Astrology This Week: Scorpio New Moon & The Mars Cazimi w/ Astrologer Wendy Stacey

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Amanda Walsh and Astrologer and Teacher Rick Levine talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 About the Sun-Mars conjunction and its opposition to Uranus, bringing a mix of excitement, anticipation, and potential chaos to the week's energy.
🌒 The significance of the out-of-bounds Moon and Mercury, enhancing intuitive and emotional connections, and their pronounced influence in areas like the care industry.
🌓 Insights into the unique Jupiter aspect and Mercury Venus Yod, offering a slower tempo for reflection and personal excitement, and the creative potential of the Sun-Mars conjunction with Neptune's trine.

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Wendy: [00:00:00] Friday, you've got the Sun conjoined at Mars, exact on that day, you've still got the Moon and Mercury out of bounds, and, you know, as you said before, it's like, , tapping into that, more the intuitive side, really, and psychic side as well. It's where you have sort of insights. and it's, it's a nice time to reflect on that with an out of bounds, moon and mercury write it down, keep a diary. Those thoughts you have during those days, find your inspiration because it's, um, quite a beautiful configuration.

Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

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Jamie: [00:02:00] Hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so grateful that you have joined this worldwide conversation that we have here each week. Now, if you're new to our channel, welcome, please do not forget to hit the like and subscribe button and the notification bell. So you can stay updated on all the new content that we release each week.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I'm an astrologer and one of the hosts here on the astrology hub podcast platform. And today we're going to be talking about astrology for the week of November 13th. Through the 19th with our current inner circle guide astrologer, Wendy Stacey.

For those of you who have not met Wendy Stacey yet, she is a professional astrologer and the principal of the international Mayo school of astrology and the chair of the astrological association. And as I mentioned, she is our current guide in our inner circle community. Welcome Wendy.

you're such an amazing, Beautiful, brilliant astrologer and human being, and it's just a pleasure to be here with you.

Wendy: Right. Thank you, Jamie. That's a beautiful thing to say. Thank you very much. And it's a real [00:03:00] pleasure to be back. Real pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Jamie: Absolutely.

Overview of the Week

Jamie: So we are, we're, we're getting into November. What would you say the overarching theme for this week is?

Wendy: There's a couple of, there's a couple of themes that are sort of, that are looming, um, or overarching everything really.

One is the Sun Mars conjunction, so that involves the new Moon, of course, and the opposite, uh, opposition to Uranus. But Mars is traveling quite fast, so it's sort of, you know, moving with the Sun, um, so, That is one of the themes and of course they are opposite Uranus too. So, you know, that is an overriding theme.

So things can be a bit crazy. Things can feel a little bit, um, rollercoastering, you know, a little bit of feels a little bit like an adrenaline rush when you've got that. Sun Mars Uranus, um, going on and an opposition can sort of feel like, you know, it's an anticipation of something that may not happen, but it feels like that.

So that's the sort of Sun Mars [00:04:00] Uranus energy, if you like. Another theme of the week of, um, as well as later in the week, sort of from Wednesday onwards, the 15th, um, we have an outer bounds moon. And then from, uh, Friday, we have And out of bounds, Mercury as well. So when you have out of bounds, you have the planet sort of, um, outside the ecliptic, which is a normal, um, path that the planets travel on around the sun.

So when you have planets that are either above or below the ecliptic, um, they sort of have a more maverick style.


they're. More pronounced at the time. So when you have a an outer bounds moon, then you're gonna have something where the people, people are more engaged.

It's sort of an underlining emotional theme, but it doesn't mean like, uh, it's not necessarily over emotional. It's, it's an emotional theme. It's about connect connectivity, so people are more connected to others. Um, you know, so there's a, there's a need or a [00:05:00] feeling of that. Uh, and I guess when you've got Mercury there too, then that becomes sort of a community thing as well.

So a community coming together, it's about engagement. So when you've got Moon and Mercury, you want to talk about how you feel. It's a nice time. It's, you know, these planets sort of become out of bounds, um, regularly. But, you know, the Moon, has a, has a sort of emotional side to it.

On a, like, more mundane level. You'll find the care industry, um, spotlighted, things like that, or, you know, even the nursing industry. So anything that's about caring, anything that's, you know, perhaps even maternal, so maternity care, or, you know, children to a certain extent, with that. Anything that, um, or even elderly as well, because the moon is sort of in Capricorn, um, later, later in the week.

But, um. So you get these sort of themes, but you know, they're, they, they sort of mix things up a bit. Um, so [00:06:00] yeah, that's, that's the second thing. The third one really is you have Jupyter that's, um, if you're looking at major Ptolemaic aspects only, then, then Jupyter is unaspected, um, for, for pretty much most of the week.

