[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “A Window of Opportunity” May 30th – June 5th w/ Georgia Stathis

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Mercury out of Retrograde

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Georgia Stathis and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • About the new 2-year long Jupiter-Mars cycle and how to use it
  • How the Gemini New Moon can affect your zodiac sign
  • Ways to take care of your finances according to Astrology


0:00 Intro

2:33 Week Overview

9:40 Saturn Retrograde

14:22 What does Mars in Aries mean

22:39 New Moon in Gemini

30:17 Jupiter and Chiron

33:18 What does Mercury trine Pluto mean

39:34 USA Birth Chart

42:04 How to deal with Mars

45:49 Financial Astrology

50:21 Closing

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:07
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Well, hello, everybody, welcome. It is so, so great to be here with you. And especially great to be here with one of my very favorite astrologers, Georgia status. Georgia is a business astrologer, a financial astrologer, she also does natal work. And she’s just one of those treasures for all of us in the astrological community. And I just love every opportunity that I have to connect with her. And I love sharing her wisdom with all of you. So Georgia, thank you so much for joining us for the week. Thank you.

Georgia Stathis 1:04
Thank you for inviting me.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:06
Yeah. All right. So I know that we have a big week ahead. Well, actually, before I do that, if you want to learn more about Georgia, you can go to Episode 158. And this is when we did a current and future financial outlook. I think it’d be very fascinating to look at that episode. Now. That was right before 2020. Is that right, Georgia? Or was it in 2020?

Georgia Stathis 1:32
I think it was right before. I think it’s before 2020. Yes, yeah. Yeah, I

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:38
remember distinctly I remember you saying Be willing to learn new things. Like it’s very important. And with the whole direction of where this world is going, that you kind of have that childlike curiosity. Oh, it aired September 2020. So that childlike curiosity and you just absorb yourself and new new learning, which stayed with me, Georgia. I like as I can I those that advice has stayed with me and has helped guide a lot of my decisions over the last few years. So thank you. Yeah, and I know not alone, because I’ve repeated it on the podcast several times.

Georgia Stathis 2:23
I don’t remember it, but thank you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:27
Okay, so let’s, uh, let’s start with the theme. What would you say the theme for this week is?

Georgia Stathis 2:33
Well, I think that’s the same for this coming week as Mercury is, you know, beginning to station to go direct. I mean, it goes direct on June 3, and Monday is what the 30th of May right. So it’s happening in this next week. So mercury, you know, there’s, it’s very interesting. There’s a, whenever people talk about Mercury Retrograde, you know, don’t sign anything, don’t do anything. But what I’ve found is my own experience, is as Mercury is turning to go direct, you know stationing to go direct. That’s not a bad time, in the few days before it goes direct, because that’s also very powerful. And the thing that’s most important about this next week, because I know everybody’s been having a rough Mercury Retrograde is that when it does go direct on the third of June, it’s gonna go direct to 26 degrees of Taurus, and Pluto is in the later degrees of Capricorn, even though it’s retrograde now. So mercury will be training Pluto. And that’s actually a great time to get the person who didn’t show up for the appointment to show up. Okay, it’s a great time if you’ve been debating about a contract or a price to do it during that time, because we have from about June 3, through about I think it’s the 14th of June, when Mercury goes into Gemini where we have this little window of opportunity. And in fact, throughout this year, if you really been paying attention to Mercury Retrograde, all this year, when mercury goes retrograde, it will go direct out an earth sign. For example, in October October 2, it goes direct to 24 Virgo, it’ll be trining Pluto. And that’s kind of the theme for this year, even though Mercury is retrograde, which is tough. Now, the other part of it too is since the last Eclipse was in the last two eclipses were April 30, and may 15. And the one on May 15, was a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Scorpio, I might add, that means that mercury when it goes direct is on that Eclipse point. And so what that suggests is that there’s information coming you know, and it’s interesting and mythology, Mercury’s Hermes, and he’s the only character that can go in and out of hell unscathed. He never gets hurt. He’s in and out. And he’s the guy to the heroes in the head. heroines Okay, so when Mercury goes direct and this next few weeks in next few days, there is possibly guides, or little allies in the underworld that may show up. I’m getting chills when I’m saying that me show up to help you get through this cavernous underworld that you may feel like you’ve been traveling through in the last three to four weeks. Because those eclipses have been. They’ve been rough. Let’s just put it that way. They’ve been rough because even the eclipses have been running very close to Uranus. And they’ve been running very square to Saturn and the thing about Saturn, is it Saturn. I want to I don’t want to get too off topic here. But I know that on the fourth of June, which is I think that’s Sunday. It’s what is that Friday, that’s next next Saturday, a week, next Saturday, the fourth of June, Saturn will also be stationing that day, and will be stationing retrograde at 25 degrees of Aquarius, which is exactly also square, that Full Moon Total Eclipse of May 15. And I have to say I love it when Saturn goes retrograde. I’m not real crazy about it when Saturn goes direct. Because when Saturn is retrograde, and it goes direct actually October 22 of this year at 18 Aquarius, when Saturn is retrograde, you get to get things done that you were trying to get done when it was going direct. And and I do think if you look at the US chart, and I know people listening to this podcast are not necessarily from the US and forgive me, I’m not being US centric here. But if you use the chart that we use the Declaration of Independence, the US Moon is Aquarius and so Saturn’s been kind of hanging around the moon and the moon in any mundane chart is the people of the country. And so you know, anybody’s looking at the news with United States, Saturn is government, it’s sitting on the moon that people in the government are at odds with each other. I mean, whether you’re a liberal or conservative, it doesn’t matter. There’s there’s trouble and River City. Okay. Now, the other piece that’s happening here, and it’s it’s an interesting piece, and it kind of has been kind of

