Astrology This Week: How to Work with the Libra Equinox w/ Cameron Allen

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Harmonizing w/ the Libra Equinox

Astrologers Jamie Magee and Cameron Allen talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌔 Restorative cleanses for you to practice during the equinox to foster a seamless bond between your body and spirit,
🌕 Journaling techniques to encourage deeper introspection and a tranquil connection with the present moment
🌖 Insights into significant astrological transits, guiding you to gracefully navigate the energies of the season with wisdom.

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Cameron: [00:00:00] just knowing that the Equinox is coming. Yeah. Uh, here I’m also gonna be in more preparation for the restorative cleanse that I’m about to go into. And so coming to this point of harmony, balance, Or understanding where I don’t have harmony and where I don’t have balance could be a really important thing.

And the way we think about it is because at the equal point. The symbolic understanding of this is that, uh, the energy, right? The sun is like getting to that equal point. So the vitality and the energy is like right close, it’s close to the above and it’s close to the below, it’s close to the inside, it’s close to the outside.

And so we do restorative cleanses at this time, because we can think of this from the perspective of like our cellular membranes. And if the energy is at its closest point between the inside and the outside, then this actually would be promoting an easeful process of being able to remove toxicity from the cells themselves.

Because it’s so close to the inside and the outside. The here and the there that it’s [00:01:00] like I can just pull it out, whereas maybe during the winter solstice when everything is deep within, I have to like go in and take it out,

and you can release that, um, throughout the next, let’s say, week or two, honestly, and even like being mindful all these days that I just talked about before, maybe even prepping to go into that.


Jamie: Hi there. Welcome to your astrological weather. I am so grateful that you have joined us today for this worldwide astrological conversation. Now, if you’re new to the channel, please like and subscribe. So you’ll know exactly when we release all of our new content, a lot recently.

Now for those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I’m an author and astrologer and one of the hosts here on the Astrology Hub [00:02:00] podcast platform. Okay, so today we are gonna be exploring the astrological with an an astrologer connect astrologer with us as well, Cameron Allen.

Now Cameron is a professional astrologist, a herbalist, a health consultant, circle guide many taught. He has several classes with us, including health secrets of the zodiac and the houses. You can find the this broadcast.

And as I mentioned before, he is also a very, very favorite and sought after astrologer on our brand new platform, Connect. So good to be here with you,

Cameron: Cameron. Hey, Jamie, it’s good to be here with you too. I’m excited. I

Jamie: always love connecting. Yeah, I love connecting with Cameron. We have a Rising that’s similar, so anytime we get in the same room, it’s like, I, we both have that idea that comes out at the same time.

So, we’ve had a lot of fun backstage um, I was just so excited to be in your say [00:03:00] about this we have ahead of us. Mm hmm. So,

Theme of the Week

Jamie: what would you say the theme is that we’ll be working

Cameron: Yeah, so I was feeling into because Venus and Mars have been in this like little sextile play But it’s not really perfecting anytime soon So that’s something that I’m kind of like feeling into focusing on even though it’s like happening beyond this week I’ve been like kind of looking at that and then also two other things I’m thinking about is just like Giving us a context that we’re in from the new moon to the first quarter square.

So things are like building throughout this week, but also, uh, the Equinox is at the end of this week. And so that’s the real focus point that I would feel into is the Equinox. And the Equinox is like, really has become really, really important to me. I know for a lot of us, it’s like a strong point in the, in the, in the year.

And it’s important to a lot of us, but for me, learning with one of my teachers, Prasanthi G, um, who does like yoga, [00:04:00] Ayurveda, Tantra, Vastu Shastra, a bunch of Vedic wisdom sciences and synthesizes them. When the equinox comes, we do a specific, uh, what we call restorative cleanse. Because at the turning of the seasons, people like to do what we call detoxes, but we find that that word has become so popularized that it kind of has lost its meaning in some senses.

And also the meaning that it does have for a lot of people is slightly aggressive. And so we want to move away from that perspective of detoxing, because the body knows what to do. And so we don’t necessarily need to detox, but go through a restorative cleanse around this time. So I’ll be talking about the Equinox when we get to that day and kind of like just how to think about it a little bit, and not go too deep because that could be a whole conversation of itself.

