Why Astrology Suggests You’ll Be Very Creative in the Future! w/ Tad Mann & Rick Levine

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Are we about to go through a New Renaissance?

In this Monthly Horoscope, Astrologer Rick Levine, Tad Mann, and Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh discuss the upcoming transits in December 2022 and beyond.

You'll learn …

🌑 Why Tad and Rick think we're at the beginning of a new modern renaissance
🌒 How Sagittarius season informs the holidays
🌓 About Mercury Square Neptune and what that means for the world


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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Cosmic Connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the Cosmo end, your connection to it all. My name's Amanda P. Walsh, and I'm the founder of Astrology Hub. And I'm Rick Merlin, Levine, York Cosmic Navigator. Now let's dive in. Let's do it.

[00:00:31] Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Cosmic Connection. I am so happy that you've decided to join us here today, and we have a very, very special cosmic connection planned. And this has been one of those events that's just organically grown into what it is and what it will be, which is a show that is, is co-starring, co-starring.

[00:00:57] So we have more than Rick Merlin [00:01:00] Levine today. We also have Taman, who is an epic astrologer. He's an author. He is a legend in the field, and these two are really good friends as well, and they go way back. So having them together today to talk about the December forecast is just such a treat for us all.

[00:01:18] So welcome to both of you. I'm so happy that you're here. I'm happy to be here with a legend. No, my, I thought you had to die before you became a legend. No. Ted. Ted, do you remember, do you remember where we met? I have no, no, I don't. Well, um, Amanda, you might be interested in knowing that Jeff Joer, who was my astrology buddy and partner now, uh, flying in the ethers looking at the show, laughing at us, that Jeff actually was a really good friend of Ted's before I was, and it was really through [00:02:00] Jeff that I met Ted and it was at the University of Michigan at one of Ray Mary men's conferences.

[00:02:06] Way, way in the way back machine, probably in the late eighties is my guess. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds about. Well, we are so lucky to not only be able to have both of you individually featured on the platform, which Tad will be doing an episode with you in January, but then to have you together, which I just love.

[00:02:28] I love when astrologers interact with each other. It's always so entertaining and so much fun and I always learn a lot. So I'm happy that you're both here and I'm happy that you all are here for this event today. And what I want to do is just start with what's the theme of December like, and I'll ask each of you individually and I'd love to hear what you have to say.

[00:02:51] Thank you. Um, you know, this time of year is always there, there are elements that are always the same, [00:03:00] and I always think that that's actually a very interesting theme to start with, which is that we're in the sign Sagittarius at the moment. And of course what happens is that the sun is in Sagittarius from now up until.

[00:03:14] The 21st of December, at which point the winter solstice happens, at which point I will actually be in Denmark in 57 degrees north latitude, where the sun rises at about two o'clock in the afternoon and the sun sets at three o'clock in the afternoon. Wow. So I think it's very interesting this time of the year because there's a Arian time leading up to the solstice a few days before Christmas, and then of course there's a new moon in Capricorn happening on the 23rd, a couple of days before Christmas.

[00:03:53] So I think that's an interesting place to start because especially as well recently [00:04:00] we've been experiencing a very strange situation of having Jupiter and Neptune who are the two signs that rule Pisces together. And so therefore they're, they've both been incredibly active and you can see their action all over the world in the sense that there's a lot of lying going on.

[00:04:21] There are a lot of strange things happening in foreign countries. You know, Jupiter represents travel. There's a potential huge log jam coming up in December, although it looks as though Biden's attempting to kind of keep it at bay. You know, Jupiter being travel, foreign countries, people's ideologies and so on.

[00:04:44] And of course, we're even questioning the basic political dynamic of the us. So leading up to the, to this time of the year when people likely pay out some money, you know, feel very [00:05:00] tarian like the sky's the limit. Isn't it weird? Isn't it weird, Ted, that we have this jupi energy. Going into the holidays, which are maybe the most Arian holidays of the year that occur in Saturn.

[00:05:17] And it's weird because Jupiter Rule Sagittarius, yes. And then Saturn Rules Capricorn. End. Aquarius. And then Jupiter rules Pisces again. And the holiday that the Romans settled, um, um, that they celebrated in between the, um, expansion going in and the expansion going out was the Satna, which is like right in the middle of all this heavy Saturn stuff.

[00:05:45] So it's very weird, this dance that we do with following tradition and marching. I'm not gonna celebrate this year. I'm not. I'm not. And eventually I do this. I, you can't resist that Capricorn drum beat. And at the same time, there's this [00:06:00] optimism that somehow surrounds it. It's just a very, very weird juxtaposition.

[00:06:05] It's kind of like a Jupiter Saturn conjunction every year. Well, yeah, of course. Because what happens is that people, uh, become very generous for a brief period of time, and then suddenly they get to feel guilty,

[00:06:21] you know? So there's a kinda collective guilt once there's, in fact, the new Moon, this time happens like two days after the solstice, so you're going directly out of Jupiter, although the moon is actually in Jupiter when the Solstice happens, which is a kind of ironic, this sort of connection between Jupiter and Saturn, which is archetypal as Rick says, you know, every 20 years.

[00:06:45] It's really quite perfect in a way because it really describes the drama of what's about to happen. Well, and you know, this particular New Moon, I know we're jumping all around, but Yeah, yeah. This, this particular New Moon has five planets and [00:07:00] Capricorn, and it's a bit reminiscent. Of the beginning of this crazy period of time when we had, uh, Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto in the sun and Mercury and the moon all in Capricorn back in, uh, late December, 2019 and January, 2020.

[00:07:19] It's almost like this is the last stronghold of severe Capricorn energy before the energy begins to disperse. Yeah. I'm hoping that it's like the dying gasp of the patriarchy, basically, you know, because So is that your theme for December, for the month, the dying gasp of the patriarchy? Well, you know, that wasn't to be really the, the dynamic throughout the Sagittarian time, although I do believe we're approaching a new renaissance.

[00:07:51] Yeah. I think a lot of people have gone underground, especially creative people I know all over the world. Have really gone underground [00:08:00] because of covid in a whole series of travel restrictions, things of that sort. So I believe that something's about to emerge again and that it will take the form of a new very Sagittarian renaissance.

