[COSMIC CONNECTION] August 2022 Monthly Horoscope w/ Rick Levine

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Mars Uranus and North Node Conjunction

In this Cosmic Connection, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss..

You’ll learn …

🌒 About Uranus and Saturn’s role in this month’s unstoppable change
🌕 Why the energy of this month comes in waves
🌘 How Mars, Uranus and North Node will push us into completely new territory

Chapters 🎞️

0:00 Intro

3:28 Theme for August

8:05 New Moon in Leo

9:23 Mars, Uranus & North Node Conjunction

15:54 Saturn Retrograde approaching Uranus square

19:14 Mars, Uranus & NN Conjunction Effects on Signs

21:02 Uranus Retrograde & Pattern of Retrograde Planets

24:34 Revisiting Old Themes

26:32 Increasing to Restrictive Energy

31:13 Advice for Navigating the Energy

35:27 Waves and Inner Planet Transits throughout August

45:38 Should We Proceed with Caution?

48:46 Facing Things Head On

54:31 Life is a Rolling Wave

56:16 Compassion in Challenging Times

58:37 Summary

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Welcome to the cosmic connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the cosmos And your connection to it All. My name’s Amanda Poole Walsh, and I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. And I’m Rick Merlin living in your cosmic navigator. Well, hello there Astrology. Let’s dive in. Let’s do it so great to be here with all of you.

We’re getting a double dose of Rick this week, which is always really good news for all of us and especially with the month we have ahead. So I’m really grateful that we’re going to get to dive in with Rick here in just a minute. And if you’re listening to this forecast and going, wow, I would love to learn Astrology from this man.

He’s amazing, which I know a lot of people have the spot often. And if you haven’t already taken our series that we co-produced together, of course, Rick is the teacher, the wizard behind it all go to Astrology Hub dot com slash foundations one or Astrology Hub dot com slash Levine bundle because we did a series of classes together. And if you would like Rick,

as your astrology teacher and mentor, and you’re wanting to get a really solid foundation in astrological techniques and all the different, all the different angles of Astrology. This is an amazing class for you. If you’ve already been studying astrology for a very long time, but you would like to go and like fortify your knowledge and fill in gaps and also get Rick’s unique perspective.

This is also an amazing series for you. You can do it class by class, or you can actually get a pretty significant discount by doing the whole bundle of classes and it’s all self paced. So you just do it at your own leisure at your own convenience. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to be tuning into these things like today, like the forecast and the weekly weathers.

And, and you’re going to start to really understand a lot more like, as the astrologers are speaking, you’re going to be like, wow, I get it. Now that that’s not going over my head. So I don’t know Rick, if you want to add anything to that. No, no, I think, I think you’ve said it all.

And you know, the thing is, is that one of the things about astrology that we often talk about when we teachers get together at conferences and that is you can go to an introductory class on Mars or on, on earth, but about Mars, but you can go to any class and it doesn’t matter how much you know about it. There’s always richer,

deeper, wider perspectives, and listening to someone who knows their stuff. Even if it’s something you already know, you learn, you learn, you learn again. I love going to classes of, you know, from people who I respect, you know, teachers who I should know what they’re teaching and on some level I do, however, you always learn more.

Love it. Okay. So that is available. Astrology Hub dot com slash foundation one or Astrology Hub dot com slash Levine bundle. L E V I N E bundle. All right. So Rick, I know we have a big month and actually this is a very unique time because I think you’ve already chosen the theme I I have, but you kind of forced me to,

to, to take what I said, even though I wasn’t completely, you want to tell what the theme is? I mean, I’m okay with it, but then I want to explain what my hesitation was. So people know. Okay. All right. So what he said to me before we got on live and I went, Ooh, yes. Was irrepressible change,

Which I good, but tell us more Changes in changes. Change, change can be for the better change can be for the worst. And at this moment I’m not judging better or worse. I’m suggesting change. And of course the planet of change is Uranus. And Uranus is an irrepressible urge to change. Uranus cannot be contained. I always think of like once lightning starts to strike,

no amount of Saturn is going to stop it. You know, because Saturn is the container. Saturn is the you can’t Saturn is the whoa, it’s the stop sign. And once the atomic reaction, the nuclear reaction has started, that could be Uranus. You can’t stop it halfway through. So that’s why Uranus is considered to be an irrepressible force. However,

the fact still remains that Saturn is an immutable wall. Saturn Saturn is, you know, is an immovable object. So what happens with Uranus and Saturn under intense conflict as they are, and will continue to be through September, even into October and November and as they were all through 2021, but this month that heats back up again and we have the planet is of era of irrepressible change needing the planet of immutable and immovable stability.

So that’s, what’s going on. And it’s my sense that Uranus will ultimately be the Victor here, Victor here that Saturn will not be able to contain it and better for worse or worse. We’ll just have to see how it plays out. But I think that July has largely set the stage and as we move into August, the energy is going to pick up.

And even though we’re not quite in August yet, where in August minus three, where is that? Is that today’s date is August minus Third because we have the 29th, 30th and 31st yet in front of us in July. And all of those are continuing to build. And we really can’t jump into talking about August without talking about these last couple less few days of July.

Now that we are technically through the new moon, we are talking on the afternoon of, or later in the day, depending upon where you are after the new moon, that was this morning for many of us. Mm. So Rick is August going to be one of those kinds of months where you say the most important date, important day in August is sometime in September,

or are we having our important events actually happening in the month? No, I think we’re actually happy. I, you know, it’s funny because I looked at September 1st and I, and I have a couple of transits as we get to the end of the month. I do want to mention September 1st, but it’s in the flow of August, but it really is.

