Astrology This Week: A Mars & Mercury Week

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The Shifts You Didn’t See Coming

Amanda Walsh and Clarissa Dolphin talk about the upcoming harmonic transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌔 How to navigate the emotional and empathic connection brought on by the 17th Harmonic, and understand its impact on your interactions with others.
🌕 The significance of the Aries North Node and how it might cause a shift in your life’s direction, pushing you towards your true path.
🌖 The importance of strategic planning and reorganization during this astrologically intense week, and how to use the creative genius of the 25th Harmonic to come up with innovative solutions.

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[00:00:00] Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

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Amanda: hello everybody and welcome weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you’ve decided to tune into this astrological tides. We have our Monica astrologer, Clarissa Dolphin back with and I am so excited, Clarissa, to understand the energies ahead and [00:01:00] get an idea for the best way to work with the different cosmic tides.

So thank you for being here, and let’s start with that big picture theme. What are we

Clarissa: working with this week? Thanks Amanda as always for having me. It’s so awesome to connect with you and everybody else tuning in. So thanks for being here, y’all, and like major themes of this week in terms of like cosmic tides, cosmic energy.

It’s a hodgepodge. So in terms of some general themes for the whole week, revelations, cold, hard truths and sudden obstacles. So things that were not part of the mainframe just boom, like coming out. And it’s very thinking strategic pensive So it’s not like the week where like we’re going like. A million miles an hour. We’re gonna take action now. It’s not like super martian.

There’s a lot of like empathy and feeling. This is also the type of week to have faith. And believe in a higher order. Where it’s okay, we just gotta [00:02:00] let it go and see how this pans out. And there’s there’s so much more.

Lemme just go through the list and let’s get to the day by day. Cause this is this week is like wild in how many ways and directions it’s going in.

Amanda: It sounds like it might not be the smoothest kind of energy the kind of weeks that are necessary to make sure that we’re aligned with right path. Yeah.

Clarissa: You actually verbalized the thought as I was preparing the analysis and an intuition the exact way you said it.

It’s the tight, I think especially as astrologers and astrology enthusiasts, like we’re trying to figure out like. Or get into connection with that higher order. Like why are things happening like this? And to your point just now, it is that type of week that it’s like these obstacles are here.

To push you in a direction that you could have never figured out on your own. Absolutely. Okay. I’m starting to think, Clarissa, that

Amanda: you and I are just very [00:03:00] tapped in with each other and that’s what happens on these broadcasts. Okay. So let’s go to the week, the day by day. I know you’re chomping at

Clarissa: the bit to do that.

Yeah, let’s do that. Cause we have so many like themes that it’s probably better, organized day by day.

So Monday, July 10th. We’ve got Mercury opposition, Pluto, we’ve also got Mars Ingress, Virgo.

Tuesday, mercury ingress into Leo, so Mercury goes into Leo. And then also Tuesday we’ve got lunar node action. So we’ve got Mercury squaring the lunar north node, and then we’ve also got Mars trying the lunar north node the same day. So the whole week is a Mercury Mars emphasis, actually.

That’s just action. That’s just what Mars is as an energy, and the mercury is connecting the dots. So there’s that. But then on Friday, this is where the funkiness comes in a little more. Friday and Saturday we have two [00:04:00] major Quin Kus aspects. Let me break down Quin Kuss really quick.

I call it, I refer to them as perennial puberty. And really Quin kus is generally, it’s a pubescent type of growth where like things aren’t fully developed, but you’re growing anyway. The queen councils in the way that they’re happening now. They generate new legacies, like totally new.

That’s like part of, like the major thing. So anyway, back to the actual transit to transit aspects. On Friday we’ve got Sun Sextile, Uranus, and we’ve got that Mercury, Quin Kunk Saturn. And then on Saturday we’ve got Venus Quinn, con’s, Neptune. Those are the transits. Let’s get into the days.

So Monday, mercury opposition, Pluto . So a Mercury Pluto configuration is direct candor. So really that’s when we’re talking about cold, hard truths [00:05:00] and opposition is simply with others. So it’s like this is a day where people are gonna be keeping it real, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

The truth is coming out. In terms of like the harmonics behind the Mercury, Pluto opposition today. It’s 8 16, 4. They’re all types of squares. All different variations of squares, which translation into just raw energy. It’s just action. Square is just moving. That’s all it’s doing.

