[COSMIC CONNECTION] Monthly Horoscope: September 2022 w/ Rick Levine

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Mercury & Mars Retrograde

In this Monthly Horoscope, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda β€˜Pua’ Walsh discuss the Astrology of September 2022.

You’ll learn …

πŸŒ– About the Mercury Retrograde and what to expect from it

πŸŒ• How the Venus trine to Uranus can get you enamored by unusual things

πŸŒ” Why Rick said he loves the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces

Chapters πŸ“Ί

0:00 Intro

1:00 ISAR 2022

6:07 September Overview

7:17 Mercury & Mars Retrograde

11:45 Saturn & Uranus Square

13:30 Jupiter semi-square Saturn

18:59 Mercury Opposite Jupiter

21:00 Venus in Virgo

24:00 Full Moon in Pisces & Neptune

27:00 Venus and Mars square

30:00 Sun opposite Neptune

33:22 Sun trine Pluto

34:40 Venus trine Uranus

39:52 Venus Opposite Neptune

41:34 New Moon in Libra and the Equinox

44:58 Venus trine Pluto

46:30 Sun opposite Jupiter

48:40 Mars trine Saturn

50:20 The Big Picture

1:02:02 Summary

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

Welcome to the cosmic connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the cosmos And your connection to it All. My name’s Amanda Poole Walsh, and I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. And I’m Rick Merlin living in your cosmic navigator. Now let’s dive in. Well, hello everybody. And welcome to our September forecast episode of the cosmic connection.

And before we dive in, we have a little slideshow or a couple of pictures to share with you from the ESR conference that we just came back from last week, it was such a blast. I can’t even tell you how amazing it was. Amanda says, we, she means her and I and 750 other people. Yes. And I got to meet tons of people from the Astrology Hub community,

inner circle members, people who listened to this cosmic connection and love it. And I got to hug Rick like a hundred times, which was the best. And we actually did a special episode that we’ll be releasing on Saturday, where I was interviewing Rick and Jen Zahrt at the same time. And it was fascinating. So we’ll, we’ll be releasing that soon,

but we want to show you a few pictures from the event. And I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate Rick because he won two very prestigious awards at this event. And so yes, you better show your trophy. I can’t really read it because of the reflection, but this, oh, I guess that if I hold it like that, that kind of almost,

it’s basically a ESR, which is the international society for astrological research. And it’s the favorite Astrology YouTube channel. I want another one also for social media general, but this is that’s the one I deserved, not the other one, but thank you for both of them ESR. It’s not just ESR. It was, it was like a popular vote. So the people were voting,

which I was so thrilled to even be nominated. Astrology Hub gotten nominated for best YouTube channel and best audio podcast. We didn’t win, but I was so honored that we even got up on the board. So Joe, could you share a few of the pictures? Okay. So this is the interview that Rick and I did. And then Jen joined us later.

You can just kind of what’s that photo. No, but she was invited to the photo. If you’re listening on the podcast, this might be one to check out on YouTube. This was, wait, wait, stay there, Joe. After, can I tell them what were talking about Rick? Like just a taste? Sure. Okay. Rick is working on three different books,

Just a little about one of them. Okay. One of them is based on the cosmic connection episodes that we’ve done over the last two years. So it’s going to be basically putting all the transcripts and all the different teachings of that. We’ve covered on the, on the cosmic connection into a book format. So we were talking about that. And then I said,

we got to commemorate this moment. So we took this silly selfie and there’s a few other ones, okay. This is Rick accepting his award, which was so much fun. And then you can see on the, on the thing next to it, that’s all the, all the YouTube channels that were nominated for the award. So Chris Brennan, Rick Levine,

Astrology Hub, Nadia Shaw, and Pam Gregory, who? I also love Pam Gregory’s YouTube, YouTube channel as well. And what else did we have here? Oh, I have to tell you this story. So Rick Levine has been going to these conferences for twenty-five years and his tradition is to bring a pack of a bunch of different types of stickers.

And he carefully selects stickers to put on your name tag. So this is a picture of Rick with my daughter modeling who’s 13. And this was her first like big girl kind of work event. This is a picture with Madeline, with Rick, after he picked out the stickers for her, She did an awesome, awesome job. She might as well have been on the crew as a paid person.

She was, she was great. Yeah. She, she loved it. She cried, she hugged Omari at the end and started balling Omari Martin. She was disliked. I think she just didn’t realize how cool all the astrologer is are, and she just fell in love and everybody was so kind to her. It was so sweet. Do we have any more pictures,

Joe? Or is that oh, okay. So this is Rick with Jessica who is on the Astrology Hub team. And of course, Joe G on the Astrology Hub team. So super-sweet, and that was at a little party that we hosted at Astrology Hub to thank the astrologers that we love working with. I actually got to hug an orderly for the first time at our party,

which was also a very special moment. And we’re going to be sharing more pictures on all of our social media platforms. So if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, check us out there, okay. So here we go, Rick, what do we have ahead September Complicated. I think that September feels like we’re going, oh, I don’t want this to be the title,

but it feels like we’re going nowhere fast. In other words, Mars is in Gemini. Mars moved into Gemini a couple of weeks ago and in Gemini, Mars is distracted and Mars, you know, in Aries, Mars hits that gas pedal and it’s ready to go in Taurus. It works at gas pedal slowly, and it doesn’t really hit it until it knows exactly where it’s going,

how it’s going to get there. It’s determined in Gemini. Mars will hit the gas pedal for any reason, even if it isn’t aimed in the direction that it’s going. And so it feels like things are speeded up because Mars in Gemini is fast. However, there’s two things. Well, there’s really three things. We’ll hold onto one of them. There’s two things immediately that slow us down.

Number one, mercury turns retrograde on September on September 9th. And because of that, mercury is all ready, slowing down right now at the beginning of September. And, and so mercury slowing down to turn backwards on the ninth. There’s that sense of we’re not going as fast forward as we thought we might have been. That’s number one, we’ll talk more about mercury retrograde in a few minutes.