Jamie: Oh, I love that. And I have that song meet my head. It’s, it’s a very pivotal can kind of dial in. And I do agree that that detox, you feel like if I must be toxic, if I have to detox when really like in a lot of cultural basis, [00:05:00] it’s a natural ritualistic thing that you’re supposed to do, like brushing your teeth or brushing your hair, like it’s, I love that you’re today. So if you had like, is there a sentence or like a. Couple words to walk with

Cameron: Yeah, I would say making it to the balance point to move down under, right?

Cause it’s like we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re making it to the equinox and then we’re descending down from there, moving more towards the winter solstice. And so just like being able to track those things is really important, like astrologically, like the planets don’t always necessarily do emphasize or heighten things during those times, but the equinox is definitely like, okay, I’m at the balance point.

Now I need to sink down. So even from the perspective of, um, maybe, um, seasonal affective disorder is starting to like take hold over me, it’s really just like the energy of the planet is going down. Um, And so I feel like I’m going down, and that just makes sense in that context.

Also starting to like change the [00:06:00] things that we’re eating around the time because the seasons are changing. And I think this is a really important thing that we could bring back to astrology that we focus, yeah, on the planets and all those things, but the seasons and how they’re changing, because in tropical astrology, that’s what makes it tropical astrology, that it’s based on the seasons.

And so starting to find those rhythms, it can give us more stability, even in the times of change, whether they’re heightened changes or a week like this, where it’s actually kind of mellow.

Major Transits of the Week

Jamie: So I know you spoke a little bit about the insect, the any other? that you have your eye on

Cameron: That was the main thing that I was feeling into the moon is going to be making like a bunch of aspects to like outer planets on certain days. That’s going to be a point of emphasis on the 19th.

We have Mars. In Libra and it’s gonna be in conjunct, Jupiter and Taurus. And in conjunction is just like a really strong, [00:07:00] um, aspect that’s a non aspect, in, in, in medical astrology. So that’s one day I’m like looking towards to be mindful of like what’s going on there. You know, they say in conjunctions are like hidden spots or blind spots.

And on the same day that Mars is, in conjunct Jupiter, Mars and Libra are in conjunct, Jupiter and Taurus. The sun’s also going to be opposing Neptune, so that’s the day to just like watch out for like our vitality very strongly. So I’m looking forward to that day too as well.

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Day to Day Breakdown

Jamie: Why don’t we go ahead and just kind of go through the days and then that way we can kind of see how we can work with that energy.

So starting today on Monday, how, how are we feeling? What’s a major energy[00:09:00]

Cameron: Yeah. So for today, we’re looking at Venus and Leo squaring Jupiter retrograde and Taurus. And so for me, from a medical astrology perspective, we’re just really I’m not even going to say just medical because it’s going to be more like holistic outlook on it.

It’s just whenever Venus and Jupiter are coming together, um, in any aspect, I’m always thinking about how have I been overindulging? And so just like looking out for any potential overindulgence. And like making sure that we don’t go too far with that, asking myself about how do I feel in my body as far as like comfort, specifically in the region of the chest and the thoracic region because Venus is real.

And then Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus. So we just want to see, am I, is my energy getting stagnant? And am I assimilating the things that are happening right now? Because the Venus squaring the Jupiter can create a little stagnation. Specifically, I will be focusing on the heart region, thoracic region.[00:10:00]

Um, from an emotional perspective, too, as well, just like feeling into what has been happening from before, because Venus was retrograde before, and now Venus is coming back to Jupiter and meeting up with it again, maybe reflecting on what happened last time that came. Um, so that’s something that I would look into.

And then also, we have the Moon in Scorpio, sextile Mercury. And so just like feeling into if we, there’s a lot of deep emotions that are happening there that might be coming up a little bit, um, because the sextile is an easy flowing aspect, right? Notice that I said easy flowing, not easy period, right? So it’s an easy flowing aspect from these deeper emotional processes that I might be having.

To my mind, to my thought process, the way I’m mentally organizing things, and that mercury can be supported because it’s in Virgo, but also, that’s just powerful sometimes, and the power doesn’t mean that it’s always good, it might be a bit much, and so if we’re feeling these deeper emotions and our mind is very [00:11:00] aware of it, making sure that we take note of that because that is why we might overindulge.

