Astrology This Week: Mars Sextile Pluto & Sagittarius Season w/ Astrologer Wendy Stacey

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Amanda Walsh and Astrologer and Teacher Rick Levine talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 About the Sun Mars conjunction sextile to Pluto, emphasizing a period of intense, mysterious energy conducive to innovation and manifesting ambitions.
🌒 The introspective and communicative influence of Mercury trine Chiron, coupled with the Sun’s transition into Sagittarius, bringing a lift in energy and motivation.
🌓 Insights into the challenges of the Sun Mars Square to Saturn, the action-driven energy of Mars in Sagittarius, and the creative sparks from the Moon’s conjunctions with Uranus and Jupiter, culminating in a festive spirit as Ceres moves into Sagittarius.

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[00:00:00] Wow. We’ve got this fabulous SBAR conjunction and it’s sextile Pluto, so it’s, it’s a really, on one hand, it’s, you know, it is very intense SBAR and, and Scorpio anyway, and then, uh, sextile to Pluto, it just, it sort of builds on that same theme. So it’s intense and it’s, uh, it has a real mysteriousness about it.

It’s highly motivating that sun Mars, it’s, it’s really quite beautiful. And Mars is of course, very comfortable in Scorpio. So it brings a huge amount of sort of innovation, real startup stuff. And with the Pluto sextile in Capricorn, it gives it the form that brings matter to it. So, you know, it really is a time to sort of make the most of things or do things that are quite physical, that sort of that Pluto and earth, the sun Mars.

Um, it’s, you know, it, it sort of calls for action. That’s what it is, to call for [00:01:00] action. Not change necessarily, although it is opposite Uranus, of course.


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Jamie: Hi there and welcome. We are thrilled to have you here with us. And if you are new to this channel, please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell. So you can stay updated on all the new content that we have in store for you. I’m Jamie McGee, one of the hosts here at astrology hub.

And today we’ll be exploring the astrological influences for [00:03:00] the week of November 20th through the 26th with our inner circle guide this month, astrologer Wendy Stacey. If you haven’t met Wendy Stacey yet, she is a professional astrologer and the principal of the international Mayo. School of Astrology and chair of the Astrological Association.

Like I said, she’s a, our guide for the inner circle this month has a fantastic Santa street classed out and compatibility. I loved diving into that. Before we connect with Wendy, I wanted to mention if you have not signed up for the chart reading extravaganza all about harmonics. that yet it’s not too late. We just had our first class last week. You can learn more about this at

Jamie: astrology hub. com forward slash harmonic. And we’ll make sure that we put that link in the bottom for you.

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Jamie: astrologyhub.

com forward slash Great. [00:04:00] Wendy, welcome. It’s so great to be back here with you again. Oh,

Wendy: it’s wonderful to be back. Thank you, Jamie. Thanks for inviting me.

Jamie: brilliant. And I loved your teaching in the inner circle. It was perfectly timed. And I love how, like even the new moon ceremony that you had was, or the new moon forecast was brilliant.

Cause we had the astrological transits kind of making themselves known as you were, you were giving that broadcast. So it was perfect. I feel like you were divinely. Fit and perfect for this month. So I’m super happy.

Wendy: Thank you. Oh, it’s a busy, full on month. Yeah,

Jamie: it is. I remember thinking that October was going to be wild, but then I think November kind of snuck in the back door.

I was like, Oh, that’s a fun one too. Yeah.

Wendy: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah.

Overview and Theme of the Week

Wendy: So for

Jamie: the week of November, the 20th through the 26th, what is the overall theme that we’ll be working with as a collective?

Wendy: Well, we’ve got this fabulous, Sun Mars conjunction, and it’s sextile Pluto, so it’s, it’s a really, on one hand it’s, [00:05:00] you know, it is very intense, Sun Mars and, and Scorpio anyway, and then sextile to Pluto, it just, it sort of builds on that same theme, so it’s intense.

And it’s, um, it has a real mysteriousness about it. It’s highly motivating that some Mars, it’s, it’s really quite beautiful. And Mars is of course very comfortable in the school po so, it brings, uh, a huge amount of sort of innovation, real startup stuff. And with the Pluto sex style and Capricorn, it, it gives it form, it brings matter.

to it. So, you know, it really is a time to sort of make the most of things or do things that are quite physical, that sort of that Pluto and Earth, the sun, Mars, um, it’s, you know, it, it sort of calls for action. That’s what it is. It’s a call for action, not change necessarily, although it is opposite Uranus, of course.

It has been opposite Uranus. It is separating away from that. [00:06:00] So, you know, it’s losing a bit of its crazy and it’s sort of settling in, to be, a bit more contained. And so, yeah, it’s a really good time to, focus, because that’s what that Scorpio and Pluto demands of us, to really concentrate.