The second thing is Mars itself. Mars turns retrograde two months from today. I actually two months from yesterday on the last day of October. And although that seems like it’s far away, Mars, when it’s moving fast, moves through a sign in less than two months, Mars has been moving quickly and starting a few months ago. It began to gradually slow down.

And to just give you an idea of how slowed down Mars is through the month of June, Mars was moving 22 degrees. That’s like almost through an entire sign, two thirds of the sign in a month in July. It slowed down to 21 degrees, not much of a slowdown, but a little in August that’s last month, Mars slowed down to 18 degrees in the month in September,

Mars moves 14 degrees in a month. That’s like eight degrees in the month, slower than it was. It’s a third slower than it was a few months ago. And then it turns retrograde at the end of October in October, Mars only moves five degrees for the whole month. Now, why is this important now? It’s because Mars and Gemini, like I said before,

speeds things up and it makes us feel like things are going faster and I want to do this and I want to do that. No, that’s a good idea. I’ll put that on hold so I can do that. But Mars is moving slower and we’re not making as much progress as we thought. We might, especially combined with mercury retrograde. So there’s a little bit of frustration this month.

And so, you know, maybe that nowhere fast really does work, but there are some other things that indicate there are some breakthroughs and that there, you know, and that we do maybe get somewhere just not quite as quickly as we would have liked. So those are two opening thoughts for the month and a lot more. Okay, Rick, I don’t know if I understand what you’re saying about Mars retrograde.

So you’re saying that it’s happening in two months from now. It’s already slowing down. In other words, if a planet doesn’t just stop and go, retrograde has been going through one sign every two months, and now it’s already slowing down. And because it’s moving into a sign that’s normally associated with speed, but it’s not moving as fast. It’s going to make us a little crazy.

It’s like a disassociation kind of, because we feel like we should be going faster than we are because Mars is in Gemini. And yet something odd is happening because it’s just slowing down gradually all this month, September all next month, October until the end of October, it actually stops to go retrograde and it goes retro red. It doesn’t turn direct until January.

Mars is a very strange retrograde planet. And normally we associate Mars with going ahead and going ahead, forcefully that’s, that’s what Mars is about. So we might be a little like confused as to what the heck’s going on. Why do we feel like we’re spinning so many wheels and running so quickly? And even things are moving faster than they were last month,

not only on an interpersonal level, but on a global political level. And yet we’re not getting to where we thought it’s, it’s almost like the finish line keeps getting moved back as we get closer to it. Oh, okay. I can definitely feel that what you’re talking about. Okay. So we have going nowhere fast, but you said that there’s a few things that are mitigating,

that Something that we’ve been talking about hole only for two years now is our old friends, the Saturn old Uranus new square, which again has its own story, because that was exact three times in 2001, which was kind of the backdrop of the year. And even then I was talking about how that would come back into focus and build to a height in the autumn.

And we’re now approaching the autumn. So again, it’s really interesting to see how these planets over time move because in the, at the beginning of August, Mars, I’m sorry, the beginning of August Saturn and Uranus were about four degrees away from being an exact square and Astrology. We that to square with a four degree or four degrees away from being exact by September 1st that’s today,

the square is down to one and a half degrees from being exact. That’s working. That’s powerful. If you have a square with a one and a half degree or man that stuff’s cooking. So we now have that Saturn square Uranus cooking. And by the end of September, that square will be 40 minutes of orb. Meaning that’s two thirds of a degree 0.6,

six degrees from being exact by October 1st. And then by November 1st, it begins to widen again slowly back to about one and a half degrees. And then by December, it’s at four degrees and then it continues to wide. So we are in the month of the maximum narrowing whereby the end of the month, it’s down to as tight as it’s going to get.

And that’s very powerful because all the issues that we’ve seen politically, both on the national us front and on the global front of tradition versus progressive conservative versus radical authority versus, you know, people process all these things between Saturn holding back and urine is blasting through as the square heightens, that’ll become more and more important again for the third, for the fourth and final time.

But into that mix this month, we have several planets throughout the month that are aspect Saturn and or Uranus, and perhaps the most significant and the slowest moving is Jupiter, which is retrograde and Jupiter spends much of the month. That at exactly the halfway point, you know, when you have a square, you have two planets at 90 degrees. They’re like,

they’re like, like, like an intersection. You hit an intersection and it’s a 90 degree turn one way or the other. That’s a square. Now, if you can imagine a half square, that’s like a 45 degree angle between those two squares. That’s where between those two points pulling on the square. That’s where Jupiter is. Jupiter. This month is half square Saturn on one side and half square Uranus on the other side and half squares.

Work-like squares, they’re conflict. There they’re stress. Then what’s the stress here? Well, it’s Jupiter retrograde in Aries saying, Hey, we’re going to go over all this again, all this stuff that really was new and it’s kind of still new, but we’re now as Jupiter goes, retrograde where we’re, we’re, we’re giving it another round. And as we do,

it’s creating problems with both Saturn the authority and holding onto the status quo and Uranus with breaking through and going forward to the future. It’s creating stress on both sides of the equation and then to make things even crazier mercury and the sun both come through the point. That is exactly opposite Saturn. And so we’re going to feel like big, big, big things are happening.

Jupiter. When, when the sun opposes Jupiter, those are the two biggest things in the entire solar system. They’re in a tug of war we’re in the middle. And so this is a very powerful month, even though it might feel like we’re running in circles where not we’re making progress, where just it’s it’s it’s it’s like pulling back the bow again,

retrograde planets, retrograde Jupiter. In fact, all the outer planets are retrograde. Now Pluto is retrograde. Uranus is retrograde. Neptune is retrograde. Jupiter is retrograde. Kyron is retrograde into this mercury turns, retrograde and Mars is slowing down to go retrograde. It’s like, we’re pulling the bow back ready to spring forward again. And that won’t be until next year,

really, but it’s a very dynamic month, but it’s a screwy energy. It’s hard to just, there’s so many conflicting things going on. So will that Jupiter energy make it will the Jupiter energy add to the Mars in Gemini energy where we feel like things should be bigger or bolder, or like, we, we feel like things should be moving. We feel like things should be expanding and there’s,

there’s all this conflict and tension. Yeah, you should be an astrologer. All right. So we have all this conflicting energy. We have the retrogrades, we have this feeling like we should be speeding up. We should be expanding, but we’re not. What else do we have going in September? Do you want to take us through the month? We,

we start the month kind of on a relatively easy note. And, and in fact, it’s interesting because this does involve mercury opposite Jupiter, which when mercury turns retrograde will be opposed Jupiter again later in the month. So we have so much of this. There’s big things happening, and it’s almost like it’s almost like we can over commit or someone can ask us to do more than we can possibly do because mercury intellect and Jupiter expansive.