This is a month where we don’t have to look, you know, outside of this month, unless we want to say the most important, the most important day of August and maybe July and maybe September and October is November 8th, which is election day in the United States is way more important than a typical election day. And I don’t want to dwell on that as too far away yet,

but it is, it fits right into this whole sequence of events and the year Saturn square Uranus that we’ll be talking more about today. Okay. Intriguing. Can you start to break it down for us? Do you want to start today with the new moon? Well, yeah, yeah. And again, it’s really less, it’s, it’s more about the energy that picks up after the new moon because this new moon,

I say this new moon, I mean the new moon of July 28 in the morning, and most places, at least in the United States and Hawaii, it’ll be later in the evening in Europe and, and on July 29th, in some places, you know, Australia, India that ended in the world. The thing about this new moon that we are now past is that it’s a new moon in Leo and the new moon is training Jupiter.

And, and to some extent, this new moon stands as a, as a beacon to the future. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s at once hopeful, it’s trying Jupiter. Mercury is squaring Mars. So there is some, there are some words going on here and mercury at 18 degrees of Leo during the new moon is exactly squaring Uranus, but here’s the thing more importantly,

or let’s say tied up in the wave of the new moon and maybe more importantly than the new moon itself is the fact that Mars at the new moon is at almost 16. Tourists. Uranus is at 18 tourists and the north node of the moon is at 19 tour. So all of those are rounded off. And what that means is that Mars is moving toward its conjunction with Uranus as the north node of the moon,

which always moves, or at least predominantly moves retrograde. The north node of the moon is backing into Uranus. And as Uranus is moving toward the north node, and then Mars is sweeping through the two of them, boom, and boom. And that’s July 31st and August 1st. And this is an absolute breakthrough powerhouse. And, you know, we talked about this actually in the July in,

in the, in the July forecast. And it’s a very powerful way of starting the month because we’re, we’re, we’re being pushed or exploded into new territory. This is not the same old stuff anymore. You know, Uranus catches up with the nodal axis about every seven and a half years or so, which means it catches up with the north node because the nodal axis is halfway north node,

south node. It catches up with the north node about every 15, 16 years. And to have Mars like lined up with Uranus as that’s occurring, basically is energizing is fueling is heating this up. This is a hot hot, and it can be hot and unexpectedly hot weather-wise, which it has been in many places already around the world this month. And this is an event this Mars Uranus north node conjunction on August 1st.

It’s a strong enough event that it, that, that we’ve felt that coming four weeks and we’ll over the next few days and on August 1st, July 31st and August 1st, when it reaches its Coleman nation. It’s very interesting because that August 1st actually falls on a Monday. And so it’s almost like stuff has been building up on Friday. And whether it’s kind of is quiet in the news cycle over the weekend,

as it often is even if important things happen by the time we move into the 1st of August, when Mars on that day is sweeping over the node and over Uranus at the same time, midday, midday on August 1st, I think it’s going to be powerful now, we’ll see what happens. As we know, sometimes astrologically, we look at days that are incredibly powerful and it seems like nothing happens or at least nothing as significant as the transit.

And then we discover a few days or weeks later that such and such happened. The grand jury was open. An indictment was served, a person did something, whatever it is. And, and again, although, as I’m talking about this, I’m thinking global and us politics is in the back of my mind. We always have to remember that these things affect us individually,

personally, in our place of business, in our home, in our relationships with our children, with our parents, with our spouses. And so this is an opportunity. I don’t look at this as a bad thing. This is an opportunity to move through change and yet do it in a way that is for the positive, rather than trying to take down those things,

which, which are not part of the picture. Let me be a little more clear about that. It’s easy when we’re making change to make change. So sweeping that we, that we destroy more than what needs to be destroyed is often with change. Something has to end in order to begin something new we’re at we’re at a new moon. We’re in a state of new beginning and in a way,

the super conjunction of Mars, Uranus and node is like a super new moon, even though it’s not the moon, Mars and Uranus is still a conjunction. And so there’s an indication of a beginning. There’s that wonderful Yohanas Kepler line. Actually, a lot of people don’t realize that, that the phrase don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, which basically is like a good Uranian,

a warning. It means when you’re making change, don’t let the, don’t let the good stuff go out down the drain, you know, while you’re changing the bad stuff. And it was interesting because Yohanas Kepler used that line in the late 15 hundreds when he was writing about astrology, because he was not enamored with the popular astrology of his time, just to just like many of us,

quote, unquote real astrologers are not enamored with pop Astrology of our time. And, you know, you know, Honda’s Kepler made an observation that Astrology was largely used by, you know, by the rulers, by the Dukes and the emperors to decide when to go to war and to decide whether or not to, or can they get laid that night.

I mean, this is really true. And so, you know, Honda’s Kepler said, w as we, as we kind of throw all that out and go toward a newer Astrology, we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water, little bit long contorted story though, but it’s worth it because what’s going on right now holds that same potential as we’re making these big changes.

And we don’t even realize yet how big they are, but we have to remember that we can focus on what needs to be changed and not necessarily drop everything out, but all at once. So that’s the way that’s the way the month opens with, with a Mars conjunct, Uranus. But here’s the interesting thing. And that is now that Saturn, which has moved past the square to Uranus,

that was 2021 has now turned retrograde and is moving back toward that exact square again, but it never makes it exact exact, it comes within a half of a degree. And right now at the beginning of August, Uranus is at 18 and three quarter degrees of tourists. And, and, and Saturny is at about 22 and a half degrees of Aquarius.

Meaning that, that these two planets are bout four degrees apart by the end of the month, they’re two degrees apart. So this month they’re really pushing toward each other. And remember, Uranus is the planet of, of, of irrepressible change its revolution. It’s shock, it’s odd surprise. It’s breakthrough, it’s genius. It can be destructive in some ways.

