Mars, Uranus and Mercury — Oh My!

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Things are moving forward now!

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Wendy Stacy and Amanda β€˜Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

πŸŒ‘ Why Wendy Stacy thinks this week’s forward-moving energy might be unpredictable.
πŸŒ’ The potential impacts of this week’s astrology on your finances and what Wendy recommends to do about it.
πŸŒ“ When to expect a “reboot” energy this week that will support you in taking brave leaps.

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0:00 Intro

1:30 Theme & Energy of the Week

8:25 Daily Breakdown

31:54 Wendy’s Mastery Class

32:42 Synastry & Composite Charts

37:05 Recap

38:19 Closing

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[00:00:00] Wendy Stacey: take the leap. Once you do it, you know you’ll never look back. You will not regret it, but you will regret not taking the leap. you know, it is about being brave and all those inhibitions that one carries and everyone does carry their own and everyone’s is different than others, whether you want to look at them or not, just know they’re there and that’s what stops. From taking and you have to do it.


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[00:00:42] Amanda Walsh: All right everybody. Welcome today we are going to be taking a look at the week ahead and diving into why Wendy, Stacy says that this is a week we’re gonna need to buckle up for. For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome. You have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that’s happening here every week.

[00:01:03] So if you’re new to the channel, subscribe now and hit that notification bell and dive into all the videos that we have here. For now what we’re doing is we’re take, we’re talking about the astrology for the week of January 23rd to the 29th with contemporary astrologer and future inner circle astrologer guide.

[00:01:23] Wendy, Stacy and I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy at a conference earlier in 2022, and she is amazing. I loved her talk. Wendy, welcome. We’re so happy that you’re here.

[00:01:37] Wendy Stacey: Thank you. Thank you for having me. It’s great to be here. Thank you.

Theme & Energy of the Week

[00:01:41] Amanda Walsh: All right, so Wendy, if you just, we’re gonna start with that theme.

[00:01:46] Why are you saying that this is a week or we have to buckle

[00:01:49] Wendy Stacey: up? Okay. Well, there’s a lot of reasons, that are echoed during this, particular week.

[00:01:56] One, it starts on the 23rd with a stallion in Aquarius, war by Uranus. And then later in the week on the 26th, we have a stallion in Aries. Now the thing we’ve just gone direct, Uranus went direct on, on the 22nd, so yesterday, so it’s now speeding up and going forward.

[00:02:16] Now also Mars, which is ruling that stadium in Aries Mars, is also coming out of its shadow of a very long retrogradation. It’s still going slow, but it’s out of bounds. So it’s maverick. So when you’ve got a Uranus going direct and Mars going direct, Mars being out of bounds, it can be a little bit crazy.

[00:02:37] Unpredictable things speed up. You’ve also got mercury coming, you know, out of its shadow as well, which doesn’t come out of its shadow till, 6th of February. So you’ve got all these things that are speeding up, getting ready to go. So it is a little bit crazy, but it’s also very bit very exciting.

[00:02:56] And yeah, lots of.

[00:03:00] Wendy, would you,

[00:03:01] Amanda Walsh: you just said that it’s, it’s unpredictable, which is really interesting because I haven’t actually thought of that. So like yet about, Forward moving energy. So do you feel like some of the forward movement is gonna be things that we weren’t anticipating, that we weren’t expecting, that we haven’t really been like laying the foundation for that there could be some curve balls thrown at us and kind of like big surprise

[00:03:25] Wendy Stacey: moments?

[00:03:26] Absolutely. Surprise is key curve balls if things come left field. So, We do get surprised. It’s, it’s not a, it’s certainly not a negative and, and it’s not even challenging. It’s actually exciting. Mm-hmm. But it’s just not what we expect. So, yeah. It’s, it’s fun Yeah. We’ve been

[00:03:44] Amanda Walsh: using the analogy on this show recently about kind of like when you’re going up and up and up on a rollercoaster and you hit that top and then you’re about to drop it Sounds like that.

[00:03:55] And then maybe the drop , the drop and the twist and the turns and the upside down and all.

[00:04:00] Wendy Stacey: Yeah, it’s the drop and it’s a sort of a courageous, sort of brave moment. So, you know, it’d be interesting, you know, what movies come out then and things like that. So we’re all gonna be engaged with that sort of energy at some, at some level.