But not necessarily, it’s not really mentally, it’s physically. So, Really sort of doing something physically or just, yeah, putting something into form. I mean, that can be many different things. So that’s really huge, that Sun Mars sextile Pluto. And what’s interesting amongst all of this for the whole week too, there’s a lots of other different things going on, but.

We have an unexpected Jupiter. Um, I mean the week begins with the, an unexpected Uranus too. So the unexpected Jupiter is for the whole, week and, , so a Jupiter and Taurus, unexpected Jupiter and Taurus. So we get a sort of whole flavor of, um, uh, on one hand that [00:07:00] sun Mars and, and sextile Pluto is very, uh, measured. Um, and it’s also sort of. Um, it’s brave, it’s very, very brave, and with the Jupiter unexpected in Taurus, it sort of means people, you know, again, that braveness is echoed, it’s highlighted. So it brings a sort of adventure, but it’s sort of that, sort of risky. Adventure, if you like. I mean, I’m not saying, you know, swinging from trees and going on, you know, those wobbly, um, swing bridges and all that, but it sort of feels like that.

No matter what one does, there is a sense of, not necessarily danger, but just feeling on the edge. Sun Mars brings adrenaline. And so you sort of feel very alive. You feel, um, Yeah, shaky, and that Jupiter and Taurus sort of accentuates that, as did the opposition with Uranus as well, that it’s separating from, [00:08:00] still there, but separating from.

Then you have some other things going on during, you know, the week too, with the Moon touching all the outer planets and things like that, and a few ingresses of the planets, but yeah, it’s going to be, um, It’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a very interesting week, so, but it’s, again, it calls for calm, it calls for, taking stock of things, really.

It’s a good time to do, and when I say taking stock, I mean, it’s quite literal. Inventory. It’s time to do inventory, you know, um, uh, on everything. That Jupiter and Taurus, what is it that they have? But then that Sun Mars, um, and Scorpio, sextile Pluto, also is very inventory orientated. It’s about where, where are we, and where are we going?

But of course the Sun Mars asks, what do we want? What do we really want? And, and try to make that happen.

Jamie: That’s beautiful. And I love that. I love your take on sun Mars. Cause I think there’s a lot of information out there. [00:09:00] That’s like, Ooh, watch out. Brace duck, be protective. But I, I share your vision of it.

And that may be the Scorpion is in me, but it is a lot of, it’s like Mars is happy there. Mars likes. That’s his home and

Wendy: yeah, it’s his home and he’s by the sun as well. And, um, you know, I think it’s Kazemi, you know, right at the beginning. So, but it is, you know, some miles travel for quite a lot, you know, quite a few days.

But it’s really motivating. It’s, it’s a real excitement. It’s like, it’s waking up in the morning and going, yes, a new day. Like it’s, it’s that energy. It’s, you know, I’m like, you know, other planets can go, Oh God, I don’t want to get out of bed. It’s some miles really. Injects, um, you know, a real boost to life.

It is, it’s a real booster. It’s a real vitamin C, sort of, you know, or something like that. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s great. Nice energy. Yeah. Some people might see it as quite alpha, um, and it sort of is, but that’s fine. We [00:10:00] all can tap into that alpha, you know, I guess it’s some way, you know, it’s a bit chest banging, I guess, but it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, Energetic.

It’s high energy. And, you know, for people in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter, so we need a bit of that boost, you know. I think it’s healthy. Yeah.

Jamie: Absolutely. Yeah. And I think it’s, I think it’s the, the thing about Scorpio and Mars is it giving you the courage to kind of like call it what it is, say what you need to say, do what you need to do.

And, and with the unaspected Jupiter, there’s risk. I was actually listening to something this morning and it was talking about, you know, there is a risk, but when the benefits outweigh the risk or when the opportunity is there, you’re never going to get the opportunity. And I think that. One of my, one of my mantras that I’ve had since I was 17 is regret is worse than anxiety because it is.

So I love how Mars and sun is like, okay, well, you’re never going to know unless you do it and you need to do it.

Wendy: Yeah. Yeah. Otherwise you’ll regret [00:11:00] not doing it. Yeah, exactly. And that, that Sun Mars sextile Pluto in Capricorn, it’s like Sun Mars, it’s, it’s, it’s risky and that unaspected Jupiter is really speculative.

But the good thing about Sun Mars and Scorpio, sextile Pluto in Capricorn, does take risks, but they’re really, really calculated ones. Because of the Jupiter, they appear not to be. But it’s a, it’s a very sensible sex style. It’s, you know, it really is. It’s, it’s, Mars is contained there. It’s not maverick in that placement.