It can be the matter of fact, the Mars Uranus together are, are to me like the tower card in the tarot, you know, there is destruction, but the destruction is to allow for the growth of what’s new, but Uranus is not the only player because Saturn is still at a higher degree than Uranus, even as it retrogrades back to almost being square again,

which means that things are going to hit Saturn. I hit Uranus and explode or breakthrough, and then they’re going to hit Saturn and they’re going to have to pull in and become stable enough to have, have some longevity. And that becomes the theme of the month. You know, we opened with Mars, conjuncting or conjoining Uranus, but Mars squares Saturn on August 7th.

And we’ll see this with other planets as they make an aspect to Uranus and then make an aspect to Saturn and how the time between the aspect of Uranus and Saturn gets closer and closer and closer together the beginning of the month, it’s August 1st to August 7th, that Mars takes from going, you know, going from the conjunction with Uranus to the square to Saturn,

you know, but by the end of the month, the moon is making a conjunction and a square to Uranus and Saturn within a few hours of one another. So the timing of the connection of these speeds up, which brings that energy closer and closer together, I think the whole dance of 2021, the old versus the new, the conservative versus the progressive,

the whole Dawn, or go back to the past versus the breakthrough and go into the future. This is what we’re seeing all over again. It’ll be like, you know, like they do an instant replay and a review. And in a way I think that beginning in July, but August, September, and October, that becomes the theme. And yet ultimately I don’t think there’s a way to stop the change,

which is why I’m going with irrepressible change. So, Rick, a couple of questions for you. Chris is wondering, will this Mars, Uranus and north node conjunction affect certain sun moon or rising sign people more than others? Theoretically. Yes. And I say theoretically, because to quote someone who no one knows who it is, but someone did say this,

not in theory, theory and practice are the same. In theory, theory and practice are the same, but in practice, they’re not now in theory, this should theoretically impact people because, because the conjunction is occurring in at 18 degrees of tourists. If you have a planet at 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 degrees of tourists, or those same degrees, 16 through 20 degrees or so of Scorpio,

that’s the opposition, or in fact that either of the other fixed signs, Leo or Aquarius, theoretically, this has your name on it. Now there are many other things that can bring that into your individual chart. And there are certainly other aspects that are not as obvious. If you have planets that are half square or a square and a half, or even a sextile or a quincunx.

I mean, really, if you have planets that are at at 19 18, 17, 18, 19 degrees of any sign, it’s going to be impacted. The question is whether it’s going to be hard, easy, how difficult will it be to integrate it? I know that again, people are already feeling this, and it’s also important to understand that this 18 degree point, remember Uranus is turning retro grade toward the end of this month on August 24th.

We’ve been following this, this, this retrograde I, what shall we call it fall? Not meaning autumn, but each planet falling retro grade, all the planets, all the outer planets were direct through the spring. And then, you know, beginning, I think in June 1st Pluto, then, then Saturn, then Jupiter, then Kira on the Neptune.

And now Uranus is I think the last of the outer planets. So when Uranus turns retrograde, all the outer planets will be, will be retrograde, meaning Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and Kira. This is significant. But before we went on the air, I was having a short conversation with Joe, your Joe Astrology Hub,

Joe. And he pointed out something very interesting that I’d known, but I hadn’t put together or noticed. And he’ll say until he said it and I went, wow. And that is that Uranus turns retrograde at 18 degrees of Taurus on August 24th, Saturn, which has been retrograde backing toward that point. Turns direct not until the end of October, October 21st,

but it does it at 18 degrees of Aquarius, meaning exactly square that other, that the Uranus retrograde Uranus turns retrograde at the same point at the same degree, 90 degrees apart though, but both at 18 degrees to where Saturn will turn direct and remember because the outer planets move so slowly, although Uranus is turning retrograde at 18 degrees of, of aquarium.

I’m sorry. Yeah. Uranus is turning retrograde at 18 degrees of Taurus on August 24th. The fact of the matter is that even at the end of July, Uranus is already at 18 degrees of tourists. So it’s not moving barely at all. And in fact, you know, even by, by November, Uranus is only backed up one degree into 17 degrees of tourists.

So the point is, is that Uranus is pretty much stable or at least holding a position all month. And I’ve said this many times for many different directions, and that is the reason why Pluto is more powerful, let’s say than Venus or mercury is the slower moving the planet. The more inertia, the more momentum, the more, the more, the more weight,

the more power the heavier it is. And yet when a planet like Uranus, which has already slow moving, it’s been seven years in each sign, as it goes around the sun, when it turns retrograde, it stays at the same degree for a couple of months. And so it adds more weight, more power, more eerie bility to the planet of irrepressible.

Was there a question? Yes. And you answered it wonderfully. Okay. So another question for you, because you brought up this idea of what re basically replaying and reviewing the theme of old versus new also, would you say freedom versus control? Like those kinds of things? Yeah. Saturny Sarah Saturn authority. Top-down Uranus, you know, the people’s choice,

right? I mean, although Saturn in, in traditional Astrology rules, both Capricorn and Aquarius, modern owners give Aquarius the peoples, you know, the community, the revolution, the French revolution, the America war against England, the American revolution where both Uranian events against, against the us attorney and the structure that people said could never be broke. And,

and, and they were, Yes. Okay. So we’re, we’re revisiting those 20, 21 themes where I don’t know if y’all remember this, but it’s been so divisive. Right. It’s been just like these polar opposites seeming. I mean, at least the thing that’s getting a lot of attention, just kind of clashing, right. And you’re saying, we’re revisiting this again,

starting. I never really left it kind of, it hasn’t been, I want to say it hasn’t been on the front page of newspapers as if anyone reads newspapers anymore. And yet I think beginning with, for example, the January 6th commission and the hearings that began to put stuff out again, that’s begun to agitate this on one level. It’s only educating one or two of many,

many, many, many issues, but I think we’re seeing that. I, I think we will see movement on all these issues and resistance to that movement. Okay. So my question is, as we’re revisiting things, and it hasn’t been as inflamed, I think that’s what it felt like. It hasn’t been quite as inflamed. I mean, 2021 was it felt like the height of inflammation of this kind of clashing.

