Ep 057.2 – [BONUS] Ideas for Making Your Solstice Sacred

An Interview with Carolyn Elliot

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An Interview with Carolyn Elliot

Thank you so much for tuning into our bonus Winter Solstice Episode. This one was recorded last year with Astrologer Donna Woodwell and Carolyn Elliott, and I'm airing it again because it's SO good. 

I think you're going to love what Carolyn has to say about celebrating the deeper magic of this time of the year—it has quite a bit of magic to offer us! 

This episode is for you if…

  • you'd like to understand the deeper meaning of the Winter Solstice and what it means for the planet as the Northern Hemisphere is in winter, while the Southern Hemisphere is in summer
  • you love specific rituals and activities you can engage in to celebrate this magical time of year by yourself or in community. 
  • you're someone who gets what it means to live a mythic life
  • you're looking for a reason completely backed by Astrology as to why you should spend the next few weeks bingeing on Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings flicks. 

Carolyn's going to share why it's so important this time of year that you submerge yourself into alternate worlds, the world of imagination and why the modern world is the way it is because we don't take enough time to do this. 

Tune in and open your ears and hearts for the wonder that is Carolyn Elliot.


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