wandering in and out, but I’m kind of making sure we talk about this because we have had Chiron at in Aries for a while now. And it’s you know, chyron is pretty slow. It’s about eight years in the sign of Aries right now. It’s hanging out in the real in the middle degrees of Aries and the US Saturn, if we’re being us again, it’s 14 libre. So I actually and also the US Sun is about 1314 cancer. So we have had for this whole year. And I think as we move into the end of June and we move into the solstice and in July women when the sun is going through cancer and we’re having our solar return, we’re having a Chiron kind of energy here, there’s a wounding of some sort, which requires teachers and education. There is sacrifice coming, and there has been sacrifice in the news in the last few weeks. With all these terrible killings that we’ve been seeing, you know, I mean, the people are tired that Saturn is on the moon in the country now. The good news, I think for this week is on Monday I think it is we’re going to have a New Moon New Starts new beginnings.

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:28
So today Monday was Sunday.

Georgia Stathis 8:29
Okay, right. Okay. Yeah, yeah, the New Moon is going to be I think I had it written down here somewhere at nine degrees of Gemini, I think. Yeah, on Monday. And that’s if you if you use fixed stars and some people use them and some people don’t and and by the way as a side note in terms of education the more traditional way to work with fixed stars is to look at the conjunctions not the squares and the opposition’s only kids really look at the conjunctions Yeah, so So you know, if we had say Saturday at nine degrees Gemini on the New Moon that would be quite significant, but it is I have the bull Aldeburgh on nine degrees. Gemini is very close to the eye of the role to read. I have the role. And we’ve been having obviously these eclipses in Taurus north node going through Taurus because the nodes, the lunar nodes follow the eclipses South Node in Scorpio, and we’ve been having Uranus kind of hanging around that north node, you know, and we will be having a lot of connections with that this summer. And was but thank God we’ve got Saturn squaring Eclipse points, because if we didn’t have that, it’d be even more chaos now. That’s what I think.

I think Saturn is asked acting like, like the seesaw or the teeter teeter totter in the school playground, right? The little fulcrum that you have to balance on and that’s I think Saturn is acting like right now with its stationing to go retrograde in the next few weeks. And for all of us listening you listening to the podcast look to see where Saturn is retrograding in your chart, and also always when you do a chart, look at the house that Saturn rules, because that house will have some rethinking going on as well. Yeah, people often just look at the house in which a planet is going retrograde that I always include the houses that it rules, because that will give you more three dimensional reading of your own personal horoscope. Okay, so where it’s going retrograde matters and then also look at the house the Saturn rules in your chance.

Yeah, and I’m not going to say whether you should use Capricorn for Saturn and Aquarius for Saturn. That’s up to you. Okay, I’m not telling you the house system to use. That’s up to you. Everybody has their own system, right? But always pay attention whenever even when Mercury is retrograde. What house is it happening in? And what houses does it rule because those houses will have delays as well and that’s kind of like doing Star Trek. Astrology you know, three dimensional astrology three dimensional chess, right? Okay. So now the other piece that I find quite exciting, although it’s not going to be as easy as sometimes is, but it will be quite exciting is that we’re going to have in the next few days, a Jupiter Mars conjunction. You Jupiter is good fortune. And Mars is motivation. And it’s about two or three degrees Aries, which is not exactly on the zero Aries point, but it’s pretty damn close. Okay. And so one of the things about Jupiter Mars is it happens about every couple of years. And what it is, is the beginning of a brand new motivation cycle in that area of your chart, and if you if you have a lot of times I was telling my students, if you have a lot of time and nothing else to do, you could go back over the last every two years, two years, two years look to see where Jupiter was conjoining Mars in your chart, and in the houses that those planets rule. Can’t forget the houses those planets rule and see what motivated you for two years. And I should have looked at the last Jupiter Mars conjunction and I apologize. I should have looked that up before we were speaking today. But I didn’t. But the one that’s coming up next week is around two to three degrees of Aries as I recall. And, and actually, I mean, I’m on the East Coast right now you folks are in Hawaii. I mean, I did look at the East Coast chart, of course, I use the coke system. But I did look at the East Coast chart. And then the coke system is happening in terms of a larger picture on the east coast in the 10th house. So there could be a lot of new news about jobs. You know, a lot of news about spending because Jupiter Mars can also spend a lot. No. And the interesting thing is if we’re not there quite yet, we’ve got what a couple more days to go. Or maybe it’s happening as we’re sitting here speaking I think Jupiter Mars is was Sunday. Okay, yesterday. In the days before, usually there’s a what’s the word we use? It’s a wreck. It’s a reckoning, you’ll see a reckoning of your finances lots of times, you know, especially with mercury stationing to go direct. What am I spending money on? And what am I not spending money on? Maybe I need to do a budget and if anybody listening to this podcast would like for me to send them a free, no charge. It’s an Excel spreadsheet that automatically will change when you put a number in it. It’ll change your income and it will change your outgo. And I use it with my kids all the time. While the science Yeah. And if anybody wants that they can contact me and I’ll send it to them in an email. It’s an old Excel spreadsheet, but it works great.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:38
Giorgia, you’re you know, you’re gonna get a lot of emails. Are you okay with that?