Um, so any risk, you know, it should be calculated and it, uh, yeah. And a good one.

Yeah. I can

Jamie: see, um, being calculated and divinely protected because you’re aligning with a purpose that is deep within you, that you need the courage to, to, embrace, you know, sometimes it’s a big leap and it’s scary. And you’re like, I don’t, I would rather be in this safe little nest and, [00:12:00] and Mars and Scorpio is like, well, That’s great.

But you got to do this, you got to do this side of it too. But yeah, it’s, it’s a very powerful, powerful transit that I think positively, obviously there’s a shadow to every side. So, you know, I think every action just noticed that, you know, the law of the universe, every cause has, um, you know, cause and effect, whatever you put out, we’ll come back.

So, you know, whatever, whatever. Yeah. Transitions you’re making, make them in a way that you’d want them to, someone to be made with you. And, um, yeah, embrace that path. I love, I love that outlook of this week. If you could summarize it in like a sentence, like if you’re like, this is our, our mantra, this is our, um, this is what we’re going to say to ourselves this week.

Do you have, do you have a line? I don’t want to put you on the spot. I would say,

Wendy: no, no, I would say, um, particularly with this, it’s, I would say, make sure you, you know, it’s, you’re in action mode rather than defense mode. Oh, yes. Because it can be defensive as well. So you know, it’s your choice. You can either take that defensive [00:13:00] protectionistic sort of, you know, energy or you can, you can rise to the call and go, you know what, I’m going to do this.

I’m going to do it. That’s longer than a sentence, Jamie.

Jamie: can definitely wordsmith that. It’s like rise to the call, you know, take action. Yeah. And, you know, a good, like side notes of title there. If you do find yourself ritually offended by something, if it kind of gets into that deep Scorpio, well, follow that trigger, find the treasure.

Why does it bother you? And will it bother you in five years? You know, like, especially if it has to do like in the U S we’re coming into a holiday season. And so there’s a lot of family and close knit bonds and. We’re, um, we’re often faced with our past and our legacy. Wow. And we’re faced with how far we’ve come.

It’s like this marker. But if there’s a wound there, if there’s something that’s, that’s prodding you, then I would, I would look at it. You know, when you look at it and you name it, you disempower it. And Mars is gonna give you all the courage that you need to do that. So action over defense. Perfect.

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Wendy: Yeah.

Monday, November 20

Jamie: Do you want to go ahead and don’t go through the days and talk about, yeah,

Wendy: So the week starts on the 20th with the Sun Mars sextile Pluto and, you know, again, enduring.

[00:15:00] And I think the best way to start that day is to, you know, look at ways to remove those blocks. , how does one jump those hurdles? I mean, seeing oneself on sort of like a military confidence course, ducking and diving and climbing over walls is a little bit, you know, symbolic of that, but it’s great for motivation and pushing through.

Tuesday, November 21

Wendy: So, Tuesday the 21st, we have, Mercury trying to Chiron. So, Mercury is in Sagittarius and Chiron is in Aries. So, this is a time to write. Write down one’s, um, wounds, its ills. Nice time to resolve. Good time to communicate. Anything that’s outstanding. It is a really good time to address that

Wednesday, November 22

Wendy: and then on Wednesday the 22nd, um, the sun moves into Sagittarius.

So, there’s going to be a lift, there’s going to be a sort of a [00:16:00] lift in energy after sort of the you know, smoky, sultry, Scorpio journey that the sun’s made for the last month, now moving into the fire sign of Sagittarius. So this gives it a bit of a boost. It’s a bit lifting. But also on this day, the moon conjoins Neptune.

Um, and oh, but it does shine the sun mar that’s, um, and, and into the moon conjoining Neptune enters a give us phase. And Moon Neptune is, you know, this is really lovely. We don’t, we’re not gonna have many of these left, um, you know, while Neptune’s in Pisces. So it’s a really beautiful time. It can be emotionally charged.

Um. anD when I say emotional, you know, I don’t necessarily mean overtly or expressively, although it can be, but it’s just something where people are moved by something. So, you know, it doesn’t have to be necessarily expressed, but it is where, you know, humans are moved in some way. That can come out in a really [00:17:00] creative way as well.

So, um, it’s a, it’s a lovely time to tap into one’s imagination. Lovely time to sort of isolate oneself and be reflective and contemplative and things like that. Do take note of any dreams. And, uh, you know, good time to meditate, do it, do what’s good for the soul. And this is, that Moon Neptune in Pisces is beautiful for connecting, whether that’s, you know, physically with people, um, or, you know, on social media.

It has a very wide reach, that Moon Neptune in Pisces, so make the most of that.