[00:04:15] Being at a work at home life. Relationships, whatever. But yeah, it’s best just to make the most of it. Have some fun. Yeah. Make the most

[00:04:22] Amanda Walsh: of it. So would you, we, we’ve also been talking about how we basically have this 88 day period of all planets direct and that this is like, I, I often use the surfing analogy and so this is basically like a huge swell is coming in, but it’s, it’s gonna be fun surfing and it’s gonna be the kind that you don’t wanna.

[00:04:42] Because it, it doesn’t always happen this way. So are you seeing that too? Like this is a, this is a window of time where we have a really, we have like the wind in our sails to move

[00:04:54] Wendy Stacey: things forward. Absolutely. And what a, what a beautiful analogy, because during this whole period as well, Neptune is unaffected in the sky.

[00:05:04] So using the metaphors of the ocean and the waves and surfing is absolutely, cuz that is the ultimate backdrop to all of these things going on. So it is, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We are riding the waves. You know, you may fall off, but just get back up again. , you know, it’s not gonna be dire. Yo.

[00:05:21] Amanda Walsh: Love it, love it.

[00:05:22] And Wendy, are you, have you been anticipating this moment, like in your own life, have you been anticipating this direction?

[00:05:29] Wendy Stacey: I have because Mars went, stationary, retrograde on my ic, so there’s been a lot of things in the house that just can’t quite get finished. I’ll have to wait till March

[00:05:40] Amanda Walsh: Exactly. Okay. And actually, can you speak about that just for a second, since we’re, we’re sort of looking at this week, but in the context of a, of a bigger cycle, why do you say March?

[00:05:52] Wendy Stacey: Because, well, Mars went retrograde, 29th of October and it went retrograde at 25 Gemini. Then, you know, it’s been, seems to have been in there forever.

[00:06:01] It’s then gone direct on the 12th of January, but it doesn’t come back. , to that 25 , 25 degrees of Gemini until that 14th of March. It’s a long time to be an assign for Mars. So, you know, lots of Gemini stuff, but even just Mars being, still in that shadow sort of as.

[00:06:22] Halt things getting sorted. They sort of do come sorted, but they don’t come to fruition until that shadow has completed. So, you know, even though everything’s okay now that Mars is out of its retrograde, it’s still got that little bit further And then we’ll see the, the end product, but we can see it in sight now.

[00:06:42] So that’s a good thing. Yes, that is good. Back and forth. So, you know, and it’s in Gemini, so we have things like, you know, education, policy, debates, uh, elect any, anything that people are negotiating or electing for back and forth, back and forth, that sort of thing, which you saw, you know, With the speaker of the house in the us That’s a real, real Mars and Gemini retrograde back and forth, um, experience.

[00:07:11] But that’s happening everywhere. It’s happening everywhere.

[00:07:13] Amanda Walsh: Yeah. And, and then for people to personally identify the area of life where this has been happening, you find where Gemini is in your chart, right?

[00:07:21] Wendy Stacey: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:07:22] Amanda Walsh: And that’s gonna show you the area. So my, my Gemini, I have a Gemini moon, and. Gemini is my fourth house.

[00:07:30] So it has absolutely been this such a, a, a, uh, process around home things, you know, and family and home and roots and, and just how the, the home things are structured and wanting to revise all of it, and none of the revisions happening as fast as I want them to happen. So it’s been a really interesting.

[00:07:52] Very like

[00:07:53] Wendy Stacey: textbook, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s, and it’s just, you know, normal things and it’s, it’s not terrible, it’s not a dire situation, but it is an inconvenience. Like any predation, it’s just an inconvenience. But, you know, being astrologers, you can see it as amusing because you know, you can see how it’s happening and how it plays.

[00:08:14] Mm. It is amusing

[00:08:15] Amanda Walsh: and especially amusing when you find yourself like in the energy and knowing what the energy is, but still kind of railing against it. It’s like, this is hilarious. I know that this isn’t a time to be moving things forward, so why am I even trying to do that? Right. Yeah,

[00:08:31] Wendy Stacey: yeah. Exactly.

[00:08:32] Exactly. I mean, interestingly, I have it on my ic, so it’s sort of on my home area too, and the Mars and Gemini, my internet cable, uh, my, my sky cable, my, you know, satellite cables, tv, all these things have been, have been going off on, off, on, which they never have, never do. And so again, it’s not terrible, but it’s, it’s, Yeah, exactly.

[00:08:56] Yeah. Yeah.

Daily Breakdown

[00:08:57] Amanda Walsh: Okay. Well let’s dive into the day by day

[00:09:00] Wendy Stacey : for the week. Sure. Yeah well, I mean the 23rd on, on, Monday the 23rd, you start that week with the stallion and Aquarius.