But in, in the context of a human situation, I think that these energies can feel abrasive. It’s like people are just really direct with it. It’s dang can you sugarcoat this? No. So it can come off like harsh. And then we’ve got Mars Andress into Virgo, which there’s some hidden harmonics that come up in most of these major.

Ingress is in major transit to transit aspects that we’ve, been talking about so far but one of [00:06:00] the hidden harmonics, in the background with this Mars ingress, Virgo is the 12th harmonic. The 12th harmonic is incongruent energies. So it’s and also this is another theme of the week with the Quin Con 12th harmonics and all this other stuff is hell.

So like literally all types of health situations. Physical too. Not just like mental, spiritual, emotional, but also physical health could really come up particularly. And it’s fascinating cause with the harmonics, they don’t a always align with the archetypes. But in this case, I do think that the Mars Ingress Virgo, like the six House Health vir, that’s a thing.

And the Mars Virgo En Energy’s gonna last until August 27th. So we’ve got like several weeks of this. So the thing about Monday, back to the 10th, We’ve also got the 13th Harmonic and the 11th Harmonic active in the [00:07:00] background on this day. I wanna caution everybody about the 11th Harmonic Mars, Uranus, because Mars, Uranus just in general, but particularly in the 11th Harmonic, could cause accidents.

So what’s in terms of the whole week, it’s like a more cautionary week. Mars, Uranus in the 11th harmonic, I see often in clients who were straight up soldiers. I’m serious, like on the frontline soldiers type of things. Mars, Uranus together could cause tempers to flare up, particularly in the 11th harmonic, cuz 11th harmonic is insatiable hunger or the reality of entropy.

Of things going like this in like chaos and stuff, so you can’t control it. This is not doom, like we’re good you guys. But I’m just saying and this is once again to Amanda’s earlier point, like people’s true colors are coming out today, so that’s something to consider here.

Amanda: If these things are [00:08:00] showing up in people’s lives, imagine that all of us are one of your clients right now.

How would you advise us? To work with that.

Clarissa: Brilliant question, and thank you for that. So how would we work with this?

We also have energies this week. That are really helpful for changing the program. So how I would advise people to like approach situations like this week is to actually not deal with things head on. Is to actually take a step back and investigate. So one thing that is really prominent this week with the Mercury stuff and in the harmonics, Mercury.

Saturn is prominent pretty much everywhere. That’s research and investigation. So it’s oh, I see you and thank you for this revelation universe and all of this kind of emerging and coming up. I’m gonna take a [00:09:00] step side step, take a step back and research my options. I wouldn’t combat like directly at all.

That’s not necess in some situations, like if Mars, you’re, you might have to do immediate production or whatever, but generally you, there is energy, the collective energy this week that supports strategic planning, strategic reorganization, so there is space for that.

Super helpful. Thank you. Moving onto Tuesday. So Tuesday we’ve also got like quite a lot of energy, like as we discussed earlier, so the mercury into Leo, until July 28th and that energy is actually helpful.

So it could be shocking Monday, all it’s coming up. And then on Tuesday we’ve got the 25th Harmonic active, which is also a background harmonic energy for the week [00:10:00] 25th. Harmonic is creative genius. So we have these things. That’s why the thinking thing and the coming up with, different strategies.

We’ve got like a lot of help with that. Okay, so other things about this is like a push pull type of week, day, not week. This is a push pull type of because we’ve got the Mercury’s gonna help us for the several weeks ahead until July 28th. Grim coming up with these creative solutions.

But on this day, Tuesday, we’ve also got the lunar node action. This is where like things get, get complicated let me do node by node.

Planet node by node. So the Mars trying the lunar north node. It triggers empathy it triggers that emotional component that we talked about as the theme like earlier, in our session today. 17th Harmonic is complicated for what we’re [00:11:00] dealing with today because 17th Harmonic is total empathic connection. So all of you guys out there, you’re gonna be so open. 17th Harmonic is when other people are like their energy, their feelings are in your body. There’s no separation. So we have this type of thing where it’s like, Ooh, I’m feeling it now.