Thursday, November 23

Wendy: And then, on the 23rd, Um, which is the Thursday the 23rd, we have the Moon and Chiron opposing Venus. Now, so, this is, can be, can be quite tough. , so, Moon opposite Venus, it is a sort of a challenging one, particularly with Chiron there, so it is an invitation to heal old wounds [00:18:00] with it.

other people, not with yourself, not something within you. It is with others. It’s an opposition. So it is about, um, addressing that. But there’s some nice signatures around that, that will, will ease that. So can be challenging. But It’s a good time to put things to rest, things that occupy and take space in our lives that don’t need to anymore.

So a healing time. Um, and you know, it is a good time to, you know, look after oneself, treat oneself, um, and just remembering that, you know, you’re special.

Friday, November 24

Wendy: And then on the 24th, so the 24th, Friday the 24th, we have Mars move into Sagittarius so now we’ve got the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius.

So it’s a bit more rah rah, um, energy. It’s a bit more fired up. So we’re sort of going from more quiet and, um, [00:19:00] protectionist mode to something, more of the archer. More of the, you know, physical, um, uh, sort of, soldier type, if you like. And, and the Sun, Mars, and Sagittarius is very active.

This is a sort of time that would occupy sports on TV and things like that. So is it a call to, exercise and, you know, it isn’t sort of a hard paced cardio. Sun, Mars, and Sagittarius is really very cardio stuff, as opposed to the conjunct in Pisces, which is more yoga.

Or Tai Chi, that sort of thing.

Jamie: So like, right around in that time, we also have Sun Square Saturn too. So how do you feel that that’ll, like, I think that happens in the middle of the night on the 23rd, but like, how would you…

Wendy: Well, Sun in Sag, square to Saturn in Pisces, it can be quite testing.

I remember the Saturn, Neptune, Sagittarius, Pisces Square, uh, and the images of refugees in Europe. And [00:20:00] particularly by boat with the Pisces and that, and I see that sun and Sag squared Saturn, Neptune testing of that. I mean, it’s interesting, you know, the news and around the world with refugees.

people seeking asylum. It’s, it’s a test of one’s humanity. It’s a test of one’s, ability to, to walk in other people’s shoes. That’s sudden Sagittarius. How do other people think? How do they feel? What is the culture? And the Saturn in Pisces is how much can one give? And, and that’s sort of on a social level and on a personal level.

It’s, you know, again, it’s the same. We just. Look at it from a more psychological perspective, so it tests oneself. It tests oneself on what we know, and, and it sort of challenges us on our morality, if you like. So I think that’s what that Sun Saturn Square is about. But it’s a, it’s a, it’s a good, it’s a good square.

Um, it’s, it’s a good motivating square to get things done. So, yeah.

Jamie: And then [00:21:00] like, it kind of falls right, right in the midst of that holiday that we have. So it’s more, um, you know, authority figures, I think that I would say, if you’re going up against a fight, like, you know, what, what is like, again, why are you fighting it?

Like, are you finding it’s just a tired old argument or like, what can you do about the situation? Like when you’re watching the news and you feel it, like, if you’re just going to absorb that energy and do nothing with it, like it doesn’t really benefit you are the situation, but if you can take any.

conscious action. I mean, it could be as simple as prayer, you know, for something. I think that you’ll be able to work positively with prayer, with the

Wendy: prayer. That’s, that’s a really beautiful, example, actually, when you’ve got that Sag Pisces and, yeah, it is a prayer. It is a prayer. And, I think that’s a really beautiful representation of that Sagittarius and Pisces and both priests.

And, you know, and the sun and the sun satins are both sort of the paternal within all of us as well. And sometimes we may not, we may not with the square, we may not, um,[00:22:00] part of us may not agree with the prayer but actually it’s, it’s not about our own uncomfortableness.

It’s about what’s right. I think it’s the

Jamie: thought it’s the energy. It’s the, it’s what you’re adding to the vibration. Of humanity and however is to do that. So like, cause you, whatever energy is in you is amplified, you make a difference no matter, no matter, like it’s, it’s a very, um, humbling experience when you think about that, like, you know, your, your approach, your perspective.

It matters. And someone is always watching you younger. If you’re a mom or our parents or have younger people around you, they’re watching how you approach things. And you may think that no one is like, I don’t have anyone in my life, but someone is aware of your energy. They’re aware of your take on it.

They want to know what it is that that authority, like you are an authority to someone and you’re to an authority in your life and how you do that matters with the squares. Yeah.

Wendy: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Sort of also an invitation putting your [00:23:00] money where your mouth is sort of a thing as well.

