[COSMIC CONNECTION] Monthly Horoscope: November 2022 w/ Rick Levine

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Taurus Lunar Eclipse & the USA Elections

In this Monthly Horoscope, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the upcoming transits in November, and how to make the best out of a challenging month.

You’ll learn …

🌑 What you can expect from the Eclipse happening on Election Day in the USA
🌒 When you’ll have a window of ease throughout the month
🌓 About the last Saturn and Uranus square

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[COSMIC CONNECTION] Monthly Horoscope – November 2022 w_ Rick Levine

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Cosmic Connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the Cosmo End, your connection to it all. My name’s Amanda P. Walsh, and I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. And I’m Rick Merlin, Levine, York Cosmic Navigator. Now let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

All right. Hello everybody, and welcome to the Cosmic Connection. So happy to be here with all of you. This is a much weighted broadcast for myself personally. I mean, I’m just guessing that probably that’s true for a lot of you as well. So we’re gonna be doing the November forecast and just from what I’ve heard from Rick already, This is a very unusual, very [00:01:00] interesting, very important moment in time.

So Rick, I’m very excited to be here with you. Thank you for joining. And last month, so October, we had Turning Points as the theme, correct? I think so, yeah. So what would you say is the theme for November? What are, what are we looking at in terms of a thematic, overarching storyline turned point, turned point, The point has turned it’s official.

Um, yeah, I mean the turning point of October was about leading up to November and, and I think we’re past the turning point, but I don’t think we can tell yet. And obviously, um, doing our absolute doing. I’m, I’m on my honor to do my absolute best [00:02:00] to not fall into any sort of political rant. We cannot look at November without looking at the total lunar eclipse that’s conjunct Uranus and part tile conjunct Uranus and Mercury mo, the eclipse Moon conjunct Uranus and the Sun conjunct mercury, while they’re both square Saturn.

I mean, if I, I have this, this feeling that you could have gone to an astrologer with the charts of let’s say 20, 21, 2, and three laid out and said, Pick the singular most important date in this whole thing. And someone who was really paying attention. Would likely have picked November 8th. Without any regards to whether or not it just happened to be election day in the United States.[00:03:00]

And I think that that therefore, as we’re looking ahead to November, we’re, we’re recording this actually on October 27, but when we’re looking ahead to November, I think it’s like in the olden days. The, um, the sailors on the clipper ships. That , I bet you, where the hell is he going with this one? No, this is good.

The, there, there were wind powered and so there was no, there was no electricity or steam or nuclear power. And when they went around the, um, e around over the equator and around either Africa, Um, Cape Cape Horn to get from England, let’s say to India or back, or in the United States around Tierra del Fugo, um, Cape of Good Hope, and to, I think I have those capes right?

And to get to, uh, San Francisco or to the Orient that way. In order to do that, the [00:04:00] ships had to cross the equator. Now that may not sound like a big deal, except in the northern and southern latitude there are these things that are called the Tradewinds. Now, when the Tradewinds blow, they’re pretty steady, and that’s what allowed the clipper ships to do their trade between places in northern and southern latitudes.

However, when they crossed the equator, they went through an area called the doldrums. Uh, sometimes you’re referred to as the horse latitude. And the saying down in the doldrums is basically because when, when the ships cross the doldrums, the winds would stop blowing and they would be aimless sometimes for days, weeks, even months, without being able to do anything but just float.

Now, I don’t think we’re really quite down in the doldrums, but the key here is until the ships got around the bottom, Of either, um, Africa or in particular Tiara del Fugo who was so dangerous they couldn’t take a sighting on where [00:05:00] they were going. There was no way for them to, to find their bearings and make a plan cuz they didn’t know what would happen yet between now and the time they got around the bend.

Well, that’s exactly where we are. I mean, we can talk with a great deal of certainty, um, about what astrologically is happening now in the end of October and even the first week of November. But as soon as we get past that eclipse, which again just happens to be election day, um, in the United States, once we get past that, it’s all up in the air depending upon what happens on that day.

