Astrology This Week: The Importance of the 13th Harmonic You Can’t Ignore w/ Clarissa Dolphin

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Major Revelations on the Way!

Astrology Hub’s Founder Amanda Walsh and Astrologer Clarissa Dolphin talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 About the concept of the 13th harmonic in astrology, which speaks to the reality of everything being unique, and how it influences our sense of purpose, destiny, and what we’re chosen for.

🌒 How the week’s energy, particularly on Wednesday, can lead to major revelations, exciting mysteries, and the emergence of hidden relics of beauty, providing a source of deep inspiration and a sense of aliveness.

🌓 How to leverage periods of high inspiration and romance to make immediate, authentic changes in your life.


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Amanda: well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so grateful that you have decided to join us here today, and we are talking about the astrology for the week of August 7th through the 13th with Harmonic Astrologer, Clarissa Dolphin.

Clarissa is also one of our incredible astrologers on our Astrologer Connect reading platform. And if you are new to the channel, welcome, you’ve just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that is happening here every single week where we are tuning into the astrological tides and the astrological tides are really like the tides of the ocean.

There’s the ebbs and the flows, the ups and the downs, the days where we have big waves and where we have smaller waves. And so knowing what the tides are doing enables us to show up prepared. To make decisions that are informed by not only what’s happening in our life, but also where the energies are supportive.

So [00:02:00] I’m really grateful that you’re here to have this conversation with us. And before we get rolling, please make sure you hit subscribe. you’re listening to the podcast so that you don’t miss any episodes. Also one ask that I have, and one way that you can help support this podcast is that by wherever you’re listening to us, that you give it five stars and that you write a written review.

This enables us to get the podcast out to more people. Thank you for everyone who has already done this. And thank you for those of you who are doing that right now. With all that said, let’s dive in. Let’s go down that astrological rabbit hole together and tune into the weather for this week. Clarissa, welcome to the

Clarissa: show.

Thank you as always for having me, Amanda. It’s a pleasure and a privilege. And I love this week.

Amanda: Right. Tell us why. Why are you saying that you love this

Clarissa: week? Well, this week is really highly [00:03:00] romantic. It’s filled with a lot of surprises. There’s a lot of singular one of a lifetime, totally unique events that are going to go down this week. That’s why I love it. Okay. With that

Amanda: said, what would you say is the overarching theme for

Clarissa: the week? There are a few, so I’m going to give a quick list of the overall themes, so like I said just a moment ago, once in a lifetime events, unique singular incidents, uh, lots of high romance, high inspiration this week, this is like an aesthetic and romantic goldmine, uh, a lot of faded connections, questing, Very soulful and profound week.

It’s not shallow. It’s not surface. It’s not just like blah, blah, blah. It’s like deep. Revolutionary figureheads. Just figureheads in general. So heroes and antiheroes. [00:04:00] It’s a very personality dominant week. So it’s going to be like, dang, this person is a trip. All these, all these characters are coming out.

There’s a lot of religious and spiritual themes as well. Uh, it’s, it’s like a bizarro world in some sense, but so there’s, there’s going to be welcome bizarro worlds and then straight up just circus for zero world. So those are the main themes.

Amanda: I love when astrologers like boldly make claims because one of the criticisms of astrology can be that, Oh, they’re just saying like vague things that could like relate to anyone or anything.

But one of the things I love about you Clarissa you get really specific. And so something that you’re saying here. Singular incidents and once in a lifetime events are happening this week. Tell us

Clarissa: why you’re saying that. [00:05:00] Oh, Jesus. Every time I talk to you, Amanda, I just get full body chill.

Why am I saying that? It’s because this week is a 13th harmonic dominant week. In previous podcasts with you, there have been kind of more of a mix, like a hodgepodge of different kind of energies. This one, pretty much every aspect and every single day, you can just see the list of 13, 13, 13, 13. And 13th harmonic is singularity.

It is the, the concept in the universe that everything is unique. I think generally as humans, just my opinion. A lot of human, we like to categorize things, women are like this, people are like that, etc, etc. The 13th harmonic is the energy in the universe that speaks to the reality of everything being unique. So that’s, that’s behind that. Oh, I

Amanda: love that. Okay. So

Clarissa: you’re also [00:06:00] saying that this is

Amanda: an aesthetic goldmine,

Clarissa: that there are faded

Amanda: directions, that there’s high inspiration, high romance.