[00:09:10] Wendy Stacey: You’ve got the Moon conjunct, Venus and Satin so that’s a crazy day.

[00:09:15] Wendy Stacey: So, that particular day, you’ve got the Venus, Saturn conjunction

[00:09:18] so that also plays into finance markets. Whether it be stock markets, or property markets, things like that. There’s a squeeze on finance in some way, and it’s a good time to consolidate one’s finances as well. So your own personal finance. It’s a good time to like, you know, consolidate, do the accounts, that sort of thing.

[00:09:37] And with the moon there too. So that sort of emphasizes it, but it’s an Aquarius, so, you know, there’s also a reluctance to do that too. There’s a resistance. Aquarius likes to resist and that’s fine. also a very social time with Saturn in there too. It can feel like there’s a squeeze, on that.

[00:09:57] But, Ultimately with the Moon, Venus, and Aquarius, it will override the will. It will be a social time. And you know, it’s a great time. Just spend with friends. It’s a really, you know, if you’re gonna plan a party, go out for lunch. Enjoy the socialness of it. Mm.

[00:10:14] Amanda Walsh: Wendy, I just have, I just have to make a one little comment here because this is the last week for people to join. The first quarter financial outlook that we’re doing. Ah, Mitchell Mitchell. Scott Lewis is a financial astrologer and he’s going to be doing quarterly financial outlook webinars at here at Astrology Hub.

[00:10:34] And anybody who’s feeling that like question marks around their finances knowing they need to address it, would love to know what the astrology has to say about it. Because I was thinking today, you know, we get input. So many different places on the financial reality, but it’s really nice to have solid input from the astrology itself to just be another data point, you know, as you’re making decisions.

[00:11:00] So anybody who’s interested in joining that, this will be the last week where you can get the promotional pricing and you can go to

[00:11:07] Amanda Walsh: astrology and check it out and join us today and need to get instant access to the first quarter webinar that we’ve already. .

[00:11:17] Wendy Stacey : Yeah, that’s great too. It’s also really interesting because with Neptune being unexpected during this entire week Mm, well longer than that, it’s, it’s been an aspect of quite a while and will continue to do so.

[00:11:30] But when you have that, you, I mean, Neptune is the, is the planet of inflation. So this is, uh a key point, in terms of finances and where that’s gonna go, and nept. Position and things like that, are going to be, you know, key in, under, in, in looking at how we can reduce inflation around the world. I mean, it’s not just the US or the UK or anything like that.

[00:11:55] It’s everywhere. So that is, and that’s why inflation is, is of issue at the, and you know, at the moment, you know, when you’ve got a venous satin conjunction as well, it’s gonna be about, you know, cutting. That’s what it is. It’s about cutting spending. And that happens on a personal and a massive social level, a national, policy level, things like that.

[00:12:17] So it is about cutting costs, but it’s also a really good time to budget, stuff like that. So that’s, really, you know, the, the social time. And of course Sam Moon is gonna be in that, sign. And then it will move into Pisces.

[00:12:30] Wendy Stacey: In the next two and a half days, you’ve got the moon and Pisces

[00:12:33] Wendy Stacey : but the wonderful thing is later in the week, Venus moves in there too. Before I get to that, we, we have on the 26th, Thursday, the 26th, a lineup and Aries. So it’s a very, there’s a lot going on this week. A lot going on. So you’ve got your moon. Conjunct to, Jupiter and Aries, widely conjoined a Chiron as well.

[00:12:58] But when you’ve got this stallion, Aries now mean Jupiter and Aries, it’s a fabulous, again, very social, very brave, but more, about, you know, diving in and, and getting something done. And often what, what’s happened with this Mars, in the last few months being retrograde.

[00:13:15] You know, now it’s direct but’s, still in its shadow. People have found it hard to start Mars is about initiating. So any project that you’ve people have seeded or, anything that anyone wants to, you know, really get going. To be proactive has been on, on hold. This is a really great kickstart that moon Jupiter in Aries.

[00:13:40] It is widely conjoined to Chiron, but again, that’s, you know, turning things around. The nature of Chiron is turning the wounded into the healer. This particular stallion is, it’s like a. It’s actually resetting something. And really the advice I would give on that particular stallion is, is leap. Leap for it.