And so on the opening of, of the month, mercury, having just moved into a Libra is opposite the sun. I’m sorry, mercury, just having moved to many planets, sometimes mercury, just having moved into Libra is opposite Jupiter and, and w and Mars in Gemini is actually a trine with mercury and a sextile with Jupiter. Let me just draw this out.

So we can kind of see this mercury and Jupiter tug of war mercury and Libra saying, be fair, be balanced and think, you know, think logically and look at both sides of the equation. That’s mercury mental in well-balanced harmonizing Libra opposite that we have Jupiter retrograde in Aries, basically saying, take advantage of any opportunity that comes along, say yes,

and then figure out what you’re going to do. And into that Mars, which is the planet associated with Aries. Remember Jupiters and Aries. Mars is sextiling Jupiter from one side, kind of encouraging that, giving it more energy. God, it feels good. We feel like we’re finally making some progress. We feel like we can even feel optimistic and exuberant.

Both of those are Jupiter, Mars kind of combo words. And that Mars being trined by mercury communication now can be very assertive like you just did, and very clear and very fair and well balanced because that mercury in the Libra is harmonizing with Mars. It’s a, it’s a wonderful kickoff for the month, but by the ninth mercury, which is slowing down,

turn on stations to go retrograde. And also on the fourth, Venus moves from Libra to Virgo. Now Venus has been in, in Leo. I said Libra to Virgo. I meant Leo to Virgo. I’ve been doing too many planets for too many days. Now. ESR was exciting and a lot of fun, but boy, it sure it’s like full immersion in the world of Astro language V Venus having been in Leo is a lot of what we saw at the show is it was expressed love.

It was things out in the open Venus desire, love, and, and, and Venus what I want. And Leo kind of heart-centered and magnanimous and Venus and Leo is, is lovely and yummy. And when Venus moves into Virgo on the fourth, it’s not like that energy closes down, but on Sunday, the fourth, late in the day, when Venus moves into Virgo,

rather than being attracted to that, which is fun and pleasurable, we’re now attracted to that, which is useful and effective and efficient because Venus in Virgo is less interested in having a good time than it is in getting something done and being accomplished. And so that Venus stays in Virgo throughout the entire month. Actually the last day of the month, Venus moves into Libra,

the following sign. But for September, we pretty much have Venus in Virgo. What are the thing to consider here is that Mars is in Gemini, which is Mercury’s home sign. Venus will be in Gemini most of the month that Mercury’s other sign, other home sign, many planets have two home signs And Virgo. Yeah, I think you said we’ll be in Gemini.

There I go. Again. Mars is in Gemini, the sun and Venus in Virgo and Gemini and Virgo are the two different home signs for mercury, which is turning retrograde more excitation of mercury logic thinking. And yet, whoops, it’s slowing down and going backwards. Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I think I’ve said too many planet names in a weekend.

I’m done. I’m not done yet, obviously, but, but, but this setup is again, part of the larger picture that we see again and again and again all, all month. So on the ninth mercury turns turns retrograde on the, on the 10th. The moon is in Pisces and the moon in Pisces opposes is opposite the sun in Virgo.

And this is the full moon in Virgo. This full moon is intriguing. Exciting. I like it. It’s a full moon that is in Pisces and it’s approaching a conjunction with Neptune. And as it approaches a conjunction with Neptune, there’s this sense of dream and fullness of imagination and, and maybe all full moons are like that a little bit. But the sun in Virgo is saying detail,

be specific, be exacting. And yet we’re drifting and imagining on the inside. And yet the more exact aspect during this full moon is that the moon is sextile to Uranus, which means that the sun is trying to Uranus coming into that trine, which is exact on the 11th. Uranus is the planet of breakthrough upset, excitement, a radical revolutionary genius.

And I would imagine as we get closer to that full moon on the 10th, and then the sun’s trying to Uranus on the 11th, we may see something, again, both in our personal lives and in the larger global national international political economic scene. That’s like, whoa, who would have thought that could have happened because that’s, what’s going to happen.

When, when the sun trines Uranus is like changes that you’ve been trying to make. And let’s say in your personal life for years, hitting your head against the wall going, why can’t I make this change? Why can’t I make this change? And then the son had to try and do Uranus and the change happens. And it’s almost like you didn’t do anything.

I mean, of course you’ve been doing something in the past, but it’s change. That seemed impossible. Now seems more impossible not to happen. So how that’ll play out, you know, we can all have our guesses and our gee, maybe this is the way it will play. But the cautionary here is that there are many ways for each and every planet to play out.

And more importantly, Uranus is the planet of the unexpected. And of course this is the classic astrological dilemma. How do you forecast or talk about possibilities? If the planet is the planet of the surprise and unexpected, you can say, oh, well, expect the unexpected. And then when the unexpected happens, you can say, see, I predicted it,

but it’s never what you think it’s going to be. And so that I think is tied up into this full moon on the 10th, and then the breakthrough that will follow or will be part of it. I don’t think the 10th and the 11th will necessarily be separate events. I think it will be one kind of process of, of breaking through the status quo.

Then moving ahead to the I’m jumping down to the 16th on the 16th, we have Venus forming a square with Mars, and this is an intriguing aspect because Venus and Mars are the lovers. They’re the cosmic lovers. Venus is what you want. Mars is how you get it. Venus is an again that we get into gender issues here, which have certainly been broken down and transformed.