Georgia Stathis 13:42
Okay, what I can also I can also have a I can also have me put on our website is store cycles.com. I can do that, too. She does that for me,

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:51
I think. Or else your inbox is going to be flooded. It probably

Georgia Stathis 13:54
will be That’s true. You’re so good. Amanda, you know, you’re very good that way. I just busy with information. I don’t think about all these.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:02
Yes, I’m hearing you say this. I’m like, Are you sure, Georgia.

Georgia Stathis 14:08
I’ll get off today. And I’ll tell Amy to put a little notice at the top that this is you know, hit go quick. And you can get it for free.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:15
Perfect. And we’ll put that link in the show notes, everybody. So just check the show notes for the link if you do want this Excel spreadsheet. Yes.

Georgia Stathis 14:22
Okay. Thanks. Yeah. And I think that’s what people do is because Mars has to do about motivation it has to do about spending. Okay. And actually, if you look at the US chart again, if we’re looking at just US chart, it is happening right. At the I see in the US horoscope and there’s a lot of debates now, about Well, first of all, we see money, you know, Jupiter can be overindulgent, too. So the rates are going up. The rates go up and people don’t know this. Yeah, they’ll keep going up. And what people don’t understand is when the rates go up, the market goes down, right? It’s not like it’s all sudden happen. When they raise the interest rates, they the market goes down. However, however, if one is a savvy investor you buy when the market is down, right? You don’t buy when the market is. Right. And I think that I think a lot of people will be ordering a lot of things for like doing remodels or anything like that now because Mars is manufacturing. And so Jupiter with Mars could be there could be more manufacturing coming up. But it also could mean that if, say you’re doing a remodel on property, or remodel on a room, or you know, getting a new desk for your office or computer might be a really good idea to think about doing it in the next few weeks. Because Jupiter to Mars could also be especially in Aries prices going up again.

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:47
Ah, okay. All right. So any big purchases

Georgia Stathis 15:52
that as Mercury’s going direct right at trine? Okay?

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:56
Okay, interesting. Yeah, I

Georgia Stathis 15:58
think that’s, that’s very, I think it’s one of those useful things, you know, using looking at Jupiter, Mars, but I also think a Jupiter Mars in Aries is about, if we just look at it without looking at it at any chart at all. It’s about a first house energy. It’s about people, being more courageous to speak up and speak out. take calculated risks, not stupid risks, calculated risks, where you think about, okay, if I take a risk, what’s going to be plan B, plan C, to think about consequences of the risks, but still to take risks. I do feel this is what I really feel in my heart in the next six months, especially with this gun stuff. I think we’re going to see some very angry people maybe making climate change changes with it. That’s what I feel, wait, angry people doing angry Americans saying that’s enough and doing it at the voting booths? That’s what I think is coming because Americans have had it, you know. And I mean, not to get political, but I know I’m last week, you know, they were having the Houston conference, supposedly, at least when we’re recording this end NRA conference and bad timing is my view of that particular conference. It was bad timing, but that’s their choice. But the Jupiter Mars, it’s also good for energy for taking a new exercise program. But make sure you can do that exercise. No, you know, because the younger version of Mars and Aries is, oh, I think I can do bungee jumping and I’m at four years old and oh my god, I just broke my back. You don’t want to do that. Right? Okay. You want to kind of get an assessment, but I do think Jupiter Mars in Aries is great for you know, getting back into the exercise program that you let that you let slack while Jupiter was in Pisces. These last six months, you know, yeah. And the other piece of this is since Jupiter will be conjoining Mars at around two to three degrees or is conjoining Mars two to three degrees of Aries. We have to remember a couple of things here. Jupiter is only going to be an Aries for a few months. It’s going to only go to about eight degrees and it you know it Retrogrades back to Pisces on October 27. But it starts stationing at eight Aries on July 28. So you could try to start something now and don’t be frustrated if you can’t start the whole thing. Now. You know, this could be a scouting Mars is about scouting. Okay, this could be a scouting expedition for you folks. You know, like I do want to redo my house, you know, okay, these are the things we’re gonna get this in order. Maybe I should wait on some stuff because at the end of the year when Jupiter returns to Aries and goes over that two to three degree degree because that’s the thing about Horoscopes. They never died. This Jupiter Mars conjunction is going to be stuck in time now. So it’s going to have another Jupiter return in the next few months. So if you can’t start everything now you can get it going at the end of the year when Jupiter goes back to Aries you know Jupiter enters Aries when December 20. It goes back to Aries. So

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:18
catching waves, it’s just

Georgia Stathis 19:20
it’s what it is. It’s just like it’s like a continual wave. You know? You can’t necessarily get everything done now. I mean the Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, actually the last degrees of Aquarius which is in the last 10 degrees the last definite of Aquarius which is Aquarius Gemini libre, it’s the libre deck and then we’re Saturn’s retrograding. So it also could be in the next few months people are really looking at their primary relationships.