[00:14:02] Take the jump, go for it. It’s a really brave conjunction. We’ve needed it after this Miles Miles rules, Aries and the moon. Jupiter being there needs that sort of kickstart. It’s a bit like a starter mower, if you like, you know, or you know, when you’re trying to start something up and it and it, it, it, it goes and then it’s off.

[00:14:24] And that’s exactly the. You know, energy you’re gonna get with the moon, Jupiter conjunction. It’s nice that Jupiter’s now in Aries. It was, you know, in its own sign and Pisces, for quite a while. But now in Aries it’s, it’s a lot, it’s a bit freer.

[00:14:40] But Venus goes into Pisces on the 27th, and that is going to bring quite a different energy again. So you would’ve had the moon in there on the 25th than Venus going in on the 27th.

[00:14:53] And as well, you’ve also got Neptune unexpected. So all of this is. You know, there’s of course everything, there’s always contradictions and different things at play, but you have these other themes as well. So the ocean theme, you have Venus going into Pisces, which is very peace It’s a lot things get resolved actually, in Pisces, people seek peace.

[00:15:22] People become compassionate. Which is quite a different energy than the eerie energy, um, from the previous day. It’s a crazy week. And also the week before this week the sun has been separating from Pluto, and Pluto’s in a very special place, right.

[00:15:40] And it’s actually the last time that the sun will be with Pluto before it enters Aquarius in, in March. So this is a very poignant time in history as well unit really, because Pluto’s at that last degree of Capricorn. So it’s, there’s still the intensity of that that resides. So you’re gonna see a. F really interesting, brave, sort of new startups.

[00:16:07] It’s a great time to do a startup that week. Things like that. Creating new projects, innovations. It’s a really innovative week with that Aquarius and the Aries. And with the imagination from Neptune, you’re getting a lot of, discovery inventiveness, so. Take the plunge. That’s what I would say.

[00:16:27] Amanda Walsh: I love it.

[00:16:28] I, I just, it’s so refreshing to hear because it’s, we’ve had weeks and weeks of not yet, not gonna happen. Just, you know, re you know, um, Don’t try to push anything, you know? Yeah. And I, I’ve just been, I feel like a, like a racehorse in the corral, like ready to go . It’s like, come on, come on, I’m ready to go.

[00:16:52] Yeah. And it’s just like, this is just music to my ears. I’ve been anticipating it for weeks now, but just to hear like, this is it, this is the moment. It’s go time. Yeah. And no more, no more having to like have one foot on the brakes as you’re trying to move things forward. It’s like, just go. Just do it.

[00:17:09] Yeah,

[00:17:09] Wendy Stacey: yeah. Absolutely. And it’s fun. The sort of, you know, the sun moving away from that Pluto for the last time before Pluto moves into a queers, is it, there’s a release of in, of the intensive, you know, intensity of that. And you know that Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. Yes. And it’s been heavy. As we all know, the whole world knows, and the sun moving away from.

[00:17:33] We can sort of, you know, say goodbye to a lot of things. You know, with Uranus going directors, you know, as well last week and all this, you know, things are, we can breathe. We can actually sort of take a breath and, you know, before we leap again,

[00:17:50] And there will be that it’s a, it’s. Brave time. It is a brave time. yeah, it’s Wendy, how do you,

[00:17:56] Amanda Walsh: how, how do you, or how do you tap into, or how do you advise your, your clients to find the courage and the bravery to leap in new directions? I mean, I know change is a really hard thing for most of us. Yep.

[00:18:12] Humans and, and, and things that we know are really gonna upset the status quo can be especially terrifying. So how do you advise people to. Take that

[00:18:22] Wendy Stacey : leap. I think sometimes it’s really, people get hindered, by different things. For me it was always about, finding what stops What is it that stops you? That road can often be a long one to travel, but you know, ultimately, . I say take the leap. Once you jump just one. You know, once you do it, you know you’ll never look back. You will not regret it, but you will regret not taking the leap. Mm-hmm. . So you know, it is about being brave and all those inhibitions that one carries and everyone does carry their own and everyone’s is different than others, but you know, whether you want to look at them or not, just know they’re there and that’s what stops.

[00:19:05] From taking and you have to do it. It’s like when you said, you know, the horse, the racehorse, it’s like, yeah, it’s being on the starter block. Um, and you know, just, just, Just going, just going Because it’s worse not to, it’s worse not to as, as everyone knows. I mean it’s, you know, just take the leap.