But Venus is the, the, the, the yin the feminine energy, regardless of what gender someone might be. And Mars is the masculine. And when Venus and Mars are in conflict, one of two things can happen. One is absolute sparks flying that can be yummy sex or creativity or playfulness, sparring dancing, because that kind of conflict fuels the ideas and the play that occurs when two B,

two people respect each other. On the other hand, when Venus and Mars square, if there is a lack of respect, then this can turn into differences of opinion that turn into arguments that turn into blow out, you know, conflict. And so there’s no way really here to tell in any individual situation, which way it’ll go. And one might say,

well, what’s the use of the astrology then? Well, the use of astrology is knowing that this is coming to work toward finding those places where we can respect those. We love, which hopefully we do anyhow and, and allow them to respect us because the behaviors that we have feeding into this time of maximum conflict, remember squares are conflictive, but conflict is also the origin of progress.

I think it was William Blake in the marriage of heaven and hell who wrote without contrary, there is no progression. Now, the other thing about September 16th on the Venus square Mars day is that the moon will be in Gemini like Mars, and the moon will actually come through that square conjoining, Mars, and squaring, Venus exacerbating that energy. I think the 16th is an important day.

And remember when we talked about the full moon and that full moon approaching Neptune, well, it takes from the 10th, which is the full moon all the way for the 16th, because it’s six degrees off for the sun to be exactly opposite Neptune. So on the same day that there’s this Venus Mars square and the Mars in Gemini, this is exciting from a standpoint of wordplay and languaging and debate and interaction on top of that,

that same day we have Dina suppose I’m sorry, we have sun opposed. Neptune sun oppose Neptune is again, heightened dreams, heightened delusion. It also can be deception. I mean, Neptune is the champion planet of fake news because Neptune is about seeing things as we are, as<inaudible> said, seeing things as we are rather than seeing things as they are.

So I think the 16th is, is an interesting day. And in some ways it’s the full moon, the mercury retrograde on the ninth, the full moon on the 10th, and leading right up to the sun opposition Neptune on the 16th. This is quite a, a crazy week, but not necessarily difficult as we move on by the 18th. We have retrograde mercury now,

opposing Jupiter, remember mercury opposed Jupiter on the first and second of the month. That was the opening volley for September. But now that mercury is moving backwards, at least it looks like it is mercury opposes Jupiter again, and again, we might look back and say, see how we over committed or, or we might even say, you know, this big idea that we had at the beginning of the month,

it’s even bigger than that. And take it even more because remember that mercury is going to back all the way up to Virgo. And then in October, it’s going to be to go direct. And then by the end of October, that mercury will be opposite Jupiter for the third and final time. So this is a time of expanded Jupiter interactions, thinking logic,

the big ideas. And we just need to be careful all month that we don’t make big ideas too big, that we don’t have expectations too great that we don’t think we’re going to get to where we’re going to quickly. I mean, is this theme that happens again and again and again, otherwise we’ll be discouraged. We’ll give up, we’ll say I can’t do this anymore.

I came so close and now it’s not happening. Well, it’s that giving up that will make it not happen. It will happen whatever it is, but it’s going to take a bit of time. That brings us to the middle of the month. The 18th, when mercury is opposite Jupiter. But unlike the beginning of the month, this time when mercury retrograde is opposite Jupiter,

the sun on the same day is forming a trine with Pluto. This is like power in the bank. Normally we think of a bank is where we put money. Think of a battery that stores power. When the sun trines Pluto is Pluto is power. Pluto is the power to push through death and rebirth to push through transformations. It’s the power that drives the caterpillar to become a butterfly somehow.

How does that happen? Pluto pushes this stuff into the underworld, the other world, and then it reorganizes it. And then it comes out in a higher level. And when the sun is trying Pluto, it’s like having, oh, I I’m thinking of, maybe it’s like the Energizer bunny or the Duracell or something. This is not a brand commercial,

but it’s like having extra power in your batteries so that we actually have more energy to put towards these transformations, which is great. As long as we don’t think that that additional energy is going to allow us to push through everything and get to where we’re going today. Because if we actually buy into that, that’s when we’ll get crazy, because it’s happening slower than we think it is.

Then, then it looks like on the 19th Venus forms a trine with Uranus. Now, remember Uranus is the breakthrough planet. Uranus is the radical planet. If someone asks what the degree of the sun and the moon is during the full moon, that’s easy. I can hit that right now. It is at 17 degrees, 41 minutes, 17 degrees,

41 minutes of Pisces and Virgo. But back to the 19th with Venus training Uranus, when Venus trines Uranus, we like things that other people think, maybe we shouldn’t like it’s out of the box. It’s attraction to, to people, places, things in ideas that we’re not usually attracted to things that are different. The newness, the excitement, the even the kind of negative judgment on,

on it might be more attractive to us than the thing itself. And so we liked the idea of getting that adrenaline rush from being attracted towards something. It’s actually, some people thrive on this and some people fear it. I mean, it just depends. If you start being attracted towards things that are outside your normal safety zone, you know, you might be terribly afraid that if you acted on something that everything else in your life might fall apart.

And that’s a valid fear. Remember when Venus trines Uranus it’s okay to feel attracted to whatever you feel attracted to. It doesn’t mean you have to act on it. That’s the key thing with, with, with Uranus and with Venus trying, but Venus is highly active. Now then remember I talked earlier about the building square between Saturn and Uranus, the old and the new,

the structured and the, and the over crystallization that that allows the structure to crack or to break. And as Venus makes a trine to Uranus on the 19th, it makes a quincunx to Saturn on the 20th. And again, we get I’m attracted to the progressive, to the breakthrough, to the revolution to blow it all up. And I don’t necessarily mean that physically conceptually on the 19th and on the 20th Saturn comes in and goes,

whoa, don’t do that because then you will lose this structure and that structure. So again, it’s that dance between the old and the new again, and again, and again, and into that comes something that I mentioned at the very beginning, and that was Jupiter being right at the half square between the ever closing in square between stern, Saturn and disruptive Uranus.