Clarissa: is that all coming from? That’s coming from the harmonics of the peak aspects. So let me give you the peak aspects of the week. There are only three, actually. There are no ingresses this week. There is nothing major. We’re in between moons, meaning we’re in between a full moon and a new moon. So let me give you the aspects.

Transit to transit. On Wednesday, that’s going to be one of the biggest days of the week. We’ve got Venus retrograde is square Uranus. That same day, Wednesday the ninth, we’ve got Mercury trying Jupiter. And then the final transit to transit aspect that most astrologers are gonna be talking about this week is, uh, sun Conjunct Venus Retrograde on Sunday, August 13th. So all of these aspects, if you look at the hidden dimensions of them, which are harmonics, they [00:07:00] all have all kinds of Venus interplaced.

So it’s actually a Venus, in terms of planetary energy, it’s a Venus dominant week in all of the harmonics. And so this high romance energy, Is really being triggered, particularly on Wednesday, uh, with all these welcome surprises, all these like aesthetic, beautiful things that are highly inspiring. So let’s just break down Venus Uranus on, Venus Square Uranus on Wednesday.

Venus Uranus as an energetic planetary pair translates directly to sex music dance. and energy healing. So just the nature and people will be talking about the square creating aggravation. The square certainly could do that because the square generates action. So the square is, it’s like it gets aggravated so that it acts so that it moves, etc.

[00:08:00] So when, when we got Venus square uranus, we’ve got a lot of Very deeply, like, imagine, imagine music, romance coursing through your body. Imagine, you know, this, this kind of, this impetus. that titillates all of your senses to the maximum, like when you fall in love, like when you’re deeply inspired by an artistic work, something deeply creative and beautiful, that feeling of being alive.

That’s going to be the main, uh, energy that’s coursing through everything this Wow.

Amanda: So for people who have projects that they’re working on or creative endeavors or they’re looking for partnership, it sounds like the circumstances are going to be very supportive of being in kind of, I’ve [00:09:00] been, I’ve been reading this book, big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and she’s talking a lot about that.

The creative impulse of the universe and how when, when we as humans can tap into that, how invigorate invigorating it is. It was like, it is like we’re riding a wave of creative inspiration and, uh, and those are the times often where we feel the most alive, we feel vital. So that’s what I’m hearing from you that this week is going to be really conducive to those types of.

of creative, inspired actions in

Clarissa: our life. One million percent, Amanda. And I think in a way that actually could be so inspiring because it comes out of the blue. I don’t think a lot of people are going to see this coming necessarily. It’s almost like this, this energetic gift. From the universe of like, Oh my God, like, thank you.

Thank you for reminding me that I could feel this way about this creative project. I wrote [00:10:00] literally in my notes, great for creative projects, things that require aesthetic or taste. And it’s some, it could be, we’re also in retrograde season though with Venus, right? So Venus retrograde is, is happening at this point.

And so this could be stuff. These could be relics. from the past that you haven’t been doing or things that you used to love and enjoy that suddenly it’s like, Oh my God, I have a penchant for this again. Like if things become alive and reinvigorated to our surprise.

Amanda: That’s exciting. And again, it’s not something that we hear every week.

So just, just pay attention to the opportunity. And it seems like even though we might be surprised and delighted by where it comes from, knowing that it is a week that’s conducive to that can help us look for it in our lives and be ready for it. And, and even maybe create space for it. [00:11:00]

Clarissa: Right? Because if I’m honest with you, one of my most loathed retrogrades is Venus retrograde because it’s like, Oh my God, things are blah, Venus isn’t direct, et cetera, et cetera.

So as an interpreter and just a human being, you know, at preparing this report, I didn’t, I didn’t expect this. Like I expected things to be blah, totally not. It’s totally not that this week. It’s beautiful. Okay. So we

Amanda: have, we have a

Clarissa: 13th time harmonic, which is some of these really faded,

Amanda: unique kind of incidents happening.

And then we have this Venus dominant week where we have this other kind of more creative romantic energy going.

Amanda: For people that are new

Clarissa: and they

Amanda: don’t know what harmonics are. Can you mentioned it kind of like the unseen behind the The, the astrological

Clarissa: aspects. Can you just give us like [00:12:00] in a nutshell, this is what harmonics are.

