In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast Astrologer & 2021 Inner Circle Guide, Amma Li Grace + Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, Founder of Astrology Hub, discuss Ari’s theme of 2021, “Evolving through tension…”

Tune in and discover:

  • About Amma Li Grace’s path to her astrological practice that brilliantly weaves together the archetypes of Astrology and Gene Keys and offers her clients a deeply dynamic way to engage self-understanding and healing.
  • Insights on the theme of “Evolving through tension,” and how this correlates to the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction and the Gene Key that offers the gift of realism and justice.
  • What Amma Li Grace feels was the invitation of 2020, and why she views the cracks in our internal and external structures as hope that is allowing us to see the light of what is to come.
  • Details about 3D and 5D consciousness and how we are collectively moving from a material-external reality toward a space where multiple truths and dimensions will be held at once.
  • Why equanimity is a key to navigating 2021, and tips on how you can balance and calm your nervous system so that you can find agency within the unfolding tension.

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