Now we can talk with, um, uh, with certainty about some of that energy and what it means, and obviously that’s where we’ll go, but in a larger sense. That’s kind of where we are. Does that make sense to you? It really does. So basically what you’re saying is that something so major or [00:06:00] information, or, or, or an event, or an experience is, is bound to happen between now and November 7th.

And so looking forward, let’s say between, let’s say between the end of November 7th and the beginning of November 9th. Ah, so that whole time period. The seventh of the ninth. But it’s the, Well in particular, I’m saying it turned astrologically what you’re saying is true, but from an actual physical event standpoint, it’s what happens in the United States on election day that is much greater than an election in the United States.

It may be singularly the most significant election that’s ever occurred in the United States. Cuz it’s not just about the. Term elections. And it’s not just about the United States because the, you know, the, um, you know, uh, global village of the United States has shrunk so small that eyes all over the world are looking at this as a [00:07:00] bellwether.

Because there are similar events going on right now in England and Argentina, in Brazil, um, in Venezuela, um, obviously in Russia, um, obviously in India, um, in China, it’s like not an isolated event, it’s just that we happen to be happening an election on that day. On that day when the astrology is very auspicious in terms of, it’s, it’s definitely big astrology correlating with that actual event.

And I think, I think your, your use of the word auspicious is correct. I think it’s auspicious, but not necessarily, uh, propitious. I think I have those words. Right. In other words, it’s an important event no matter what happens. And I think that because Uranus is involved and will drill down on this a little more, in a little bit, that because Uranus is involved so closely, so tightly, um, you know, Uranus, as [00:08:00] we know, we, we astrologers love to say that with Uranus you have to predict the unpredictable mm-hmm.

it’s like, you know, the lightning is gonna strike, but you don’t know where, and you don’t know when until it strikes. And we know that lightning is going to. On November 8th in the United States, but we don’t know where it’s gonna strike. And well, we know when, but we don’t know where it’s gonna strike, and we don’t know what message it’s gonna bring.

And, and again, I will do my best to remain in a politically neutral stance, um, um, even though most people probably would know better where I might stand regardless. The fact of the matter is, on one level, it doesn’t matter whether this election is so close that no one can call it and it takes months to untangle it, or whether it’s a Republican, quote unquote red tidal wave or a, um, quote unquote [00:09:00] blue, um, democratic tial wave.

Whatever happens on November 8th. I don’t wanna say it doesn’t matter cuz it does matter. But the astrology is saying that whatever happens, it’s not necessarily gonna resolve, or it’s not necessarily gonna be clear as to what we do next. And it won’t necessarily, um, make what happened last week, last month, or last two years, just magically go away.

And that’s the craziness of, of, of, of all, of this, um, is that often when we see things leading up to an event, we know that this means that and that means something else. And in this case, It’s just not as clear as we would like to think. Um, so, okay, so you said, you said something before we went live. You said it’s almost impossible to even do the astrology for this entire month up until [00:10:00] about the eighth.

And then you said something about November 15th though, that like when we get to November 15th, there will be some clarity about the way forward. Or at least there be some clarity about what just happened. Right? And when I said November 15th, in that, in that off the record discussion, I wasn’t specifically talking about anything in particular that happens on November 15th.

Um, o other than there is a, a string of kind of, maybe sometimes I like to call these pauses in the disaster, but there is a, a string of a little bit of smoothness there, but I was just really meaning that it’s gonna take an intense week or more for us to figure out what really happened. Even if there’s an intense, um, uh, wave one way or another, you know, and the crazy thing about this is that there are pundits, there are um, [00:11:00] um, people who make their living trying to analyze this.

And it’s basically the most significant races are within what they call the margin of error. Meaning that you know that it’s too close to call. And even those people who are saying, no, it’s gonna be absolutely, you know, things are building this way. And then there are others who are saying no. It’s absolutely building that way.