Sorry. It’s really like you re like in slang in California. Amanda’s originally from NorCal. I’m from La SoCal like. In California and maybe throughout the US we say, I feel you. And you feel me, like you literally feel people today and I think it’s gonna cause kind of confusion with like other things.

That’s why again, it’s let’s step back this week and process, oh wow, it’s, this is really hitting me right now. Amanda, do you have anything? Yeah,

Amanda: no, I think [00:12:00] as you were speaking I was going back to what you said earlier about stepping away and not necessarily hitting things head on, and this further complicates that story or underscores that suggestion because you don’t know what’s yours and what’s someone else’s.

And so you, it’s like even more important that you don’t try to hit something head on because it’s not super clear what you’re hitting. So it’s essential to like, just take that pause. It can be so hard cuz sometimes things it’s I gotta deal with this now, but, Maybe you don’t and maybe some time and space would be the best way to deal

Clarissa: with it right now. And I think the part of the problem with this week is some, you probably, a lot of us might have to act in the moment, period.

But there’s still that like processing. This is like a very, to what you just said, Amanda. This is a type of week that’s very, Vulnerable. Human like vulnerable, emotional, human [00:13:00] against actions, impositions. Behaviors, new revelatory truths that may not feel good that bring things up. So yes, you might have to, in some capacities be like, let’s say somebody like, like you just need to hang up with somebody.

Okay. So there’s an action that you take like immediately, but like in there still is. Yes. This is a week to take that space and not do formal. Okay, I’m going to take this formal action to resolve the situation or here is the exact game plan to resolve this situation long term.

No. That’s the type of thing where you need to go back this week and be like, okay, how do we do this thing long term? Does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah. And

Amanda: It’s trusting that, you might, you’re just not in a position to make that ending or begin, like it’s just you.

There’s more information that needs to come in. There’s more [00:14:00] processing that needs to happen. Yeah. I like that. I think it’s super

Clarissa: helpful.

Amanda: Yeah. Okay.

Clarissa: Wednesday. Wednesday Wednesdays like one of the joys of this week. Cause there’s nothing happening. Yay. Yes.

So I think it’s a relief, cause there’s all this stuff is coming up and like we can process on Wednesday. And I wanna say something else that I thought about bef before preparing this analysis, enduring that. What we’re doing in, from my humble perspective with the weekly weather report, like we’re talking about mundane energy, collective energy that any being on earth has access and things like, astrologer connect and professional astrologers reading your chart. That’s something different. That’s something even more pointed and unique. Yeah. So I just wanted to throw that out there. That’s important. I sometimes [00:15:00]

Amanda: take for granted that people understand that distinction.

And it’s true. So we’re talking about collective energies. We’re talking about generalized energies. You don’t know exactly how that’s gonna be showing up in your life because your unique blueprint is engaging with the energies as they’re moving. And so there’s a different storyline that’s getting elicited for you.

And this is like in general, here’s what’s happening, and then if you wanna go specific, then yeah, you either need to know how to read your own chart or have a professional

Clarissa: Yeah, absolutely.

Amanda: Thank you for saying, yeah. Okay, so Wednesday we chill. We have some time to integrate.

It’s a relatively

Clarissa: peaceful day in the skies. Yes, thank God. And then so Thursday we’ve got a 13th Harmonic Emphasis Day, which 13th Harmonic is a complicated so it’s a complicated energy in that it is the energetic function of uniqueness of singularity. So another way to [00:16:00] put that is No matter how many weekly weather reports that Amanda May have done, which is like incredible cause she’s podcasting, God, every single one is unique.

Every single moment is unique. Even in our like, diurnal, I wake up in the same bed every day, right? You’re not waking up in the same way, like even if you sleep on your right side all the time, all that kind of stuff. So the 13th Harmonic is like this higher energetic force that kind of acknowledges that everything actually is unique, , I call it the harmonic of gurus and gangsters because literally like in mundane forecasting, a lot of kind of like criminality and or cult like thinking and things like that comes up one thing for us and this goes for like the general forecast for the whole week, is non-conformity because the beauty of 13th harmonic, is that like 13th Harmonic doesn’t sell out, [00:17:00] it doesn’t do cookie cutter, like black and white solutions, which is once again like the overall theme of the week, which is Hey, pause, here’s all this crazy stuff that you didn’t, necessarily think about could be disruptive, but it’s because you can’t do it a certain way anymore.