If you want to include minor aspects. Interestingly, on Thursday the 16th, you get a yard, um, with the, with the mercury venous, um, sex style that creates a yard. So they both Quin counts or in conjunct, whatever you call, which you call that 100 and, 50 degree aspect. Um, and so you have this mercury venous sex style, which is very nice.

Mercury and sage venous and Libra. And they're making a yod to an unaspected and retrograde Jupiter, um, in Taurus. So that sort of slows things down a little bit, um, sort of perhaps exaggerates things somewhat. So, time to reflect, time to sort of, you know, it takes that sort of extroverted energy and it sort of [00:07:00] internalizes it a little bit.

So it can be quite exciting, but it's sort of a personal excitement. Um, Yeah, it's not necessarily so overt with a retrograde, and unexpected Jupiter. With unexpected planets, they have a similar flavor to an Outer Bounds. They are maverick. So, you know, you've got this interesting week with, with quite a bit, sort of, sort of planets out on their own, doing their own thing.

That's what it, that's how it is.

Jamie: Yeah. So interesting. So they're out on their own doing their own thing, but there's this like sensation to share what we need to say, probably because we don't feel as tied in, but we're also, there's this connective theme energy of caring what other people think. So it's almost like, you know, you step outside of, of, and you find like independent thought and then you look at a situation differently and then you express, which maybe you haven't expressed before.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Somehow invokes some caring and [00:08:00] compassion. Yeah.

Wendy: Yeah. And you're right. When you say that you haven't expressed before, because you've got the song Mars in Scorpio as well. So that that plays into that as well. So you're right. When you say the expression of this, it's it will, you know, when you think of even the midpoint of that Mercury, Venus, you know, being Scorpio, um.

So, you know, when you've got planets in Scorpio, Sun, Mars, it's going to be about, yeah, bringing rise to things, you know, things that perhaps were uncomfortable, and now, you know, they're just brought to the surface to process, to talk about, to, to, to work with. And it's, it's not a difficult time. It's not a difficult time.

It's a, it's a, it's an interesting ride, but it's not, it's not too heavy. There's a little bit of heaviness on Friday the 17th. You've got the sun conjunct Mars at exact, at that date. So it's been chasing, some miles have been sort of traded, you know, um, following [00:09:00] each other. Um, through the week, and then on Friday, um, you've got that Sun Mars exact conjunct trying to Neptune, um, which is really lovely.

I mean, it's quite a beautiful, um, configuration. Um, again, it's sort of stirring. When you've got Sun Mars and Scorpio, you have that, again, that sort of Adrenaline, there's something quite adrenaline about, you know, going on, on a personal and a much larger, um, perspective. So when it's trying to Neptune, it brings in, um, you know, quite an imaginative, A little bit of paranoia sometimes, so it's good to know that.

So sometimes being put things in perspective, um, you know, because it can be, you know, things can be misread during that time, but it's a, it's a beautiful, you know, it's great for music. It's a bit more, you know, with the sun, Mars, it's a bit more heavy rock or heavy metal than, you know, your normal classical with Neptune and things like that.

Jamie: Yeah, I can just visualize how this could all play out and just kind of [00:10:00] start and think about like the different types of people in my life.

Cause like, I'm one of those ones that if I'm, I'm going to talk it out, like that, that's how I find my comfort, obviously, but for some of us, there aren't. So I think I like, you know, maybe some good advice this week is if you do feel anxious and your mind starts running away from you, then, then speak up instead of like, kind of holding whatever that emotion is, like, especially if it's a darker emotion, like try to express it and.

And the, in Scorpio, we'll pull it from the depths, but I'm also visualizing that Jupiter unaspected in a grounded Taurus fixed sign is a truth teller. So there's, and yeah, I think that it could be a little rocky coming out the gate if you do, but, or it could be, maybe if it's not rocky, I think it could be terrifying, you know, if you're not used to.

Communicating or, or you know, or like Yeah, it could be, it could be

Wendy: scary. Yeah. And the, and the, uh, perhaps a little bit of the danger with that unexpected Jupiter retrograde and Taurus is it can sit on things, you know, Jupiter and Taurus will sit on things. It's sort of a bit [00:11:00] of a slower starter. It sort of bruise a little bit.

So, you know, when it's, when it makes that yard to that Mercury, Venus, which is a lovely sex style, um, uh, there's a, there's a sort of a push to communicate it. There's a little bit of a reluctant. Maybe, you know, because the Queen Ks or the yard is, can be stressful. But there is the sex style in there between Mercury and Venus, and they're nicely placed.