It’s kind of what do you believe in spec, especially in this current environment where we’re trained not necessarily to believe whatever we hear, because. Depends on where we look that defines what we think is reality and the realities are so divergent that in some way, you know, we have people who are, you know, uh, running for major offices, governors who have already been on the record saying it doesn’t matter who wins the election will be crooked.

And, and, uh, you know, and, and I won’t stand by the [00:12:00] results of the election. So we’re kind of setting ourselves up already for a bit of craziness, which is what the chart for November 8th really looks like. And maybe we could work our way there back up to the beginning of November and, and look at how all this, Um, but you know, I, I, I, I know I talked a little bit about this last month and I’ve been talking about it so much all the time that, um, it’s, it’s basically, as far as I’m concerned, my only act.

These days, and that is going back to 2020. You and I had conversations about the, um, Saturn Square, Uranus, Saturn, the planet of old authority, stability structure, um, you know, maintaining the status quo, squaring Uranus, the planet of change, revolution, uh, progressiveness, uh, breaking through genius, but [00:13:00] also instability.

And that these two planets, I remember saying back in 2020 that they would square each other. When I say I said it, all astrologers were saying is not something that, you know, that I had, you know, a uh, um, you know, an edge on or anything. We all knew that they squared each other three times in 2021. Um, exact in February, May I think, and then in December, and then that was done.

At least they were no longer squared. Exactly. And yet for all of 2021, I’ve been talking about how in September, October, November, Because of the retrograde motion. Um, Saturn comes back within, or just about almost, um, to a half a degree of being square. Again, part tile, meaning same degree, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re both in, um, the, the same degree of, um, 17, actually 18, um, degrees of [00:14:00] Aquarius and, and, and Taurus.

And as such, the impact of this conflict that has taken the world and certainly the United States, you know, by it, whatever part of the body, you ought to imagine, um, that that won’t be over until that, um, Saturn Square, Uranus begins to separate, uh, and doesn’t come back to being close. Well, that’s now, except.

They’re, they’ve reached their exact closeness. Um, well they do in the last week of October and the first week of November. So we are right in that at the beginning of November, of this being exact. But I think that most people, including myself two years ago, who looked ahead, didn’t realize that there was a [00:15:00] total lunar eclipse on election day.

Again, when we look at that total lunar eclipse, it’s, I’m not sure I’ve, I’ve seen an eclipse that is quite, um, quite this intense because Mercury is exactly conjunct the sun. I mean mercury, um, conjuncts the sun from Earth’s point of view. Um, Um, Mercury conjuncts the sun on November 8th at 8:42 AM and the eclipse is on November 8th, just five hours earlier at about 3:00 AM This is specific time, both Pacific time and on top of that, the moon.

Um, then Conjoins, Uranus, um, like right close, right in that mix. And then the sun opposes Uranus on November 8th, the following day. So we have this incredible. [00:16:00] Polarity in this eclipse between Mercury and Scorpio. Pointed perceptions that go deep that are incisive, that cut beneath the apparent what’s going on on the surface, Scorpio, and look at things with intense power and passion.

That’s one side of the equation lined up with the sun. On the other side, we have the moon in Taurus, which is an exalted moon, meaning that the moon’s favorite place outside of. Home sign of cancer is to be in Taurus, because Taurus gives the emotions stability, except it’s lined up with Uranus. Uranus is the least stable of all the planets, which is why Uranus is the harbinger of change and the great awakening in a, and we use that word, awakening.

You know, I don’t understand how awakening can be a bad thing, and yet we’ve turned this idea of being woke into a bad thing as if it’s [00:17:00] dangerous or somehow contrary to our best life, um, on earth. To see things as they are. So let’s stay asleep. Well, Uranus can join. The moon is not going to let us stay asleep.

And yet this whole opposition, um, between the sun lined up with Mercury and the moon lined up with Uranus is 90 degrees to Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius. And, um, you know, it’s within, um, it, well it’s within the Saturn. Uranus is within two degrees, but when you add in all the other planets and Venus in the mix, also not exactly conjunct the Sun and Mercury.