This is a very big faith day. This is really good for spiritual. All type of spiritual connection and rituals, are going to be augmented today. Here’s another, this is a very unique perspective on this day so like the 13th harmonic with Mercury Jupiter and Mercury Mars.

These are the type of things where it’s like you’re trying to figure other people out. Getting behind why they’re doing things the way that they’re doing. I would recommend, like today it is wow. Like Adopt weird learning techniques.

Other methodologies [00:18:00] that you wouldn’t necessarily do normally to try. So this I think is a good, segue into, actually Friday because it’s like when we’re in Thursday and we’re trying to figure out, why is this person thinking this way,

how could this potentially impact, the wider vision of this and all this kind of stuff. We get to Friday, July 14th. And a big theme, of this Friday is actually the 29th Harmonic. And so what does that mean? Like it’s very much like a type of energy where you get more done and you improve situations through adopting perspectives.

Outside of what you’re comfortable with, outside of what’s nuclear outside is what’s base in your thinking. I’m starting to actually really tap into the glory and the beauty of this week. Because [00:19:00] all these types of obstacles, and people reacting a certain way and the emotions and the raw vulnerability and stuff, it’s totally expansive for perspective and it’s also expansive, I think for different, like people that you wouldn’t normally connect with.

Clarissa, it’s so

Amanda: funny. At the same moment that you said, I’m starting to tap into the beauty of this week, I was having the exact same thought of oh wow. Because the combination of the non-conformity on Thursday and then tapping into expanded ways of thinking or different ways of thinking that aren’t like yours.

It’s. It’s like forcing us into expanded awareness that again, we wouldn’t get to if we didn’t have to. Sometimes we have to learn through it being uncomfortable. Yeah. But then we, it’s oh God, thank goodness I went through that because that enabled me to embrace this other way of seeing things or this other way of thinking, or these other types of people from me or whatever it is.

So it’s so amazing that you had that at the same time. Cause I[00:20:00] I can see where this could end up being a really good news story.

Clarissa: I love that. And that goes back to that 17th harmonic like in the background, cuz it’s also very high on this Friday as well, like 17th harmonic. Actors have it like straight up. So we get to the another kind of theme of this week is like role play.

Like you really feel people so significantly and that goes to Thursday and Friday and pretty much the whole week, right? Where it’s like you actually, you don’t just get a perspective on people or you’re not just like listening to people’s thoughts and hearing it from their perspective.

You’re totally embodying that. It’s oh my God, you totally get to experience almost like every element of their being. And so that in a way it can be, that sounds beautiful in some way, but it also sounds extremely uncomfortable, like in a in another way. But like to your point just now, that is [00:21:00] this beautiful byproduct of this My

Amanda: daughter was taking a an acting class, and she’s never taken acting before, but she and I said I’m horrible at acting. I’ve always felt like it’s just I’m, that is not my thing. And she goes, it’s easy, mama. You just have to imagine that you’re actually that person and that you’re actually in that scenario and that you like, it is you.

And really all it’s doing is is it’s just a different aspect of you. And I was like, oh, wow, that’s interesting. You make it sound easy. It’s not that easy for me to do. But it’s what you’re saying, like this actually, not just thinking about being in somebody else’s shoes, but actually putting yourself in somebody else’s

Clarissa: I’m on the verge of crying cause it’s just it’s I, so yes. All of it. And I wanna share some of the just notes that I prepared that speaks to this as well. part of this, and particularly on Friday and Saturday, we’re gonna be experiencing this too Part of this week and this energy is so it’s like you don’t know where you stand or where things stand and [00:22:00] roll, but roles are hollow.

Like the personalities and characterizations that are core traits or work core traits, they don’t mean the same things anymore because you’re having this whole like embodied experience. With, these different people and these different emotions and these different things that you wouldn’t normally have.

So it’s like a who am I thing? You know what I mean? And this beautiful it’s beautiful. Ultimately, I think that it could be, difficult for, like I can’t act either, please, like not my thing,

for example, I’m an astrologer, but this week is gonna be like, and these are declarative statements, like I’m an astrologer, I’m an Angelino, I’m from la, I’m blah, blah, blah. All these kind of things that you really think about who you actually are like, and then it’s gonna be like I’m an astrologer.