[00:19:28] Especially this week, Wendy. Yeah. Are there

[00:19:30] Amanda Walsh: certain sun or rising signs that we’ll be feeling even more wind in their sails this week? Or is this kind of a universal message at this

[00:19:39] Wendy Stacey : point in. Well, it is a universal message, but anyone who’s, well, anyone who’s aquarium or Aries. So the first start of the week with your stall and Aquarius, if your sun is in there, you’re gonna, you’re gonna be energized, although Saturn is hanging around and that can feel like, but you know, having the moon in Venus here brings some blessings.

[00:20:02] Some, different way some. in some way. Beautifies it if you like, and it’s a social time. Saturn and Aquarius can feel caging for aquariums. Even though it’s an, its natural sign, aquariums don’t like being shackled. So having the moon Venus here is gonna be, a bit more of a release for that and for Aries, with it later in the week with the, on the 26th with the moon and Jupiter there.

[00:20:30] Well, I mean, Jupiter’s moved into Aries so you can, there’s already a lifting. , even though Jupiter and Pisces is beautiful, Jupiter and Aries is ra, you know, the whole week is rah rah room. You know, it’s sort of like, you know, for they are the only sign that doesn’t really need encouragement to take the leap.

[00:20:47] They’re, they were, they’re always, always at the starter block. For them it’s highly energetic. It’s more about, you know, if there’s anyone that needs. Calm down. I guess it would be eeries, but there’s nothing wrong with, enjoying it. Embracing it. Yeah, because it’s, it’s great and it’s hot.

[00:21:03] It’s hot as well, which is nice, brings a bit of heat to the moment, so. Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

[00:21:09] Amanda Walsh: Great. Okay. I think we were on Thursday when I, when I asked you that question, I think we had, I think we had completed Wednesday and now we’re ready for,

[00:21:18] Wendy Stacey : So that’s Thursday. Thursday the 26th. That’s the stallion in areas, the moon and Jupiter and Chiron. So the moon will remain there, for two and a half days. And then, so it will be there on the 27th as well. It’ll, be further along in areas. And that is the day that Venus. Which is going to be, quite a different ballgame.

[00:21:43] It will make a difference to markets and money and things like that. On that day, because Venus is also traveling very fast. This is another interesting point. Venus moves very fast that week. So, when you think about Venus moving very fast, people probably, earn more, spend more, even though it’s just been conjoined to Sutton on the 23rd, on the seventh, when Venus moves onto Pisces, things get.

[00:22:12] So Venus in that sign is very comfortable. In Pisces is very beautiful for art and music. So do something creative. Or nothing. Venus and Pisces also enjoys doing nothing. So, you know, and I mean that in a lovely way. It’s, it’s not a negative. It’s, it’s about being.

[00:22:30] Venus and Pisces is just about being. So I think, you know, that can be really enjoyed. The moon will be further along in areas and then it will then enter, Taurus. And with Venus and Pisces, it’s a really lovely combination. It’s great. Take a walk on the beach, take a walk in the garden, take your shoes off, get your feet on the soil.

[00:22:52] Get your feet, moving it’s. Very grounding. So yeah, there’s so much going on this week. It’s , you know, and that’s without even a lunation or anything like that going on, so, yeah. Yeah.

[00:23:06] Amanda Walsh: You, you, we, we assigned you a great week. Huh? Did you look at this

[00:23:09] Wendy Stacey week and go, wow, this is a, this is a, I was like, oh, wow.

[00:23:12] Yeah. . Yeah. Yeah. And it’s really blah, blah, boom. It’s a time where to just to. Even though it’s January in the northern Hemi, you know, in the Northern hemisphere, it’s winter in the Southern hemisphere. It’s summer, but it, it’s quite an active and it’s an unusually active, it’s a sort of thing you’d expect if you can’t go outside.

[00:23:33] You’d be watching sport on TV or something like that, or you are watching something. And with the Aquarius stuff too. And the un aspect of Neptune. You may get some really interesting stuff on the skies. You know, the James, is it James Web? Telescope may bring images that we’ve never seen before, cause it’s gonna be about the sky.

[00:23:52] Uranus has just gone direct, you know, on the 22nd. So there’s gonna be some fascinating sky stuff, but also, with Neptune, also the ocean. I mean, it’s interesting. There’s some news about, at the moment about how aliens, if they landed, would be, would go to the bottom of the ocean, which is exactly what you’d expect.

[00:24:13] Of this nature of such sky and ocean stuff. So, I’m not telling people a bungee jump, but there’s something about, there’s something about that energy. If it’s not personally, taken up, which it will be by many. You know, sort of Mars, Uranian or Aquarius and Aries types, or even Geminis as well.