Do you know what I mean? Because again, it’s that form. The whole week has that whole bringing form. Yes. It’s like, it’s like put your money where you know, it really is. And it is that, because it is that Jupiter, it’s Sag energy, so it is all those gambling terms, put your money where your mouth is, put your cards on the table, all those sort of Jupiter, Sagittarian, yeah, yeah.

If you’ve got time

Jamie: to complain about it, you have time to do something about it, like that’s the, you know, absolutely.

Wendy: Yeah, love that, love that, yeah, perfect.


Jamie: right. So going into the weekend on the, is there anything else you wanna say about the 24th

Wendy: yeah, yeah, the moon conjuncts the nodes as well. But you know, this is. Really, perhaps, just, uh, looking at, highlighting relationships, how we have to deal with them, giving us the resources to deal with them, it’s not an easy time on the planet, [00:24:00] and these, and the nodes, of course, in Ares, um, Ares Libra,

so again, we’re getting into Thanksgiving season, so it often, it’s gonna offer an opportunity to resolve. Whenever there’s that opposition, it’s gonna be about somebody else. And there’s a lot of tools this week to deal with that.

Saturday, November 25

Wendy: And then on Saturday, yeah, Saturday, the 25th, we have the moon conjoined to Jupiter, which is, really nice and interesting because Jupiter has been unaspected and, and the only, besides aspects to the moon, Jupiter remains unaspected to the 30th.

So, so the moon, With Jupiter, is very interesting. This is when the Jupiter gets integrated with the rest of the, basically, with the rest of the planets and what they’re doing. So here we do find a bit more of a gamble, with the Moon there as well. Um, it’s also, you know, perhaps makes mountains out of [00:25:00] molehills.

You know, Jupiter does that anyway, but unaspected and only conjoined to the Moon, so it becomes an emotional thing. So, again, maybe a bit overwhelming in that. That comes with the Mars square Saturn, um, on the 25th as well. So that’s again between the, the Sagittarius and the Pisces. So it’s more of the Sun Mars square to Saturn.

So, um, a bit of a standoff, you know, the Mars Saturn square. Um, Normally when you think of Mars Saturn Square, you know, it is like you’re running a hundred miles an hour with the brakes on or just, you know, finding you’re trying to get up that hill, but it’s all in slow motion. But like when we dream or things like that.

So, but this here the Sagittarius Pisces offers similar to what we were just talking about with the Sun Square Saturn, but this is a bit more, you know, physical. Mars is more physical and Sagittarius. It’s [00:26:00] a call to just, make something work. I think it has to do with, really just investing and trying to get things to work.

You know, it’s, um, and I don’t mean in a fix it situation. I mean, like, just strive, just keep striving. You just have to keep persisting. Mars Saturn square is a great, enduring, really good, enduring, sort of configuration. So, persist. Persist. I would say is, is the key for that.

Jamie: Yeah. I totally agree with that energy too. Cause it’s, um, you have this need to take action, but there is a system or an authority figure or something that is established that is questioning your advancement of how you want to do it. And that’s one of those things where I think if you’re, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re anyone who’s kind of stepping out into the world in any kind of way.

The first thing you do is look around and say, well, what is everybody else doing? But the universe wants you to look within and say, you need to do it the way that you’re designed. Like there is a unique code in you that says, do it your own [00:27:00] way. And I think when the way to work with that square is to listen within and take your action.

And, you know, you can definitely, it’s always good to take advice. It’s always good to see where, if you’re looking ahead at how it’s being done out there, look at what’s not working and sort of what don’t mimic what is working unless it has your own unique brand, but instead. Learn from other people’s mistakes, kind of like you’ve watched it, you know, Mercury, Mercury went through here already.

So Mercury kind of announced everything. And now Mars is Mars can look and see, okay, well, I know what the information is, I know what the strategy was or what you think I should do. This is the action I need to take. And there could be a little bit of a pushback. Like not yet or wait, like a stalemate, but if you have the vision and you have the dream and your intentions are in a really great place, because this is very spiritual, like we’ve talked about very, it’s, it’s a very much higher power kind of energy. Yeah. You know, like it’s, it’s through you. So if you honor that and you don’t really care what you receive on the other side of it, just, but it just, like you said earlier, [00:28:00] it sits right with your soul. Like if what you’re doing sits right with your soul and it’s something that you, that you can sleep soundly, not only tonight, but 20 years from now from the actions that you’re taking, that’s what you need to do.

And that’s where. And it’s good to have that structure because we do have a lot of this energy that says go big or go home and put all the cards on the table. But the Saturn there is saying, great idea, but how can you scale that? Can you, can you keep this flow for them? Can you work at that speed? Can you hold this schedule for the next?