Are you, are you anticipating that we’re going to just get more and more in Flint, like towards this November date again, Possibly for two reasons. But I think we’re also even toward the first week or so of August, I say week or so, because Mars is the planet of inflammation and Mars is lining up with Uranus and the node, which makes it kind of like a vortex.

So that goes back into the past and into the future. But, but it follows up. See, here’s the thing that’s different from last year, last year, things hit Saturn, then Uranus held back, held back, boom explode. Okay. Now, because Saturn is a higher degree, they’re hitting Uranus first explode and then pull back to a place that’s steady or has stability or structure.

So I think any example of that is that on August 1st Saturn, conjoins Uranus explosive. Then again, not necessarily physically explosive, but explosive. And then on August 7th, it’s square Saturn, whoa, too much too far, you know, you know, here’s, here’s the letter of the law. Here’s the guilty sentence, the injunction, the, you know,

the, the, the, whatever it is, you know, The limit, the boundary Boundaries. So, so I think that we’re going to see that theme again and again, it plays out the first week of August, and even on August 5th as a little microcosm of the beginning of August, the moon is in Scorpio, which means that on August 5th,

which is, which is a Friday midday, the moon will oppose Uranus. And by late evening, the Moodle square Saturn that’s on the fifth, then on the seventh Mars square Saturn. So we’re seeing some holding, holding, holding in, but then by August 11, the sun is now squaring Uranus number, the sun’s moving through Leo. Leo is a fixed sign right now.

The new moon was at what, four degrees, a little, a little bit later than that, the new moon was yeah, 5, 4, 5, 5 degrees of Leo, five degrees of Leo and the, and the sun moves about one degree a day. So that by August 11th, the sun will be at 18 degrees of Leo. Uranus is at 18 degrees of tourists,

the will square Uranus explosive, but then the sun will oppose Saturn when it reaches 21, 22 degrees of Leo, because remember the Saturn and Uranus now are only three and a half degrees apart. So a few days later, four days later, three days later, the sun, which squared Uranus on August 11th, opposes Saturn on August 14th. Again, we have the breakthrough and then we have the whoops,

pull it back a little bit or a lot, or, you know, it’s in a way, it’s the revolutionary Uranus going to jail Saturn that can be good or bad, depending upon which side of the law that you’re on. And, and that we have no ability to call except after the fact. I mean, there’s too many, you know,

everybody w we astrologers always need to remind ourselves, you know, that what’s good for one person can be very bad for someone else. You know, I always say that, you know, on a beautiful sunny day, it’s a great day. If you’re a suntan lotion in your hand, and you’re ready to go to the beach, but the rainy cloudy day is really good if you’re a duck,

because there’s no damn humans around and the beaches, your own end like that. Anyhow, it’s not this So cute. Okay, Rick. So for people trying to make good choices in their life. So we have like the global scene and how this might play out. And you’re talking about explosive energy that then gets followed up with like, kind of constrictive,

restrictive energy, Right? How would, how, what would be some good strategies for navigating? And by the way, on the day that the sun is square Uranus on August 11th, the sun in Leo, the moon and Aquarius is a full moon in Aquarius. So that the moon is squaring Uranus from the other side. In fact, the full moon on August 11th is square Uranus.

But what that means is later that same day, that full moon, then this conjunction Saturn, what does this mean for you? For me, for, you know, everyone around it means this, it means that we’re in a process that every time we think that we’ve reached the end point of the journey, or now we know where now I, now I know I was wrong,

or now I know you were wrong. Wait, it’s like, it’s like they say, Seattle has these weird microclimates, you know, where it can be raining one place in sunny, four miles away. And, and, and they often say in Seattle, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes. And this is kind of like that.

It’s like we have to, we have to keep reminding ourselves that we’re in this process of extremes. The Tibetan book of the dead very clearly tells us. And for those of you who don’t know, the Tibetan book of the dead is not for dead people. It’s for people who are dying. And for those of you who don’t know, we’re all dying.

It’s part of our job. You know, it’s like that, that’s the, that’s the end of this particular game. But, but the dependent book of the dead teaches that when you enter into these metaphysical places, which aren’t really places, the more mental constructs, when you enter into these places that have wide swings of extreme emotion or attraction, desire,

beauty ecstasy, and then horror, fear, terror, you know, good, bad. This is wonderful. I want the, oh, no. Now it turned into something. I don’t want this at all. I thought I wanted it now. I don’t push it away. And as soon as you start pushing it away, you go, well,

maybe I do. And so we’re in this process and the Tibetan book of the dead expressly teaches when something horrific comes towards you, don’t push it away too hard because when you engage it, that will give it more strength to come at you even more. And if you lose in something that you think you love or that you want, or something falls through,

or something happens, that’s bad, don’t grab onto it and pull it in because the more you pull it in the harder, it will naturally maintain its own stuff and pull away. It’s, it’s all, it’s all a show. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have positions points of view that we shouldn’t try to be compassionate and kind and aware. I mean,

I think for me, those are the, those are the big three. There may be other things that are right up there. But as long as we maintain a level of compassion, a level of kindness, which may be very similar to compassion and a level of awareness, and we engage from those points of view. We’re part of the show and the show is going to go on with us or without us.