Yes. So in a nutshell, harmonics are actually aspects. So it’s, it’s easier shown than said, but let me break it down to you. Let’s just imagine that we have a chart in front of us and we’re looking at a grand trine. So a trine aspect segments, the chart in three ways, it cuts it up thrice. It is the third harmonic, a square aspect.

that creates a square, it cuts it up four ways. It is the fourth harmonic. In harmonic astrology, we can go infinite numbers. We can go to a million. So we can literally cut this, the chart up a million different ways if we wanted to. So when I’m talking about the 13th harmonic, imagine an aspect that cuts that 360 degree number 13 ways.

That would be the 13th aspect. So it’s all the, it’s basically like the entire. infinite universe [00:13:00] in the 360 degree wheel, which is also representative of infinity. You can cut it up. And so these harmonics are like parallel dimensions. to our reality that create our reality. Does that explain it a little bit?


Amanda: I, I’ve asked you that question so many times and every way you, you explain it a little bit different and every time I get something a little bit more. So thank you for that, Clarissa. And I’m sure that, that the audience has, especially those who’ve been tuning into your weekly weather transmissions.

I’m sure that they’re like, Oh, wow, that’s, that’s a new way of thinking about it. And I love thinking too, about how energy precedes form. Like everything that we see form was at one, one time energy. And so harmonics are getting to the energy behind form or the energy behind life here on earth. That’s creating what we experience and what we see and who we

Clarissa: are and all those things.[00:14:00]

Clarissa: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I’m glad I got a box of tissue here so I can joy cry because that’s absolutely one million percent here. Okay.

Amanda: Can you walk us through the days and help us get a sense for how the energies

Clarissa: will play out from day to day?

So the weather for Monday.

There’s not like a transit to transit aspect like I shared earlier. There’s only three this week. There’s no new moons. There’s no ingresses or nothing. Um, but harmonically on Monday, we’ve got sun Pluto and sun Saturn active in the 11 and the nine. So this is when leadership comes to four sun Pluto is power.

It’s personal power. So sun Pluto is the type of energy and a type of individual that when a sun Pluto person walks into the room, everybody looks at it. Everybody looks at the per it’s like, it like sucks in your intent attention. So basically, with this, it’s like, In the 11th term on it, we’ve got the type of, okay, act fast, act now, [00:15:00] uh, powerful, progressive leadership, and then sunset.

So I think on Monday to, to, with, with these energies, we might be faced with having to make a very fast. decision about how we’re going to be and how we’re going to act that moves, moves things along. So that goes to the higher theme of the week, which is figureheads, leadership, that that’s really dynamic today.

So Tuesday is We also don’t have a transit to transit thing, but the harmonics are lit. They’re actually even more lit than Monday. The Tuesday is like a busy, fast, explosive, bender type of energy.

So, it’s the type of thing where it’s like, we’ve got Mars Pluto 11th harmonic. The Mars Pluto is the type of energy where it’s like, Okay, I’ve been up working every single day for 30 days. To get this [00:16:00] thing done, that’s going to be super active.

We’ve also got sun, Neptune, Uranus in the 13th harmonic. So I would, it’s, this goes to the, the spiritual stuff, sun, Uranus, Neptune, Uranus, Neptune is deeply spiritual. It’s shamanic energy. It’s, it’s, uh, so I think that we might see collectively a lot of religious or spiritual leaders and or cult leaders.

in the four this week, but perhaps stimulated by this energy on Tuesday. And what else do we’ve got? We’ve got a lot of lunar north node action in the harmonics, et cetera. Um, as well, I think there’s this, this energy on Tuesday, really gonna hear what people are really ultimately to their soul, to the depths of their core core committed to.

The [00:17:00] 13th Harmonic, singularity and uniqueness, it sounds really beautiful and it is in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t compromise. So on Tuesday, and throughout the week, resolve is an issue. There is, there, 13th Harmonic, I call it the Harmonic of Gurus and Gangsters. There’s a few reasons why. Because literally research subjects are typically gurus or gangsters with the 13th harmonic.

But if you think about a guru and a gangster, there’s a lot of things that they have in common. One thing is anti mainstream, creating your own rules, doing things, outside of the box according to how you want to execute them. So this is not, that’s why I was talking about this week being bizarro world.

This is not a commodified week. This is not a week of, if, I think, and it’s fascinating, right? Because harmonics are [00:18:00] interesting. Eighth harmonic is commodity. It’s general. It’s something that you can reproduce all the time. Ninth harmonic is everything. It’s the minority and the majority because ninth harmonic connects all that is.