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:54
And like valuating Yeah,

Georgia Stathis 19:56
I think that’s definitely a reevaluation because the Jupiter Mars will be two is two to three degrees of Aries and Jupiter will continue. But one of the things I mentioned earlier in the podcast is the chyron is also in middle degrees of Aries right now. So you know, looking at the truth and relationships, and the selfishness each of us have in the relationship and how that plays a part in a relationship not working. I think that’s a key thing to know and to maybe learn to listen more than speak. Because that Mars in Aries energy doesn’t always listen. And by not listening, especially as it’s moving further into areas in the next few weeks and goes over Chiron that could that could What’s the word for this back? backfire on you? So you know, when somebody’s trying to talk to you about something they’re feeling or what they need to do, even though it upsets you, because Jupiter, Mars can be also a lot of anger to take a moment say, Let me think about it. That’s a good use of Mars is let me take a moment and think about that, then you don’t get into the confrontation. Both parties know what’s on the table. And then you come back and you discuss it a little bit later, maybe when mercury gets back to its shadow position at for Gemini, 51 minutes of June 19. New Moons are great. This New Moon is going to be as I meant isn’t nine degrees of Gemini. So where is that happening in your horoscope? I mean, if it’s happening, if you’re an Aries rising, it’s in your third house, which means maybe it’s time to think about a licensing course of correspondence course. A short trip. If you’re I’m doing this off spitballing and off the top of my head. If you’re a library rising, it’s happening probably around your ninth house, which is do I want to write that book? Do I want to finish that letter to my congressperson? You know, if you’re a Pisces rising, it’s happening probably in your fourth house? Do I want to do something from my home? New Moon planting the seed? Do I want to do something from my home? Do I want to fix my library? Do I want to get shells from my books? You know, that’s how you use the New Moon in Gemini. And it also can sometimes bring new information that you’ve been waiting for.

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:28
Ga you know what’s going to happen now? What’s in all the ones that you didn’t say are gonna go? What about me?

Georgia Stathis 22:36
Okay, well, I can go through it pretty quick.

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:38
Yeah, let’s do.

Georgia Stathis 22:39
Yeah. And I’m old. I’m an old astrologer. So you have to be very patient. If I screw up your your young astrologer and you correct me, okay. So just in general, a Taurus rising, it would be happening the New Moon in their second house, what’s the second house? It’s the house of how we spend our money. It’s the house of our cash flow. It’s the house of our value system. It’s also the house of our hidden skills and talents that we need to dust off. And try again. Something that works with the hands because it’s Gemini ruled by Mercury, which is the hands, okay. Gemini rising, of course, it would be in the first house, it would be close to the first house which would suggest Yeah, maybe an exercise program where your lungs, get some workouts is a good idea. First, check your lungs before you do that, and then do some exercise where you work with your lungs. Okay, cancer rising, it would be happening in the 12th house or a cancer Sun if you want to use a solar chart. And the 12th house you know, everybody hates the 12th house. I’m a Pisces, I love the 12th house. The 12th house is the house of research. And in the Vedic system, it’s the house of conception of new ideas. Mm hmm. I feel that it’s the engine that runs the heart whole chart because it’s your unconscious mind. And so the good thing about the New Moon in the 12th house is what where am I keep where do I keep shooting myself in the foot? And how can I change that and the intelligence of Gemini can problem solve it for you? Leo rising it would be in your 11th house. Okay, what new friends do I want to make? What new organizations do I want to join? And frankly, which friends do I need to let go of? You know, what are my goals for the next year because we won’t have another New Moon in Gemini until another year goes by? What are the goals for the next year? And again, remember this is the sun in the moon it’s a New Moon so the sun rules Leo Where’s Leo in the chart? Moon rules cancer Where’s canceling the chart? So when you ever do a New Moon, you look at the house that the sun rules and the moon rules and it gives you even more information. So then we have Virgo rising where is that happening? 10th House career bosses authority figures. What do I want to be when I grow up? You No, sometimes it has to do with a parent, you know something new information about a parent or a new information on being a parent. Possibly a new opportunity for a professional opportunity. Okay, that would be Gemini cancer Leo Virgo libre, we did. Scorpio we did not, of course, you know, the Scorpios and the Taurus risings are having these eclipses. So right up front, for both of you guys, there’s a lot of relationship awakenings happening. But if you look at just the New Moon with Scorpio rising, that’s going to be in your eighth house. And the eighth house is happening by sharing by working with other people’s resources, you thereby gain your own. It is the support you receive from other people. It’s philanthropy. It’s about getting your point your will and your estate in order you know, a lot of people don’t do that. And they should even when they’re young. It’s about reviewing your if you have assets that are frozen, like you know, your mortgages or your you know, the loans that are out, how can you fix that? Because Gemini is a problem solver. Okay, that’s Scorpio rising, Sagittarius rising percentages love to be free United States has sad rising is happening on the seventh house of long term partnerships, both professional and personal opportunity to meet new people that can become close to you over a long period of time. Some problem solving issues that you might need to resolve with your partner. You know, maybe talking to them, and maybe learning how they’re you know, it’s an interesting thing NLP consent LP? Yeah, I studied it when I was selling real estate. And the thing that I learned from that is that not everybody hears what we say. Sometimes you have to write it down a list. I mean, I have a couple of kids like that, you know, you have to give a list and they get it. You can’t tell them, right? You put the list down. Sometimes it’s a visual person. Sometimes they’re an auditory person. Sometimes they’re a kinesthetic person. And that’s part of that New Moon in Gemini in the seventh house, how does your partner really communicate? And if there are communication problems, maybe your style is different, and maybe you need to learn with each other style is