[00:24:34] Fire and air, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a good week. But yeah, you’ll be watching something or you’ll see something, you’ll be incredible discoveries. You know, Aquarius is also the mind. The brain areas is ahead. So it wouldn’t be surprising if we found some really interesting discoveries, which we are building on for mental health issues.

[00:24:55] You know, we’re also finding things with mental disorders like, Alzheimer’s and things like that. There’s all these discoveries that are just slowly coming up. So these are gonna be the sort of very exciting global things that I think we can, expect to see. And that’s, yeah. Invitation

[00:25:14] Amanda Walsh: to all of you to put anything in the chat that is coming up in your newsfeed or in your awareness that is related to some of these things that Wendy’s talking about?

[00:25:25] Just because it’s an amazing time that we live in where we can actually, we can actually collaborate on, on things that we’re seeing in our own world and how they correlate with the astrology and. Probably the first time ever a, as far as I know in human history, where we are so connected globally and where we can say, Hey look, this is happening in my corner of the world and this is happening in my corner of the world, and it’s all speaking to this, this astrological moment that we’re experiencing.

[00:25:54] Wendy Stacey:Β That’s really interesting point you’ve made me think about as well, Amanda. Sorry, this is a little bit of a distraction, but it’s important when, the Neptune Pluto conjunction happened in 1892. In 1893, Charles Harvey, British Astrologist said, this is the new 500 year cycle of globalization.

[00:26:15] Mars went direct. At the same degree of that Neptune Pluto at eight degrees of Gemini. So it’s interesting that this very long cycle of Mars that now goes direct stationary, direct at eight degrees of Gemini and your saying these. Statements, and that’s exactly what it’s gonna trigger.

[00:26:37] It’s gonna trigger globalization and, and the connectivity between us. Yeah. Amazing. Fascinating. Yeah, amazing.

[00:26:44] Amanda Walsh: I mean, there’s, there’s always the, like, pitfalls of this discussion, but then when we focus on some of the opportunities, it’s, it’s incredible, especially for astrology. It can take astrology to an entirely different level.

[00:26:54] It’s one of the things I love about our inner Circle community is we’re sharing, like, I’m going through this kind of transit and these things are happening, and when I went through this, you know, when I went through a Pluto Transit to my son, these kinds of things happen. And, and being able to share those experiences, it’s, it’s priceless because, because the books can only do so much.

[00:27:14] You know, or, or your internet, your Google search on a certain transit or a certain thing happening can only, it’s only one perspective and maybe they brought in some research of a lot of different perspectives, but to be able to get real life stories from people actually in the transits, it’s, it’s fascinating.

[00:27:31] Yeah. Yeah. I love it. Okay, so are we on Saturday

[00:27:35] Wendy Stacey: then? So on Saturday,

[00:27:38] Wendy Stacey: The moon, is further along in TAUs, but it conjoins with Uran.

[00:27:43] Wendy Stacey: And that’s gonna be really quite lovely because, it’s the, the ruler of that is gonna have just been entered Pisces. It’s quite a, it’s a very, I always find when you have that combination of Taurus and Pisces, it’s a very green, it’s a very, um, earthbound, , we are really connecting with nature on the, on the ground, on the ground that Pisces, and Taurus combination.

[00:28:08] So that’s gonna be quite lovely. So you’re gonna have the moon into Taurus and the Venus and Pisces. It’s quiet, it’s softer. It’s humble, but it’s, it’s. On one hand it’s anchoring, but on the other it’s anchoring with nature. It’s being with nature.

[00:28:25] So it’s a sort of time to contemplate, it’s also time to, to use that sort of, The Pisces Imagination, the Venus, and the moon and Taurus application. So turning the visual, crystallizing it, using that water and earth combination. So taking the idea or the imagination and giving it form.

[00:28:47] Giving it form. So putting an idea, right? Putting that song, picking up an instrument and putting the tune to You know, writing the poem or painting the picture, whatever it is that anyone wants to do or just be is know? So we

[00:29:04] Amanda Walsh: have two days like that.

[00:29:06] So Friday and Saturday both sound like they’re more creative, more dreamy. A little bit, yeah.

[00:29:12] Wendy Stacey: More opportunity

[00:29:14] Amanda Walsh: to, to be with yourself and connect with nature and, and sort of. Dream into what it is that you’re wanting to

[00:29:22] Wendy Stacey: create. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And it’s also, it’s quite nice for food too. It’s like, you know, sort of smoothie days if you like, or super smoothie when you’ve got that, you know, Venus going into PIs.