Am. It’s that kind of, revelatory [00:23:00] experience. Wow.

Amanda: What Clarissa I’m reading this book where they talk about the people who experience the most rapid success. Are the ones who can let go of their identities over and over who can just be like, yeah, I was that, but I’m not that anymore.

Now I’m this. And they can continually evolve without so much attachment to no, I am this. And that’s, it. Sounds like we’re gonna be encouraged to. Be like, God, I’ve always thought I’m this but maybe that’s changing. Maybe that’s evolving and is this a temporary thing or is this something that could create like a permanent sort of reorientation around who someone is?

Clarissa: It’s permanent. It’s the beginning of this permanent, so it’s like this out-of-body experience that leads to a new self years down the line, months down the line, et cetera.

Cause that’s what Queen Cuss I just wanna say that for Friday this is a great day for [00:24:00] therapy and for finding a third party that will help you, in any capacity.

And I think this is also just like a great art day and also, I also wanna say that with the sun Saturn a harmonic stuff and other things going on with midpoints today, that even with this confusion today on Friday, in your heart, this, there’s like a clear purpose in terms of the correct thing to do.

It’s gonna feel like, okay, there is like a correct way to structure and stand on it, even if. All the details haven’t come in together. So I feel like just follow the purpose. And the growing pains, like it’s, I think today it’s gonna start actually feeling okay, I get why.

So Saturday we’ve got more Quinco stuff. So we’ve got Venus Point, con’s, Neptune and Venus. Neptune as an energy. Just pure energy together as a planetary [00:25:00] pair. Venus, Neptune, it romanticizes, it idealizes, it lives in a fantasy. It’s extremely sensitive. So it’s the type of thing where it’s like Venus, Neptune, it can project project.

But it’s if Vena’s Neptune gets its heart broken. It can get depressed like it, and it can knock it, leave the house or get out of bed. This is particularly a natal analysis. So I’m just putting that out there because. It’s the Venus Quinco, Neptune.

This like forced growth around your vision, around what you idealized, around what you thought was beautiful, around what you thought was romantic. It’s no longer that. And so there can be like a pain to that. And a growing pain to that. Sorry, I just feel like the loss here, right? There’s particularly through a Venus, Neptune lens, [00:26:00] but that’s said though, this is the beauty of it.

We’ve got the 19th Harmonic and the 27th Harmonic and the fund 31 that’s triggered here. And so the 19th Harmonic. Is, directing. So it’s directing and it’s orchestrating and it’s conducting and particularly the 19th Harmonic. Thank God that this is like a background thing because the 19th harmonic is cerebral.

We’ve got this harmonic in the background that’s okay, it’s going to, change the course of how we’re running things logically and cerebrally as well.

And so it’s like this thing where it’s like a little bit of what we were talking about earlier in this forecast where it’s like the universe hits you with it sometimes, but it’s always for your highest good. It’s always for, because if you didn’t, you would’ve stayed the course in this ideal [00:27:00] that actually wasn’t right for what you’re actually here to do and create in your lifetime.

So that’s like today. Oh my God.

Amanda: Wow. That’s hitting hard in a good way. One of the things I recently interviewed Natasha Al Alter, she was saying that we will never have a sense of fulfillment as long as we are not aligned with our path. And said the other way, the way that we feel fulfilled is by living in alignment with our path. and so it’s just okay sometimes that course correction moment is really hard, but ultimately that sense of fulfillment and purpose are meant to be that’s where peace comes from.

Clarissa: Like everything that Amanda, you just shared, that’s all of it, so thank

Amanda: Okay. Wow. Woo. Gearing up gear enough. We got this. We can do [00:28:00] it. All right. How, and is that all you wanna say about Saturday? Are we ready for Sunday?

Clarissa: So Sunday we were talking about earlier, think it’s picnic day. , We’ve got the ninth Harmonic, the fifth Harmonic, seventh Harmonic active, so the Sun Mars ninth Harmonic. I would recommend my therapist calls me an introverted extrovert, which is hilarious and absolutely true. I’d love to, to stay home and stuff, but I would recommend all of us.