They're very upbeat. They're in a really light, sort of, you know, jovial, humorous position. And it's a sex style. So maybe it's, you know, it can also work the other way when you have these things happen. You know, the worst and the best happen, of course, as I always keep saying, you'll get all of it. So there's a push to, to not brew, not to, sit on things and, and let it go.

I mean, you know, really let it go. This is a great time to let it go. And you're right when you talk about anxiety as well. The Sun Mars can often mask, um, [00:12:00] can often feel like, anxiety in a way because it has that anticipatory feeling with it, but it's something, it's, it's a bit different than the Saturnian anxiety, which is also going on because it's very early Pisces.

So it's, it's, you know, there's, there is that, there is a lot of that going on and a lot of it going around the Sun Mars. It feels like, I don't know if anyone, you know, if you. If you've ever had, um, had to have, you know, when you, you know, get an aesthetic, you know, even in your mouth for, for a filling or something like that, and they have to put a little bit of adrenaline in that in order to stop infection.

And when you get that feeling and you wonder why you're shaking and you wonder why you're feeling like you're about to get on a roller coaster, but you don't, that's what that Sun Mars and Scorpio feels like, especially opposite Uranus. It really does have that. shaking like that adrenaline feeling.

So you need to make the most of it, you know, use it physically, use it [00:13:00] physically, you know, walk it out, run it. And it's, it's inspiring. And it's, and it can also fuel that imagination because Neptune is not far off. At 25 Pisces. So there is that trine and sextile to Uranus and that's on Mars. So you can use it like that.

So you, yeah, it's not a week to sit still. That's, you know, it's not, which, which, when I say that too, it can, you know, um, which is interesting because with the moon out of bounds, um, you know, the moon is asleep. Um, and you know, this is a time where this, where the moon is pronounced this week. So don't be alarmed if you're not sleeping, if there's something, you know, it's like, listen to your dreams, listen to your dreams this week, that, that Sun Mars Uranus is going to throw some crazy things up, and the moon.

is, you know, it is about dream and, and, you know, you've got the Neptune there too with Trine, um, later in the week. So it's tapping into the subconscious in a way. That's the out of bounds [00:14:00] Moon and the Trine, um, which is on, on Friday with the Sun Mars Trine Neptune tapping into the subconscious. It's a great time to meditate.

Even though you've got that sort of crazy energy, but use it, use it in a, um, I think in a, in a really productive way. Cause you can, I think you can achieve a lot this week. It's a motivating one.

Jamie: Yeah, definitely. I think it's also interesting. It's like, you know, we always talk about how we are going to feel with these energies.

Like you're going to feel this is how you do it, but sometimes we don't talk about how it's going to look. And for another person. So like, sometimes when you see someone who's very anxious or upset, like, or they could be, they come across as a little bit of aggressive or tense or to the point and direct.

And then that could cause you to like, kind of start to think about something and erupt things. So kind of recognizing that. How you're feeling on the inside, what that actually looks like on the outside to other people.

Wendy: You're absolutely right. And the thing is, as well as not only you've got the Venus and Libra, which is very much about other [00:15:00] people.

Um, but with the opposition, when you've got an opposition, you know, it always manifests in somebody else. So, you know, some Mars opposite Uranus, you know, you, you, you absolutely spot on when you, you know, when you say that you feel that, you know, you may feel that coming from somebody else. And it's important to recognize what's ours and what someone else's, which is hard to do when you've got a lot of water this week.

and also when you've got an opposition, because it can feel like somebody else. So if you're passive, you may feel that the other is the aggressor, or that is interchangeable as well. Like, you'll get it all. You will get it all, you know. I love that. You'll get it all. And I guess one of the other dangers too is the, the out of bounds moon, um, may bring in family as well.

So, you know, be wise to, you know, but you may feel like that's coming from family, but it's not necessarily real. It's not, you know, it's not [00:16:00] necessarily real. There is that trine and sextile to Neptune. So it needs to be, you know, just being sure, double checking things, uh, double checking oneself, making sure that things are not misread or miscommunicated, especially with an out of bounds Mercury building, you know, communication can be, you know, um, not integrated.

And similarly, when you're writing something or doing an exam or something like that, or studying something, you know, it's, it's a time that you just need to be sure that.

You know, T's are crossed and I's are dotted, you know, and you've got the moon coming. The moon, um, on Saturday conjoins to Pluto and Capricorn. So that's the final edit of the week. And it's right at the end of Capricorn. So it brings in a much more sort of heavier disciplinary sort of responsible sort of side to that week.

So yeah, it'll, it's, it's. It's going to be interesting

Jamie: in the U S we're getting ready for the first holiday, which is [00:17:00] Thanksgiving. So it's like that, like get to the store, get the kids out of school. Am I traveling? Am I doing this? And then, you know, then we kind of all kind of fall into the holiday season or closing up the year that we're in.