[00:29:35] Yeah. It is like the, the, the appetite if you like, it’s all things fluid. And then when you’ve got the moon and Taurus, it’s about nourishment and, , good food. So it’s, it’s. Yeah, so there’ll be some interesting developments on that too, there’ll be some new food or something like that, or it’s a good time just to, be in the kitchen, I guess, as Yeah. If you’re that way inclined .

[00:29:59] Amanda Walsh: Yes. And if you’re not, then you can just eat the good

[00:30:01] Wendy Stacey: food. You don’t. Yes, exactly. Um, okay, so then what’s Sunday? The rounding out the week? Well, so Sunday,

[00:30:09] Wendy Stacey: The moon stall in Taurus, later in the day goes into Gemini.

[00:30:14] Wendy Stacey: Of course, what it will have done, what it will do that day, earlier that day is the moon will go past Uranus. As well. So the moon will combine with Uranus. So again, it makes things a bit shaky, a bit, sort of crazy if you like, but the good thing is it’s trying to mercury.

[00:30:31] So when it’s trying to mercury, it’s, it’s a really good time, those flesh. , those flashed ideas that come when Mercury and Uranus are trying, particularly like if you have a Mercury Uranus in your own chart, you get flash genius stuff come through. So with the moon there, it’s again, good to, process those, process them, put them in a diary, put them in a journal.

[00:30:56] They don’t have to be, don’t have to be developed right now. But they can be, but there’s something about. Particularly thoughts on the future and stuff like that. Mercury, Uranus really, demands that of us, I guess if you like, you get certain thoughts when you’ve got going on.

[00:31:16] Mm, yeah.

[00:31:17] Amanda Walsh: Love it. Okay. So carry your little notebook with you and if those ideas come,

[00:31:23] Wendy Stacey: um, yeah, we’ll record it. Record it, yeah. Yes. Yeah.

[00:31:26] Amanda Walsh: Wendy, I’m so curious, if you don’t mind sharing. No. What is your sun, moon and rising?

[00:31:33] Wendy Stacey: So, my son is Leo in the fifth house. My moon is Sagittarius in the ninth house, and I’m Pisces Rising.

[00:31:40] Oh my gosh.

[00:31:41] Amanda Walsh: You have so much of that fun, exciting, exuberant energy that the, the Leo and the Sagittarius, and especially the Leo in the fifth house, it’s, it’s so tangible in you. It’s awesome. I

[00:31:53] Wendy Stacey: love it. Oh, cool. Yeah. Well, you know, I guess it’s a good thing. It’s. Pies rising, but there’s a lot of fire on my chart.

[00:31:59] Yes. Lot of fire. Yes,

[00:32:01] Amanda Walsh: exactly. And Wendy, I’m gonna just go ahead and do a little bit of a summary here.

Wendy’s Mastery Class

[00:32:05] Amanda Walsh: Well, actually, before we do that, do you know what mastery class you’re gonna be teaching in the Inner Circle yet? Sin. Sin Ry Amazing. Why did you choose that and what, what parts of symmetry will, will we be diving into?

[00:32:21] Wendy Stacey: So, well, I guess fifth house, Stell. I, I love working with people.

[00:32:25] I love working with, you know, I’m interested in why people are attracted to some people and why they’re not to others and things like that. So it always shows in the chart. Always shows, yeah. Why someone, brings. Certain qualities in people and how that is done through looking at the, at, at astrological charts,

[00:32:46] and it’s all just so clear when you’re looking at it. And with charts, I use various techniques, from different things of compatibility, but also synergy, not just love, relationships, family genetics, my gosh, you know, the, the genetics of family, relationships, but also work. also friends, things like that.

[00:33:07] And where those relationships occur as well. So yeah, a whole bunch of different techniques looking at why you’re attracted to someone I love it. What others? .

A Look at Synatry & Composite Charts

[00:33:19] Amanda Walsh: I love it. And do you see more accuracy with synergy or with composite charts or neither or something?

[00:33:27] Wendy Stacey: D. I do use, I use composite charts as a secondary technique.