Yeah. So Saturn wants you to have the system and the structure. So every faucet, every level of your life, you know, is, is healthy and thriving and helping you reach your purpose. So it is an interesting kind of bookend that, that, yeah.

Wendy: And I think, I think the word purpose is, I think is really important because, um, yeah, I think that makes a real difference, especially when you’ve got.

you know, um, squares to the sun [00:29:00] and things like that. It’s like, it’s questioning you. Is, is that really what you, is that really what you wanted? Is, is that, does that conflict with what you believe in? Does this conflict, you know, so it questions, and especially in Sagittarius, it questions.

So, um,

Jamie: like very, yeah, it’s one of those things where you will state your dream and someone will bluntly say, Like something, wait, right, right back to you because Sagittarius, it can’t hide the truth.

It has to speak its truth, no matter how blunt it is. It’ll try to do it kindly with a smile on it, but you’re going to get the truth. And I feel like if you don’t want their response, then don’t get it. You know, I mean, don’t ask for it. Like you don’t need, if you need approval from someone else, then I would encourage you to look more so within because you shouldn’t.

That the external approval is not what you need right now. It’s the internal approval. It’s like a path with something that sits right with my soul. And absolutely

Wendy: beautifully said. yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. And coming back to what you said about [00:30:00] make sure you don’t have regrets, you know, that’s what a lot of this is about this, you know, this attorney and staff, Pluto and Capricorn stuff.

And yeah, it’s to make sure you don’t. So, and that’s. The constant dilemma, I think. Yeah. Yeah, it is

Jamie: because it’s, it’s, it’s very, it’s an interesting time, to live and be living through, uh, globally. And that even in your personal lives, cause everything happening out there is happening inside somewhere.

And. Finding a way to, um, I love like, even like our coming back to our theme, you know, we want action over reaction. Like we want to take an action that really sits right with us too. Like it’s not, I don’t want to be defensive over what I’m hearing or seeing. I want it to take positive action towards something that is going to sit right with my soul and build me up.

Yeah. If you find yourself in a spiral and coming back around to the same story, the same theme, the same situation, then sometimes you have to ask yourself, what’s the common denominator here? Like what is the [00:31:00] common story? Cause there’s going to be threads that you carry through, but there’s some positive common denominators and there’s some negative ones and there’s some that are common positive dominators.

For us a path, they, they’ll, they’ll walk with us on the section of our lives. And then it’s going to come a fork in the road and that denominator needs to go its way. And you go your way because your stories change or your situation change. And it’s, it’s depending on how your personal makeup is made.

a lot of different ways it can manifest.

Wendy: So, yeah. Yeah, no, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a very interesting, it’s a very, very interesting week. So many different things playing out that it’s, yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. I definitely think it’s all how you react is going to, your perspective is going to make the difference one way or the other.

Even if something that you did not anticipate in a million years happens, the question is, well, I’m to try to stay curious, like, well, why, I mean, what, where is this leading me? Like if that is a no, what is it a yes to in my life and how can I get there? Because it’ll those, if you get caught in [00:32:00] that deep river of Scorpio emotion, you kind of get pulled down.

Wendy: Yeah, and finding all these different ways to empower oneself, like, you know, like, it’s about collecting tools for your toolkit and, and, finding ways to empower. And there’s, and, and on every level, physically, emotionally, psychologically, relationship wise, creatively, and all the, you know, all these things. Um, because I do, I think people feel disempowered, and that’s what this sort of these signatures, bring up.

They bring up that uncomfortableness with, with, um, disempowerment, even though we, you know, and it’s the good thing about, the Mars, Sun and Scorpio. , is being able to identify, being able to identify what, is making you feel disempowered.

And that is the key, you know, again to, you know, particularly with sex style to Pluto and Capricorn. It’s key [00:33:00] to, the direction one needs to take. I think that’s, yeah, definitely the case.

Jamie: Well, that’s the sextile. Pluto, you know, Pluto’s at the end of Capricorn. So, in a way, if you have, like, familiar themes, some of them can be really old, like 14 years, because Pluto’s been there. But we’ll put, has been teaching you power dynamics when it comes to Capricorn themes, where your power is and where it isn’t.

And you’ve learned how to surrender and how not to surrender and how to balance it. So in familiar themes, that sex style could give you suggestions from your past and that you’ve already, you know, already have accomplished. Like, you know, last time this happened was forever ago in this situation, but this is how I handled it.

And I’m going to handle it differently this time. Because for whatever reason, insert your reason, or I’m going to handle it exactly the same way because it worked perfectly. I don’t know that that’ll always be the case, but that 14 year lesson that Pluto’s had is right for you to take that power that he’s taught you.