It’s, it’s the ultimate connection The 13th harmonic, however, Is it’s gonna be the minority. It’s the weird it’s like the the four percent of reality that rubs things a certain way that’s I don’t want to say fringe because it relegates people to fringe or whatever, but it’s the thing that opposes what is readily accepted.

That’s why it’s the minority. That’s why, and, and this is the, this is the, um, this is the energy of all week. I mean, look at every aspect, 13th harmonica is in everything. So, so there’s that, um, I’m ready to move on to Wednesday if you’d like, or is there [00:19:00] anything you want to Amanda? I mean, too, about what you were

Amanda: saying about the, the commonality of gurus and gangsters.

And also their ability to, to sort of rally a group of people around them, right, to, to speak about something that motivates action in people, whether or not that’s a positive or negative thing, you know, but, but just that quality of like, and you were talking earlier about the square and how the square actually All It creates, it creates movement and action. And if we didn’t have any squares in our life or in our chart or whatever, we’d probably just kind of stagnate. So that that’s what I was saying. The only reflection I had when you

Clarissa: were speaking. Million percent. And that that’s such, I wrote in my notes for the week for, for listeners.

[00:20:00] If you were interested in this. On a personal level, this 13th Harmonic week, it’s, it’s a week to focus on purpose, your destiny, how you want to live, and what you’re chosen for. The 13th Harmonic, in terms of like, Galvanizing people and all that kind of stuff, and the gurus and gangsters situation. It recognizes that it is chosen for something.

It’s chosen, only it. can execute a given path. Only it can, et cetera, et cetera. So that’s why gurus and gangsters in this whole leadership thing, the figureheads of movements, how they keep coming out this week, et cetera, on a personal and collective level. That’s so 13. Exactly to your points too, Amanda.

Okay, so

Amanda: purpose, destiny, and what you’re chosen for. [00:21:00] Only, the thing that only you can execute. I love that. Okay, so keeping

Clarissa: that in mind as we navigate the week. Yes! Keeping that in mind. So we’re entering Wednesday, August 9th. That’s the Venus retrograde square Uranus. And so this is, I love this day because it’s like, wow, you really felt that way?

It’s those type of surprises that just kind of come out. And this is also the benefit of a retrograde period because retrograde, I’m a tarot diviner. And retrogrades remind me a lot of reversed cards in tarot, where there are so, reverse cards in tarot, there’s a litany of things that it could refer to, a thing that hasn’t happened yet, the past, other parties that are shadow parties, blah, blah, blah.

Like the list goes on and on. Retrogrades in astrology are kind of similar in that capacity because it flips perspectives. So retrogrades could [00:22:00] mean. That things are decaying. They’re not in their normal, most powerful form, but it also is and retrogrades are also opportunities to flip perspectives because if they were in, if they were going, it’s almost like planets in their direct motion are more predictable.

Let’s say it like that. So Venus retrograde, it’s not necessarily like, The beauty in the world is dying. It’s it’s sources of beauty that you would have never seen had it been and just going direct the entire time. So that kind of contributes a lot. I think to this Venus retrograde beyond the, uh, or excuse me, this aspect today, Venus square Uranus on the ninth, uh, beyond the, the harmonics that are active as well, this is a really sumptuous energy.

This is a really sumptuous, like it’s. Chefs, textile designers, designers of any [00:23:00] kind, artists of any kind, I wouldn’t be surprised as well if This week, some crazy hidden relics from like Babylon or Africa, or, you know, some really ancient place just was discovered, just came out of the forest. That that’s how amazing this energy is.

And, and also how it feels on a collective and potentially personal level. So it’s like, we’ve got today on the ninth, we’ve got major revelations, exciting mysteries, these, these relics of beauty. that are coming up.


Clarissa: And this leads us to Thursday, which obviously, once again, there’s no transit to transit aspect, but the 13th harmonic is the only thing going on today.

It’s, it’s, it’s another day to be like, what the heck? How awesome is this? I’ve never, ever, ever would have imagined that. So that’s [00:24:00] Thursday.

Entering Friday, also a lot of 13th harmonic energy. But Friday, I think it could be kind of… a little bit nebulous emotionally. So everything’s feeling good. You know, generally, um, there, there could be some hiccups or whatever, just natural course of life leading up to Friday. But, but Friday, the 11th is gonna be kind of like a moment where we ask ourselves Is this real?