And on the 19th 20th, actually it’s on the 21st when Jupiter makes the exact half square to Saturn. That’s the exact, but it’s, I mean, it’s within a degree all month, but it makes it exact on the 21st. And then it makes the exact half square with Uranus on the other side, on September 28th. Now this means that all toward the end all month,

but building toward the end of the month, the question becomes how much is too much. Remember Jupiter’s the planet of bigger, better, more. And whenever I talk about Jupiter, I always think of may west, who said too much of a good thing is a good thing. Well, that’s not true. You know, a sip of wine is great,

but too much alcohol is not having a little bit of dessert is great, but too much sugar is not. In fact, the dis-ease cancer is actually like Jupiter out of control because Jupiter is expansive, expansive, expansive, expansive. Whereas when Jupiter is best functioning, it’s contained by Saturn by the structures. If Saturn isn’t there, if dad’s not home,

the party gets out of hand. So again, we have this dance between Jupiter’s too much and Saturn having to hold it back and Jupiter’s too much and Uranus saying, well, too much may not be right to break through everything, but if we can keep it in control, if we, if we don’t lose our perspective, we have an opportunity here to change things in a very big way where we can find some middle path between the overly structured and the no structure at all,

which I think again and again, is, is the key. And maybe the key to the month is finding that that what the Buddhists call the middle path, you know, where there’s extremes of feeling on either side and, and somehow by staying in that middle, that that’s where we can accomplish the most. But as we move on September 24th, now Venus is opposed Neptune.

Remember the sun was opposed Neptune. The sun was opposed Neptune on September 16th, Venus opposes Neptune on September 24th. Again, fantasy dreams, illusions. And remember, whenever Neptune is involved, it’s difficult sometimes to separate the idea of imagination and dreams. Remember dreams are what motivated us. Us forward. Dreams are like, like, like invisible scaffolding that enables us to use Saturn to build reality on my astrologer friend,

Caroline Casey says that imagination lays the tracks for the reality trained to follow and Neptune is that function, but Neptune is also another kind of dream. It’s the dream it’s nightmares. It’s fears. Neptune is delusions in the old Astrology. When Neptune was first discovered in the mid, mid, late 18 hundreds, Neptune was considered to just be delusional. It was the planet of insane,

the silos. It was about being misled and MIS and, and deceit. And that is still there. But as long as we can kind of keep some perspective on things that dream becomes its romance. When, when, when Venus the planet of love of Poe opposes, or is an aligned with Neptune, the planet of dreams, love and dreams is romance.

So that’s the 24th. And as we move on to the 25th, we get to the new moon in Libra, by the way, we skipped over an important date. And that is the Equinox. The day to Equinox is a year when there’s equal day and night on the planet and the equinoxes on September 22nd, actually 6:03 PM. And the Equinox is when the sun moves from Virgo to Libra or when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries in the Northern hemisphere.

When the sun moves from Virgo to Libra, that’s the autumn, the fall, the autumnal Equinox, but for our friends down under whether it be in South Africa or Australia in those places, it’s the opposite. This is the rather than the autumn equinoxes, the Vernal or spring Equinox, but either way, the Equinox is a balance point. And it’s an important astrological point to,

to mention, as we move toward the 25th on the 25th at 2:54 PM, that’s the Libra. Remember the sun has moved into Libra on the Equinox on the 22nd and on the 25th, the new moon in Libra at, at 2 42 50 4:00 PM is another very powerful new moon. It’s like the lunations this month are both strong and they’re both kind of more, I don’t want to say easier,

but they both have some positive energy to them, this new moon, because the sun is now in Libra, the sun and the moon. Now in Libra, just moving into Libra are both opposite Jupiter familiar theme. The first of the month, we had mercury opposite Jupiter than we had in the middle of the month. Retrograde mercury opposite Jupiter. Now we have the new moon,

the sun and the moon opposite Jupiter. And again, we’re tempted to see the potential and the possibility and make it happen now. And yet, once again, we have to remember, mercury is retrograde mercury. Now is retrograded back into Virgo. We have to, we have to choose our battles, choose our goals. If we take on too much,

we won’t. It’s like if we’re attracted to too many cool things and we want to go to too many cool places all at once, we ended up not going anywhere at all. So there’s this whole theme about managing the expansive of energy of Jupiter backing up into early now, early areas. Remember Jupiter actually backs all the way into Pisces, and then it turns direct again.

And by the end of the year, it’s back in Aries and moving forward, Jupiter is very dynamic all month, but it’s not dynamic as it’s moving so fast. It’s dynamic as it’s holding that position, not only with planets going opposite, mercury, the sun and the moon, but also because of its half square to Saturn and Uranus, which are getting closer and closer to the square.

Another thing about this new moon is that Venus is now trying to Pluto. Remember a few days ago, the sun was trying to Pluto. And I said, that was like money in the bank. That sun trying to Pluto was on actually on September 18th. Now with Venus trying Pluto, what we like Venus is nothing shallow. We wanna, we’re attracted towards,

towards finding the real meaning of value, things that are real. We want to go deep. We want to get under the surface. Venus trying Pluto is just not interested in distractions. That’s cool. Except Mars is still in Gemini. And so we have a bit of a kind of a being, what’s the word, a dilemma because we’re being pulled in different directions at the same time.

But I think that this new moon ultimately is a new moon that that gives us power. And it gives us the ability to use our dreams and to create new goals for the future. This is a new moon. This is a seed period. And I think that the seed period is something that is, is moving towards something new, not towards something that’s the same old or replay of events that we’ve been overwhelmed with for the last two,

three years, as we get closer to the end of the month, the sun opposes a Jupiter on the 26th. That means at the new moon, the sun is already within a degree of that. So these are the two biggest things in the solar system. Again, it’s like, it’s like, everything is getting bigger, better, more, and how much can overspending we go,

yeah, I want to buy a new blah, blah, blah, blah. And you go down to buy it. And then you see one that’s twice the price and you go, wow, that would be better. And then you see one that’s even, and you end up kind of talking yourself into more and more and more Jupiter opposed the sun is inflationary and economically,

we might look at what’s going on with inflation, not only through this whole time period, but certainly through the end of the month or through this month, as planets are opposing Jupiter, mercury continues retrograding on the 27th. Mercury is again trying Pluto. Now it’s not so much like we have extra power in our batteries. That was the sun trine Pluto.