And that, and that sextiles are suggestions or ideas. [00:34:00] It’s, it’s that thought you get when you’re doing the dishes, like, Oh, I know what I should do. You’re awakening something that maybe has been suppressed within you for whatever reason. And you take that information and you’re able to.

Use that Morrison action and go, go launch out there. And then like, you know, as we’ve talked about the progression of the week, we’ll have all this great energy in the beginning of it. And it’s almost like the second you get your gumption, you, you run into Saturn and Saturn is just like, that’s great. But, and it’s good to listen to those.

Okay. Well, yeah, this is the cost, you know, physically, mentally, whatever of that. What are you going to do about that? And it’s not a, no, it’s like, what are you going to do about that? Like how can you. Set that and how can you work with something, you know, and, and the world is always changing. Something that was really challenging to do 10 years ago may not be that challenging right now with the way that technology is, you may need less.

Wendy: Absolutely. Yeah, I love it. Brilliant.

Sunday, November 26

Jamie: So we have one more day left in the week. The 26th. Do you have any [00:35:00] insights that you’d like to share with us about that

Wendy: one? Well, I mean, Ceres moves into Sagittarius again, really sort of, bringing up that sort of sun, Mars, Sagittarian energy and the moon conjoins Uranus at 20 degrees of Taurus.

So it’s sort of a real rah, rah, you know, again, sort of end of the week is just as full on as the beginning. Um, the Uranus brings a little sort of level of, nervousness, and also, you know, maybe to do with finances as well as the Moon and Taurus will highlight that. And, and it’s a time to think about what one earns, the income.

How one spends, you know, that sort of thing. So money is going to be, um, of issue at that point, as will the physical body. Um, But again, finding a way to give your ideas form, whether you voice recorded on, record it on your phone, or write it down by journaling or something like that. But, you know, have some fun with that, all the [00:36:00] ideas out there.

And there’s some genius ones out there. And Moon conjoin Uranus, is always, it’s when people have epiphanies so, you know, make the most of that. And, you know, the Moon and Taurus, uh, food. Enjoy the food. I just think, yeah, Moon and Tor is always great. Always fabulous to have food, whether you’re a wine and cheese person or, you’re vegan or you’re whatever you want.

It’s just, it’s a sumptuous, really beautiful time. So, you know, in that whole sort of holiday spirit, it’s, it’s fabulous for that. And with Uranus, do something inventive, do something different, do something you’ve never tried before. Yeah. So

Financial Tips for the Week

Jamie: I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you this, because I know we’ve mentioned finances at the front and the end of this week.

So is there any, any tools or anything to be mindful of when it comes to finances? Is it one of those times where you need to spend less or, you know, like invest differently, prepare for losses, prepare for possible advances.

Wendy: I think it’s very manic.

Um, I [00:37:00] think there’s really amazing possibilities in this week. I’m not qualified to say what that’d be, but I do think if you are rigorous in your research and you know what you’re doing

the markets are going to be Really fascinating to watch. And therefore we understand how that works the next time. Things will be volatile, but there will be peaks. I think more peaks than troughs. So, yeah. And, and again, all that sort of Scorpio, that some Mars and Scorpio sextile, Pluto and Capricorn.

It’s a, and, and with an unaspecting Jupiter. There’s sort of a recipe here. And that you can’t get it wrong. If you are rigorous, you can’t sort of get it wrong. It’s got nothing really to do with luck. It’s about doing it properly and doing it right. And there’s all that, those signatures there.

Planting Seeds & Investing

Jamie: Would this be a seeding point or a reward point? Like, like this, this transit, is it, are we going to see a reward for something we’ve already done? Are we, is this a time to [00:38:00] plant seeds for rewards

Wendy: to come? I think, um, we’re at the, the seed planting is sort of before the new moon.

This is coming up to a gibbous phase. So it’s, It’s, you know, it’s time to see things sprout, if you like. Where the rewards, I think, in this one, like all the, all the oppositions that are happening, we’ve passed the Uranus opposition, we’re coming in, there’s a lot of Moon, there’s a lot of Venus, Chiron, so I think, and with those oppositions, I think the rewards Uh, with resolve with others.

There’s real, there’s real opportunity to resolve. And when you get all these moon, Venus, Chiron oppositions and stuff too, there’s an, and, and an unexpected Jupiter, there’s understanding.

So you may not, you may, that’s the thing with all this sort of stuff this week, even though there may be conflict and there may be resentment, irritation, that unexpected Jupiter umbrellas all of this in terms of, [00:39:00] you may not agree. You may, in fact, you may disagree with a lot of it, but you do understand there is an understanding and that’s what I hope that Jupiter and Taurus, because Jupiter and Taurus, I always see symbolically as a dragon, you know, it’s slow to rise, but it is a dragon.