And, you know, and, and to alter an old saying, you know, it ain’t over till it’s over. And even then it ain’t over. It’s like the never-ending story and August is that, you know, on steroids, it’s like, it’s like, we will reach points in August. We will go see, I told you, I knew.

I knew. And then a few days later it’s was like, oh my God, I didn’t know that, no, that can’t be true. You know? And we have a lot of denial, a lot of, you know, a lot of, I call it voluntary ignorance. You know, you know, we, humans are stupid because we choose to be stupid because we know that if we know something,

we can’t go on doing what we were doing, which is either the way we learn or the easier thing to do. And this is true in relationships and family dynamics. It’s true in how we attack things or do things at work. It’s certainly true in global politics and in, in, in, in politics of control, you know, but I think that part of what the background theme of August is,

and again, I think the, you know, the squares to Saturn and then the sun square Uranus at the full moon on August 11th, you know, then Venus moves into Leo. And there’s kind of after that full moon, there’s, there’s like another round of we’re ready to awaken, but then the sun opposes Saturn on August 14th. Boom. We, you know,

we it’s like getting our knuckles wrapped and we go out, I shouldn’t have done that. You know, and then the moon on August 14th moves into Aries. We get our knuckles wrapped in the morning. And in the afternoon we forgotten about it. We’re already off into some other, you know, troublemaking something because that moon in Aries is wanting to act in the moment.

And also on August 14th, Mars makes a trying to Pluto, which gives us a tremendous amount of power from very, very deep places on the 15th. The moon still in Aries joins up with Jupiter. You know, this is kind of like an expansive Sagittarian moment and the sun makes a square and a half with Jupiter. You know, the 15th is an opening big day wide open by the 16th.

The sun, the moon is back in tourists and things begin to close down a little bit, but by the 18 Venus trines, Jupiter, we’re open again. It’s almost like this breath that’s happening on lots of different levels on August 18th, the moon moving through tourists lines up with Uranus. We know it, that is, it may not be as powerful as Mars lining up with with Uranus because Mars moves slower than the moon.

But the moon lining up with, with, with Uranus on the morning of the 18th, that’s a Thursday morning that morning, the moon lines up with Uranus and there’s some breakthrough, but by mid day, the moon is squaring Saturn, and whoops. And we kind of again, meet the authority, you know, so we have that theme that goes back and forth and back and forth.

And it’s like, we can’t, can’t get out of it by 19th 20th, the 20th Mars moves into Gemini. And now we’re bouncing around again. We might feel a little bit freer on the 21st mercury opposes Neptune. You know, this gives us permission to dream and to make stuff up, you know, and, and, and the moon is right in that mix that day,

you know, but then by the 22nd, mercury makes a trying to Pluto. Again, it’s deep communication. The sun goes into Virgo and all of a sudden that Leo wide open anything can happen. Let’s just do it express what’s in our heart. The sun moves into Virgo and Virgo is interesting because Virgo, the energy really isn’t pulling in that doesn’t really happen until the sun goes into Scorpio.

But when the sun goes into Libra, it’s at that halfway point, there’s been going out from Aries Taurus, Gemini cancer, Leo and Virgo, the energy moving outward is moving so slowly. It’s not really moving outward. The energy, the mathematics of the acceleration is that the acceleration has been negative. It stops, but it doesn’t hold still until the sun reaches Libra.

Everything’s in perfect balance that beautiful Indian summer day where the maple trees are, you know, red, orange, and green and yellow and wow, you know, but then the sun goes into Scorpio. The energy pulls in. It like sucks. The energy out of every leaf, they turn brown and boom, they apparently die, but that’s where the magic happens because the magic happens in places that we can’t see it.

And the real magic that then starts in Scorpio while the outward show is over, is the getting ready for the magic that then occurs back in Aries when the show starts all over. So the thing is, is that when the sun moves into Virgo, it might feel, you know, this is back to school time, the end of August and on through the beginning of September.

And when that, when the sun moves into Virgo, it’s oftentimes to get to work, it’s time to do what we need to do to, to make use of what it is that has already gone down or what we’ve already done. And that occurs on August 22nd and by August 24th, Uranus, which has barely been moving at all. I mean, again,

you know, Uranus, you know, was at 18 degrees and 54 minutes on August 18 and on August 24th, it’s still at 18 degrees. It’s 55 minutes, but it’s barely moved three-quarters of the degree, you know, in two weeks. And so on August 24th, though, Uranus, the mathematics is that that’s the point at which it stops moving forward and starts moving backwards,

even though we won’t be able to see it right away, but that’s now taking all that revolutionary explosive energy. And it says, all right, let’s, let’s, we’re not saying it’s done. We’re pulling in and we’re getting ready for something that’s in the future. It’s no longer just being pilfered away and expressed on an outward level. And that’s on the 24th,

but on the 25th, the moon squares Uranus, the moon’s now moving through Leo. Remember a week ago, it was moving through tourists. It was conjunct, Uranus and square Saturn. Now a week later, the moon is square Uranus and opposing Saturn. So you see this theme again and again and again, throughout the entire month Venus, here’s another piece in all of this,

that on August 26th, Venus also moving now through Leo, you know, putting on the show love is out in the open Venus, moving through Leo squares Uranus on the 26th, the 26th is a Friday and, and Venus at 18 degrees of Leo squares, Uranus at 18 degrees of Taurus. That’s on the 26th, two days later on the 28th, Venus is at 20 degrees of Leo and Saturn has retrograded back to 20 degrees of Leo.