[00:08:15] Wait, wait. Let me ask a question real, real quick. When you say a Sagittarian renaissance, what do you mean by that? How, what's the flavor of that? Well, I, I, you know, I have a history of trying to associate the signs of the Zodiac to a process of history. And in my mind, the Renaissance itself was a Sagittarian time going from around 1500 to the 17 hundreds.

[00:08:43] So I associate planets in the Sign Sagittarius with people that were around during the Renaissance, and are therefore prone to have a very renaissance way of seeing the world. So, and I, and I think, I believe that that's beginning [00:09:00] to emerge in a way as though this Capricorn energy is creating a lot of seeds that are gonna be, I I, I've been taking a class here in Ithaca, New York called Gaia Cono, which is the local Native American language that's part of the AOI Confederacy.

[00:09:19] And our teacher who's brilliant, was talking yesterday in the class about the Native American cosmology and about the earth and the planet. The Earth's seen as, as, as a feminine dynamic. The mother, the planets are almost all seen as being very feminine, that he was saying really that the wind is seen as like an uncle or something that comes to bring seeds above the ground and into play in the world and providing food and blah, blah, blah.

[00:09:50] So I do think something very strong is going on and people are about to. Emerge as the patriarchy has. Its [00:10:00] like tying, dying gasps in a way.

[00:10:02] I think Ted nailed it and, and, and I think, um, the timing of it is such that the beginning of the ending really was the last gasp of the Saturn, Uranus Square last month, um, election day kind of being in the United States, being around that turning point. Yes. And now, You know, um, Uranus and and Saturn are four degrees apart.

[00:10:31] They'll be seven degrees apart by the end of the month. Um, that energy is, is ending and that energy was intimately tied to the whole last couple of years. But the thing is, and I think Tad really nailed this, and December for me is either the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. I'm not sure which, or, or both.

[00:10:53] Or both. But I think the timing is that all the outer planets are [00:11:00] either moving forward or going to move direct. Um, we have Mars. Retrograde all month. And Mercury does a little quick little retrograde dance the end of the month and into January. Yeah. Yeah. By the end of January everything is pushing direct.

[00:11:16] And on top of that we have Jupiter in a new sign, Aries. And then by March we'll have Saturn out of a Saturn ruled sign for the first time in five years, um, in a Jupiter ruled sign in Pisces. And then we have, um, Pluto moving into Aquarius. And by midyear we have, uh, I think I jumped Saturn's, um, gun. I think Saturn, um, moves into Aquarius in May.

[00:11:43] And it's Jupiter. No, wait a minute, in May. And Jupiter's back in Aries and something else changes signs there. What else changes signs? Well, Saturn goes into Pisces. Saturn. Uh, that's right. It's [00:12:00] Jupiter moving into Aries. Yeah, that's a while, that's a couple of months off. Yeah. Um, yeah, that, that, no, Jupiter, Jupiter moves into Aries the end of December.

[00:12:10] Yes. Correct. Correct. All right. And then in March, what happens is that, um, is that, uh, Pluto moves into Aquarius just for like a, um, a, a quick little taste. Um, and, um, and, um, Mars, um, moves finally out of Gemini and Mars moves into cancer. Um, and, um, and, and Saturn, yeah, Saturn does move into Pisces in March.

[00:12:45] Jupiter moves into Taurus in May point being that we have this thrust of energy of these slower moving outer planets all moving into new territory that irrevocably throws us into the [00:13:00] future. It's like a growth spurt in time. Absolutely. No, I think you're right about that. And, and I, hopefully things will begin to shift a little bit because where we are right now is pretty dire really.

[00:13:13] And, and I, I, I, I, I think, again, like having Uranus on the nodal access at this particular point, there's a creativity in the individuality in the world. It's waiting to break out. of being constrained and that working out dynamic is very, is wonderful. Yeah, I can feel that too. I mean, even personally, I, I don't know if this is happening for all of you, but there is an urge to be more creative and, and even in ways that I never have been.

[00:13:42] Yeah. So it, it is an interesting thing. So you're seeing a creative renaissance, you're seeing a real shift in the tides. Rick, you're also seeing a big shift in the tides. Let's bring it back to December. In terms of all the things that people do in December, you know, the holidays and and families and [00:14:00] celebrations, is the energy supportive of those types of events?

[00:14:04] Or are we gonna have, I mean, I know the last few years there's been a lot of tension around these events, but yeah, Amanda, you and I talked a bit about that, a little bit off camera. And this is really the first year as I look forward to the, uh, December, January period of time. There's obviously still some heavy events, but nothing like the last few years.

[00:14:26] And in some ways it's almost like the Cosmos is giving us permission to party to forget about the heaviness just for a little bit. I agree. You know, both, both charts, you know, both the New Moon and you know, the Full Moon on the seventh and the New Moon on the 23rd are both ball shapes as they're called, you know, meaning that all of the planets are concentrated in the, in the signs from kind of Gemini, well, Capricorn through Gemini.

[00:14:58] And I happen to think that that's [00:15:00] really. Covering ends and beginnings at the same time. Hmm. As we move through this time, meaning we're letting go of a whole dynamic that's been in operation for a long time, that's very, being under the grip of the patriarchy into some new territory that's emerging. Hmm.

[00:15:17] And Ted, what do you think about, uh, the Full Moon, which is on December seven, um, and actually the day before the Georgia election and that Full Moon is conjoined with Mars. Oh, yes. Um, kind of giving it an interesting slant that retrograde Mars in Gemini certainly was a culprit in the previous election.

[00:15:44] Oh yeah. Um, but here it is again, standing out on another election day. Well, yeah, Mar, I mean, Mars conjunct the moon is gonna create. Static and tension and competition and you know, we see the political [00:16:00] situ situation is really quite brutal at the moment. And, and of course it's really gonna be kinda fight that, that Georgia election and, and, and the whole dynamic of it, especially since, you know, the, the sun in Sagittarius, the moon and Mars in Gemini are mutually square to that Jupiter Neptune combination.

[00:16:22] Triggers the whole thing. There's a whole fantasy thing happening as well that that, that, you know, people are imagining that certain outcomes are possible that maybe aren't. So I really thinking people have been doing that though for several months. Have they not? They have, of course. I mean, Neptune has been sitting on my midheaven for the last year and I'm tired of it and I Well, and you, and you know what they say as goes Tad, so goes the world

[00:16:53] Oh my gosh. They say that, huh? Well, you know, by the way, I also think of Rick, I think of you and I, Rick as [00:17:00] being very sagitta though, you know, I have Sagi, but I think of us both being quite Renaissance oriented in many ways. Also, I mean, in the sense that it's our time because. Stray wide field about things, you know, we're interested in a lot more than just our astrology.