that sad, rising, Capricorn rising goes into the sixth house, which Americans I know find it very boring, the sixth house, but the sixth house is so important, because the sixth house is the small intestine of our life. It’s this, it’s where we sort through what’s worth keeping, and what’s not worth keeping. It’s the closets. It’s the kitchen cabinets, it’s our files, it’s our databases, you know, and it’s the sixth house is so important because if you sort when the New Moon is in the sixth house, you’re gonna have a New Moon in the 10th house and a few months. The sorting that you do when the New Moon is in the sixth house is a direct result of the success you have when the New Moon hits in the 10th house a few months later, and that’s happening. For the Cappy risings, the Capricorn rising sorry. Then there’s the Aquarius risings or Aquarius, if you want to use that too. And that’s happening in the fifth house of you know, everybody says love affairs, children gambling on love, because that’s what the Fifth house is, it’s about taking a gamble. It’s also the house of portfolio and stock portfolio management. It’s also the house and has a lot to do with workshops, classes, believe it or not, it does have a lot to do with workshops, conventions, where you learn things and have fun. Excuse me, it’s also babies of our mind, as well as babies of our body. Just because you don’t have babies of your body doesn’t mean that you can’t create a baby of your mind. And the New Moon in the fifth house is about creating a baby of your mind or at least sitting on some eggs. Okay, so that was Aquarius rising we talked about Pisces rising your home your family fixing things up in the fourth house. Aries so we talked. Yes, Gemini third house. Licensing. I think we went through

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:14
everybody. We did. That’s amazing. Thank you. That was such a bonus. Everyone loves when we do that. So thank you for doing that.

Georgia Stathis 29:20
Well, I’m glad to do it. I mean, it’s good for my brain because it’s old.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:27
You guys before we went live, she said you can just introduce me as a really old astrologer and I’m like, oh my god, Georgia. And you don’t you look so young. So it’s in you’re so young in spirit.

Georgia Stathis 29:43
I want to live another 40 years healthy. I really do. I think Georgia I really want to be on the list. You have to make a list folks. That’s a good thing that the New Moon in Gemini make a list. If your bucket list is getting a little short, especially for those of you who are over 70 and 75 like I am, then you need to start adding a few more things. Perfect those, those lists shouldn’t get shorter than free. No, and it’s Oh, you got to keep adding to that list. And it’s

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:11
never too late to be curious about new things, right? There’s so many new things to try.

Georgia Stathis 30:17
And so many new things coming especially with the Jupiter Mars conjunction, especially as Jupiter goes over Chiron in the next year because Chiron you know, I call it a hybrid planet because Chiron is the bridge between Saturn, which is super traditional, and Uranus is totally out of the box and wacko. Right. So Chiron is the bridge between two industries, taking an old version of an industry and a new version of an industry and with Jupiter going over Chiron. Just having hit Mars in this next year. here’s going to be all kinds of new industries coming in. So even though a lot of jobs are going away, and industries are going away, they’re making room for the new stuff that’s coming in.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:57
I love that. So that’s important

Georgia Stathis 30:59
for people to know.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:01
Yes, very important. Okay, so we did the New Moon. We did Mercury going direct. We did Saturn stationing to go retrograde. We talked about Chiron and Aries at the middle degrees. We talked about the Jupiter Mars conjunction, we talked about the New Moon. stuff we talked about. Your incredible. So if given all that, what would you say of all those transits is the most important one. And if we take that, can we can we do a theme based on that?

Georgia Stathis 31:38
Yeah, I would say the most important one is Jupiter Mars conjunction because that’s rare. That happens every two years. And with the New Moon in Gemini at a sextile. And sextile is a combination of one’s ability and opportunities. Hmm. That’s definitely. So the key thing for you folks, this week, if you’re reading this or listening to this is, hey, you know, Mars, listen to potential opportunity. Ask for help. If you get an idea, within like 24 to 48 hours, make a phone call about it if you use phones, or go look it up on the internet or do something because there’s a lot of information coming in. That just needs a little fire lit underneath it with the Jupiter Mars. And especially with mercury stationing to go direct this week. It could be that, you know, there’s what is it a thing called synchronicity, right. Like the discussion we had a little earlier today. Is that your thing? You the viewer is thinking you’ve been wanting to do something but you you know, you’re still stuck in a way. But there’s somebody over here that you don’t know anything about that wants to do something that’s similar, and that if you to or to collaborate or at least talk to each other, there’d be a solution. Oh, yes. And that’s the theme of the week. And once you come to that, come together with that person, the Saturn retrograde is about Okay, now let’s make a plan. Brilliant.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:18
Okay. I’m going to attempt to summarize some of the main points that you made, so forth. Okay. And I actually have a few questions. So you will actually before I do the summary, so you said on June 3, Mercury is going direct at 26 degrees Taurus, and that it’s going to trine Pluto and that all the Mercury’s moving direct this year are trying Pluto. Yes, they are. And this is you said this is opportunity. So this is you know, if you’ve been trying to get a person to show up and they haven’t been showing up that maybe now they will, that there’s something you’ve been wanting to sell or you know, there’s what other things does mercury direct training Pluto? What other opportunities does it create? Well,