It’s now less than two degrees away from being exactly square to Uranus. But again, we see the Venus thing now with the square to Uranus on the 26th is like, I like this. I want change. This is really cool. Things are really happening. Is this desire for upsetting the status quo to be something new and different, even in love,

this is new and different and exciting. This is what I want, but by the time you get to the 28th and that Dina supposed Saturn it’s like reality kind of comes whipping around and says, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe that was too much too fast, maybe instead of wanting that, maybe take a half a step and kind of get this and see how that feels first.

So again, this theme comes back again and again and again, and of course I say, of course, the new moon is on August 27th, and that is a new moon in Virgo that new moon in Virgo, interestingly enough, it’s, it’s square Mars. So there’s a bit of feisty energy attached to it, but it’s not connected with the Saturn or Uranus.

However, Venus is because that new moon on the 27th is the day after Venus squares, Uranus explode, you know, desire, things that are new and different. And that’s the 26th. And on the 28th, Dina’s supposed to Saturn woops that are, keep things in check, put my crazy desires away and hold onto the status quo. And the new moon comes right smack in the middle of that.

So again, it feeds into the same issue again and again and again, and again all month, by the way, leading to on September 1st, we have the moon now moving through Scorpio. And when the moon moves through Scorpio on September 1st at eight o’clock in the evening, eight o’clock in the evening on September 1st and September 1st is a Thursday at eight o’clock in the evening,

the moon opposes Uranus Scorpio to tourists. And by 11 o’clock just three hours later, the moon squares Saturn. And so we get almost in one event, we get the first inkling of what it’s going to be like when planets start, you know, I’m meeting up with Uranus and Saturn almost at the same time, and that gets more closer and closer throughout the month of September.

So that’s where we are going. Okay. I have a question for you that came up as I was listening, especially towards the end of the month, when you said there’s this energy all month of like, woo, like, like big open, then, then followed by restriction. Yes. Would you say to then be careful with things like signing big contracts that might like be like put together in a very expensive moment,

but then a week later you’re going, oh God, now I’m stuck or making huge relationship decisions or et cetera. Well, here’s, here’s the thing again, I think the most important thing is understanding that what seems to be difficult or bad is not as difficult or bad as it is in the long run. We might just get swept up in the extremity of the feeling,

what feels good in the moment might not be as good. And, and I think that avoiding signing contracts is a, oh, how to say this chicken shit way of dealing with transits like this, we have to face, we have to face the reality of what the truth of what the contract says. I mean, I got asked, I remember what there’s a class or on another chat.

I don’t remember where, but it was someone said, wow, with all this stuff coming toward August 1st, I’m going to just find a room and hide for the week. And my response was, that’s probably the worst thing that we can do in a powerful transit, because the more we’re in denial over it, the more we’re hiding from the effects, the more powerful it’s going to be to get our attention.

And so it’s, this is about, you know, you know, what’s, what’s your full frontal. This is about, you know, facing things head on. I know I said this last month, but it’s Joseph, Campbell’s the cave. I fear the most. Old’s my greatest treasure. And it’s like, we have to find that place within us that enables us to face those fears that we have about signing that contract and then to read the contract and read the parts that we don’t like,

and then make decisions over each of those points. Am I going to be okay with that? If not, don’t sign the contract, but if you can make it be okay and it’s going to prevent you from something else that you want more. I don’t think that this is a time to avoid decisions. I think it’s a time to face them and to make the best choices that we can based upon what we know,

and then not hold ourselves hostage in the future over like, oh, I was so stupid. I should have done this. Or I should’ve done that. You know, 20, 20 hindsight is great, but it doesn’t help us negotiate or navigate it. Doesn’t help us negotiate curves today or navigate our life into the future. Hmm. Okay. I remember something Michael Brian said at the 2022 forecast event,

we were talking Yes, same. And we were talking about, well, he was talking about how certain things shouldn’t necessarily be like an adrenaline rush. Super exciting. For example, he was talking about investing our money. And if we’re having that like, oh my God, am I going, am I got it? Like I gotta do it now.

And there’s that like real adrenaline rush kind of thing. He was like, just be careful of that kind of thing. And what I’m hearing you say is there’s going to be this extreme, you know, energy either way that the best thing to do is to maybe take some time with it because we are in a process, but also really go into it,

like really like understand it and make sure that we are going in with eyes wide open and that we’re not, you know, kind of getting swept around by the, by the extremes of the energy. That’s my interpretation. It’s true. And Devin says, it’s so easy for the airy Stellarium man. That would be me to say, just face it,

head on laughing my ass off. I love you, Rick. You’re not wrong. Well, but here’s the thing. Two things. Number one, Devin, I have a cancer mood. It scares the crap out of me when I face things head on. There’s a difference between courage and stupidity. You know, I’m not saying that we should do anything stupid.

And I’m saying that we all have our points in our ways, in which we need to protect ourselves. I’m not telling the Pisces to go out and, you know, climb the mountain without preparing for it. If that’s something they want to do, they may be much better off, you know, staying, you know, within a safe space and listening to music.

And I’m not belittling Pisces from having the right to take a major adventure. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying, as we each need to find a way in which we can stay present with what’s going on rather than, than slipping into denial or using drugs, alcohol, addictions, relationships, whatever, to prevent us from just being aware of what’s happening.

You know, sometimes we, we, I am not getting political here. I’m talking about emotion rather than it just happens at the person that I’m going to mention has some political weight. I’m not sure I’m not going to mention the person, but someone in the United States very recently said that the January 6th hearings are a bunch of crap. There is nothing to any of them.

And then the interviewer said, I understand that you’ve not wa that you’ve gone on record, that you have not watched any of them. And he said, that’s right. I haven’t, I don’t have to. That’s what’s unacceptable. And I’m not picking on that particular political leader. I’m picking on anyone who says that that’s crap, but I don’t want to know about it is crap.