With that Venus squaring Jupiter because I have all these deep emotions and they’re kind of starting to come up a little bit. My mind can feel them. And so because I’m trying to get away from that, I’m going to go and overindulge potentially. So we just want to be mindful of that overall. For today,

Jamie: the silent to be like, were talking about the 19th earlier, but that’s kind of like a.

An undercurrent that with, kind of private, those whisperings that come

Cameron: Yeah, absolutely. And also always being mindful like we just said Venus squared Jupiter. So that Venus squared Jupiter isn’t really running away from each other. So just being mindful as I talk about each day, the planets aren’t running away from each other, right? The moon is moving the fastest.

So all these things from the day before are contextualizing and blurring in with the next day. So just be mindful of that and don’t be so isolated in your way of thinking about it. But yeah. In the [00:12:00] 19th, we have the moon in Scorpio still, but it’s going to be opposing Uranus and Taurus. Right. And so that energy also can bring like some sense of like erratic, um, feelings coming up, especially when I was saying today rather having to do with those deeper emotional processes are like, what, what’s really, where are you really feeling down under and knowing that now those feelings are coming face to face with your honest.

So it’s like, maybe that shows up as another person. inviting you to be more authentic in your expression. And that invitation could look like, Oh, this is where I usually don’t express myself fully. That’s an invitation. Or it could be an invitation to express yourself, but be mindful not to go like all out.

And if you do go all out, then just go all out and know that you’re going all out. And that can be super, super helpful as well. On that day, we still have, um, Mars and Libra in conjunct, uh, Jupiter and Taurus. So, just being [00:13:00] sure that we, uh, stay with that, be mindful of that, and then also making adjustments when needed.

And then also, if you happen to feel any lower back pain, if you get lower back pain, this could be a day where that kind of flares up a little bit. A lot of people… Don’t necessarily always have sustained lower back pain, but if you could just get some like really nice oils and then I like to put the oils on my like behind my palm right here on my hand on both hands and then just like go on my back.

And then just rub it on my back and just rub in there. Yeah, perfect. And that can be super, super helpful for that day. Um, and then also on that day, the sun is going to be opposing Neptune retrograde. And the sun, when it’s in opposition to Neptune, oftentimes this can create this sense of like, kind of like tiredness.

Maybe like a little like, I don’t know what’s going on here, kind of energy, it depletes the vital force a little bit. So just be mindful with all the things going on. [00:14:00] So the moon and Uranus are together and maybe I feel a little like anxious, erratic, just a touch of it. But then also the Sun opposite Neptune is making me feel like my, my vitality is depleting a little bit.

And then we have the sneaky in conjunction from Mars to Jupiter also doing things there. So it’s like this one two three combination that None of them by themselves necessarily are going to be like so loud if they’re in isolation, but those three combinations together. Oftentimes we’ll make for something that we need to notice on that day very strongly, especially with the two luminaries, the sun and the moon that are so potent and so important being in aspect with outer planets, which oftentimes brings up unconscious processes or things that are beyond us that we have to come to terms with or come face to face with.

That is beyond us. Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. It’s like that. Those the this week, watch and bring your I love [00:15:00] that. Okay. as we blend into the middle of the week on the 20th, what on that day?

Cameron: Yeah, the moon is going to move into Sagittarius and it’s going to be square Saturn and Pisces.

And just like me thinking about it, the first thing that came to mind was just Um, I don’t know. I was like giving reverence to Jupiter on that day, like something about that feels really loud for me because the moon is going to be in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter and Saturn’s and Pisces just co ruled by Jupiter.

And I always just think about what can I do with my feet being do having to do with Pisces and then also having to do with my hips and my quads having to do with Sagittarius. And just like my invitation for that day is to literally, like, if you do nothing else, what I want you to do is just feel your hip and then move your turn your foot back and forth.

And feel the relationship between your feet and your hips, right? So from like a very [00:16:00] practical standpoint, instead of thinking about how am I going to feel emotionally, just like move your body in that way throughout the day. And I think that could give you some clarity that maybe you didn’t have before.

Right. So just an invitation to play with that. I

Jamie: love how you always bring it into the body and that’s do that. You can would be a great way to walk on, on the bare ground you are.