It’s not like we’re drawn toward deep and meaningful experiences. That was Venus trying Pluto. Now with mercury trine Pluto, we want to know the, we want to get to the bottom of things, mercury intellect interaction. We don’t want to waste energy telling jokes. Now we want to get to the juggler vein of reality by knowing what’s real. And what’s true.

Mercury is back in Virgo. It’s one of its home signs and mercury and Virgo. Unlike Gemini in Virgo, mercury just wants to know what’s useful. What’s effective. What’s efficient in Gemini doesn’t care, what’s useful, effective or efficient. It doesn’t even care what it’s true. It just wants to connect the dots. And remember that’s where Mars is. And that’s the distraction thing that’s going on all month on September 27th,

a very powerful day. We also have Mars forming a trine with Saturn. This is one of the best tools for organization that Astrology can offer us. Why? Because Mars is the gas pedal. Saturn is the brake. Often. We think of them as being in conflict. Mars is go for it. Saturny says stop. Well when they’re trying, they are working smoothly together,

which enables us to accomplish a lot and to organize things so that we can work with them rather than being overwhelmed with them. I think if we have projects, it’s the end of September when we really want to give them structure. And then by the very end of the month on the 28th, Jupiter makes the other half square to Uranus. Again, that’s can feel like it’s too much because both Jupiter and Uranus are both expensive in their own way.

And then by the 29th, Venus moves into Libra and Venus loves being in Libra because it’s one of Venus’s home signs. And in Libra, Venus just likes everything to be in balance. And it’s quite a month. And I know I ripped through it, but you know, you’ll see that all of the things or many of the things are still coming back to the same dilemma of there’s so much going on,

we’re moving so fast. There’s so many temptations. There’s, there’s all kinds of conflict and change going on. And yet we’re not going to arrive at what our destination is as quickly as we’d like to think It begs the question. I mean, so throughout the whole entire forecast, I was hearing like, you’re going to want to overspend, or you’re going to want to,

you’re going to want to expand. You’re going to think that you should, you’re going to be tempted to sort of bite off more than you can chew, but don’t do that. Like be careful, be more cautious, be more conservative in what you say yes to and how big you allow certain things in your life to That is absolutely true. Except it’s just as dangerous being overly conservative is being overly expensive.

Right. I heard that too, where it’s like, there is also an opportunity in this that you could harness as long. It’s like, it’s like, we need to be prudent about it. We need to be, we need to think it through a little bit more pertinent. Okay. And my question is when do you see it sort of opening up if it does,

because you made several comments about like, there is energy here, there is the opportunity to expand, but just be careful about how much you do right now. And so I wrote the word like patients have some patients with this too. Patients isn’t just waiting. Patience is what you do when you’re waiting. Yes. Madeline kindergarten teacher always said that patients is waiting with peace.

So when we look at it, but, but Rick, No, for a kid, it may be waiting for peace, but for an adult who’s trying to accomplish something. It may be waiting with actual practice and discipline toward what it is that you want to do without thinking that those things need to be acknowledged or have effect. In other words, we’re still working on the cause side of things.

And just because we’re not getting there, that doesn’t mean we should just stop and wait. Right. And yes, I heard also that we, this is not the time to give up either. Like, if, if it’s not moving as quickly as you want it to, if it’s not opening up as much as you want it to also, don’t just like,

you always say, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and just give up on the whole thing. Right. My question is That is that Yohanis Kepler is the person who wrote that reference to Astrology who was cautioning modern day scientists in there. Look at the, the last for me is held in ancient Astrology, not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Yes. So my question is, I think I’ve said that like five times, does that change when all the planets turned direct? Is that when we’re seeing more of an opening and less of this, like kind of running to stand still with a feeling Well, it’s tricky because Mars stays in Gemini all the way through March, But Jupiter, which backs up into Pisces and then moves into areas for real and blasts through Aries.

I think that’s going to be a huge push forward. You know, a lot of, a lot of, at least what’s going on in the United States. And I know that we have many listeners here from other countries and I think a few from other planets, but at least in the United States, a lot of the determination of how we move forward will be determined on November 8th,

one week after Mars turns retrograde on a day when there is a lunar eclipse, while that lunar eclipse is conjunction Uranus and squaring Saturn. So we have to get over that speed bump before we really know, you know, in olden days, I like to tell the story. I’ve told this story to many of my clients in olden days when the clipper ships didn’t have Panama canal to go through,

and then we’re going from New York to San Francisco or New York all the way to India. They would go around south America around Tiara Duff, Waco, which is one of the most dangerous sailing points on the planet. Most people don’t realize that the Pacific ocean is a few feet higher than the Atlantic ocean. How can that be? But it is. And so sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific can sometimes take,

just to get around that bend can take days, weeks, sometimes, even months because the weather is so horrendous. The deal was because they were ships that depended on the weather and the, and the wind. They didn’t have their own power. They couldn’t figure out when they would get to San Francisco or to, you know, or to the far east until after they were around the bend.

And, and so the effort had to be focused on what was going on now, rather than the long-term. Now I know I’ve said again and again, we need to focus on the long-term the, long-term the, long-term the problem though, is that until we get around this little bend, we don’t know what that longterm is going to be or where our energies ultimately need to be focused on.

I think election day in the United States will tell us a lot. I have a feeling that I know what I would like it to tell us, but everyone’s feelings are different and I’m not here to delay my beliefs either personal or political on others. However, I think that’s going to be an important tipping point. The other thing though, is that, yeah,

right now planets are absolutely. If not all retrograde, you know, Venus is not retrograde and, and although Mars isn’t yet it’s might as well be and starting in the latter winter, and then on, through the spring, those planets will one at a time turn from retrograde to direct. And we’ll see some more movement ahead, but I really think it’s Jupiter right now.