Yeah. It’s like that. W what is that quote from sir? Isaac Newton. I was just talking to Mitchell, Scott Lewis, the financial advisor. And he, he brought up that, sir, Isaac Newton, quote, of like you haven’t studied Astrology. Okay. I hate, I hate to do this, but that’s totally apocryphal Isaac Newton. Now I’ll tell you where it came from.

And, and that came from the frontest piece on one of grant Louie. And, you know, I love grant Louie, the astrologer grant, Louie in the 1940s, it came from the frontest piece of Astrology for the millions. And the dialogue is sir, Edmund Haley says, confronts Isaac Newton and says, why are you wasting your time with astrology is just a bunch of hogwash.

And Isaac Newton in that quote says, sir, I have studied the subject. You have not, unfortunately he never said it. Oh, geez. Absolutely. For sure. I’ve dug on that one very, very deep. And in fact, Isaac Newton was not necessary. Isaac Newton was a total freak when it came to biblical prophecy alchemy, when it came to biblical crazy biblical,

I say crazy, I mean, radical biblical interpretations, but he was not an astrologer. And, and I’m only saying this because I loved the fact that I knew he was. And so I went digging and learned that he wasn’t, Well, it’s kind of the same point that we’re making. Right? Absolutely. The, the, the point though is exactly the same.

It’s like, you know, you know, don’t tell me that, you know, this is untrue. If you don’t know anything, well, it’s everyone who’s ever basically ever said astrology is crap. Right. You know, I mean, I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve given a list of books to scientists and said before you and I ever have a discussion about whether astrology is crap or not,

you need to tell me that you’ve read at least one or two or three of these 15 books. And once you have, then you deserve the right to engage me in a dialogue until then it’s just a waste of my time. You don’t know. Okay. So in summary, Well, this is not a difficult one to summarize, although it’s, I,

some people in the chat box are going, oh my God, I can’t do this. You know, this is life. It’s not, it’s not going to end it. Let me put it differently every day, every week, every month, it ends for some people, some cultures and civilizations don’t need to talk about the apocalypse. If you live in Bhopal India or some places in,

in Africa, you’ve already experienced the apocalypse in the past 5, 10, 20, 30 years. You know, it’s, it’s a rolling wave that happens at different times. There is no one event that’s going to end it. And, and, and the bottom line is that that this month, August is another month in this process. And the waves are going to be more defined there,

becoming more defined. And, and there will be resolution on all of this, but it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s. And the only way it’s going to happen is, is by looking at facts, by looking at, you know, you know, you got issues with, with, with a child or with your spouse or lover, you know,

it’s all of the fears and all the stuff that you may have going accusing them, or, you know, worrying about stuff is talk to them, find out what the truth is, you know, because what’s the ex ex the truth will set you free. Okay. Actually, before I go to the summary, can I ask one more question? It’s your show.

You can do whatever you want. Awesome. People are talking about being tired. Is there an astrological reason why people may be feeling more tired right now than usual? Yeah. Yeah. The last few years have been exhausting. You know, I have a friend once who had a Buddhist teacher and she went, he came to Seattle once every six months and she had an appointment to see him.

And she was totally frustrated because she couldn’t find it. And she was sure it was something spiritual or something test or whatever. She finally got into her appointment. It was like a half hour appointment. And there were only like five minutes left and she goes in and she goes, oh my God, like, what do I need to learn? I mean,

obviously you’ve conjured this up, blah, blah, blah, blah. And the, and the, and the Rimpoche I says, this place is hard to find, You know, it’s like sometimes we beat ourselves up for all the wrong reasons. It’s like, why are we tired? It’s been damaged exhausting. Now I think said that, you know,

Neptune has barely moved at all with turned retrograded, still moving very, very slowly. One could make an astrological case, but I think ultimately is just, we’ve been pushed so much, so hard, so fast into, so new territory, beginning back with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January, 2020, you know, and the whole wave of fear, you know,

the pandemic of fear and COVID, and then on top of that, you know, black lives matter and all of this coming back up and, you know, and just the intensity and it’s never let up, you know, anyone who isn’t tired is probably doing too much stimulants. So, you know, we need to cut ourselves some slack. This is exhausting,

but we’re humans. We’ll, we’ll pull through there, there, there is no light at the other at the other end of the tunnel. And it’s not necessarily a train coming directly toward us. Rick, that just felt like a huge hug. Thank you. That was, that was compassionate, aware, and kind, thank you for that. Okay.

So here’s the theme irrepressible change. We have this new moon that we’re at today is somewhat of a beacon for the future, but July 31st and August 1st is when, like the real action is happening. You said, this is a breakthrough powerhouse, but this could be physically hot temperatures. But also this is such a strong event. Is stress Or emotionally Emotional hot or physical hot.

Yes. And that this is such a strong event that we’ve been feeling it for weeks, and we will be feeling it like potentially after, as well for you said a few days, but do you mean a few weeks? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. But a few days is again, it’s waves within waves three days is that, is that we’re going to feel Saturn by the sevens.

So there may, the other end of the ways, you know, tide goes out, tide comes in, Right. Okay. You said that this is a culminating point of energy that’s been building. And that when Mars goes over the north node with Uranus, it’s going to be, it’s a very powerful, so you said this powerful configuration that’s happening,

and we have this opportunity to move through change in a positive way. You reminded us not to destroy more than we need to. So really be as much as possible, be discerning about what you’re throwing out the door or leaving behind that. You might not need to blow everything up in order to make the kind of change that you need to make. So take the good,

leave the bad as much as possible, By the way, Rochelle appeared in, in, in the chat room. And she typed full disclosure. I’m in Rick’s apprentice program with 18 degrees, Taurus, grand cross. And she was the one who said that she should take an apple a week work. You’d be proud of me for the massive waves of writing it this week without napping.