[00:17:19] Yeah, that's very true. The fact that mercury already squared Neptune back in November when Mercury was moving direct, um, mercury squared, I'm sorry, it does it on the very 1st of December. That was the first time. Then when Mercury turns retrograde, that Mercury squares, um, squares Neptune again.

[00:17:48] Um, at the very end of the month on December 20. Right. And on top of that, it will then square it a third time in January. Now, in addition to that, [00:18:00] we also have Venus squaring Neptune on December 3rd, and we have the sun squaring Neptune on December 14th. So we have this boom, boom, boom of this constant, um, kind of in our face of whatever you thought was real isn't real.

[00:18:19] Or maybe it's people are trying to convince us that something that's not real is real or we maybe inadvertently believing in something and trying to convince others that what we believe is real when it's not. I mean, it's Neptune, we don't. Well, you know, I think one aspect of it is with, with also that Saturn and, and Aquarius, which is the sign that governs Russia, you know, the whole war in Ukraine.

[00:18:47] I mean, you know, one of, at the basis of it is the fact that Putin sees himself as an incarnation of Peter. The great, the only problem is Putin's about five feet tall, and, and, [00:19:00] and Peter the great was six feet, eight inches tall and was a gigantic man. He was a great man in all kinds of ways. So I really do think that, that, that really, that dynamic is also one manifestation of the end of this patriarchal way of being with things.

[00:19:18] And, and I really do believe that that neptunian quality, creating the sense of not really believing anyone, Hmm. Yeah. No matter how truthful they may have appeared at some stage I begin to wonder whether anyone tells the truth. There's another aspect that is, um, working through December that's actually a bit more subtle.

[00:19:44] But, but it's a slow moving aspect and it's with us for, for weeks. And that is the third hit of Jupiter forming a half square with Uranus, right? Jupiter semi squares or half squares to Uranus [00:20:00] on December 23rd. And it did it for the first time back in, um, in mid, mid May and the second time at the end of September.

[00:20:11] And I think here is a little bit more of what you were saying earlier about that Sagittarian, you know, kind of Renaissance's hopefulness, uh, Uranus being the planet of genius. And, and when Jupiter and Uranus get together, it's like, it doesn't matter what's been holding us back. We wanna crash through, we wanna breakthrough, we wanna find the, the, the, um, ultimate solution.

[00:20:35] And that sounds all wrong, but, and it's very lucky for that kind of energy also. I mean, you know, it, it really, it really. Puts a focus on individuals instead of collectives. Right. And I think that that really represents a major shift in direction that's gonna be coming about through this season. You know, meaning that people are going to feel able to actually make some kind of difference [00:21:00] in the, in the way things are running.

[00:21:01] And I, well, I, well, yeah, Todd, I'm thinking with a lot of the disillusionment that, of all the themes that we've been talking about with the, you know, things around deception and lying and where's the truth and who's telling the truth. I think so many people have gotten to the point where it's like, wow, just seems like there's lies everywhere.

[00:21:19] That only. Place I can put my true confidence and, and, um, you know, the only real place of power is within myself because all this other stuff is, you know, you, you think you can trust something or someone's, you know, in, in a position of leadership and you find out all these things. So it's like, well, I guess if no one out there is trustworthy, I'm gonna just keep it right here.

[00:21:41] But there's something very important of which, you know, women are coming into their own politically in, in other ways, and I, I think, you know, maybe you represent that at some level. But the whole thing, the unfortunate thing is a lot of men think that women are coming into their own Right. And there's a lot of [00:22:00] resistance.

[00:22:00] And I don't think we can just set the resistance aside in fact that No, I don't, we can talk about the downfall of the patriarchy. We can talk about, yeah, yeah. You know, the, the revolution of, of ideas, the, the people who have money and who are in power are not gonna let go easily. They never do. No, they're not the Elon Musk of the world.

[00:22:22] There's a lot of 'em. And, and I see a lot of them on all sides. And it's for sure, it's exactly true that they're. It's not gonna give up without a fight. But that's again, another reason why. It's to focus on the things that you can't control, the, the who you are, how you're showing up in the world, um, what you're doing in your corner of the world.

[00:22:41] I mean, that's, that's what I've taken away from so much of this, and, and that's what I think is happening in the American political system. And as you know, Amanda, I, I've been harping recently on this idea that the solar eclipse in Sagittarius in December, 2020 previously had a [00:23:00] similar quality eclipse in 1460, at which time women were being persecuted.

[00:23:06] Uh, Michelangelo and Leonardo were about to be born. The patriarchy was really pissing on women basically, and demeaning them in all kinds of ways. You know, the new, you know, the new translation of the Bible was created around that time. And I really do think that this echo of, of that period of time, 500 years ago, actually 560 years ago, is really coming about again in a, in a strange way.

[00:23:35] And that, you know, it really, I can feel it with the class I'm taking even in here in Ithaca about the Gaia Kono, you know, that he's basically saying everything comes from the mother. And what's interesting, Ted, is that in the mid 15th century, in 1455, There was a Uranus Pluto conjunction like there was in the 1960s, [00:24:00] and it was followed very closely by a Uranus, Neptune conjunction in 1479, like the one in the sixties was followed by the one in 1994.

[00:24:10] Those conjunctions happen regularly, but rarely do they happen so close together within, within a 30 year period of time. And in both cases it's like, it's like we were fish underwater and, and, and someone jumped out of water and went, gulp, I can't breathe up here, but wow, there's a whole world and they're back under, and it's like two times in one lifetime we got a, a hunk of the gen, a portion of the generations to come up and see it and see it again.

[00:24:40] And so it makes a very different imprint than if it only happened once and then again in 60 or 70 or 80 years. So there's a huge similarity. Between that Florentine or Renaissance period of the mid 15th century and now huge. Sure. In all Jupiter, all the Jupiter Neptune stuff is like [00:25:00] being underwater.

[00:25:01] You know, a friend of mine's a wonderful Irish filmmaker, and she and she and her daughter were deciding to write a screenplay, and they thought, well, we'll take a, we'll take a boat across the, across the ocean, the Atlantic. And they ended up having to be on this crater for eight months last year because of Covid, they could not get off.