So I can just imagine how, you know, your sister says she'll make this. She doesn't make this. We're going to your house. We're going to that house or I'm breaking tradition. I've never wanted this tradition before, you know, all kinds of fun, you know,

Wendy: Absolutely. Well, yeah, yeah. Good point. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Especially with the moon, Pluto, and Capricorn. Yeah. I don't want to necessarily do this. Yeah. I don't necessarily. Yeah. I want to honor this sort of thing, but it's an interesting thing. It's a great time for those holidays. Like, you know, it's just, it's post Halloween. We've been past Halloween. Building up to Thanksgiving and stuff like that, but there's some Mars.

I mean, even though things may feel heavy at times, and there's going to be some interesting points that some Mars is still quite elevating. I think it's still quite, you know, and opposite Uranus. It's, it's a bit of a machine. Um, so that [00:18:00] helps. Particularly for people running around organizing stuff and things like that.

Jamie: Yeah. It's good to know that we have the energy for it and it's okay if we don't sleep. And if we need, when we do sleep, no, the best cat, when you had to get a little cat nap, those are the best dreams are like so vivid. You're like, Oh my gosh, I even asleep. So yeah, I think if you fall asleep with some questions, you'll wake up with some answers with this kind of.

Vibration and, you know, speaking your truth and a good one note before we go in the week, I think when you speak your truth, something we often forget is to listen to the response because that person has to say what they need to say too. So we don't want to say, and then drop the mic. We want to say and say, here's your mic and then let them say,

Wendy: and then kind of yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, there's going to be some interesting things. I mean, you've got, there's some really nice at the beginning of the week, you know, you've got the new moon as well, which sort of, you know, paints the picture for the next lunar phase as well. So for the next 29 days.

So, and you've got that moon, which is conjoined to [00:19:00] the sun, and also to Mars. And they're applying. So it's building. So again, that sort of anticipating, um, sort of energy and opposite Uranus. So it's going to set the stage that's going to set the stage for the whole month.​


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Monday, November 13

Jamie: let's kind of like go in a linear way today. We have that moon. So you want to, what do we, what do we expect today that we'll be working with? And so today

Wendy: is, you know, you've got a much stronger sort of Scorpionic Taurian thing with the sun and Mars and the moon all, you know, conjoined in Scorpio opposing Uranus.

It feels shaky, there's a little bit of, it feels shaky, it's going to set the scene for the next, 29 days. But, um, it's exciting as well. Somewhat, you know, for some people it's exciting, for some people that excitement is uncomfortable. Um, And so it's, I think it's very physical, it's very physical when you've got that Sun Mars opposite, you know, Uranus and Taurus.

So it invites the body to move, to sort of, you know, get out there. I know it's not the best time of year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, you know, the weather's not too great, but you know, it's, it's, you know, try and do as much as one [00:21:00] can. It's a great time to go to the gym if, if that's what you do.

But putting your energy somewhere from today, putting it somewhere, rather than sitting on it, because it can feel volatile. And you'll probably find from today as well, that markets, money markets will be a bit volatile. It's that Scorpio Taurus energy, new moon, so new things to do with money, there'll be banks, stuff involved, um, you know, financial, financial and fiscal policy.

That is addressed. Money matters. So Taurus Scorpio are going to bring up those money matters. So you may feel insecure. There may be a feeling of that, but again, it's not necessarily real. You know, it's just that it feels if you're not, if you're someone who's more calmer and secure about, you know, likes things to be more stable, this energy may be sort of a little bit Decentering, but that's okay.

It's not going to last. It's an interesting week and it's fine. And it's like, [00:22:00] um, it's a bit like, uh, it feels like a roulette table if you like, or something like that. But there's, there's something about that, you know, you've got Mercury and Sag and unexpected Jupiter. Um, so, you know, the new moon's going to be, sitting the scene for that.

So exciting, but some may feel it's a touch volatile. Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. So it's kind of like planting those seeds and maybe to like settle in before you react, like use your energy in a positive way, but, you know, intentional at the same

Wendy: time. Yeah, absolutely. Make it work for you. Yeah. And sometimes

Jamie: you have to kind of, to do that, you have to take a deep breath and figure out if it's the ego or the soul that's responding to it.

And, you know, what, what is the The reaction that you have, is it gonna serve you in the short term or in the long term? And yeah. And, and sometimes that's hard, but there's a lot of emotion and energy and Mars going, you know, you feel it.

So, yeah. So that's a, that's a pretty good kick that we're probably already feeling right [00:23:00] now,

Wendy: And you, you make a really good point when you said like, take a deep breath, you know, with mercury going outta bounds later in the week, you know, this is about the lungs, it's about the breath. Use the breath. Use the breath to, you know, if you're feeling like, you know, that, that adrenaline is kicking in and it's uncomfortable, you know, breathing will completely bring it out.