But thanks for, thanks for shell for, you know, you know, coming out in the open. Awesome. Okay, good. Okay. So Saturn and Uranus are pushing toward each other. We’re we’re, we’re really moving toward this November 8th, almost exact Saturn Uranus square. Well, again, the almost exact Saturn Uranus square really is the end of September.

It begins waning slightly, but what happens in the midst of all of this is that is that first mercury turns retrograde at the beginning of September. Then Mars turns retrograde at the end of October, and that Mars retrograde kind of runs us back through stuff. And then the election day, the November 9th that occurs, it’s a full moon eclipse and the full moon eclipse.

It’s a Taurus full moon, conjunct, Uranus, and square Saturn. So it’s a little bit wider, but boy does it yank it back in big time. Oh, wow. Interesting. Okay. And then we are, we’re going back into this replay and review of the old versus new fear versus versus control these real extremes that have been clashing for awhile.

Yes. Yep. You said the degrees of 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. So this range of 16 to 20 Taurus Scorpio, Leo Aquarius theoretically is the most effected, but, but we’re all going to be experiencing this on site, But let’s say for example, that you had a major planet or two at 16, at 18 degrees of tourists right there,

but let’s say you had those planets training Saturday. So even though you have planets there, you’re going to have a way to stabilize that energy and work with it. That’s the danger of just saying this, sign, this sign, that sign, that sign and be aware. You see that in popular astrology and it, and, and it can work,

but It’s, I, what I’m hearing rings, it’s part of the story, but not necessarily the full story. It’s another good reason to learn how to go a little bit deeper into your chart. But if you’re just starting out, these are some general guidelines. Exactly. Okay. So Saturn all months. So this, this Uranian energy is going to be more of the like pushing forward change,

but then all month we have these kinds of Saturny and boundaries that come in after this more explosive energy, you said we’re in a process of extremes, we’re in a process of extremes and we’re in More important than extremes, Right? Exactly what you said to watch out for voluntary ignorance, those places in your life, where you’re just like, I’d rather not know.

I really don’t want to know I’m not going to go in there maybe consciously, or sometimes we’re not totally conscious of that. But if you find yourself resisting things that maybe would, maybe you need to go into, then that might be that voluntary ignorance thing happening. Let’s see, you said that on August 22nd, the sun goes into Virgo and this is sort of that get to work energy.

You know, the crazy thing is school here and in Hawaii starts next week, early August, like move school. I don’t know why, but anyways, get to work, make use of what we’ve already done. August 24th, Uranus starts moving backwards. This explosive energy kind of pulling in. And then we have this same like Uranus Saturn thing happening with Venus.

So again, this, this desire for change a desire to upset the status quo, but then reality whips in. And maybe we were realizing we were doing too much too fast, and this is all the end of August, August 27th. We have the new moon in Virgo. Oh yeah. New moon, new moon in Virgo. And then September 1st, the moon moving through Scorpio,

opposing Uranus, squaring, Saturn. This is again an inkling of the year. You’re in a Saturn square that we’re going to be doing in November. Yeah. A few other things that you said that just kind of like jumped out at me. You said two face reality. Head-on you said to stay present to try not to go into denial or distracting yourself.

You said, be aware, look at the facts, find out the truth. So that requires like a conversation where maybe you have an assumption about why someone has done what they’ve done or why they think what they think or why something happened. Maybe ask them and find out the truth. And then you said, this is a good time to remember compassion,

kindness, Right? One thing I’d like to correct. Not you, but I think, I mean, I D I didn’t say what you, what you said that I said, and that was facing the waves head on anyone who’s ever faced. A wave knows that head-on is not always the way to do it because it’ll knock you right over. But if you stand at about 45 degrees and make a posture where you actually have one leg bent into the wave,

in other words, what I was saying is facing the energy, but you don’t necessarily mean if it’s a tornado to go out in the middle of the field, you know, and like John Muir strap yourself to the highest tree around and say, you know, come and get me nature. Not what I mean. And that there’s ways in which we can face the music without being too vulnerable.

Because one of the things that we can control is there are times to be vulnerable. I mean, if you’re, if you’re in a room with the Dalai Lama, you don’t want any fake walls up, you want to be as vulnerable as you can be. But if you’re in a room with Charlie Manson, you don’t want to be vulnerable at all,

and you could still be facing the energy, but, but obviously use your common sense. Okay. No, no. Standing 90 degrees here comes a big wave. I’m facing it. No, you’ll end up on your ass. Yes, you will. I also want to acknowledge that there’s, I’m seeing as the chat is kind of flying by. There’s a lot of people going through some really,

really challenging times. Thank you for sharing. Thank you to this community for hugging them and holding them and encouraging them and reaching out. It’s really, really nice to see. So, I mean, I think that goes back to your compassion, kindness and awareness. Everyone’s on some, we’re all experiencing it differently, but we’re all experiencing these energies. So just being aware of the people in your life,

people around you, they’re also experiencing these energies and just staying aware, like you said, Devin has asked Rick, please, can we have one more quote before you go for less than hugs here, here, here’s the closing quote, Dalai Lama said whenever possible, be compassionate. It’s always possible. Whenever possible. Be compassionate. It’s always possible. Perfect.

Thank you. I love how you can just do that. You just, someone asks, Hey, how about another quote? And you just pull it out of the air. It feels like it’s amazing. Okay, Rick, thank you. That was awesome. Super thorough. Very helpful. Thanks to all of you for being here. Thanks for continuing to tune in.

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