Ep 048 – Toltec Astrology – A Brief Introduction to Time and Tradition, an Interview with Mexican Healer, Sergio Magaña

“We are what we dream… Collective change begins with individual change”
Sergio Magaña..” Sergio Magana

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I love learning about different astrological traditions, the history, the perspective. Today I'm excited to share with you an astrological perspective that is deeply rooted, Toltec astrology.
Sergio Magana is our guest today. Sergio has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old lineage of Mesoamerica as well as the Toltec dreaming oral tradition, which has been handed down for over 1,460 years.
In this episode, Sergio covers the core importance that astrology carried for the Toltec culture. How the day and time you're born indicates what your strengths would be in your life and even what your name should be. He also covers some important misconceptions about the Mayan calendar, which we all heard a lot about leading up to 2012.
Tune into this incredibly eye-opening episode to gain a new perspective on an ancient practice that is still empowering people in our modern world.


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