Like, is this legit? I feel like one thing collectively, just on a personal level, that we could, it’s the space that we could provide ourselves this week, is to not feel forced to make long term decisions. It’s a 13th Harmonic Week. It’s more of a [00:25:00] revelatory and sensory stimulation experience.

Like, allow this week to inspire. Not necessarily build and erect a kingdom around or whatever. Just hear people out. Feel how you’re feeling. Navigate that like just, just, just be there and see how it connects to your purpose. Like you don’t have to, don’t feel pressured to figure things out. If you want to be crazy and imaginative on Friday, fine, that’s perfect.

You don’t have to necessarily do anything with that. It’s got mercury on the lunar north node in the 13th harmonic. 13th harmonic in lunar north node is, extremely eccentric lifestyles. So we’re going to hear about the lifestyle. Let me, let me share something else with you about the 13th It’s, it’s out of the box, [00:26:00] distinctive style.

And so you meet people who do things like that, which is like, nobody does that, right? So you, you meet people where nobody does that, but you and them, nobody does that, but it’s, it’s outside of the collective, but it exists. It might make sense. Absolutely.

Amanda: Yes. And so what I’m thinking about is how this week. Well, something that you said earlier, you said, don’t feel forced to make long term decisions. So this week is more about experiencing what and who is coming into your life and just. Practicing enjoying it, not feeling like you it’s like you have to hold on to it or you have to like somehow create structure around it.

It’s just [00:27:00] there to enjoy and appreciate. I was wondering about that too because you said it’s a highly romantic week so I was thinking about people who might meet someone who also says fate and destiny and that there’s going to be these interesting people coming into our life. And, but it’s also Venus retrograde.

So is this a time where if someone comes into your life that you’re like, Oh my God, that person is amazing. Oh, wow. I’m doing very like unique things with that person that I don’t do with any anyone else. And all these different things that you’re saying are possibilities. Are you also saying that probably this isn’t a long term sort of thing that if someone is coming into your life in this moment, that they’re coming for a reason, there’s something very distinct about that reason.

It’s probably a part of your life path and purpose, but it might not be like the happily ever

Clarissa: after thing that we have in our heads. Yeah, absolutely, Amanda, I wouldn’t focus so much on the person this week, I would focus on the [00:28:00] spiritual insights and the resolve and how it elucidates what you’re chosen I get it, because one of my favorite, long term astrologers who I’ve been reading for 30 years and I got to work with her, and I am her locum, Mystic Medusa, she created this. Her lexicon is amazing and she’s incredible. One of her, her phrases is love zombies, where it’s like you fall in love, you become this love zombie, so we have the potential to become a love zombie this week, but it’s not about that.

According to the harmonics, like it’s more about getting. us back in touch with our uniqueness, what we’re really here for and what our souls are crying out for. Not necessarily the individual that we’re partaking with.

Amanda: Wow. That’s really cool. Thank you for all that clarification. [00:29:00] So that’s Friday. Are we moving on to Saturday?

Clarissa: Yep. So Saturday we’ve got Saturn in the sky is opposing the sun Mars midpoint. So actually that feels very Virgo, like Saturday feels very what we would consider in modern astrology Virgo where it’s like, okay, we’re doing tasks, etc.

Because we’ve also got Venus. Um, conjunct Saturn in the 13th harmonic and Uranus opposing Mercury Pluto. So there’s a lot of, like, things that need to be said. The thing, it’s totally different from most of the energy from the rest of the week. Where it’s like, okay, like, What’s actually going on here. It’s more about like Saturday.

I would just I would build a task list and it’s also so as we’re getting into the highs and the treasures and the glories of most of the week. And a little bit like Friday. Am I crazy? You know, like Saturday is [00:30:00] going to be the time where you get to integrate things into reality in a way that’s like, okay, actually, this is palatable.

Actually, this is, you know, the step by step task, what I, what I should be doing with this. Um, I think Saturday is also going to be concrete change. Where it’s like, okay, I really see how this is all fitting into the natural course of my day. I wake up at 7, well, I’m gonna do this now. Or, you know, I got inspired by this.

Well, guess what? I want to change up what I’m doing to, to house this and be able to do this more often. That’s Saturday, and then we get to Sunday, which is the final day of, or not the final day, it’s like literally the, the second other day of the week where we actually have a transit to transit aspect, uh, which is that sun conjunct the Venus retrograde.