Cameron: Oh, before I leave the 20th, we also have the sun trying Pluto retrograde. So being mindful of the day before we had that sun opposite Neptune, which could like leak energy. And if that energy did leak out, then that sun in an easy, easy flowing aspect with Pluto can also bring other things up that are more subtle.

So watch out for old conditioning patterns around like judgment. On the 21st, we have the moon in Sagittarius still, and it meets Mercury in Virgo. So, my invitation is, since this is kind of like a good settling point for the [00:17:00] week, um, just, I would invite everybody to go out in nature.

Um, Sagittarius energy likes nature. Virgo energy really likes nature and how things are organized. So, my invitation would be go out into nature and just sit down and journal for at least 10 minutes. And when I say sit down and journal for 10 minutes, that could mean you sit there and you literally write down Cameron said to journal, but I have nothing to say.

And then just begin to write about whatever comes to your mind, even if it’s not in a cohesive fashion. Just let that moon meet that Mercury. And let it let the energy move in that manner.

Jamie: that. I think too, like when you’re sitting there, if you all, it would also what um, in the physical form.

Like, is there a butterfly? Is there, you know, where the tree is saying like what, what birds are flying by you, what colors and then just kind of following those did want to ask you a little bit more about the sun shining Pluto, because that is like, you know, [00:18:00] Pluto’s at that really last in Capricorn.

time. So is there any other practices would say? Cause this is a sun is a vitality one. I feel like it could probably bring up some anxieties and like, how do you think that they would, and if they would, are we on the right path grounding, noticing

Cameron: Yeah, yeah. Cause like from the day before, like all the potential of like the energy feeling like thrown off of a little bit coming into that sun trine Pluto, then that would still apply. Um, and I would just invite people to face like what they feel like is confronting that day, really, to be honest, because that Pluto energy can oftentimes bring this sense of, I feel so empowered or I feel kind of disempowered.

So maybe even think about the 20th and how are you going to step into the next day? Because you’ve heard this already and so going into that day equipped rather than feeling like [00:19:00] what this energy might bring I would say what are you going to bring to that energy that day specifically, especially because this week isn’t so loud It’s like I feel like the weeks when the energy isn’t super loud We actually have more autonomy and agency to make things happen with the transits.

So that’s what I would invite in

Jamie: trines are where You, and we always talk about squares and oppositions and conjunctions take action then, but it’s when it’s easy, like have that challenging face that shadow, call it by its name. Like, what can it? And sometimes like, you’re like, well, it’s not bothering me.

I don’t feel anxious about it. It’s not stirring the pot. So I’m not going to stir it because some of us don’t want to, this is a good time to that. Yeah. I like how, I like how that kind of. You know, um, flows into everything you’ve been saying about starting with like these

Cameron: yeah, I think that’s a really good point. Like when the trines and sextiles come just because it’s the easy flow doesn’t mean that we don’t [00:20:00] take action. You know, even sometimes in people’s charts when they have these sextiles or they have these trines, it’s something that’s been so easy for them that they actually Don’t apply themselves in the way that they could to actually, make the highest expression of the energy manifest and come forth.

So whenever you see easy flows of energy, my invitation is always to go after it immediately because the ones that , have the friction to them, something’s going to manifest. And you don’t have to worry about that. You just respond accordingly, but with the energies that flow easy, it’s like, how can you get on that jet ski with it?

Or how can you ride that, that, that aerospace wave flow?

Jamie: Yeah, it’s with clients too, the trying charts are usually the ones that if you look at the chart, it’s all trying, those are usually the ones that. Seem to have the most challenges because they haven’t had to push in a certain area.

They don’t I’m holding what I’m holding right now comes some others. It’s, it’s a very [00:21:00] look at, but, um, that’s why I, I action right. So is there anything say about the 21st start heading And we

Cameron: go to 22nd.

Jamie: Yeah. All right. Let’s

Cameron: Cool. So on the 22nd we have the first quarter square, and so the invitation is to check in with your new moon intentions. I know a lot of times we set intentions on a new moon all the time, but oftentimes I don’t notice that people are like really checking in with that point where it’s like in between the intention that I’ve set and like how it’s gonna manifest.

Because there’s going to be a point moving forward as the, as the moon is waxing that you can keep building what you’re trying to create. So just like, just putting an emphasis on that. Um, the moon is going to be square Neptune. So also working out, looking out for like leaky energy, or if you feel kind of, um, whimsical.

