that. There is love behind those decisions. And it's, for me, uh, if the center of everything that I do is always centered in love, then only positive things can come from it. Because the opposite of love is fear.

And a lot of people go through life afraid. And they make decisions based in fear and that leads to more fear and more anxiety. And that's just not a great way to center oneself. So [00:22:00] for me. If, if I'm thinking of a common commonality and everything that I do, it starts with that, that love. And then that love sprinkles out into the football team and love for one another and love for your teammates and sportsmanship.

And then when you're competing and we all compete, whether I don't care what job you're in, we're all competing for something. Okay. And if I'm competing with a team that loves each other against the team that basically is working in fear, we're going to win every single time. Even if we lose on the scoreboard, we're still winning.

Because we're building deeper roots and deeper relationships that are going to last a lifetime. No matter what happens at the end of this whole thing, we're all going to end up in the same place. I recently, I recently read something that really struck me very deeply. And it was a generational thought.

And it was like, the next generation is going to remember me. The next generation may remember me. But the generation after that probably will not remember me. [00:23:00] And I started to think of that in real, real current terms. I don't know if this is an aquarium thing, but I've always had, I've always had my mind on the clock, the big one.

And instead of that being a driving force of fear, it's always been a driving force of life. So if I know that that clock is going to strike and at that point, I'm going to leave this planet. We're going to transition. What did I do during that time? I think it's a fair statement to ask. And if that during that time, it's centered around love and building relationships.

What more can we ask for? I can't take this Ferrari, which I don't have with me,

but I'm just saying it doesn't mean anything. It really, really means nothing. Like, do you know, do we know Amanda, do you know our great, great, great grandfather?

Amanda Walsh: No, I don't even know his name.

Patrick Walsh: That's what I'm saying. So like, to me, that's not a [00:24:00] fearful thing. And I think it, I think it's something that is, is actually, it unchains me.

And it's like, Oh, wow. So this little incident that I'm having right now is going to mean that much in a few generations, we don't even know I existed. So it's kind of like, I'm going to take this moment, take a deep breath, center it. Apply love to it and move on with the next challenge.

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And making the most of every moment. Consider it our holiday gift to you, and here's to [00:25:00] a year of tapping into cosmic wisdom and personal power. Let's make 20, 24 a year to remember together. Get your free slash 2024 guide. So you just, any astrology lovers out there caught this when you said, I don't know if this is an aquarium thing, but I've always been aware of time.

And like the big time, the time of like this incarnation, Saturn rules Aquarius and Saturn is the father of time. Oh wow. So it's like Saturn is the timekeeper to, you know, some people call him the groom reaper or whatever. But what you said is to me, again, one of the reasons why you're my, you're my Aquarian poster child is because you are expressing the highest.

Possibility of that awareness of time, you could use that to make you feel afraid or to make you live in fear your whole life and to, you know, be pushing away death, but instead you're [00:26:00] using that to fuel life and that to me again is, is just, it's a beautiful expression of the awareness of the constraints.

Of this human incarnation and, and this third dimension, which Saturn rules, Saturn creates the, the, the, the time constraints. You know, so amazing. Okay. So you mentioned love and of course, love as a football, you guys, I've heard Patrick interviewed. He gets interviewed all the time. He's, he's, uh, definitely a, some type of celebrity in, in California.

I don't even know how to call you, but he gets interviewed all the time. He is being interviewed after football games. He's being interviewed about upcoming football games, and he's always talking about love. And I just, I read these interviews and I go, yes, you are awesome. Nobody does that. It's so great.

That's such a great expression of your individuality. What else? There's other things you do that are very unique. Can you tell us other things that you [00:27:00] do in the work that you do in the way that you live your life that, that some might consider unique?

Patrick Walsh: Yeah, well, this is where things get kind of like, this is where my humility kind of catches me off guard, if you will, because.

Uh, even you and I are joking like, I don't know if anyone's gonna listen to this, which is okay. I know you and I are having a great time and, and that there was one quote you said a long time ago where if three people listen to us, it's great. If 30, if 3 million, if 30 million, it doesn't matter. Um, right.

So I like one, one thing that I, that I think Uh, is, is something that I'm known for or that makes me a little bit different is my focus. Um, I would say, I would say my focus and like, when it's, when I want to do something, I'm going to do it. Nothing's going to stop me. Um, and, and usually that, that focus is driven by love or some purpose that is to benefit others.