Mercury's in Sag, it's in deep breathing position for Mercury to be in. It's a great, you know, use that, um, that breath work. So, yeah, that's a really good point. Yeah. Yeah. So

Jamie: deep. And then you kind of feel your head tingling a little bit, like, yeah, that process to kind of just reset it all and take a, like, even get like out of the, get out of the situation for a minute, like listen to a song, take a walk, like you said, move and then come back to it.

But. Yeah. And then get more data points too. So just always just trust, trust your instincts

Wendy: there. Yeah, absolutely. Again, another good moon is about instincts, you know, and Scorpio is about intuition, quite different [00:24:00] things. You know, the moon is a gut feeling and that Scorpio energy is more about, um, I smell a rat.

So, you know, when you've got this combination of this combination of these very subconscious things occurring, it is about listening to them. It is about, you know, You know, operating on that level. So yeah, yeah, definitely. All

Jamie: right.

Tuesday, November 14

Jamie: So are we going to be still working with this energy on Tuesday? Is there anything to highlight?


Wendy: Tuesday, you know, it breaks up a bit. It becomes a lot lighter because the moon enters Sagittarius. And then it conjoins Mercury, sextiles Venus. So, you know, it's a very social, you know, Tuesday. So Monday is a bit. crazy and a little bit sort of things going on subconsciously. Tuesday it gets a bit lighter with Moon going into Sag.

Um, and yeah, it's, it's, so it's a great time. It's sort of something you're going to plan. It's a great time for study, planning travel, things like that. Moon and Sag. conjunct Mercury and Sag, you know, it's quite a loud time. [00:25:00] Um, and it's sextile Venus and Libra. So it's lovely to be with people. It's, it's fun.

It's really fun. So it's also, you know, on a practical level, it's a great time for doing contracts, negotiating, things like that. there's a speculative, you know, element to this as well. Um, you know, Sagittarius likes to take a few risks.

Um, so you have, although Scorpio doesn't really, but with Sun Mars, it brings in that too. So, um, yeah. I mean, I guess it's like, keep it social, keep it, keep it great, keep it up, you know, uplifting. It's a, it's a nice day. Tuesday, I think. Tuesday, you know, so it's, it's, um, yeah,

Wednesday, Nobember 15

Wendy: And then Wednesday, you know, it's not, that sort of keeps, you know, rolling forward, not a hugely eventful day.

You have the Sun Mars separating from the opposition to Uranus. So things calm down a little bit, you know, the Moon is still in Sag, um, which means Jupiter rules that Moon in [00:26:00] Sag. So that's still unaspected. So, so in Taurus. Retrograde, some miles moving away from the opposition to Uranus, things will calm down, things become a lot more grounded, a little bit more, you know, people feel a bit more centered maybe with that.

Thursday, November 16

Wendy: And then you go into, and then Thursday, Thursday, that's when you get the yod with the, with the Jupiter and the Mercury Venus. So, It may feel like on that day, and it becomes exact on that day, so it may feel it's hard to get things moving, hard to get things going. Um, it's sort of like even your words won't come out properly, you know, there's just so, it's, it's fine though.

I mean, it's just, it's time to sort of, just, uh, get the accounts done or something, you know, or whatever you need to do. But it can feel a little bit stressful, but again. It's still, you know, it's, it's a much calmer time, you just may feel like you're sort of held back with that Jupiter, I think, um, in Taurus.

Friday, November 17

Wendy: And then, and then moving to [00:27:00] Friday, you've got the Sun conjoined at Mars, exact on that day, um, you've still got the Moon and Mercury out of bounds, so, um, and the Sun, Mars is trying to Neptune, so it brings a quite a, again, a, a much calmer, Um, and, you know, as you said before, you know, that it's, uh, it's like, you know, um, really tapping into your subconscious, you know, tapping into that, um, more the intuitive side, really, and psychic side as well. It's where you have sort of insights. and it's, it's a nice time to reflect on that with an out of bounds, moon and mercury journal, write it down, keep a diary. Those thoughts you have during those days, you know, it's, it's write a song, write a poem or find, find your inspiration because it's, um, quite a beautiful configuration.

Um. Yeah, yeah. And it's, it's, with the sun Mars, it's quite [00:28:00] motivating as well. So it's not a passive trine, really. Uh, and you've got other things going on to sort of, you know, give it a bit of a kick. So, um, yeah, yeah, it's, it's nice. I would, I would, um, make the most of that. It's a very great time to connect with other people. You'll pick up on, you know, there's a, there's a lot of sort of intuition floating around. So you'll, you know, it's about connecting with other people's feelings as well. Yeah. It's quite a compassionate.