[00:25:22] And I said to her, you know, she said, well, the theme of my new film is very neptunian, so therefore it's about the idea that we are all underwater now and we're just about to emerge and take a breath of air and see, well, what's going on up. Mm. So Ted, what do you think happens? I mean, you, you opened up talking about, you know, the Sagittarian into Capricorn energy and the winter or summer solstice if we're living bene, you know, in, in the Southern Hemisphere.

[00:25:55] Um, but what happens during this month is [00:26:00] that first Venus moves into, um, Capricorn on December 6th. Right. And then, I'm sorry, first Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 6th, and then Venus followed, and then Venus moves into Capricorn on December 9th, and then they're followed by the sun, as you said on the 21st.

[00:26:19] But what might we feel as this, we feel this shift from this buoyant, optimistic Sagittarian energy, perhaps into a bit more methodical, practical Capricorn. Yeah, well, I, you know, I mean, I, Capricorn certainly has. Has a lot of good things about it in the sense that it does represent the idea of something dynamic happening and, and a return to a very earthy way of looking at things.

[00:26:48] I really think there needs to be a similar kind of uprising around ecological issues. Which I see vaguely happening, but you know, I think, I think it really [00:27:00] needs to be embraced in a much deeper way, because otherwise we're not gonna have a planet to live on, basically. So I think, again, that's an aspect of this patriarchal dynamic.

[00:27:11] It's shifting it around, shifting it into a different direction altogether, and ma making, making the impetus back to Gaia, the mother and yeah, our, our, our, uh, friend Jeff Joer had the best, uh, bumper sticker ever. It said Good planets are hard to find . I love Jeff. I always have and always will. And I remember so much of the time running into you guys in Seattle and , I used to sit between them for their radio programs, which is like, It was like a kind of knockout, drag down fight most of the time, but it was also terrifically en enjoyable and ener energizing all kinds of ways.

[00:27:54] Wonderful. You know, one of the things you're saying about, um, bringing the attention back [00:28:00] to the earth, I, I actually see people's rising interest in astrology as evidence of that, which might seem weird, but to me it, it's this desire to cultivate a relationship with nature, with the universe. And of course the earth is part of that, and more and more people are interested in it, and they're more interested in even having a, the type of relationship that you're probably learning about in your class where everything is alive and you're actually in relationship with everything.

[00:28:27] So I think, I think there's a lot of signs that your idea of this renaissance is actually happening, it's underway. And go ahead. Well, you and I are gonna have a talk about this in, in a, in a month or two, I think. And, you know, and, and, and there are all kinds of things going on around it that are actually incredibly interesting and important to know, particularly the, the dynamic that, you know, women being suppressed in that way and really beginning to come into their own in a way, as well as the feminine [00:29:00] component of men, you know, which of course is a similar kind of dynamic when I, you know, I'm in a college town.

[00:29:06] I moved to Ithaca, New York, where I went to Cornell Architecture School 60 years ago, believe it or not. And I'm looking around and I'm seeing all kinds of young women with tattoos of snakes and serpents and dragons on their arms. And I'm thinking, you know, the title of this book I'm working on is Awakening from the Serpents Dream.

[00:29:27] That it used to be the snakes used to be symbols of the divine feminine women's power. Yeah. You know, women's creativity and sexuality and the dynamic that that's, that creates, and I think that that's coming back. I see it. A lot of these women don't really understand in quotes what they really are doing.

[00:29:48] Mm-hmm. . But it's become a very popular movement in a way. And fascinating. I love it. Hmm. So what do you all think, what you all, what do you two think [00:30:00] about the having a southern moment? Are we ? What? Having a southern moment, y'all. What do you all think? I love that y'all term, it's, it encompasses, it's very personable.

[00:30:12] Yes it is. Okay. Uh, winter solstice. What's the energy like? And do you both think that the energy at the solstice then colors the next. Three months, six months. Does it, does it have a ripple effect or is it, does it not work like that? Like the way, well, it has a wonderful sesqua quadrant to Uranus and, and to me that, you know, to have the lation be so closely connected to one of the outer planets, especially the one that's about individuality, about independence, about new ideas emerging and so on, you know, it's not gonna be an easy process by any step of the imagination, but I think the dynamic of it is really a very powerful one.

[00:30:54] Especially cuz you're in, still gonna be within a couple of degrees of the node. Yeah, yeah. You know, that nodal [00:31:00] access being incredibly important and eastern astrology and, and being very much about family structures and the whole dynamics of things like that. I think all of these things, you know, and, and, and of course the fact that, that both Illumination and Uranus are both connected once again with Neptune and Jupiter.

[00:31:18] Right. I, I was gonna, that's what I was gonna say. Is that this comes back around to what Ted opened with, and that is that the weird thing about this particular solstice chart. Um, and yeah, I think that the solstice and even the cross quarters are all part of the structure of, of the year, um, end the lu nations.

[00:31:41] I mean, this is what makes the, the, the, the fabric of the, um, what is it, the warp and the we, the, the, um, the, the, the cross ripples of the year. What's interesting to me is that, and Tad mentioned this earlier, that at the moment that the sun [00:32:00] ingress or moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn denoting the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, that the moon is still in Sagittarius.

[00:32:10] Yeah, yeah. I, I've noticed that as well. It's, but, but also on the exact same day, or let me say within 24 hours of that Jupiter moves from Pisces, um, into Aries. Yeah. And so with Jupiter now moving forward, again, it's moving rather slowly. Um, only moves about one and a half degrees for the entire month of December, but it picks up pace pretty quickly.

[00:32:39] And of course, moves all through, through, uh, through all 30 degrees of Aries by, by May. But the point is, is that we have this. Practical plotting Venus, mercury, uh, Pluto. All in Capricorn. Oh yeah. I'm gonna get to the top of the mountain. I'm gonna take my time. I'm gonna have a [00:33:00] plan. And meanwhile, Jupiter comes crashing into Aries.

[00:33:04] And I'm wondering what you think Ted, about Jupiter having been in its home sign and now moving into new territory. But I don't know about you, but I like Jupiter in. More than I even like it in its home sign of Pisces. But then again, I'm an Aries, you know, Well, I think you're right. And, and, and as you know, Rick, my moon is in early airs at six degrees.