Um, and so there’s a wisdom here, really just take that wisdom, and apply it,

Jamie: I was just curious if like recent past actions would be like, we would, that’s what we’re, that’s what you’re saying. We’re going to see. So like, if we’ve been working towards something or working on something and we’ve invested knowledge time, whatever this is, this transit could be like. Voila for you.

Wendy: Yeah. I guess one of the flavors for the week is invest in other people. Because there’s oppositions involving Moon, Venus, Chiron, but then you’ve got the unexpected Jupiter, Uranus and Taurus. Then you’ve got the Sun, Mars and Scorpio, sextile, Pluto.

Actually investing in the, in [00:40:00] people, yeah.

Collaboration. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Jamie that’s exactly the collaboration, things like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it may not be easy or comfortable, but it will be incredible and, valuable. That’s the key word, valuable. Jupiter, Uranus, unexpected, and ta There’s a lot of value to be had here and also looking at the sky this week, there’s something really interesting. Jupiter, Uranus, both unaspected in Taurus.

So to stand on the earth and look up at the sky, Jupiter and Uranus are both sky fathers, if you like. You know, they’re, I’m sorry to be so gender specific, but mythologically, that’s what they’re attributed to. So when we think of, of these, um, Big gods, if you like, then there’s, then space and sky and a, and a universe above us around us are going to be [00:41:00] of really big interest this week in some form or another, hopefully an invention, hopefully an innovation that’ll, spearhead us into some new territory.

Overview & Closing Thougts

Jamie: I’m excited to see. How, everyone in the audience is, uh, can use this energy. I would love to know how you’ve already been feeling Mars and sun. Cause we always feel Mars on the approach. So I wonder if you have any fun Mars stories you want to share in the comments. I’d love to hear them.

And I would also love to know, like, what are your intentions for this week? If you, if I know that sometimes you can. You don’t want to write them down, but you know, if you have a good intention, my intention for this week is to whatever, I think that’ll give it some power. If you want to let us know under Wendy and I would love to see that.

Um, that’s been great. What did you have anything else that you’d want to say about this week?

Wendy: Overall. Well, you know, on some, for some people, it’s going to feel like boot camp. So, you know, choose your own boot camp. What is that boot camp going to be? And you know, Jamie, that’s where rewards will also come forth too.

Jamie: We have some great, great lines in here. I love that it’s like [00:42:00] action over reaction and investing in others.

Those are some great things to walk with and think about this week. You know, you may see yourself in someone else. You know, if you have someone that you admire, you know, lean into them. If you see someone, you know, of a different generation that you’re like, this is what I can do to invest in you, to help you, because by helping you, I’m going to help.

So many people. Yeah, definitely. You know, that spirit of giving spirit of gratitude to, you know, like appreciating who you are and all the little things that had to happen to get you to this point, because sometimes we get so wrapped up in the emotion of whatever we’re experiencing that we forget the blessing of the moment.

If I hadn’t done this, this wouldn’t have happened. And I’m so grateful that this happened because now I have the opportunity to do this, whether it’s challenging or easy. I have this opportunity and just that shift in your mindset, it shifts your magnetism and you’ll be surprised the phone rings and people show up or messages show up and, um, and every, then that’s how you know that you’re really starting to align.

Wendy: [00:43:00] I love that. And I love the, um, sometimes when you have Sun, Mars and Scorpio as well, it can feel like there’s an absence of Venus. And even though Venus is in Libra at the moment, um, it can feel like an absence. So I think being grateful is a really lovely, message as well. Yeah,

Jamie: yeah. It’s a great, it’s always good to be grateful no matter what week it is in the world.

But this has been an absolute pleasure, Wendy, and I’m so grateful as being part of the inner circle that I get to spend even more time with you because you still have your full moon forecast and I’m going to watch your masterclass one more time because it’s amazing.

Wendy: Thank you so much. And likewise, it’s lovely spending time with you too, Jamie. It’s wonderful, very insightful. I love, I love how you sum things up and it’s just so incredibly insightful. So, yeah, it’s a real pleasure working with you too. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I’m

Jamie: about to edit the red out of the blush. I’m so humble.

It’s brilliant, but I think you’re a fabulous teacher and I look [00:44:00] forward to spending some more time with you in the inner circle. I know that all of our members are excited. If anyone wants to know about the inner circle, we’ll put a link underneath this broadcast for you too, but I did want to remind you again about the chart reading extravaganza.

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It’s Rick Merlin Levine. You can learn more about this at

Jamie: astrologyhub. com forward slash. Harmonic and we’ll put the link under the broadcast for you as well. I do hope you have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you so much for making astrology a part of your life.

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