At 16, um, um, Scorpio, but at 20 Scorpio, that also pulls in Saturn even more. And Saturn is the planet of, I ain’t gonna change. Saturn is the planet of, this is your karma. This is what’s gonna happen. Deal with it. Saturn [00:18:00] is the planet that I think most astrologers throughout the ages have feared because astrologer says astrologers because Saturn says what goes around comes around, you get what you deserve, and it may be great and wonderful, and it may not.

And Saturn doesn’t give a crap. It’s going to deliver what it needs to deliver. Now what is that? Now we go into unknown land because Uranus is there. And with Uranus, you never know what’s gonna happen. Once the lightning strikes, is it going to just strike and be done, or is it gonna burn down the entire Yellowstone Park?

We don’t. Mm. And Rick, what does it mean? So we have this like final crescendo of the Saturn, Uranus squares that we’ve been experiencing since 2021. And this is like the last hurrah of this energy. And then it is going to be separating from each other, right? So, Does this, do you see this as some sort of resolution to tho that square we’ve been [00:19:00] experiencing?

Or is it just the final, like, kick in the pants on this, on this and then we’re gonna see some of that energy dissipate? It’s a perfect question. And, and, and here’s here’s the, um, here’s the way I want to answer it. Um, and again, it’s gonna sound a little contorted at first, but bear with me, it’s gonna make my point.

Exactly. Um, copper is a metal that’s quite malleable. It’s why it’s used to make beautiful things and art. And it’s not good for war because it bends. You can’t make a sharp edge on copper and have it hold. Okay. So we have copper, um, which incidentally astrologically is related to Venus, which is also not necessarily about war.

That’s an aside. Separate from that, we have the metal. Tin, which is also like copper, quite malleable. Um, but tin also, even though it’s malleable, has also a brittleness to it. If you melt tin and [00:20:00] copper together, let’s say you and I are in a room and we have tin and copper and you wanna melt it together and make a sword, and I wanna melt them together and make a bowl, either one can be made from this mixture.

And when we melt them together and they cure, they actually make a new metal called bronze. The thing is that once the, the mixture of malleable copper and malleable tin are melted together and they. You can’t remelt bronze it. It solidifies into something else. Wow. And so we are in this state of Saturn and Uranus as two metals creating an alloy.

And no, I don’t think this is gonna resolve the situation because even though, [00:21:00] just as the metals are solving, you hit me over the head, I’m laying unconscious on the workroom floor, and you turn that into a sword, that doesn’t mean that when I wake up, I’ll go, What the hell just happened? I don’t want a sword.

I’ve never wanted a sword. I still don’t want a sword. I want that. Doesn’t matter. It’ll be solidified that way and we can’t go back and undo what has been done once the alloys cured. Do you understand what I’m saying? Wow. That’s why I think November 8th is so intense and so powerful, and for all those people who say, I don’t vote numb, dumb in the United States, I don’t vote because it only encourages them.

Nor you can vote for this char character or that character. You still get the government. That all may be true, except I would say, and I’ve said this before in theory, theory and practice are the same, and in theory it’s [00:22:00] true. Don’t vote. It only encourages the idiot. Okay. I didn’t really say that. , on the other hand, there is a very practical side to the lesser of evils, even though you don’t necessarily want to vote.

For the lesser of evils, you’d rather vote for the person who’s gonna really make the changes that you know, and I know and we all know need to be made. That’s not a choice. Mm-hmm. . So all I can say is that when we don’t vote, where basically voting for the course of least resistance, which may not be what we want, So get your asses out and vote.

Uh, I can’t say I don’t care who you vote for. I do, but I’d rather you vote than not vote whoever you vote for. Hmm. Okay, Rick, so in your analogy of the, the, uh, copper and the tin Yeah. Becoming bronze, which is, is you’re essentially saying, we, something has happened in this process of [00:23:00] these Saturn ness squares that is, and whatever this crescendo is on the eighth, seventh through the ninth, you know, it’s hard to pinpoint dates.