[00:33:28] And when I see my daughter in Copenhagen, you know, around the 20th or 21st, her, her, her moon is at one degree airs so and so my daughter, we've party around the solstice. It'll be dark, but we'll have a party nonetheless. Yeah, yeah. Uh, we, we, we've actually talked about this Ted, both of our daughters have the moon at one degree of Aries.

[00:33:50] Yes, I know. So they're both gonna be thrilled that that's all happening, that the Jupiter vibe. Continues to really be kept up in the air in [00:34:00] a way. And I love Jupiter and Aries also. Yeah. Tell us about Jupiter and Aries and how long is Jupiter gonna be in Aries? Well, it's in each sign roughly for a year, but yeah, but the bummer is, the bummer is the last four or five times that Jupiter is been in Aries, and I know this because I've tracked it, it has that same weird retrograde pattern as it does now, and that is, it touches into Aries, it backs up, and then it moves to Aries in five months.

[00:34:28] That's. You can say that it's in every sign for a year, but because of its retrograde plant, um, um, retrograde dance, um, it'll end up spending more time in Pisces and Taurus than it does in Aries. And it does that all the time. I always feel cheated. Well, you know, it's funny you say that because a good friend of mine, a good woman friend, astrologer of mine, and I began realizing we're both very ju, she has sage moon, I have sage rising.

[00:34:59] [00:35:00] And we both realize that, that, of course the Jupiter rulership gets too inflated. We have great expectations of things happening and they don't. So we began calling Jupiter stupid. As a kind of, as a kind counteract to that. So, so it doesn't get out of control on a very positive way and you really use it instead of like, assuming everything in your life is gonna be wonderful for a change.

[00:35:28] Yeah. I think the problem with Jupiter and Aries is that we're saying yes before someone tells us the plan. . I mean, it's, it, it, you know, we forget, you know, that, that the, that Jupiter and Aries, one of the key words that I like for Jupiter and Aries is enthusiasm. Oh my God. And the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek and Theos meaning with God.

[00:35:52] Yeah, of course. And you see, it's like when, when Amanda or Ted or Rick steps out of the way and we're just wide-eyed [00:36:00] and excited and we're just going on and man, we're enthusi, we're with. And the problem with Jupiter and Aries is that we are with God for the moment, but then we gotta come back and be with Amanda or Rick or Ted and it's not the same.

[00:36:15] So I think Jupiter and Aries is exciting, but can get us into trouble. Sorry, Ted, go ahead. No, my, my whole reincarnation time scale thing about Aries being the time in the historical process when humanity basically was nomadic and worshiped the cosmos because, because humanity in the early days, 50,000 years ago, when Homo sap, homo sapiens were created, basically the dynamic was that they were always moving because they were hundred gatherers.

[00:36:45] And so the only thing they could really worship was the earth in a way, but also the cosmos around them. And I think it's our time to worship the cosmos. And I think we come alive for that, basically with that s vibe, which I love. [00:37:00] I think it's a terrific time of the year, and I know it does happen to run through very quickly, but then that's.

[00:37:09] Well, I think the practice is to try to make something last rather than always pushing it. This is the, hes again, in me speaking rather than pushing it and pushing it and pushing it is to take a good idea and to try to let it just, you know, to sit with it, not push it so hard so that you don't, I think it was, I, I, I, I think it was, uh, Plato who, um, wrote that, that, that whenever there's great expansion, he didn't, wasn't talking Jupiter, Saturn, but he said whenever there's great expansion, there has to be a following contraction to kind of bring it back in.

[00:37:45] And so I think that that happens with Jupiter. But Jupiter is, you know, when we are hopeful, when we have an opportunity, these are things where we see the potential to blow up a balloon and make it bigger. And even if it doesn't [00:38:00] materialize, the act of reaching toward it. Put something in motion. Yeah.

[00:38:05] Well that's why Saturn, that's why Saturn and Capricorn follow Sagittarius. Exactly. It's a natural way of looking for a structure within that optimism to kinda take things to the next stage, you know? So we really wanna make it last. We wanna keep it, we wanna keep that wine cellar still going down there.

[00:38:27] I love that. That visual too is that expansion that happens, the dreams, the hopes, the ideals, the, the vision that, that you can catch. But then, then reality comes in with the Capricorn and it's like, okay, well let's make this real. Let's actually, and this is maybe how we continue to. And actually create new things on this planet?

[00:38:49] I think so. You know, I, I've, I've written a fair number of books at this point, and, and one thing that I think is interesting because I lived in Northern Europe for many, many years, is the whole [00:39:00] idea that during the wintertime is the time when I used to do all of the writing. Mm. Because I didn't wanna go outside.

[00:39:06] I'm stuck inside for months at a time. You know, it's cold, it's wet, it's dark. And, and the whole dynamic of it is about going into my inner world at that time, and really beginning to revel in the whole inspiration that comes from the S dynamic and the Aries vibe. So I'm looking forward to that this time as well.

[00:39:29] How about Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, new Year's Eve, new Year's Day? How, how are, how's the energy around the, those holidays? Well, of course, of course. The new, you know, the New Moon happens two days before Christmas in Capricorn. As well as the other three planets that Rick mentioned earlier. On the semi square, Uranus is also on the 23rd.

[00:39:56] I see that we, uh, there's, um, also a Mercury [00:40:00] sextile Neptune, which is back to the fantasy stuff, but it's not as conflictive there. Um, and, um, I, you know, I see that period of time this year as being rather tame compared to, let's say, the great conjunction a few years back of Jupiter, Saturn, you know, uh, you know, right around Christmas.

[00:40:23] Yeah. Well, you know, when Mercury and Venus come together, I, I have a Mercury Venus conjunction in Virgo in the ninth house. But, but the whole dynamic of it, to me, I began realizing at the way Everton sees Mercury, Venus is that your mind is affected by your emotions very deeply. So when, when Mercury and Venus come together, the only ideas that you see as being relevant are the ones that have a strong emotional dynamic.

[00:40:51] In a way, it's actually held for the entire week because Mercury, um, is stationary and Mercury, mercury is [00:41:00] stationary while Venus catches up to it. Normally, mercury moves faster than Venus, but because Mercury is ahead of Venus, it slows down to turn retrograde. And on the day that it stops, uh, apparently not really, as we know on the day that it stops to turn retrograde, that's the day Venus catches up to it.