Or kind of like, um, [00:22:00] meandering a bit, just watch out for that. Because if you have stuff to do, then you need to be even more diligent about getting that done. Um, which will be not too hard because the moon does move into Capricorn later that night in sextile Saturn. So. Um, also this could be the point here could also be that since this moon is in a square with Neptune, it’s like, Oh, I kind of feel like I’m meandering during the day.

And then later on in the day, potentially you start judging yourself about it. So you want to notice that like subtle potential issue that could be created there. And since the moon is going to Capricorn, it’s going to be closer towards the night, at least where I’m at. So where you’re at, you have to apply this correctly.

But for me, what I automatically am thinking about doing is making sure that I do my oil massage that night. And if you don’t have like a main oil massage, like a massage oil that you use, just get like some essential oils and then even just like a little bit of olive oil and at minimum, put it on your ears.

And then since it’s in [00:23:00] Capricorn, just go in circular motions around your joints. Just do that to give reverence to the moon being in Capricorn and also an aspect with Saturn. And then also we didn’t get to the next day, but just knowing that the Equinox is coming. Yeah. Uh, here I’m also gonna be in more preparation for the restorative cleanse that I’m about to go into. So that day I’m focusing all just on the Equinox, and so coming to this point of harmony, balance, Or understanding where I don’t have harmony and where I don’t have balance could be a really important thing.

And the way we think about it is because at the equal point. The symbolic understanding of this is that, uh, the energy, right? The sun is like getting to that equal point. So the vitality and the energy is like right close, it’s close to the above and it’s close to the below, it’s close to the inside, it’s close to the outside.

And so we do restorative cleanses at this time, because we can think of this from the perspective of like our cellular membranes. And if the [00:24:00] energy is at its closest point between the inside and the outside, then this actually would be promoting an easeful process of being able to remove toxicity from the cells themselves.

Because it’s so close to the inside and the outside. The here and the there that it’s like I can just pull it out, whereas maybe during the winter solstice when everything is deep within, I have to like go in and take it out,

and you can release that, um, throughout the next, let’s say, week or two, honestly, and even like being mindful all these days that I just talked about before, maybe even prepping to go into that. And also when I say restorative cleanse, be mindful. If you’re trying to do like a fast or something like that, you want to work your way up to it so that your body can do it in a sustainable way rather than just going all out on this one day when you just ate like a heavy meal yesterday.

And also the moon is going to be in a triumph with Mercury. , and so that’s going to be like an easeful flow. And then it’s also going to be in a triumph of Jupiter. So this day [00:25:00] specifically is like a really nice day to start something and have success with it.

Jamie: you don’t have to worry about any, like that’s going to take, I know we all, some but that’s the, you know, stress off. So you’ll be able to say, okay, how do I reset this and get ready to go into the next week? Cause you’ll have that day and then you’ll have Sunday.

Is there anything on We could keep working with this energy on or anything we need to be aware of as end

Cameron: of the week. Yeah. And just, uh, taking a step back to the 23rd that night. Uh, we’re going to have the moon squaring Mars and it’s going to be in conjunct Venus. So if you do choose to start a restorative cleanse on that day, then maybe at night it’ll be a little more difficult, you know, it’s like, so it starts easy and you’re like, Oh yeah, I got this.

And then it comes to the nighttime and you’re like, Oh snap, like I’m starting to feel these hunger pains and I have these desires that are coming up. And so we can look at the astrology and see that, Oh yeah, that’s happening for sure. [00:26:00] Okay, awesome. I can just accept that and keep it moving.

Jamie: And yeah, and I can, I can see the temptation Saturday night, like, you know, it’s dinner time or friends say, Oh, Hey, come meet me here or whatever. And you’re like, Oh my God, today you want to call me after I just, yeah. So yeah, I like that you gave that heads up. So you can just like, make sure you’re blocking your calendar off or, or, or doing what you can to avoid the

Cameron: Oh yeah. All the time. Easier said than done for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And then on that Sunday we got the moon and Capricorn still, and it’s going to be trying your honest, so just a more easeful flow from like potential feelings of like tension because the moon and Capricorn has a tendency to get a little tense and it’s an easy flow of energy.