And so, on [00:31:00] Sunday, Sun Venus, first of all, just in a natal chart, Sun Venus is a person who is glowing and beautiful and attractive to everybody. Doesn’t matter what they look like, doesn’t matter what their features are, so this is a day where a lot of, and this comes out to the personalities, um, and the characters that just emerge, and the heroes and anti heroes, we’re going to see a lot of that really kind of tipping.

In, uh, on this Sunday, we’ve also got Mercury Pluto, uh, Mercury Venus. Sunday is very much, I’m going to translate my slang, it’s like a stunting day where you stunt, where you come out and it’s like, we’re going to strut our stuff. That’s stunning, right? Like, so it’s a, it’s a type of day where I think we can have very bombastic dialogue

but the thing about this day is that there’s… [00:32:00] love this. This is really inspiring. There’s a lot of concrete things to work from. You know, there’s a lot of things that, you know, as garish as a person might be today. that we can pull from. And, uh, I think, I think collectively at the final two days of the week that are kind of different from the rest of the week.

It’s the, it’s like, we’re, we’re using this inspiration and we’re starting to think. about how we’re going to change our nature to live with it on a more everyday mundane level. Does that make sense? I feel like maybe that’s a little. Yes. And I’m wondering

Amanda: how it kind of integrates with what we were saying earlier, which was [00:33:00] that some of the inspiration or the things that we’re experiencing this week, they’re not necessarily meant to be long term.

Like they’re not necessarily meant to like build a kingdom around. But what I’m hearing you say now is that there are going to be potentially some, some things that were inspired by this week that we then decide we want to create. Structure and and like more mundane to do lists around how we can have

Clarissa: more of it in our life. Yeah, exactly. So the weekends, it gets to this thing where it’s like, okay, I was inspired by this. I’m cutting it out. Like, so it’s not even necessary. We’re not even necessarily thinking long term. It’s such that it’s, it’s almost more immediate, Amanda, where it’s like, okay. I met this person, um, this creative project came back, this source of inspiration is here, it’s lighting me up, [00:34:00] I’m finally over that.

You know what I mean? It’s like, whether or not it continues long term, you start to make choices and decisions over the weekend where it’s just like, Okay, I’m just cutting it now, out now. Does that make sense? Yes. Yes. It’s, it’s, we’re having an experience,

Amanda: a taste of something. That taste of something, is inspiring us to let go potentially of things that, that are holding us back from having that kind of experience more often.

It doesn’t have to be the exact thing, but it’s like the, the flavor of it, the, the aliveness of it that we want to

Clarissa: continue in our life. Exactly. And it’s like, you know, you see, you experience this flavor, this aliveness. And it’s almost, I think another way to, to potentially connect with it is it’s like, it’s like you have this experience, you feel this energy and just automatically something else gets cut off.

Just, it’s just not natural anymore. It doesn’t [00:35:00] even matter if it’s short term or long term. It just, The on the, you know, the weekend. We’re just like, okay, I’m done with it. Well, I don’t care if it lasts or if it’s whatever, it’s just gone. Like it’s that kind of reorientation. And I think this is an interesting week because of the 13th harmonic and the fact that we’re in between moons.

I’m still learning about it, but I’m very much, I think moon phases are on point. They just straight up work. So we don’t have a new moon until next week.

So we’re in an in between week where it’s just like we’re kind of more, we’re tapping into this profundity and these revelations that we didn’t expect. This, this soulful depth and we might be making adjustments. But really kind of like the whether things last and the future energy and all that kind of stuff.

It’s like it. There’s [00:36:00] still a story to be told. Let’s say it like that. But we’re finally getting to this point of 13 permanent gurus and gangsters, all that kind of stuff. The resolve, the profundity, the fate, what you’re chosen for the destiny, all that kind of stuff. As an energy, it can’t compromise. With things that are past due, past the, you know, it just, it goes bloop, like, it’s over.

It always makes me

Amanda: think, you know, the times where we struggle with certain things in our life, it’s like there will be a time when this is just easy.

When letting go of this is just easy. And sometimes it’s waiting for that. Like, I have to think of, um, like Double Dutch, you know, the jump rope. Where you have to just like wait for that moment to get in and start jumping. And if you go too early or you go too late, you get your, your feet all twisted and tangled in the ropes.

So [00:37:00] I love what you’re saying and I’m, I’m sure that people can think of examples in their own lives at those times where it’s just like, Oh wow, that just like fell away.