Okay. I also like to think. [00:28:00] And this is where, like, where you, you, uh, I had a reading, thanks to you. I, I had this wonderful reading. With Linda Bird,

Amanda Walsh: by the way. Linda Bird. Yes.

Patrick Walsh: Linda Bird was amazing. Oh my gosh, she was the best. And she looked and then she's looking at these charts and doing all these numbers.

And again, a lot, a lot of your folks, the listeners are like, this is what you guys Me, I don't do that. I was just like listening to Linda and she goes, I've never seen anyone with more air in your chart. Nine planets in

Amanda Walsh: air.

Patrick Walsh: Thank you. Yeah, so okay. So what does that mean? Nine planets in air that means for me?

the way I've always translated that is is God gave me the ability to Take very very complex human issues and make them simple. Hmm I like one of the phrases I like to use is one plus one equals two and I feel like when it comes to difficult human interactions, um, God has given me the ability to, [00:29:00] to take that and make, and make it a one plus one equals two situation.

Like, wait, wait, I see you're struggling here. Uh, but this is actually very simple, isn't it? And then, boom, whatever the solution is, it comes out very easy for me. Um, so I would say that is definitely something, I don't know if that's an Aquarian thing either, but that's definitely, uh, that's something I'm good at.

Amanda Walsh: Absolutely. I mean, so you have a very, uh, brilliant mind. You also have a Gemini moon, and that is like definitely a signature of, in Gemini's air as well. But a signature of that is that ability to just take all these complex ideas and synthesize them and put them Make them into one, you know, when you say love, what do you mean?

Because there's such a misconception on that word. You know, I think that people automatically think romantic love. People automatically think intimate love. Like, what do you mean by love? When you say love is the center point of everything you do. Love is the center point of your team. You know, Creative fire around [00:30:00] love.

What do you mean?

Patrick Walsh: Okay. Well, first of all, we can start at the very top and then at the very top, you can look at someone and say, I love you. I love your effort. Hmm. I love what you did. I love that you brought coffee this morning. Hmm. That starts the love of the team. Yeah. Love also says, I see you. I'm I I see you.

I, I hear you. I, I am validating your effort. That is the simplest way of building the bottom of the fire, is by simply noticing the things that people are doing around you. And that people are doing for you or for us, or for the team, a simple reflection of, uh, for example, we got water today, came in the office, magically showed up for things of water, and I went to the person responsible and I said, I recognize [00:31:00] the fact that you bring water to this office.

Not a lot of people, like, would say that. They just expect the water to be there. So, look around. What is happening? There's magic happening every single moment of every single day. The fact that the sun comes up and the sun goes down is a miracle. Every single day. I mean, we're traveling through space at hundreds of thousands of miles an hour.

Whoa! Whoa! I mean, we're going 100, 000 miles an hour or something, you know, like a million, uh, earths can fit inside the sun. Like there's just, there's magic everywhere if you're willing to look at it. And then you boil it down to humanity and you look at the magic of just, you know, uh, childbirth itself is magic.

It's just. It's love sitting right there for us. Um, and then carrying that love of your child or love of, you know, that person was a child at one point through [00:32:00] everyday life is a simple thing for me. It just, it's just, I think it's something that, that, uh, every, each one of us on this call can do.

Amanda Walsh: Perfect.

What do you think makes human life precious?

Patrick Walsh: Well, it's, it's, uh, it's finite. Like if, if. If, uh, some weird God came down and said, you, you can live forever. I would deny that because it would take away concept of the big clock. Wouldn't allow us to cherish the moments that we have because every moment we have is fleeting.

The flip side of that is I have a deep issue with nostalgia. Like I need to work on that. I can not think about the past. The cost of the present is the past. I cannot think about the past. Uh, it's just, you know, like, my kids love to watch old Christmas movies and, you know, old home family videos. I'm out.

I just, I [00:33:00] love it. I'm not, I'm not hating on it, but the fact that that moment's gone, uh, and will never be retrieved is something that it's meant to be in the past. So

Amanda Walsh: that's an interesting thought and I'm wondering if some of the aquarium detachment that we were talking about before or how aquariums can be perceived to detach and you said it's not because I don't care.

It's because I care so much. I wonder if other aquariums can relate to that. And maybe they do cut off their past and maybe they do like close the door and they don't look back, but it's not because they don't care. It's because they care so much.

Patrick Walsh: Yeah. It's, it's, it's a legitimate, painful experience for me.