[00:41:21] And so we have, as TA was talking about this, um, mercury, Venus conjunction, um, that's, uh, the 27th, 28th, 29th, even on, you know, onto the 30th because those planets are just like hanging in the sky at the same point. The exact conjunction, however, is on the 29th. Yeah. And I think, I think also they probably are gonna be trending Mars around that time as well.

[00:41:48] Mars, very, very Gemini. Yep. Yep. And there's a lot of other behind it as well is, is that New Year's Eve is a very different flavor. I see, I see. Christmas Eve as [00:42:00] light and, and, and, and fun. And, and, and let's celebrate, let's, let's lose some of the seriousness. Let's just put some of the stuff aside. But as we get close to New Year's, new Year's Eve, um, Venus is moving toward the last degrees of Capricorn.

[00:42:18] And in order for it to move into Aquarius, which it does on, on January 3rd, in order for it to get there, it has to go through the gates of Pluto. Yeah, of course. It hits Pluto's, basically holding court at the end of Capricorn. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's funny, the Danes, you know, on New Year's Eve in Denmark, people put their Christmas trees out in the streets.

[00:42:41] And set them on fire. So when you look out the window in Copenhagen, it looks as though the entire city's on fire, which is the Danes love that vibe, you know, in way, but it's, it is, it is a fascinating thing to say. Must be great for allergies. [00:43:00] So cold. Believe me, it's so cold. There's no, no problem. Let me ask you about Venus having to move through Pluto before it gets to Aquarius.

[00:43:12] What, what's that gonna, yeah, it, it's like we're, we're, I, I see this New Year's Eve as we're less interested in partying than we are in finding meaning we we're not gonna be satisfied. I thought you just saying in finding sexuality. Well, well, and it's, I don't think though, I don't think just, um, sex for Play or Sex for Sensation is going to cut it the way it normally might for some people.

[00:43:44] I think that'll leave people feeling empty because Venus and Pluto together want meaning, they want, they want intimacy, not sexuality. Yeah, for sure. They want the world to, to move. Mm. . [00:44:00] And so, you know, I think that it's a, it, it, I think it's a much better night to spend in a small group with people that you, um, know and or love than it is to go to the nightclub and to do the party scene like many people do.

[00:44:16] Well, that's what I will be doing in Copenhagen. So actually that's terrific. I really like it. Which one? You're gonna be at the club or you're gonna be at intimate. I'm gonna be in a more intimate situation with great friends of mine and the days after Christmas, and especially an old friend of mine married a woman who was head of the Danish Design School.

[00:44:35] He's a renowned designer from South Africa named Mervin Lansky, who was a founder of Pentagram, which is an amazing design group, and he's, he transported to Copenhagen around the same time I got married and moved there in 19. And so we've remained great buddies. So I'm gonna go see them and hang out with them over, you know, around New Year's and it should be [00:45:00] fantastic and I'm gonna find a club , we're gonna club, right?

[00:45:03] And then you one, not really. I do not have. I do not have. But the other thing about New Year's Eve is that Mercury will have just stayed, um, just turned retrograde because Mercury turns retrograde on the 29th. Um, and it does that at 24 degrees of Capricorn. We're going to be getting. Just that first wave of the first few days of that Mercury retrograde.

[00:45:31] And often the first couple of days of Mercury retrograde are the ones where we see the things that traditionally are associated with Mercury retrograde, cuz we're still running ahead and where we don't wanna listen to Mercury saying slow down, absorb, build structure. Don't push through it. Well, you know, also, I mean, Rick, as we know Capricorn does govern fermentation.

[00:45:57] Okay. So it's a very good time to [00:46:00] have some very nice wine. I'm already thinking about that actually. And I wish we were together around that time to celebrate. But, um, we've done that before a few times and, uh, never, never on New Year's Eve though. Never on New Year's Eve, however, and I think it's gonna be, I think it's gonna be a very interesting.

[00:46:20] Entree to a new world. What I usually do is I try to do taro readings on New Year's Eve. Hmm. That go, go to the next year, a reading that has 12 cards around a circle. It's like a little zodiac, but also it starts with the ascendance. So it's a very interesting way of bringing the new year in cause it sets out a kind of pattern to see how you basically function and, and to give you some clothes.

[00:46:47] I like that. I like that. So in terms of the astrology of December, which dates are you, are are big dates for us to keep our eye on? And I don't know that [00:47:00] we really nailed a theme yet, but we're getting there in terms of what is the actual theme for. . Well, you know, I, I think the changes of sign and things like that, you know, there's one happening relatively early around the sixth, seventh, and so on, which is when mercury changes sign.

[00:47:18] And, and also of course, you know, there's, there's one, a Jupiter changing sign into areas. And I think, I think that dynamic basically of the Jupiter shifting to Saturn is, is really the theme of this month coming up. And I think it'll be very interesting to watch it with that kind of idea in mind. Yeah.

[00:47:38] And my take is, is slightly different. I, I feel like. We're, we're, we're hot Toro, we're ready to go forward. Um, we're, uh, and, and we are. And yet it's, um, it's, it's kind of like the story of Moses not being able to be allowed into the Promised [00:48:00] Land. Um, and I'm not saying that, that we're gonna be in the Promised Land in 2023, but there's this sense that we have old business that we have to finish up, um, whether it be by the end of the year or whether it be by the time that Mars goes retrograde, I think around the 12th of January or when, or when, uh, mercury goes retrograde later in January or maybe even until March, when the planets begin, the outer planets begin to change signs regardless.

[00:48:31] I, I think that we're still feeling the Mars retrograde and the um, the Mercury. Retro, the, the looming, the, um, pending Mercury retrograde, and yet Jupiter moving into Aries where we can see where we're going for the first time in a while. And we have the hope and we have the directionality. We just don't have the speed at which we can make that beline toward the future quite yet.[00:49:00]

[00:49:00] But I think we're encouraged. I think we're, I think we're good to go. I think that this is, this is the, this is the end of the beginning and we're into whatever it is that new, that is new. I think that's, I think that's great. And also the fact that the New Moon is right around Christmas is wonderful to go outside, take a look at the stars, you know, uh, the whole dynamic being that shift into Capricorn is really something that we need to really do what we need to do at that time.

[00:49:27] And it may, it may be an interesting time to kind of set things in motion for the new year that's gonna come a week later. Yeah. Do you, do you guys think that there is going to be greater clarity for people who have felt like they've been in a fog or they've felt unsure or unclear or, you know, not, not really knowing which direction they're going?

