What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is known both as the Messenger and the Trickster. With an orbit so close to the Sun, you may see Mercury in the west just after sunset or in the east just before sunrise. Its orbit and apparent motion give clues to it’s symbolic nature. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. Mercury moves here and there, as a morning or evening star. This movement translates to the areas of commerce and trade, as well as how to exchange ideas.

And Mercury Retrograde often gets a bad rap…

This three week cycle (occurring three times a year) has a reputation for glitches in communications and travel connections. Therefore, many approach this period with trepidation.

But we don’t have to cease all activity, communications and forward movement! These cycles don’t occur to simply meddle with our communications and plans, but always present us with opportunities when we align with the prevalent energy.

Let’s take an empowered approach, and explore the qualities of this month’s Mercury Retrograde so we can align with the positive benefits of this cycle.

What Happens When Mercury is Retrograde?

Mercury is the planet of communication and commerce, logical thinking and linear order. When Mercury is retrograde, the gift of this cycle is a shift from left to right brain focus. There is less attention on order and logic, with a greater invitation to rest, relax and regenerate.

Use this opportunity to be creative. Think out of the box. In general, Mercury Retrogrades support spontaneity.  Reorganize and reinvent yourself!

Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs

The Mercury Retrogrades of 2015 are all in the air signs of the Zodiac. The air signs relate to the realm of thoughts, ideas and words.

September 17th through October 9th, 2015, Mercury Retrograde is in the Zodiac sign Libra between 15 and zero degrees.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra offers opportunities to review and realign thought processes in the realm of relationships. Take time to reflect and reconsider your ideas of what it means to be in equal conscious partnership. You can ask yourself questions like, “What is logical and what feels fair to me in relationship?”

7 Supportive Strategies for Mercury Retrograde, September 2015

Use these supportive tips and make Mercury Retrograde work for you!

1. Be proactive, double check details.

Check bills and invoices to avoid mistakes. Mercury relates to commerce and trade so before, during and after Mercury retrograde, be sure to balance your checkbook or review your on-line accounting.

2. Reflect, reconsider and research.

Mercury, in general, is the planet that relates to the mind. It represents the mental realm of order and logic. When Mercury is retrograde, it’s best to take time out and reflect. Revise projects and review your plans. Reconsider your current connections or reorganize your closets.

This is a time to pull back before moving forward. If possible, avoid major purchases, creating new contracts, or scheduling serious surgery during this time. Do your research before taking action.

3. Back up your computer.

Take the time to make sure all your ducks are in a row around your technology. Mercury the Messenger is all about communications and connections. When is the last time you backed up your phone or your computer? Do it now. Avoid glitches to maintain connection.

4. Tune up the car.

Mercury rules all things related to transportation; planes, trains and automobiles. Reconfirm coming travel plans. When was your last oil change? Double check car registration and make sure insurance cards are up to date, and in your car!

5. Create kindness in communication & give permission to repeat yourself.

How do you know for sure what you said is what the other person heard?  Do you remember those times when you are listening to someone, and for some reason you only selectively hear half of what they are saying! These things are common place during Mercury Retrograde.

Be proactive in your conversations. With friends and lovers, bosses or co-workers, take the time to repeat yourself to be sure what you said is what was heard. Practice with phrases like, “So what I heard you say was . . .” or even ask the other person to repeat back what you just said, simply to be sure you got your point across.

Avoid communication frustrations. Be kind with yourself and others if you have to redo or repeat something. Hopefully, this creates more ease and understanding in the end.

6. Keep space in your schedule.

Expect the unexpected during the weeks of Mercury retrograde. When acts of randomness occur, you need a little extra time to make adjustments. Keep some breathing space open in your schedule for happy surprises. Don’t overbook yourself.  If things get haywire, then you have a little breathing room to deal with details or potential problems as they arise. Relax yourself, then life is smoother.

7. Go with the flow.

Be spontaneous. You remember the line, “Life is what happens when making other plans.” You may as well give yourself a break and remember that mistakes happen now and then. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Mercury Retrograde gives us an opportunity to practice going with the flow…why push the river when you can float with the current?