Um, configuration that, yeah,

Saturday, November 18

Wendy: and then you move to, um, to Saturday, the 18th, later in this week, and you've got the moon conjoined to Pluto, uh, and, uh, so, Um, even though this happens once a month, you know, when the moon is in Capricorn and then it joins Pluto, there's fewer and fewer months left where the moon can join Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.[00:29:00]

And then we won't have it for another 240, 50 years. So, um, when this happens right at the end of the sign, it is a sort of a reminder to applying that discipline. Being responsible, it's like transcribing the diary, transcribing the thoughts that you had or the dreams that you did, start looking, you know, so it is a good time to, you know, be practical, um, in these matters, but also It's about giving form, um, to, to, to those ideas or to those dreams or to those thoughts or whatever to, to give form to it.

So, you know, whether you, do that by creating a plan or whether you do that by just thinking about how you can, how you can manifest something and when you've got that sort of Sun Mars and Scorpio and Moon Pluto and Capricorn, it's very good for business. It's very good for putting those ideas of monetizing [00:30:00] things.

You know, it's a, it's a very good, you know, sort of commercial perspective if you like. Um, so yeah, it's a good, you know, good time for business. Uh, good time to move things forward in that way. Uh, that sort of thing. But yeah, it's about being very practical and yeah, giving form to things, giving life to things.

Yeah, give them substance. And that moon Pluto is, a great, great time to do that. We only have a few left as Pluto makes its way into Aquarius by next November, next year. We're going to, you know, there's not many times we're going to have that moon Pluto,

and Capricorn again. So I make the most of it.

Jamie: Absolutely. Yeah. And I think those always feel so rich and sometimes really provocative. Like I, and we kind of feel like we get to a breaking point. Like this always happens, but I think in those points, if you can take a minute to understand. How you would have responded to this same situation years ago and how you're responding to it now, that's going to help you write those [00:31:00] transcripts.

It's going to help you close this chapter and say, this is where my power is. That is your power. These are our boundaries and we're moving forward. So like, if anything invokes that, that's probably the invitation that I would recommend leading into like, like, just, just turn around, name it, disempower it.


Wendy: Absolutely. It's like taking the song that you wrote, you know, earlier in the week and giving it form, you know, go and taking it to a studio doing, you know, or whatever, or, or writing the song, the tune to go with it, you know, whatever it is, ,

Jamie: when you create it, like it, you have eternal life, you know, like if you, like your words live beyond you, your actions, your artwork, like everything that you expressed, it gives you an eternity in this, you know, you're going to be remembered through that.

Like it may be found in the back of an antique shop one day, but it's gonna, it's a part of you that is carrying on. So, yeah. And sometimes it's hard if you don't like to. Fully express. And that's why fiction writing is always fun. You know, take on another, say [00:32:00] this person such and such and help whatever you need to do to express it and take form.

Reminders & Reminders

Jamie: But I really like how we've had that really kind of today, starting with that really rich Scorpio energy. And we've had this process and this time to digest and, and now like even getting into the weekend, it's like, okay, I, I went through these.

I'm going to bring form to this, these things I'm going to share this information with other people and like the buck stops here, the line is drawn here. That's great. Thanks for the lesson. I'm moving forward in this way. And, um, Cause we're getting ever closer to the quarter moon, you know, not too far away.

So that's. Feeling that edge a little

Wendy: bit. So, yeah, exactly. And this, this, you know, and all these things, they have a touch of pressure associated with them. But I guess, you know, when you, when you think all of these things that are happening, there is all the signatures here to, you know, without trying to sound, um, pie in the sky [00:33:00] really, but there's the signatures here to actually bring fruition to your dreams.

It's, it's the, the, all the signatures are here with the Sun, Mars and Scorpio. It's a reality. It's a like, it's a real reality check. The trying to Neptune and Pisces is about those dreams. And it's the dreams that people haven't shared. It's the dreams that are private. The ones that really sit within your soul.

And the Sun, Mars and Scorpio brings them out and it's that's not comfortable for some people, but you know, it is once they're out and you realize it wasn't so bad to say that, you know, or to feel that. Um, and so it is all the signatures are there. Saturn at zero Pisces. It's beautiful to bring form to your dreams.

So it is a lovely time to do that. And I think You know, the time of year it is as well built, like you say, you said earlier, Jamie, you know, it's building to the new year, but it's in between the holidays. So celebratory, [00:34:00] you know, events. Um, but yeah, there is an opportunity here. Even the Mercury Venus sex style, the Libra Sage, I mean, I love, you know, the Libra Sage sex style is always great and uplifting.