[00:33:34] And maybe looking at, you know, when you’re looking at sort of electing a wedding or moving in time or, celebration of the relationship or something like that, I find that that’s can be helpful. But I more look. The commonality, the opposites, the absences and, and that sort of thing, and looking at all the individual planets as well, and inhouse and signs, why at what point in time might this relationship be important as well? Mm-hmm. , so. Using progressions and things like that. And transits of course. And, and so there’s many techniques, but keeping it simple as well. Um, and it is simple. I think it’s really simple. So looking at charts on charts and different forms of compatibility through commonality, opposites, And

[00:34:24] Amanda Walsh: how have you seen astrology help people with their relationships? Like how, how do you, how have you seen having the deeper understanding of the dynamics of the relationship, how does that actually help people navigate the challenges?

[00:34:40] Wendy Stacey: In love relationships, it’s important to know what that relationship brings out.

[00:34:46] in oneself. And why at this point in time is that relationship unfolding? Another one of the things that I, I never ceases to, make, you know, I’m in awe of parents with their children when, you know, I mean, I, I, I do a lot of babies charts cuz I’m fifth house. And many from Hawaii actually. Funny enough, cause my Venus line goes through Hawaii.

[00:35:11] And so, but I get cards, you know, 20 years later or something like that. And I, I’ve had a couple in the last year from people baby’s charts I did over 20 years ago saying, thank you, da da, da da, da. And it’s, and it’s, I think it’s really interesting. And I’ve also get them from parents saying, I’m really grateful you said that.

[00:35:32] You know, it’s really helpful to tell a parent, this child is not going to play football or rugby, you know, don’t push it , you know, they’re an artist, you know, they’re gonna wanna, they’re a musician, . And, and sometimes it’s just really, , beautiful to that parents can, can.

[00:35:50] You know, just see the child’s ch I mean the baby’s chart, not the child, the baby’s and see the, you know, genetics play out in that. I love it. Yeah. I, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So,

[00:36:02] Amanda Walsh: I mean, I don’t know how I would, I would parent or partner or any of it without astrology. I, I don’t, before I had astrology it was, it was, there was so much more, kind.

[00:36:16] Taking things personally. I think that was big. Yeah. And then also being so confused about someone else’s behavior or why they’re doing things the way they’re doing. And not that astrology gives all the answers, but it definitely gives some really, really helpful insights. So that’s absolutely. That’s gonna be super fun.

[00:36:35] Inner Circle members that’s coming up. If you are not yet an Inner Circle member and you wanna get on the wait list, we are gonna be opening registration in March, and Wendy is going to be one of our astrologer teachers. And this caliber of astrologer is the type of astrologers we have teaching in the inner Circle.

[00:36:52] They are very experienced, very amazing teachers. Not only are they great astrologers, but they’re also. Teachers, which is one of the things you can be an amazing astrologer, but but not be that great at teaching. And so we, we always wanna make sure that the teachers that we have in the inner circle are very experienced, love working with students, and love actually teaching the how to do astrology.

[00:37:16] So if you’re interested in that, make sure you get on the wait list. That’s at

[00:37:19] Amanda Walsh: astrology 23. That’ll be your wait list for the inner circle.


[00:37:25] Amanda Walsh: Wendy, I’m gonna do a quick recap. I mean, it’s kind of easy to summarize this week because.

[00:37:30] Basically it’s all

[00:37:32] Wendy Stacey: systems go. It’s buckle. It is all systems . It’s just

[00:37:35] Amanda Walsh: go for it. Leap. Make that jump. On Monday you said that this is a very financially focused day, so maybe carve out some time for yourself to really get a handle on your finances that day. Tuesday, reboot, reset. This is again, this, this message, you keep reiterating leap.

[00:37:53] Go. Like, take that leap. Take the dive. Wednesday, this is a different kind of energy in the middle of the week. It’s, it’s a little more peaceful, a little more around compassion. There’s also this opportunity for innovations and discovery on this day, Thursday. Again, just go like, get, just take that leap.

[00:38:12] Friday is a little bit more of this creative energy that we talked about, this, visioning dreamy kind of energy. Same with Saturday and then Sunday Maybe some flash ideas and genius, maybe some brilliant ideas that just come in. Make sure you have your little journal or your notebook, and this is really exciting.


[00:38:30] Amanda Walsh: I’m so happy that you’ve been here with us. I’m so happy to be able to introduce you to our community here at the Astrology Hub, and very excited about all the opportunities we have to learn from you and grow with you throughout next year. So thank you for being here, Wendy. Thank you

[00:38:47] Wendy Stacey: for having me.

[00:38:48] Thank you.

[00:38:50] Amanda Walsh: All right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here for this episode. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode.