Are You Ready for the Solar Eclipse of 2017?

By now we’ve all heard the news about this eclipse season: Total Solar Eclipses are glorious, awesome remember-for-the-rest-of-your-life events.

Millions of Americans are making preparations to see the eclipse – downloading travel maps, buying eclipse glasses and road-trip snacks – to make the pilgrimage to witness the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse blazing a coast-to-coast trail from Oregon to South Carolina Aug. 21.

But eclipse preparations can go even deeper. You can cultivate a mindset that helps you prepare for what the eclipse might mean for us as individuals, or as a society.

For millennia, eclipses have been regarded as the world’s greatest omen. They’ve heralded times of accelerated change for the places from which they are visible.

It’s the changing of the guard, so to speak. What’s old and no longer working passes away, to be replaced by new ideas, new cultures, new leaders.

And so we’ve feared them, because change isn’t usually humans’ favorite activity.

But change-points can also become times of great opportunity, creativity and compassion. Change can open our hearts in unimaginable ways.

Here are eight strategies for embracing change that will serve you well in the coming weeks and months of eclipse season.

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Make time to breathe and ground yourself in the present.

Remember being present in our physical bodies is the most empowering place to be. When we hang onto the past, or dwell in fears of possible futures, we are not focused on making the most of what we can do right now.

Remember to breathe. Feel your body as your breath flows in and out. Feel the Earth under your feet. Do this as many times a day as it takes to remind you to be present.

Stay positive.

Both modern science and ancient wisdom tell us the same thing: the tone of our thoughts shape how we experience the world around us. If we focus on the negative aspects, we are more fearful, stressed and less able to think clearly. But when we focus on the positive, we are more relaxed and able to act with clarity of purpose.

If you find yourself in the middle of a negative spiral, interrupt it by looking for a positive alternative. Speak the positive version of events out loud; it can help make it more real.

Trust: Give yourself, and others the benefit of the doubt

When societies are going through periods of accelerated change, it’s likely the anxiety you feel is shared by others. When they are uncertain, people don’t always react as well or as kindly.

Slow down, and remind yourself you got this. And help others to do the same by not adding fuel to their fire. Listen with compassion, and offer help if appropriate.

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Clarify Your Intentions

As change deepens and it’s clear that you’ll need to adjust to something new, it’s important for you to remember your own values. What is important to you? What non-essentials can you let go of, because in the long run, they aren’t important.

Clarify your intentions for you own life in these moments, for they will help you choose between the new options presented to you during this eclipse season.

Explore new possibilities

One of the upsides of change are the new ideas and opportunities it can generate. If you can cultivate your curiosity, if you can take small steps by trying new things, you will move beyond a fixed mindset, into a growth-oriented one.

Communicate and Act from the Heart

It’s tempting to try and analyze our way through life; our culture encourages it. But when everything is new, there’s often not enough information to fill our rational decision-making pipeline.

In other words, we rely more heavily on intuition to guide us. We listen to our hearts, and do what feels right for our body and soul. This is how we act in alignment with ourselves.

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Seek support of the community

No one ever does it all alone. Humans are social creatures. We feel safest when we are with our tribe. Especially in times of change, we need support from our friends, loved ones, and our community.

Reach out and connect with others who are feeling the change of this eclipse season. Especially with those who are committed to doing so with open eyes and open hearts.

Join the Global Eclipse Meditation

At Astrology Hub, we know the value of holding hands with others as we create our world.

That’s why we we are hosting the Global Eclipse Meditation series to anchor love in our lives at this pivotal point in time.

The 14-day free, live, online, global meditation series, between the lunar eclipse on Aug. 7 and the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, features some of the world’s top spiritual teachers and astrologers will offer a guided meditation on how to anchor love on a personal and collective level.

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But to make this Global Eclipse Meditation Series truly great, Astrology Hub is donating all profits from the sales of the event’s Upgrade Package to support Ivy Child International, an organization dedicated to making meditation and mindfulness training available to children to secure our future generations.

If Astrology Hub reaches its goal of 40,000 registrants, it could present Ivy Child a check for an estimated $100,000. With this, Ivy Child can:

  • teach 10,000 more children to learn how to meditate or do yoga
  • enable 20 more schools and community sites to have an ongoing mindfulness program
  • coach 1,000 teachers to develop the necessary skills to teach meditation to their students

Come join us for the Global Eclipse Meditation. All faiths are welcome.

Go to to reserve your space.

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