Georgia Stathis 34:02
honestly, it’s it’s since Pluto is the natural ruler of the eighth house, which is your savings, you know, your budgets, your income agenda, Robert Jansky said the eighth house is the house of income. And I do agree with him on that. That a Mercury trine Pluto would be about having opportunities to get those financial things that are really hanging over your head that are making you frozen in fear to get them resolved. And a Mercury trine Pluto to to have the freedom to release things that no longer work for you. I think that’s extremely important. You know, I said this to somebody recently I did actually reading for a friend of mine and you know, Uranus has a very bad reputation of being very chaotic and very unpredictable and very explosive. You know, we know all the definitions. But Uranus doesn’t do that. If we’re willing to let go, yes, Uranus can be magical. It can be like if you say, Okay, I’m done with this. Suddenly something shows up magically. But when you’re holding on to stuff, stuff will stuff or things or relationships or jobs or income ascent, whatever it is created. You’re doing it because of fear which is Saturn. That’s when you want to start tacking up so the mercury training Pluto, you know, Mercury is an idea. Mercury is about problem solving training Pluto, which rules the eighth house? How can that work? Or maybe even giving some for those people don’t give any of their time to any sort of community thing. That’s another way to use Mercury trine Pluto this year, Mercury stationing direct trine Pluto, how can I help someone in my community without expecting anything back? That’ll shift the energy around a whole lot. You know, it’s great. In many ways, it’s very alchemical in many ways, you know, and I think that’s the way we can use mercury direct in earth signs. Trying Pluto this year, you know, Mercury will go direct. I think it’s Virgo. In October, it’s going direct in Taurus now. And it went direct at 24 Capricorn on February 3 On Pluto. So you know, every single time it’s trying Pluto, you know, and this is a window of opportunity. We don’t see that happening very often. And you know, if you think in terms of mercury ruling, the sign of virgo in the natural zodiac, that’s the sixth house in the natural Zodiac systems, the methods, your employees, your medical stuff. Mercury trine Pluto fight, find out okay, why does my back hurt for God’s sake, you know, why am I having to gestion problems sixth house, right? What is it about my diet or the food I’m eating? That’s creating inflammation, you know, those kinds of things. That’s a Mercury direct Earth, especially Virgo in the fall, trying Pluto. Because we gotta be healthy.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:13
Right? Yeah. So we can have our third act as you’d like to call third and fourth. Yeah. Exactly. Okay, that Georgia calls the next phase of her life, the fourth act. And so as love ever since you said that on a podcast episode, that probably that first one we did. I feel like I love the idea of that, like having a plan for your fourth act. That’s like totally different than everything you’ve been doing the rest of your life. It’s so fun. Yeah. Okay, so here we go. We have also this mercury direct is activating the Eclipse points.

Georgia Stathis 37:48
Yes, it is bringing somebody or information. Yeah. Didn’t have last month. That’s fascinating. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Because it is at the degrees of that the moon in the sun when the sun was there. And actually, it’s also the same degrees as the eclipse that we had last November. Oh, okay. Yeah, because last year, November 19, we had a partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 tours. Okay, you know, the charts never die. They just stay around in the sky. So that was November 19 of last year, and the one we had in May was May 15, both the 25 to 27 Scorpio Taurus. That’s where this mercury is stationing to go direct. And actually, if you think about it, in October, when Mercury goes direct, it’ll be training or sextiling. Those eclipses Okay, somebody there’s information. There’s somebody coming in little allies in the underworld.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:45
Wow, I love that. And I love how you brought up that mercury is Hermes, the one who can go into the underworld and not get hurt. Right. And so that there could be some allies, there could be some guides that are coming. Absolutely, with the themes that have come up around this eclipse, this eclipse and then like you said, the one in November okay, we also have Saturn retrograde, which is a good time for us to get things done. Right. Not been able to get done while Saturn has been direct. Right.

Georgia Stathis 39:16
Exactly. You said

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:18
that the Chiron in Aries. The there’s a wounding that’s that’s activated and that there are some sacrifices that are required and coming to help us heal whatever that wounding is, if we choose to see it that way.