Um. So, you know, and that sort of dilutes that heaviness as well. Um, so yeah, I, I would say, you know, just take the opportunity, make, make your dreams come true, you know, or reevaluate them, make, create new ones, you know, that sort of thing. I think it's a, it's a great week, great week. I

Jamie: love the pie in the sky.

You give me all the pie in the sky that you want. I'm an optimistic, I'm a realistic, optimistic person, but I love that. Like, cause you get, like you said earlier, you get it all. You know what I mean?

Wendy: But you do get it all. Yeah. You have a choice to decide what you're going to do with that. You know, there's, you know, I know some things feel like they're not always in our control, but you can, you can, um, you know, use it even whatever lessons we're thrown.

Um, you know, we can, we [00:35:00] can. Turn the energy around as well and, and make it work for us. Yeah. Yeah.

Jamie: I think perspective and yeah, and knowing what the actions and reactions, what, what do you intending where it's going to get you? Cause I think a lot of times we just kind of either sometimes we kind of get in a routine and we just do the mundane and sometimes we take actions just to take them and we can be going in circles for all we know, but we're like, I'm taking this action.

With the intention to go in this direction. And at the very least, if you walk with the questions, you'll start finding the answers and you know, you'll, you'll land further down the road with intention

Wendy: to. Exactly. Exactly. And intentions is, is, you know, is, is a lot. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And we'll play hugely into how things unfold.

Um, but, and there's some, there's some really cool optimistic sort of stuff in this, in this particular week too, yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, I can definitely feel that I may have like highlighted some of the shadows in my commentary, but you can definitely see like, you know, it does start this way, but we're going this way.

And, and just like, this is how you can [00:36:00] work with that nervous energy. Cause that nervous energy and excite, it's really hard to distinguish nervous and excitement at the same time. Cause they're just so close.

Wendy: Yeah. Well, exactly. With the unexpected mercury, it has an already has a sort of a, you know, a bit of a, um, a nervousness about it.

And Opposite uranus. Um, that again, brings a different level of nervousness, but again, it's like I said, it's sort of, it feels, it's an adrenaline and like, you feel like you're going to anticipate something that doesn't actually happen, you know.

Jamie: Yeah. And that's the, that's so like finding the reality of it.

Like, you know, like I would, I think there's like a saying out there that, uh, I'll misquote it horribly, but it's talking about all these bad things that you imagine will happen. Like what percentage of them actually transpired? Like when you're anxious, cause I've worked with a lot of anxiety. I've obviously I've experienced.

And I've seen a lot of clients have experienced it. A lot of And it's a hard thing to wrap your head around, especially if you're a logical. [00:37:00] Grounded person as to how this works, you know, in general. How can, how do I, how can I not control this differently? So.

sometimes recognizing this week is going to be a little bit.

And like, and I love the advice that you had, you were like, go out, walk, move, run, you know, and there's another study that I just read recently that said that you think better when you're walking. That's why you see all the people with the phone, like the businessmen, like walking around or the business, you know, men and women or whoever.

And I, and I thought about that. I was like, I always

Wendy: walk on, on a call, go back and forth, go, you know, when you're talking and. Yeah, and on the phone and things like that. And, and even if you can't, even if you can't do the whole physical thing, um, guided imagery or, you know, doing some imagery things. I mean, for me, the imagery I have of that sun Mars opposite Uranus and Taurus.

As well as a Jupiter unaspected in Taurus, the imagery I have is abseiling, you know, it's like, you know, going to up and [00:38:00] down a mountain, you know, really is sort of, and it's that sort of adrenaline, like, you know, that Sun, Mars and Scorpio needing to feel alive, you know, it needs to, you know, or double checking that one is alive, you know, that whole sort of, um, that feeling of, um,

Jamie: it's like, I need to get out of this.

I got to break this mold. It's like, I got to do something or like, when I encounter that, I rearranged my entire house or something. And I just like, my family walks in, like, what did you just do? But it feels it stirs the energy and it makes me feel like, okay, well, I'm no longer gonna. Look for that anymore, because it's got its new home right here.

And, you know, which is always good to do, like going into the season too, because our houses change for, you know, celebratory reasons, but yeah.

Wendy: Yeah. But you, you make another, you know, a really good point with that moon out of bounds, the home and particularly the bedroom, um, are really, uh, Uranus.

Um, opposition, change it round, change it round to see what works for that week, you know, because mixing [00:39:00] it up, that's what it's all about, that San Marzionis, mixing it up. It's also an invitation to get out of one's comfort zone, you know, you know, it really is. It's like, I know this may be a bit, but that's when things happen, you know, things happen.