Like I struggled with that forever and then it just fell away. That’s amazing. And it sounds like that, that sort of experience will be available to us this week based on the things that we’re experiencing through the week. Again, like it’s a, I often think of it as also like vibration, like if we sort of are existing in a certain vibratory field.

Certain things fall away when we’re at that consciousness level or vibrate, vibration. There’s just, there’s no room for that anymore. And so it’s easier to let go of things because they just, they don’t, they don’t, there’s no coherence between that thing and who you’re

Clarissa: becoming. Yeah, exactly. And it

that process comes from inspiration. It comes [00:38:00] from romance. It comes from these things that are hidden that just could come out to the fore. And it’s like, okay, now, now naturally vibrationally. You know, due to these, these joyous, more joyous, more creative impetus is now that’s, that’s going to be the lead off in the kickoff for naturally reorganizing what you got going on.

I love it. Okay.

Amanda: So Clarissa, just in summary, some of the high level things, again, we have this romantic theme, singular incidents, or once in a lifetime events. Lots of inspiration and aesthetic goldmine. So any of you artists out there

Clarissa: or any kind of art, like, don’t think

Amanda: of that as only like, Oh, painters and writers and stuff like our life is art, right?

So aesthetic goldmine faded directions. It’s a deep week. It’s not a surface level. Like there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for deep diving. Uh, revolution [00:39:00] revolutionary figure heads, religious and spiritual themes. We have this 13th harmonic, which is dominant throughout the week, which is everything is unique.

We have Wednesday as the peak of energy. It sounds like like Wednesday’s the one to keep your eye on. It’s a Venus dominant week. Okay. One of the things that you highlighted about Tuesday was that we’re going to have an opportunity to hear what people are actually committed to. So pay attention to what people are saying, pay attention to what people are doing that will give you insights into what they’re actually committed to.

And this is also within yourself and big, huge purpose week, destiny week. Friday, you may be questioning if you’re crazy. Don’t worry about it. It’s just the energy of the day. And then Saturday, we’re taking all this and we’re, we’re starting to make things real step by step tasks, concrete energy, um, and then the ability to let things go, which is Awesome.

And you said, let [00:40:00] them go. Enjoy like not through struggle. Really cool. If you want to get any, even more insights on how this energy this week is impacting you personally, if you like, listen to this, you’re like, okay, that’s great. I get it. But like, How is this going to be showing up for me or if you needing some insight on how to work with the astrology this week and or in general.

Clarissa’s amazing with readings. She’s incredible. We continually get feedback from her clients, people that have readings with her just like, Oh my God, Clarissa blew my mind. Looking at my chart from a harmonic perspective, just brought it to an entirely different level. I’ve never had these kinds of insights before.

So if you’re interested in doing that, Clarissa is available on our platform Astrology Connect. You can go, you can go to

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash clarissa connect. Or if you’re just interested in booking a reading with any of our amazing astrologers, you can check them all out at

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash [00:41:00] connect and we’ll put those links in the show notes.

Anything else you want to say in summary, Clarissa, as we sail off into

Clarissa: the week ahead? Yeah, I just want to thank you, Amanda, and thank you all for listening as per usual. And this is a really beautiful week to transcend mediocrity. And really step into how your soul is authentically designed. So I’m really looking forward to all the, the beautiful madness that will ensue all these characters, all these people, including you, you know, you as part of the pool of this.

And I’m just excited. Thank you. Thank you for

Amanda: that. I mean, what an incredible moment in time. And we just recently did a podcast episode with Adam Gainsbourg, where we’re also talking about similar themes. It seems like there’s a lot of energy behind this. You know, really like busting through some of these [00:42:00] barriers and, and like really getting aligned on your path and saying goodbye to the things that have been holding you back and the storylines and the habits and the things that just aren’t aligned with who you are and why you’re here right now and what you came to express and be and do so.

That’s exciting. I love it. Thank you, Clarissa, for being such an incredible translator of this language and just always so inspiring and inspired and passionate. I love the way that you show up and I’m just so grateful that we get to be together, you and I, and then share with all of our friends here at Astrology Hub.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And have a wonderful week, everybody. It’s been so great to be here with you. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. And I cannot wait to catch you on the next episode. Have fun this week. Enjoy. And we’ll see you next week.

Take care, everybody. [00:43:00]

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