To another earth sign and Uranus is there, which is a planet that also can bring tension. So again, there, I’m definitely going to be personally doing an oil massage for myself just because that the tension of the moon and [00:27:00] Capricorn mixed with the tension that could be created or the anti, the spasmodic nature of Uranus there.

So just being like clear and mindful of that, if I didn’t make it very apparent and clear too, the equinox is when the sun goes into Libra, just for people who are new, I just wanted to make sure that y’all understand that , so also on this, on this Sunday, we’re going to have the sun in conjunct Saturn and Pisces.

And again, we have an in conjunction. So if you did start a restorative cleanse the day before, and then the sun comes to us in conjunction with Saturn, that’s going to like, you’re going to have to really like be mindful of your discipline and understand that your body might be thrown to the side a bit because.

It’s not used to like this restorative cleansing type of process. And, um, if you want to know what kind of restorative cleanse you could do also feel free to reach out to me and let me know on astrologer connect, because I am just saying restorative cleanses. If everyone knows that is, and I know everyone doesn’t know what that is.

And that’s okay because I don’t want to say something and just [00:28:00] have hundreds of people hearing this generalization when you can just reach out to me and we can figure that out together,

Jamie: you can find you can find you directly

Jamie: forward slash Cameron connect and we’ll have make sure we have that link the podcast so such an interesting way that the universe is setting us up. It’s like, it’s a great time to detox and do this cleanse. And once you do it, I’m going to test. the fire out of you and make it, here’s the temptation. Here’s the Saturn. So yes, I love that. Astrology is going to give us that insight to know that, that that’s coming, um, that you’re going to be tested now.

I know like Monday is not our day, but if I was doing a restorative cleanse on the weekend, would I feel better about it by Monday? You think

Cameron: it all depends on the person’s body and stuff like that, because there also is like a lot of stuff going on, on that Sunday, because The moon is also sextile Neptune, which I’m not good I wouldn’t make such a huge deal out of that if the moon wasn’t going to directly be conjunct Pluto [00:29:00] right after it So there are things that could like easily come up from this restorative cleanse that’s happening When the moon is like hitting these outer planets, not only is the moon gonna be hitting these outer planets The moon is also gonna be square the nodes And so the moon square the nose, I find to be like this very subtle thing where, you know, look back to the last eclipse point and think about how did I feel then?

How do I feel now? How did I feel then? How do I feel now? And kind of observe the crossroads that moment of cross that crossroad moment can just be like a key, subtle point of emphasis, especially since also Mars. is in Libra and it’s opposing Chiron that day. So, this is like, this Equinox potential, uh, cleanse, restorative cleanse could like really be bringing up some stuff, but like I said, it’s close to the inside and the outside, the above and the below.

So, what is it that you know you need to like, pull out and invite to, and this is an invitation to do that. At a time that it might be more [00:30:00] useful,

Jamie: the crossroads. I love that. That’s a great, word. That’s my favorite word. Cause that is what it is. It’s like the point of what was and what will be, which those nodes squaring also, it usually feels like that the future and the past.

And you’re like in the middle, like, what, what do you take action sometimes you have to take action to resolve. to go to the future. So, yeah, it’s a very interesting week. Yeah. Yeah. It’s always these weeks. I don’t, I’ve noticed, when I write horoscopes and when you’re like, oh, there’s just these couple of transits.

Those are the weeks that I tend to like, write paragraphs for because there’s all these nuances and they like, you know, take. I’m going to take advantage of this time, but it does look like we kind of walk through this very, you know, notice, notice the whisperings, notice what’s coming up, understand rebalance.

And then we get to this, to the equinox, to where, when the sun moves okay, what is, what is in harmony release? that’s, that’s a pretty pivotal time. And then using your great health. I love how [00:31:00] all the health advice you had on every but yeah, just being tested when in your resolve, like I have, I’m gonna.

I’m at a crossroads. I can no longer accept this behavior or feel this way or act this way. And going to make in order to make this

Cameron: absolutely. Yeah. The change in and of itself, even like, just to give like a potential spectrum of like the restorative plans, it could be like an all out restorative plans where you’re like, I’m not eating grains and blah, blah, blah, blah.