And I, and I'll, you know, there'll be times where I'll break down and, and, and, and like watch the old Christmas video when Santa brought the dog and it's just like, Oh my gosh, it's just, uh, as, as time marches forward, um, you know, it, it, it just brings a certain level of. [00:34:00] I don't have any regret. I think that that'd be, that'd be a very, very strong word, but it is the yin and yang of the understanding of, of time, uh, that I grapple with all the time.

And I think maybe the feel of living so hard in the present. Because I live hard, I live hard, uh, or I love hard and live hard. And that's expressed, Amanda, you know me, that's come out in different ways of expressions, both positively, extremely positively, but also extremely negatively. Um, and I know sometimes aquarians can, can wrestle with that.

You know, I've, I've, I've, I've had issues with alcohol. Um, where I've You know, like, I'm the best drinker you'll ever see. You'll love the hell outta me drinking with me. I'm just great. You'll love it. I love it. Everyone loves we're having the greatest time ever until it's not the greatest time. So, uh, there's, you know, I, I, I, I, I wanna project [00:35:00] too that life is, life can be hard.

Um, but it also, as we navigate this difficult world together, if we're centered in, in the four letter word of love. Uh, I think that's the most peaceful spot to govern from.

Amanda Walsh: What do you think about the future? Are you hopeful? Are you optimistic? What do you think about the

Patrick Walsh: future? So that's a great question.

The word that jumped into my mind is unity. So I don't really care. I don't really care. I don't, all I know is where I'm going within it and I'm going, the only place I'm going within this. Future is in a unified front with, with unity and which also could be probably uses love next to it. I will not, I will not engage in anything that divides.

Me from my people ever again. And when I mean my people, I mean, everybody, I don't care what [00:36:00] color, what race, what political party you're in. If something's happening, that's dividing me from someone else. I'm going to, I'm going to, I'm going to shut it down. I'm going to say we're being divided right now and I'm not going to allow.

We are together because we are one, we came from the same place and we're ending up at the same place. So we are going to live together at this moment. You know, we don't, we don't have to, we're not the same and we can be different and have different ideas. But for me, the future in my future, which is the only thing I care about.

And I'm, and this sounds very selfish, but it's going to be unified. I'm just going to tell you where I'm not going to go. Cause I've played the other side where it's like. I've been caught, you know, like I've banned CNN and Fox and every news. I, I've banned it all for my life. It's gone because the only reason why I think those things exist for me now is to divide me from other people and I'm not doing that anymore.

So that's out. Okay. Anything that unites is in anything that divides is out. That's the future. I'm just keeping it simple. [00:37:00]

Amanda Walsh: Oh, amazing. You are blending the best of Aquarius. With your neighbor sign, the best of Pisces, because, because Pisces is all about unity. I mean, I also think Aquarius, it's, it's that, it's that vision that, you know, some people call it utopia, but is it, is it really utopia or is it just what we know is possible?

What we know is possible. It's, you know, it doesn't have to be in, like you said, it doesn't have to be everyone. joins hands and sings Kumbaya and agrees on everything and is all the same. In fact, it's the, it's the opposite of that, that everyone is individual and unique and we're united.

Patrick Walsh: I respect your point.

I hear you. May not agree with you, but I respect what you're saying. Yeah. That can unite us.

Amanda Walsh: Yeah. Well, and I respect your right to say it.

Patrick Walsh: Yes, exactly. Yeah. Yeah, I respect your right to say it. Yeah. As long as it's not harming, using harming, [00:38:00] disparaging words towards me or anyone else, then you have a right to your opinion.

But I'm with you 100 percent on that. Um, is, is.

It's what I try to inspire the people on this call to do in your office. Why do I have to tell, why do I have to wait for the CEO, whatever that is, to tell me how the future is going to be? It's the same concept, right? Like, why do I got to wait for the, the, the boss, whatever the boss is of the world to tell me how my future is going to be.

I'm not going to do that. I'm going to tell you how my future is going to be. I mean, I, and, and that's the same thing with someone walking through the door in the office. I'm going to tell you how this culture is going to be in this office today in a peaceful way. Not like, you know, I, I'm the boss and I'd like in a weird way, but in a peaceful, spiritual way, this is how my day is going to be.

This is how our [00:39:00] future is going to be. And we can bend our future around what we need it to be. Okay. And, and, and every, every ingredient that's behind what I'm saying is the ingredients of, of. Love, humility, brotherhood, sisterhood, community, ohana, family, boom, boom, boom. Tap into that, tap into that, right?

