An extraordinary astrological event will be taking place on January 20th. This is when the Sun and Pluto form their last conjunction in the final degree of Capricorn before crossing over the zodiacal threshold into Aquarius.

For some signs (mostly the earth and water ones), this marks the concluding stage of a years’ long transformation that began in 2008 or 2009. You’ve completed your curriculum of trials and tribulations and are now your own person. You can no longer deny the individual you have worked so hard to be.

And for others? If you’re an air sign, the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius will bring a centeredness and command the likes of which you’ve never felt before. With this comes an accountability for your words and actions, so choose them carefully because there will be no passing the buck.

If you’re a fire sign, then you will experience an awakening from deep inside. There will be no more sitting on the sidelines. The rehearsal period for your life is over, and it’s time to step onstage.

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