If you have the possibility to go out and connect with people to do that, because that’s what the ninth Harmonic is, and that’s what Sun Mars in the ninth Harmonic is. It’s literally getting around in your community. It’s really that simple. So this is like a day of support, that’s another theme of the week. No matter how, outrageous or deep or, sad or even, like that painful beauty threshold where it’s like things are like, so that situation, you do have support this week and it particularly comes out from Thursday and it makes [00:29:00] itself super known in your immediate environment on Sunday, the 16th.

And then you’ve also got Sun Jupiter and the fifth Harmonic. Fifth harmonic is creative free flow and like it really is how fifth harmonic is where you get lost in the things that you enjoy doing. Having a sun, Jupiter in the fifth Harmonic on Sunday is thank you universe. For giving us like an instant gift for this whole week, because that means sun. Jupiter is Jupiter is expansion. That’s like the energy and sun is like literally yourself. So it’s there’s expanded self and expansion in the community and active in the community on Sunday.

So if you are feeling like grief or some type of way, I really would, invite you to get lost in joy and get lost in loved ones and even [00:30:00] strangers, like loving strangers or whatever on Sunday. We’ve also got Mercury Saturn in the seventh Harmonic, which is totally different from the other things that we were talking about just now, cuz Mercury, Saturn.

And like I said earlier, like mercury Saturn is coming up on multiple days, right? Like mercury, Saturn is research and investigation. So as this is interesting cuz these are all energies happening the same day. So as you’re like in creative flow mode and like connecting with people, there’s also just a deep does this feel right for me?

There’s deep investigations and deep and like long term, how do I replicate this or long term, how do I block whatever that is. There’s so there’s critical thought going into, this experience. So it’s, this week is like really amazing. There’s so much like cerebral and logical [00:31:00] things and logical facts, but there’s also so much emotive, connection bombs if you will, but like beauty bombs, let’s say like bath bombs or something. It’s not it’s not all, it could be like some harsh, situations going on, but there’s also just like this, Ooh God. And once again, I don’t feel like we’re gonna get all the answers this week, but we are gonna get open.

And we are gonna be led. We’re pivoting to our path here.

Amanda: Wow, Clarissa, this sounds like the kind of week where it might be helpful to be able to connect with you live. To be able to connect with you, to ask you a question, to see how these energies are gonna be engaging with people’s charts.

Are you gonna be available this week for instant

Clarissa: insights? Absolutely. So I’m going to be available on Tuesday the 11th, and also Wednesday the 12th, from 11:00 AM Pacific. So I’ll be on for a few hours and I’d [00:32:00] love to connect with you on instance.

Amanda: If you wanna take advantage of Clarissa’s insights.

If you come with your question prepared, she can probably answer your question relatively quickly, so you don’t have to think of this as like a big reading that you like sit down for. It’s it’s designed to be, Hey, Clarissa, this just came up or, I’m experiencing this.

Can you look at my chart? Can you give me some insights into how to best work with So you can access Clarissa for that this week, by going to

Amanda: astrology Connect. Just look for her little green light.

See if she’s available. If she’s not, she might be on with someone else. You might have to wait a little bit and then we have other astrologers who are available on Instant Insights too. So if Clarissa is booked, maybe somebody else is available and, or just check back if you’re like, no, but I need to talk to Clarissa.

She was speaking to my heart this week, which I totally understand.


Amanda: Clarissa, thank you so much for all of these incredible insights, and this sounds like one of those kinds [00:33:00] of weeks where it’s really gonna be helpful to have this as a background picture as we’re going things that are happening in our lives.

Clarissa: Thank you Amanda. And yeah, like I, I appreciate being here and offering this up during a week like this. And Amanda said, all the astrologers on Astrologer Connect are amazing. And to anybody who’s doing the instance, we are fast. So if you really need like a pressing concern and don’t want a reading,

that’s what we’re here for. So looking forward to connecting with you guys there too.

Amanda: And also I didn’t give the bigger link for Astrologer Connect just in case Clarissa is booked or not available at the time. You need someone, you can go to

Amanda: astrology

Scroll down to the astrologer profiles. See who has a green light on. If you can wait, can book a reading another option and you can connect with the astrologers via video audio. Or chat.

So the chat feature is great for that too. Okay, everybody, thank you [00:34:00] so much for being here, for being a part of our community, for tuning into the weekly weather and as always, for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll look forward to connecting episode.

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