And that, then that, that's our future. That is the future. Or at least the future I'm gonna live in.

Amanda Walsh: Oh, I always think of the Aquarian, um, constellation. The, the water bear. Mm hmm. And, and if you look, you know, it's water or, but I like to think of it as stars. So it's like literally the most purest transmission from the stars. And the intelligence of that language of light, it's light, that's what it is.

Just getting poured down on humanity. Just like, and that's what you're doing in this, just in this podcast. It's like [00:40:00] that language of light, the language of love, just pouring and cascading through you and thank you, Patrick. It's just, do you see why I love my brother? Oh my God, it's so precious. Patrick.

Um, one more question. If you had a megaphone and you could shout one message the entire world, what would it be?

Patrick Walsh: Love thy neighbor. Keep it simple. I mean, just put it on repeat, you know? Um, and I don't want to, you know, beat it too much, but it's just so, it's so easy. One plus one equals two. If we can all just govern our lives and center ourselves around loving our neighbor. Love thy neighbor might be the three most strongest conceptual words put together.

Everything would go away. Every human, in my opinion, every [00:41:00] human pain would go away because we would learn how to coexist together. The issues that we, that we have. Um, is usually rooted in ego and, and a bunch of crazy things that, that tear us apart that aren't centered in love. So love thy neighbor, get it on the loud speaker and go.

But before you cut me off, we have to tell people why you're called Puma. And this is very important because my sister in her greatness. Unplugged and moved to Hawaii and made her own reality, which is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And now here she is. Um, just absolutely. I'm astonished by, I'm actually not surprised because you're amazing.

But the fact that you did things that many people say in my next life, I'm going to do this. Well, you didn't wait for your next life. You did it this life. [00:42:00] And that might be the biggest gift you can give to anyone on this call or that you're, that you're doing in your life. Is inspiring people to be the best they can be in this life.

We don't have to wait. This is, and you know what, you're not too old. You're you like, whatever the time we have left that moment, you can make it better. And Amanda, you're doing that on a day to day basis. Part of that journey that I know of is that you, uh, and you can, you can correct the story here if, if wrong.

Um, but you used hula and, and, and the, the sacred dance and rituals of hula, right? You, you, uh, were given a name by your kumu, by your kumu, which is an ancestral, basically, spirit of the gods that teaches hula, which is way more than just a dance, okay? So Manda's nickname became Pua, which I believe means flower.

Amanda Walsh: Right. The full name is Pua Maiole, which means the flower that never fades.

Patrick Walsh: Wow, [00:43:00] beautiful. Okay. And those flowers behind you are beautiful. Those will never fade. Okay. But the problem with, with the, the, the shortened word, Amanda Pua Walsh, is that Siri doesn't like the word pua. . So when I said, call, call, call Pua, it didn't recognize it.

So then I'm like, oh man. Well, I need to make this happen. So then if I put an M on it, I said, call Uma, Siri would recognize it. And hence your nickname, Uma.

Amanda Walsh: And this is how it goes. And in a year, it'll be something different. It will be an, an, an another evolution. Patrick, thank you so much. I. I hope that you're all enjoying this.

This was this was a thought. What if we illustrated zodiac signs by people who are kind of the quintessential of that sign? And Patrick to me again, when I think Aquarius, I think Patrick. And so to have him here and [00:44:00] just for us to be able to experience the world through his lens, which I think is one of the most beautiful things about the Zodiac, is it covers all the spectrums.

And so if we can just listen, like you said earlier, Patrick, if we can just listen to the perspective of the world through each fractal, you know, we're all just fractals of the same thing. Then we will just have such a beautiful tapestry, a beautiful symphony, whatever word you want to use. And so to be able to experience Aquarius and the way you see the world and the way you think about things and the things that, that motivate you and drive you and inspire you and the things that, that, that are, that you fear or that are hard for you or challenging, this helps us understand each other better.

This helps us understand ourselves better. And so I just want to thank you for just your, your very vulnerable and honest and transparent sharing. And I just love you so much. I love

Patrick Walsh: you too, sis.

Amanda Walsh: All [00:45:00] right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. Let us know if you liked this episode. Leave some comments, leave some questions.

I'll give the link to Patrick so he can answer questions if you have any questions for him. That'd be great. And we'd love to engage with you. Creates community everywhere he goes. So let's have a little community around this podcast episode. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community.

And thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.


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