I’m not doing this and that. Awesome. Do your thing, especially if you know what you’re doing, but it also could be something as simple as. I’m going to cleanse myself of the idea that I should keep eating all the foods I was eating during the summer time. Right? Yeah. And just like, I’m going to like, cleanse myself from that way of thinking and start thinking about how I can eat for this new season.

That could be the restorative cleansing of itself.

Jamie: I like when said that in the beginning, I was thinking about, um, an article I’d read recently about how now you can go to the grocery store.

It doesn’t matter what [00:32:00] or foods from every season and how our bodies are not really set up for that. Like there is a season like where this is strawberries and you can only eat strawberries during this time period. And that’s something that we’ve really walked away from, but I love how your it back to that.

Like, okay, now that we’re what do I need health. And, and how does that really kind of turn into your primal and kind of help you almost decode your body and your spirit and get connected with, um, with all. but yeah, I love how that’s come up a couple of times because we’re at a what does that mean the world? Uh, what, some of us, you know, pretty much. Some of us may not have drastic changes. I live in the South. There’s a drastic If, if I was growing my own food as to what isn’t. So, um, yeah, that’s, that’s a super interesting concept to think about.

What And, I think another thing, um. Cause we talked a lot about what we put into the body, but also [00:33:00] the mind, you know, like, you watching? inviting Um, be something of the world you live in, like, what are, how are you feeding that wolf? Um, if you feel really feed that wolf Like there’s, there’s a lot of nuances and it’s just a little, it’s those scales that you were talking about.

Cameron: Yeah. And the last thing I would say is like you were saying the mind and the restorative cleanse for the mind. One thing, um, because it’s not necessarily everywhere going to be just cold automatically, but make setting the intention during the equinox day. You’re going to learn how to be in relationship with the transition towards the winter solstice.

And so, one thing that they do, I believe it’s in like, Norway or something, I forget where it’s at, anyway, it doesn’t matter. What I’m saying is, as the temperature continues to drop down, continue to wear less and less [00:34:00] clothes. So that you can integrate yourself into the winter solstice point because it’s like you’re like Acclimating yourself to the cold rather than just putting on clothes and then not being adaptable during that time so just like think about that from this process from the equinox all the way down to the winter solstice

Jamie: Is this like a 70 fall and a 70 spring feel completely different? You know what I mean? Cause it’s still like 70 degrees in the spring is hot. Where’s the swimming pool and 70 degrees in the fall is like, where’s the blankets and the fire? Cause it’s just that whole. I love it.

Summary & Closing

Jamie: Okay. So Cameron, is there anything else you’d like to say about this thoughts or inspirations

Cameron: No, I would just say just focus on the equinox and just, and also if you haven’t focused on the equinox before, even just observing it in and of itself is enough. So that’s why I would say,

Jamie: so as we move towards this week, it’s all about watching those [00:35:00] whispering noises, like those subconscious things that come up. What, what this? Um, to really help ourselves And then when we get to that equinox, we’re really thinking about the Bringing that harmony, um, and restorative cleanses is something that Cameron talked about. I definitely recommend you go back and said about each a lot of great health And I think that, and one of the great themes that we had too is, or one of the ideas that work with Revisiting intention.

So you’re ready for that full big process that there. And I think, um, yeah, it was just all about balance get ready to Um, yeah, I, I love all the health tips that you have. I love all the insight that you brought to so much for Cameron. I look forward to being here with you again on the weekly weather and a couple

Cameron: Yeah, yeah. I look forward to it. It’s always [00:36:00] a pleasure.

Jamie: So I did want to tell you guys, especially if you’re interested in the health aspect that has spoke about one, you can find all of his classes, the links to that underneath this video.

But right now we are hosting a workshop series. It’s astrology hubs, health, wealth, and fulfillment workshop This is by Judith Hill, Michael Bryant, and Georgia status. Now we’re in the middle of this. It’s not too late for you to sign up. You can definitely, um, make sure that you catch up on the past Georgia legends, three chart reading techniques for really unlocking your potential. I am loving every bit of And if you haven’t check it out at

Jamie: astrology hub. forward slash workshop. You can find the broadcast as well.

And, uh, again, if you want to connect with Cameron on our brand new platform, astrologer connect, you can find him at

Jamie: astrology hub. com forward slash Cameron connect. And I delighted by having I want to thank all of you for [00:37:00] being here today. Thank you for being part of our community and, for

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