Um, things change, and it's, and, and also both of them sort of sextile and trying to Neptune, what it does is it offers a new perception. It invites you to look through different lenses, you know, it invites you to see things in a different way, which is really, can be very life changing, you know, really.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Jamie: Perspective. It's definitely magical and so many circumstances. Yeah. That's why I say hindsight's, uh,

Wendy: 2020. Yeah,

Jamie: definitely full of quotes today.

Final Thoughts from Wendy

Jamie: So is there anything else that you want to like, uh, like kind of talk about a wrap up for this week? Do you feel like we've, we've, we've kind of, you know, wrapped it in a pretty little.

Wendy: Yeah, I just think, you know, I think this week, um, [00:40:00] use music, use music, to enhance, you know, use your intuition, your, your instinct, your sight, and, you know, tap into your unconscious, listen to, you know, it's, it really is about listening to, to, what you don't consciously process. And find the music that accompanies that, um, it's, it's, uh, gonna be a very, very interesting week, you know, there's some heavier, lighter, things like that are gonna swing back and forth, um, and yeah, and do what you can to, um, To make the most of, of this situation, because it's, it could be, yeah, it is a really great, great time to bring form into whatever you think, whatever you dream, um, and whatever you instinctively know, it's about, it's time to bring form into that.



Jamie: Bring form. That's such a great quote for, for the whole week. I love how it's, uh, I'm gonna do my best to like, kind of capitalize on that or like kind of bring it all in together, but bring form and like, you [00:41:00] can bring your dreams into form very easily. And I think that we have like a lot of engaged depth because we're going to have the, the opportunity to speak things like we were like, okay, like, especially when we come to those older issues or even like a new issue, cause you're like at a different perspective, you're going to be engaged.

You can be ready to take action on things. And, um, And I think you mentioned this too is you're going to put in a space to speak about it, you know, speak it up, speak out, um, you know, hold, don't drop the mic, share the mic with other people. So just so you can work, you know, and listen, but it's also. You're going to be busy.

It's okay to be busy. Don't, um, feel like you need to sleep. If you're like, I'm not sleeping, I'm flustered because I'm not sleeping. Um, you know, use that time for something else. Like, and also walking, using a lot, using your body, um, to clear your mind, taking some space before you react are all good tools to kind of work with those intentions that you're going to start to set today with that new moon.

And yeah, I love that. There's, there's this ebb and there's this flow and there's this anticipation. That you have, [00:42:00] um, but that kind of, but just remember the power is in your hands. The perspective is in your hand. Your reaction to the situation is your power, no matter what it is. And, and, um, something I've been working with recently is trying to keep promises to myself.

You know, if I said, I'm going to do this or never do this again, like. If you can't keep a promise to yourself, like how hard is it to keep a promise to other people, but if you can keep that promise to yourself, and I think that'll definitely help with bringing form to things, because you're like, wow,

Wendy: I had just followed that.

Absolutely. And, you know, and, and if he can't do any of those things to jump on a hot tub, you know, the Sun Mars and Scorpio, like, or, or, you know, that sort of, you know, metaphor just.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah. Follow that gut feeling, follow that intuition. And even if it's off course, like you mentioned, you're like, even if this is like, it's not in your comfort zone.

If I don't normally get on a hot tub on a Tuesday afternoon because I've got X, Y, and Z to do, it's fine. Get in a hot tub, turn some candles.

Wendy: Exactly. Yeah.[00:43:00]

Jamie: Vacation in your house. So


Wendy: this

Jamie: is such a delight, Wendy, so informative, so insightful about how we can work with it. A lot of the energy today and how do we can move throughout the rest of the week. And I know the inner circle members are absolutely, it's just a gift to have you with them. Cause they're going to be able to go even deeper on these topics that we've been talking about today.

When you have your forecast and your math. It's going to be great. I know that, um, it's such a great community to kind of go back and forth with and chat and I love, I love the interaction that I've already, I'm already starting to see with them. So, and on these topics that we're talking about today, now we just finished a promotional period for the inner circle, for those of you who are wondering, but if you want to get on the wait list for the next time, we have a big open and a big, uh, uh, promotional.

Period. You can go to

Jamie: astrology hub. com forward slash inner circle waitlist, or you can go ahead and join now at our full price and you can learn more about that at

Jamie: astrology hub. com forward slash inner circle. And those links are going [00:44:00] to be below this broadcast for you to kind of check in.

And the inner circle is an amazing kind of platform where you'll be able to connect with this brilliance like Ms. Wendy is sharing today and. Really take another look at those new moons and those full moons, how to work with the process in between. And then we always get a, a great masterclass that we can carry that knowledge into every lunation or every aspect of the astrology that we are studying such a great platform, but I want to thank all of you for being here today, for tuning into this episode and for being a part of our community.

And as always, for making astrology a part of your life, we will catch you on the next episode.

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