[00:49:48] Is there gonna be more of a sense of clarity? I think the Jupiter entering Aries will force that. That's really what Jupiter describes really. I think that's ju [00:50:00] optimism

[00:50:03] But of course you think everything is ju optimists? No. No, I don't. But I, but I think that, I think that we can overin inflate the, in the, the meanings. I mean, look, people out there, say again? Say it again. We can use stupid or you mean Well, that's exactly what I'm saying, is that there are people that are out there that are stupid, that are, that are ignorant by choice.

[00:50:30] Yeah. Yeah. That, that, because it's easier to maintain that ignorance instead of looking at what is real and, and Jupiter moving into a sign is not necessarily going to cure these people. No, no, no. I agree. I agree. You know, and, and also I love going back to Europe, it feels to me like going back home somehow and also somewhere where things are more straight up somehow.

[00:50:57] Have you done your, uh, astro [00:51:00] locality for the, the different places that you love to go? I mean, cuz I, I just feel like we all have resonance with different places on the planet and there's certain places you just love and they feel like home and sometimes there's no logical explanation for it. You just love it.

[00:51:15] Well, you know, it's funny because when I, I mean, I spent, I moved to England in 1973. I was in England for, for 18, 19 years and then I moved to Denmark in 2000 for 10 years. So I spent much of my life in the peak of my life. And I have a Saturn, Saturn, Pluto lines passing right through both Copenhagen and London.

[00:51:40] Wow. And so I began realizing in the beginning, this is really tragic, except I began realizing that it forced me to focus, it forced me to really press my creativity in a way and make something fruitful out of it. I needed to ferment myself in that way during [00:52:00] this capric Corian time. So in a way, it was actually probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

[00:52:08] I love that. We've, we've, we've today pointed out, That Jupiter isn't always just perfection, benevolence, you know, all the good things. And that Saturn and Pluto aren't always all the bad things either. No, not, not at all. I mean, it's, yeah, and, and peppercorn is amazing when it comes to focusing and the kind of discipline that's necessary to create anything really creative.

[00:52:34] Right. And you've done a lot of that in your life. Absolutely. I, and I have to, you know, I had to be tied down, right. I didn't say this in the beginning, but Todd is an author, a designer, an artist. He's written 18 books and is best known for his books and paintings on astrology, sacred architecture, sexuality, and garden.

[00:52:56] So thank you, man has written many books based on [00:53:00] the concept of logarithmic time scale, derived from the work of J Gif and Al Pensky and Rodney Collin, and contributing to an application of astrology called lifetime astrology. So thank you. Clearly it's worked for you, . It does work for me. And you know, and, and also the fact that when I moved to the UK I moved with my seven month old daughter who I raised on my own and I will be seeing her in Copenhagen.

[00:53:26] Wow. And I really look forward to that cause I haven't seen her for eight months or so. Oh. How, with her, with her moon at one s like Rick's daughter, you know, it's always great to see her because she's a bundle of energy. Chad's daughter's name is Tmy and my daughter's name is Faith . Oh my God. I love you guys.

[00:53:46] It's so, um, we love you too, by the way. So one thing I'd like to say is that when I was first falling deeply into astrology, um, the books [00:54:00] that I was reading then was books by PD o Pensky. Right. And Rodney Col. A theory for of Celestial Influence. Right. Absolutely. Which I think I have. Right here. I do, I have them right here.

[00:54:15] uh, right there. Oh, wow. And, and in this book, there was one of the things that, that kind of changed my, my life. I actually have a bookmark on, on this page. Um, you can see the little bent page and, and there's the, there's the illustration right there. I know it. I know it. Of course you do. Because when I met Tad somehow that came up and he was the only person in my life that I'd met who knew exactly what I was talking about, which now there, and in this book, there's also a photograph of what we call the long body of the solar system, because normally [00:55:00] we think of planets going around.

[00:55:01] TAs gonna bring an illustration that he did. Nice. Oh, amazing. Oh, Ted, the light is reflected in it. Move it a little bit, um, vertically back and forth cuz we're getting the refl Ted, we're getting the reflection. I, so I got that. I got that. Anyway, yeah, I think you'll be able tilt it. You'll be able to tilt it there.

[00:55:22] Yes. Yes. So the, the, the thing is that I grew. My dad was an electrical engineer whose expertise was coils. Coils and power supplies and antennas That says a lot about, yeah. Now, um, my dad had equipment in his office where he worked that were machines that wound certain numbers of coils, of wire and certain distances.

[00:55:53] And I grew up knowing about Nicola Tesla and these um, uh, [00:56:00] devices that would transform energy from one frequency to another. And when I saw this illustration, because we think of the planets going around the sun like. But what we don't realize is that the sun is moving while the planets are going like this.

[00:56:18] The sun is moving like this at a not quite perpendicular angle faster than the planets are going like this. A million miles a day doesn't go like this. It means that it moves like a s. All the planets are spiraling and if you speed it, And the Tibetans and the most mystical traditions remind us that everything in the universe is instantaneous.

[00:56:43] We just see it as slowed down linearly. But if you speed it up, the sun becomes like a central filament in a step down transformer, where the different planets represent coils at different coherent frequencies. And [00:57:00] Tad was the only person that, uh, in the first five minutes of meeting him, we had this discussion.

[00:57:05] It was like, wait a minute, you know about this shit too. And I, you can find a hundred other astrologers, no one will know what you're talking about. Absolutely. Wow. I love it, Rick. Love you. Oh my God. Okay, you guys. So as we go into December, yes. If you were to give us all a nugget of astrological guidance, absolutely.

[00:57:26] Navigating the month ahead, . So Rick just says, yes. Just no, I, I, I, I say yes to the nugget of wisdom, right? Which is not my wisdom, but it's gonna be my practice, but it's not often my practice. Oh, good. And that is to slow down and to not push toward finishing everything that you expected to finish this month or even last month, because we're gonna wanna power through and thrust ahead [00:58:00] and yet Mars's, retrograde, even though Mars, um, even though Jupiter will be in Mars's, sign Aries, um, it's like, we gotta take it, we gotta take it step by step.