It’s two things holding, holding us in place. One is the last of the Saturn. You’re in a square, which as we looked at the mechanics of is as close to being square as it’ll get again, the end of this month, but because other things are moving in and out of it, it’ll be another month or two before that begins to wane.

And then secondly, Jupiter in that mix right now has squaring both of them and backing up into Pisces. And it really won’t be until after Jupiter backs into Pisces and then goes direct. And then back into areas, Jupiter goes into Pisces. I think the end of November only stays there for about a month. It just tips. And then it shoots back into areas.

And I think when that happens, and then finally, when Mars turns direct in January, all of these things, Mars turns direct in January. All of these things will kind of add up to, you know, freedom to move forward again. But remember even when we move forward, we move, we move backward and forward. Kind of like, you know,

that old saying two steps forward, one step backward, two steps forward, three steps, backwards, five steps forward, one step, you know, we move forward. There’s never any, okay, now we’re free. Let’s go. We always have that, that, that under undertow, the, you know, the cross currents, the riptides pulling in different directions,

even though the tide’s going that way. Okay. I like, I like a few things Lori blue says, think before you act with awareness and determination, and then also discrimination with future sight on your big goals. So again, it’s Rick, if you had to choose between the two themes that you gave us or the two things that came out there was going nowhere fast,

but then you also said the key is finding the middle path. Which one do you think is the, is going to be the most helpful for us? I think finding the middle path is actually, you know, it is, we have to be careful about middle path though, because you know, moderation, as Oscar Wilde said, you know, is,

is, is good in moderation. That sometimes when we are moderating everything, we’re compromising things that shouldn’t be compromised. I think Devin has the most important question and Devin wrote, how do we know when to be cautious or when to push through? And the answer is we don’t, but, but you know, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be good,

that we can’t make educated guesses based upon what’s going on. If we watch and stop and look and listen and think, and constantly come back to the shooter, am I missing something? Should I be more cautious here? Or am I being overly cautious? And can I really kind of take a chance here? Even if it doesn’t work well, it ended up being something that I will regret if I don’t do,

I don’t think there’s a one size or one answer that fits all. But I do think that how do we know when to be cautious or when to push through we pay attention. That’s how we know. And, and of course, as we also know when mercury is retrograde, which will be, which will be retro grade for two thirds of this month,

when mercury is retrograde, we don’t pay attention. That’s why we screw up when mercury is retrograde, because mercury as it’s retrograde, the planet is closer to earth and its information, mercury intellect, mercury communication, mercury, it’s all heightened and speed it up so fast that we’re so distracted that when something happens, it’s like, yep, go do it.

And we don’t pay attention. You know, idea of don’t sign a contract or don’t buy a car or don’t buy a house when mercury is retrograde is just playing foolhardy. I mean, mercury is retrograde two and a half months a year. You know, if you’re out looking, I had a client a while back, and this is something that I’ve been known to say many times and called me a panic struck,

you know, we’ve been looking for two years to buy a house and then one that’s come up, you know, and, and it’s perfect, but mercury just turned retrograde, you know, you know, what should I do? And my question is, is it a good deal or not? You know, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do things.

It means that you shouldn’t do something that isn’t thought out. And our tendency is to get so excited in the moment and think that there’s no time. And then if I don’t do it, here’s the other thing that the feeling of, if I don’t do it now, I’ll miss that chance to do it. That’s a, that’s a clue that mercury retrograde is is,

is working because it’s like that panic state of having do it without having the attorney read over the contract. Oh my God. If I take this home and have the attorney read over the contract, then I’ll lose the possibility of making the deal. Well, then lose the deal. Don’t take shortcuts while mercury is retrograde and don’t come up with a new idea and act on it in the same day.

You know, it’s different if you’ve been thinking about buying the purple porch for two years, and then you see one and then you go out and buy it. But if you’ve been thinking about buying a car and you go out and the first car you see as a pro proportion, you go, wow, that’s cool. And the price is amazing. You drive it home and they go,

oh my God, what am I going to do with my wife and my dog? Because you’re so excited in the moment you forget that you really need a station wagon or whatever. That’s what happens when mercury is retrograde. Okay. Wow. Great stuff, Rick. Thank you so much. I’ll do as quick as I can on a summary. So we’re looking at a theme.

The first thing you talked about was going nowhere fast. And I think it’s, it’s helpful to keep that in mind, to help you with any frustrated feelings that you might feel throughout the month, if things aren’t moving as fast as you would like them to, that’s kind of the energy that we’re dealing with. You said, there’s two things that slow us down,

even though it should feel fast because Mars is in Gemini. But you said the two things that are going to slow this down is mercury retrograde on September 9th and then Mars retrograde, which is going to be happening, but it’s already slowing down. So we have these, these things. And then plus you added later that we have all these other planets in retrograde as well.

You said that there is going to be some frustration, but there’s also some breakthrough energy this month. You said, watch out for over-committing biting off more than we can chew. You said also be careful of saying yes. And then having that thought of like, okay, I’m going to say yes, and I’m going to figure it out later. That again,

think things, think these things through. And if you feel like you should, because you might miss out, that’s your red flag moment. You said also Venus is moving into Virgo, which is going to help us. Instead of being more attracted to very expressed love, we’re going to be more attracted to what’s useful, effective and efficient. On the 10th,

we have a full moon in Pisces. You like the full moon and the new moon, this lunar cycle. You’re saying that there’s pretty good energy on them. You said that there’s going to be a dream and fullness of imagination on this full moon. And also there could be a personal and or collective. Whoa, you said, and I put whoa,

in all CA all caps, like, Hold on. Whoa. Is w O a H not w O E Oh, right. I put w H O a H. Whoa. Yeah. Not a whoa, Whoa. Amazing. So changes that you’ve been trying to make. They may, the things that have been hard for you, it may happen easily and quickly.