Georgia Stathis 39:34
I think it’s a sacrifice of our egos. Hmm. You know, I mean, if you really think about everything that’s happening in the world, it’s really all about ego. And Jupiter Mars with Jupiter eventually coming up to Chiron and Chiron hitting the US chart right on the beam. I mean, if you interest if you look back in 71 and 72 and 73 Chiron was in the same place it is now. Right versus Wade by the way not to get political but Roe versus Wade was nine is right when Chiron in 1970, early 72 to 73 January 15 73. Chiron was at 14 areas where it is right now.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:14
Wow, God, you you can’t make this stuff up. It’s so precise. It’s amazing

Georgia Stathis 40:20
that make this stuff up. And it was opposite it was opposite Saturn in the US chart which is government, huh? You know, so you can’t make this stuff up.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:31
Wow, amazing. Okay, so we have a look at the house that Saturn rules in your chart. Also Where is Saturn going retrograde? Look at it in art. Yeah, that’ll give you information about the area of life that you may have some more energy to move forward now. Right? Yeah. And get things done in that Jupiter Mars conjunction? You’re saying this is the beginning of a brand new motivation?

Georgia Stathis 40:56
Motivation cycle. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:58
So if you want to see if you want to get geeky, Astro, geeky, you can look back and see what what was your big motivation the last two years? And then you can, like, start to think about what is the motivation cycle for the next two years?

Georgia Stathis 41:13
Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of a fun. It’s actually a great exercise for class. You know, let’s go look to see what you because it happens every two years. I mean, you’re gonna live at least two years, right? So Jupiter, Mars, you can go back five cycles and say, Okay, where was it in my chart? What was going on in terms of motivation? What’s next to remind, but this one’s an Aries? You know, it’s the beginning. Mars is in its own sign, you know? Yeah. And Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, which is the 12th House of Mars, which is intuition. Okay, your gut, you know, the gut. And Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, which is the natural ninth house, which is our philosophy. What do you really believe? And are you willing to be courageous about that belief in a calculated, intelligent, nonreactive way?

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:04
You know, I was just on with Barbara hand cloud. I told you, I had a call with her today. And she said there was a spiritual teacher at one point in her path. That said, they were talking about reaction versus responding. And the teachers idea was how quickly can you go from Oh, wow. To Oh, well, like, Oh, wow. Oh, well, that’s, and if there’s a huge gap between Oh, wow. And oh, well, there’s something in there that needs to be processed. There’s like something that

Georgia Stathis 42:42
isn’t a grants. That’s perfect. That’s yeah, that’s a great lesson for Jupiter, Mars.

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:47
Yes. So that like, oh, my gosh, you get, you know, all emotionally reactive and then just okay. Like, now what? Right? Yes. Okay,

Georgia Stathis 42:56
because that opens the space, right for discussion.

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:59
It opens the space for discussion and opens a space for solutions, right, that are not based from that reactivity place. So she said that I was like, Oh, I love that so much. All right. So you also said that we could get some news about jobs and spending, that this is a time of a reckoning with your finances. I love what you said just a few minutes ago about the things in your financial situation that you’re afraid of, and that you feel around everybody. Yeah, but everybody could scan their financial reality be like, Oh, my God, whenever I think about this, I get frozen. So you’re saying those are the kinds of things to put energy towards right now.

Georgia Stathis 43:37
And I think in addition to that comment is to be brave, to share what your financial situation is, you know, people who are very afraid or hiding something because they’re embarrassed. Hmm. You know, they have a high credit card debt. You know, they say that $50 are paying a month, which sounds good, but they owe 20,000. Right? Right. You know, so, so not being brave enough with people that you intuitively know you can trust, to tell them. I need some help and figuring out how to do this and then having the gumption if you will. That’s a great word gumption to, you know, do the pain first before you do the plaza. You know, you know, there’s an old saying Dave Graham, he was a motivational speaker used to say, if you have a choice between pleasure and pain, do the pain first. And pleasure is a true reward.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:31
I love it. I love it. It also reminds me of Saturn’s lessons so many times where is it? Discipline is the freedom like yes, you have a discipline thing so that you can have the freedom you know, I think about that our bodies a lot, right? Like, do the discipline thing. Take care of your body so you can dance so you can play so you can enjoy your body. Right? Exactly. Okay. You made a great list you said and this is for the Jupiter Mars conjunction you said you be more courageous, make calculated risks speak up, and a great time to start a new exercise program. And that also, if there are big purchases that you need to make that are dependent on manufacturing, things that are actually physical things that need to be manufacture, might want to do the next two weeks.

Georgia Stathis 45:22
So yeah, might be a good idea. Because there’s a lot of sales as Mercury’s going direct, they’re getting ready at the end of the summer. And there’s a lot of talk now with the market and stuff. I mean, I’m, I’m actually remodeling another property here in Florida, and I just decided to order the cabinets now. Because I am concerned that in three months, the prices will be more,

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:45
it’s probably a very safe concern, actually, yes, because