[00:58:13] Okay? So slow down. Don't just thrust ahead. Take it step by step. Paul Simon, slow down. You're moving too fast. Gotta make the morning less. Very good. So I had. Open heart surgery two years ago, you know, an AOR aneurysm where I was very lucky to survive. However, what I began realizing is that I need to act more from my heart.

[00:58:45] Hmm. So my recommendation for the new year is come from the heart in everything you do and you can't go wrong. And that's a very Leo thing to say. Of course. But also I believe it. [00:59:00] Yes. It, it feels ju too, in a way. Yeah. It's very expensive and, and yes. Yeah. I also have Jupiter and Leo as well. So , sometimes it feels stupid and just to be from the heart, but it actually works.

[00:59:15] Thank Rick. Exactly. Oh, I love it. Okay, well anything else? Thank you so much for this. I've really enjoyed. Yeah. What a. It's a total party. And I love that everybody's here with us. And there's, someone said, someone said, thank you for making me feel right at home, uh, here. Someone when was in New York and just said they felt right at home with the conversation.

[00:59:38] So thank you for making everyone feel like that. And thank you for being here. Ta it's been so much fun. Thanks. I don't think we've ever had you on the podcast. We had you as an inner circle astrologer several years ago, right? But we will be having Tad back. So if you enjoyed this conversation with him and wanna get to know him better, which he is fascinating.

[00:59:59] I got to [01:00:00] sit on a couch at Essar right next to Tad and just, he was talking to me about his book and you alluded to it a little bit with the, um, with the serpent and the divine feminine and all those amazing things that we will be talking about next time. I look forward. It was so much fun to just sit there and, and listen to your stories and talk to you and get to know you.

[01:00:21] And then that you and Rick are such great friends and it, this was actually Rick's idea. Rick was like, maybe TA and I can do, I love the December forecast together. I was like, actually, actually the, the, the story is that Amanda and I had this every other week's schedule going for the cosmic connection and a few weeks back Amanda had a back issue and she said, can we postpone or do you, I said, yeah, let's just, let's just skip it.

[01:00:47] And so we had one next week, which was put us off on our odd weeks and she called me last week or two weeks ago and said, oh my God, I, that we're having a cosmic connection, but I have a thing with Tad [01:01:00] instead. And I said, oh, it's just Tad cancel 'em . And, and she said, well, we were gonna talk about something very.

[01:01:10] Sorry, very, very specific. I said, actually, don't cancel him. Just reschedule that and let's actually do this together, and that'll be a lot of fun. That's great. So it was, so Amanda, the story about the wine is that a publisher of mine back in the day was a young, a young guy who inherited an amazing wine cellar from his father, but he happened to live along the Avon River, and he was an asshole, basically.

[01:01:38] But, but the gist of it was that he really wasn't very generous in many ways. Okay. And, and it, it, it was very problematic to see. But what happened was that the house flooded one day and he kept all of his wine in the basement and every label washed off of the bottles. That they originally had been [01:02:00] on, and I'm talking about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bottles.

[01:02:03] That means you couldn't tell the 1723 Chateau Rothchild from the night From, from the 2021 Thunderbird . Yeah. And I spent some time with him trying to help him figure it out, which was a real treat. Oh my God, you have an amazing bottle of wine and not know really what it was. Wow, that's incredible. We had an idea, but it really.

[01:02:28] Yeah. It wasn't the, it wasn't the real thing. Fascinating how much that label matters on those wine bottles. Absolutely. Right. And also the water just wa, it washed them off and, and you know, and they were gone. Amazing. Amazing. Well, thanks to you both for this very special December forecast. We're having lots of special events here at Astrology Hub as we go into the new year.

[01:02:51] On December 10th, we'll be having another party, and this party will be with six different astrologers all looking at 2023. So we'll be looking at [01:03:00] all the major transits of 2023, how to work with them, what they mean, what's gonna be coming up. That's totally free. You can join us for that@astrologyhub.com slash 2023.

[01:03:11] We'd love to have you at that. And Tad, I feel like you were gonna say something. No, I just wanted to thank you, Amanda. Oh, . I'm gonna say something really quickly. Constance says, nice job, Amanda herding cats

[01:03:27] I get a lot of practice doing that, and these are lovely cats to her, so it's been so much. That's alright. I love you guys and look forward to more. Yes, same here. Same here. All right, everybody. And actually, Ted, do you wanna tell them the name of your book just in case people wanna get it before our talk?

[01:03:45] Um, it depends on which one. I mean, the, the most recent one is the Sacred Language of Trees. Oh. Which I recommend for anyone who's interested in the feminine because it basically, it basically talks about [01:04:00] how most creative gods were actually goddesses. Wow. And so it's a very, you know, because trees are feminine and.

[01:04:10] I love that whole dynamic and, and I think you'll like the book. It's a, it's a good dad's written books on everything. He's, he's, um, written a book called Sacred Landscapes of the World, . Wow. You know, I've gotta do something with my time and I have to try to make a living, you know, I mean, unlike Rick, I'm not a, I'm not a great hustler and Oh, alright.

[01:04:34] Yeah, I'm working on it. He's pushing, he's twisting my arm sometimes and I'm gonna get on Patreon soon. Oh good. I thought you meant, I thought you meant the pool table, . I remember that. Thank you. Thank you so much. It's been such a pleasure. And thanks all of you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community.

[01:04:54] Happy holidays to everyone. Terrific and wonderful Christmas New Year, [01:05:00] and let's have a wonderful 2020 Kah, Kwanza, solstice, everything. All of it. Absolutely all of it. Yes. Thank you so much. And Rick, thank you for this great idea and everybody take care and we will catch you on the next episode. Wonderful.

[01:05:14] Thanks a lot everyone. Do not make any of your plan for 2023 until you've received the scoop on the astrological tides coming our way from some of the world's tough astrologers. We're gonna make that easy for you to do. On December 10th, we're hosting a free live panel event where we'll go through all the major astrology of next year.

[01:05:37] You're gonna learn about the major transits when they're happening, why they matter, how they may affect the world, and most importantly, well, you can work with these transits most effectively in your relationships with your money, your career, all of the major aspects of life. Don't get caught without your map for 2023, get the Gift of foresight at our live [01:06:00] forecast event.

[01:06:00] Go to astrology hub.com/ 2223 and join us now. And PS, even if you can't bake it live, make sure you sign up because everybody who signs up will get the recording within 24 hours of the live event. That's astrology hub.com/ 2023. Can't wait to see you there.