And it’s like, oh my gosh, how, how did that happen? On the 16th? You said, this is a very important day. So circle this day in your calendar, Venus is forming a square with Mars. And you said that this can either be one of two things, sparks, fine playfulness, sparring, dancing, like very kind of attraction,

sort of energy, or it can be arguments and conflict. And you said that paying attention to respect in our relationships will help you tend towards the first one, which sounds a lot more fun than the second one on the 16th. Also sun is opposite, opposite Neptune. So dreams, illusion, deception, fake news, seeing things as we are not as they are.

So remembering that on 18th, retro mercury is opposing Jupiter. And then again, this is this overcommitment thing. Be careful of huge expectations. Don’t give up. It will happen, but it will take time. So maybe some ideas like slow and steady wins the race here too. Might help. Yeah. Yeah. Bringing in a little bit of mental Taurus,

you know, the tortoise center. Yeah. Okay. On the 18th Sunshine’s Pluto, you said this is like a battery storing power were something about like reorganizing that’s happening in the underworld, more energy towards transformation. And you said to be patient though, not to think that you should be able to see the result of that transformation yet. It’s more like you’re sort of garnering your power in those places that are less seen on the 19th.

We have Venus trine, Uranus. We may be attracted to taboo things out of the box attraction. There’s an adrenaline adrenaline rush on this. Some of some people thrive on this on fear it. And just remember that you don’t have to act on the attraction, even if you find yourself being attracted to something new and unusual on the 21st and 28th Jupiter,

half square between Saturn and Uranus square. Yeah. Did I say that? Right? Okay. This is this how much is too much? And I wrote too much birthday. I don’t know if you guys remember the Bernstein bears, those, those children’s books. There’s one of them that called too much birthday and it’s so cute. She just like totally over does it on her birthday and has a complete meltdown.

And it’s, it’s very cute. So I wrote that down. So just be careful of that over doing it sort of energy. Yeah. Yeah. And then, but then you also said don’t keep, well, no. Oh, this is what you said. This is helpful. If you can keep the too muchness in control, then there could be a way to use this energy for positive change.

So it’s, it’s like riding this very interesting line that Equinox is on September 22nd on September 24th. This is fantasy dreams, illusions, difficult to separate imagination and dreams from reality, keep perspective on the 25th, we have the new moon in Libra. Again, you said good energy, power, and use dreams to create new goals for the future. So there’s power.

Yeah. Use dreams to create new goals for the future. And I wrote don’t overspend in all caps. Might’ve been Over extravagant so much. Yes, yes, exactly. And then we have on the 20th of great day to organize, accomplish work with versus overwhelmed. So we were going to feel like we can kind of like wrangle in a lot of loose ends.

And finally, don’t take shortcut. Don’t take shortcuts. When mercury is in retrograde, you can sign things, you can move things forward, just don’t rush it and read the fine print and think it through. Okay. That’s it. That’s a month. You are an amazing note taker. I don’t know how you do that. It looks like this scribbled Suarez.

I don’t care what it looks like. It’s amazing that you can do that with such accuracy and still stay in touch with the conversation. It was funny at the, at the event, someone said, I’ve been trying to figure out how you do this. And I’ve been thinking that maybe you all plan it beforehand. And you know, what’s going to be said,

and I’m like, I don’t, that would be amazing, but I don’t, but it’s just it’s I got trained in college and it is kind of useful now. Okay. Thank you everybody so much for being here, Rick, thank you for that. Very comprehensive, sweeping overview of September. Congratulations on your award. There’s one award that we didn’t talk about that you got nominated for.

I know you didn’t win, but I think a lot of people here would have cast their vote for you, which was the living legend award in astrology. So I don’t want to be a living legend while I’m alive. I just want to be a human Living legend. However that Rob hand one, it, it would’ve been an embarrassment if anyone had won it other than Rob hand,

because he is the, the living legend of Astrology on the planet right now. Yeah. Wow. Well, what I was amazed by again for the millionth time is how incredible this community of astrologers are. And then also astrology lovers. And even more than that, I mean, I’ve always known how intelligent and passionate and committed everybody is, but to be able to be there in person and to feel people’s hearts and to really feel the genuine care and sincerity that is in this community,

it was, it was overwhelming. I, I can’t tell you how many times I cried. It was just like, oh my God, this is From my perspective is I get to do it again in two weeks at a much smaller conference that Lily Dale, New York Lilydale the home of the American spirits, spiritualist church, anyone in the Western New York or Ohio Lilydale,

south of Buffalo. So it’s Erie, Pennsylvania, and Cleveland in that whole area. It’s a weekend conference. It’s going to be delightful. I’m doing a full day. Post-conference the astrology gathering.com one word, the astrology gathering. If you missed ESR and one another fixed or went to ESR and it was so amazing. You want another fix? See you in a couple of weeks.

I’m tempted to fly out. I’m serious. It was, I can’t wait for the next event. If you also, if you have not yet taken Ricks foundation courses, I highly encourage you to check them out. If you love Rick’s teaching style and you are wanting more astrological acumen, and you love Rick’s unique approach. Like you like his perspective and you want to learn his approach to astrology.

Our Astrology foundation series that we’ve created with Rick is a great place to start. You can go to Astrology Hub dot com slash foundations one, and that’s a great place to start. And then if you want foundations to, and you want to do the chart, reading extravaganza bundle, there is an option to actually get all of Rick’s courses from us at a nice discounted price too.

So that’s at Astrology Hub dot com slash Levine bundle. And that’s available right now as well. Anything else you want to say, Rick? No. Just thank you for, for your role in whatever the awards were that that I won. However that all happened. And I appreciate you. That’s all. Oh, so nice. I appreciate you too,

Rick. I remember a very special moment where I was like, Rick, can I please give you a hug? Just because I can just get her here. So we did and it’s been, it’s been cool. Sweet. So, and thanks to all of you who I also got to hug at that event. Let me interrupt just for a second.

A couple of people said, hope your daughter is doing well ranking. Thank you all for your support. She’s fine. Thank you. Yeah. Okay, great. I’m glad to hear that about faith. Wonderful. Okay. Everybody take care. We will catch you on the next episode. Thank you so much for being a part of our community and as always for making astrology a part of your life.

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