Georgia Stathis 45:49
I don’t think I don’t think that our costs are going to go down right away. I think he’s going to continue with this inflation. And, and then people will be buying less, which would be a nice change. You know, the negative thing about Jupiter Mars is sometimes people spend too much, you know, impulsively, or and that’s another thing is, you know, maybe part of the review of mercury going direct trine Pluto, is to look at, you know, how much you use credit cards for people, because the truth of credit cards, I like credit cards, I pay mine off every month, but you do spend 33 And a third percent more of what you make using credit cards, at least 33 And a third percent more, because it’s not real, you know? Right. So if you watch the young people in Starbucks, you know, when you see them buying, you know, $6 on their ATM credit card thing, okay? Well, at the end of the month, there’s a bill.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:46
I know, that’s why sometimes the old school kind of like envelope budgeting, where you have an envelope with a certain amount of cash that’s dedicated to each area of life. I mean, it’s not always practical, because we pay so many of our bills online and stuff. But I’m implementing things like that with my children. I do that cultivate some good. You know how to become familiar with the idea of

Georgia Stathis 47:09
cash, you know, because I know we’re almost out of time. But there’s a very funny story. When I was in California, I was coming back from PT. And I stopped at a Starbucks to get coffee or something. And there was a big line and was in the morning, and her cash registers went down. And this is young, lovely woman, probably about 20 to 23. And she’s panicked. Because the cash registers are gone down and she can’t take digital cards. Right. Right. And so there’s this big line and the front of the line. I said to her simply said, Will you take cash? And she was so relieved when I said that. She said, oh, oh, cash. Yeah, cash works. That’s a great idea. You know, and everybody was standing there was a dollars, right? And then at the end of it, she said the most beautiful thing to me. She I said, Well, you know, I said the Global Positioning System is like 65 years old if it goes down caches problem. And she said, I have to thank you. This has been one of my biggest life lessons. Wow. You said that to me. Wow. Amazing. It was so weird to just take cash. Oh, yeah. Cash works. That’s great. I can do that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:14
Oh, good. Well, it should probably walk around with lots of cash now. And we should

Georgia Stathis 48:18
maybe it’s a good idea for people you know, maybe you have a cash envelope to play with it. You know, people are shocked when you have cash. And actually, you can get better deals with cash. You can

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:27
get better deals with cash, you can definitely ask ask people that are doing especially service on your home and things like that. So I see if I paid cash,

Georgia Stathis 48:36
and they’ll say Oh, well, okay. Yeah, that’s Jupiter, Mars. With Mercury, New Moon, Gemini and Mercury going direct. Perfect week to do that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:46
Oh my gosh, love it. Okay, you’re so practical. Okay. You said also with that with the Saturn retrograde in Libra. I love how you say libre,

Georgia Stathis 48:54
the Deccan in the Libra

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:57
Deccan. That’s our primary relationships are on the highlights are reevaluating the truth in the relationship. How selfishness plays a role in it not working. Absolutely. And you also advise to listen more than we speak. Okay, and the New Moon planting the seed you went through all the signs or all the risings which is amazing. And let me see if I have anything else. Listen for potential opportunities. Listen for potential opportunities, ask for help. Act on ideas within 24 to 48 hours of the idea a little bit fire so give it a little bit of action. Situations are available and make a plan. Love it.

Georgia Stathis 49:50
You’re very good at putting things in the list.

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:52
Well, yes, I don’t know. I love that about you. Is that the Capricorn Mercury like to me it like it comes through in this linear thing. And then certain things are bolded. And that’s, it’s very good.

Georgia Stathis 50:04
It’s a great way to work with you. I love working with you because of that, okay? I mean, you make a list, I have a son that has Capricorn rising late degrees, he’s the same way we work together. He says, This has to be a list, I cannot do everything you’re saying has to be a list, right?

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:21
Well, it’s a good complement to the Pisces because the Pisces can be like all flowy all over, which is great, because then it’s somebody has to make a list, right? Everybody, thank you so much for thank

Georgia Stathis 50:36
you everybody for being annoyed this discussion as

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:39
much as we did. And I hope that we get to see you all very soon, Georgia, I really hope we get to see you soon. We have lots of little conspiring plans happening behind the scenes, you guys. So hopefully, you will all get to see more of Georgia as well. And I wanted to just remind you about the free report that we have at astrology hub.com. It’s a free sun, moon and rising report. And check that out, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s astrology hub.com/free report, we also have our free Solstice panel coming up. So this is going to be a forecast panel where we’re going to be looking at the astrology for the rest of the year. And we’ll have six astrologers on giving you a read for the biggest astrological moments that will bring us through the end of 2022. And of course, we’ll peer into 2023. So we’d love to have you join us for that. I actually don’t have that link handy. We will put that in the show notes if you’d like to join. That is a free offering from us as well. Georgia, anything else that you want to mention before we leave?

Georgia Stathis 51:50
Well, Happy Memorial Day to everybody. I mean, it already happened, I guess because today is Memorial Day, right? Yes. Yeah. Because if you’re celebrating that and happy, happy summer, you know, there’s lots of new things I think showing up this summer and I think we’re moving through some really positive exciting times, even though it doesn’t feel like it. I think we are

Amanda Pua Walsh 52:10
I love that we can depend on you for that. I remember you saying things like that in 2020 when the world was hard. And you brought in such an uplifting perspective of like, yes, that is happening. And here’s where the opportunities are. So thank you

Georgia Stathis 52:26
always opportunities. Yeah, always opportunities. Okay. Thank you have a good time back home.

Amanda Pua Walsh 52:32
All right. Take care, everybody.