Right. But around that timeframe, something new. Is created, has been created from these energies and it is unchangeable. Like we are not going back. There is no there, something happens that just creates a change that is just, it is what it is. And that’s the process of the Saturn near to square. There is no, there’s no like big, Oh, we all come together.

At the end of it, we, we all have a resolution of the old and the new. It’s like actually something new happens out of it. And that thing is unchange. Yeah. And, and when I say unchangeable, we need to be careful there because I don’t mean unchangeable forever. I mean, it sets in motion enough reality that that’s not gonna be undone.

You know, we look at the long sweep, [00:24:00] the, the, the long arm of, of history, you know, and we de we do see a progression toward, you know, a higher awareness or more consciousness or more kindness or, or, I mean, we see these things, but then. For years and even decades at a time, it’s like we’re blasted back into the stone age or back into some horrific situation, whether it’s climate stuff or war stuff or you know, or some political leader, whether it’s being alive in, you know, in, um, in Germany in the 19, you know, thirties into the early forties.

I mean, there are longer, you know, there are trajectories that make things look like this is the end. And all I, I have to say as an astrologer is I cannot, and I will not predict what will happen on election day. And yet I know that whatever happens on election day is gonna [00:25:00] feel very, what was the word you used?

Auspicious. Um, but it’s not the end because there is no end, because history is cyclical. And there’s that wonderful sta statement that’s been attributed. Incorrectly, I should say to Mark Twain that says, History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. And there is something about those repeating patterns even of the Saturn, Uranus, um, cycle.

We can look back and see the financial disruptions and or the governmental disruptions, but we always come back, you know, after the last, you know, Saturn, um, Uranus, the real estate, you know, crash, uh, what was it, the fall of 2008? I mean, there were people. Like during the beginning of the Great Depression here in the United States, you know, who are ready to jump out of um, you know, you know, um, office buildings and kill themselves cuz they were sure it was the end of the world.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it takes a [00:26:00] whole lot of ego to think that this planet is going to end or that history will stop or that a country will be over during your lifetime. I mean, there are great changes and these great changes are coming to a bit of a, of a head this month, but I don’t think that there’s anything out there that we don’t or can’t already see.

I think part of the problem is, and maybe my hope is where the lightning strikes. Remember Uranus is the planet of awareness and once the lightning strikes you, you can’t unsee what you’ve. You know, in the middle of the night the lightning strikes and you can see the rusty old car and the field across from your house and the mountains in the background if you happen to live where they’re visible or whatever.

And then a moment later it’s completely dark again. But in your mind, you know what you’ve seen. And I think that part of our current situation is that people on two sides of a [00:27:00] very extreme spectrum, both believe that the other side is not seeing the truth, whatever the truth is. And so I think that, um, Well, well, before I say what I think I wanna say that I’ve heard so many astrologers, um, talking about the doom and gloom of this horrific election day chart of a grand, I’m not a grand, but a T square, a powerful, you know, T square with an eclipse in Uranus and Mars retrograde, which we haven’t even talked about.

And, and, and Mars squaring Neptune, so no one would, who knows what’s going on. And all these things are so horrific. And I’ve heard people talk about, you know, nuclear war and this and that and, uh, these, the great disasters. And, and you know, and I’ve been asked, you know, is that possible? And I say, Yeah, it’s possible, you know, but so is alien intervention.

It’s. I mean, I would say one is as likely as the other. Um, you [00:28:00] know, it’s possible that I win the lottery. It’s possible that a lot of things happen. But here’s the astrological underpinning that I work with, and that is that the universe is not set in stone, that it’s plasticity. And I don’t mean it’s artificialness.

I mean it’s moldability, if you will, is inherent upon the consciousness of the people living within it. So if we all stand by and do nothing, the course of least resistance might take us in one direction. And so this eclipse, and I’m coming back to what I think about this eclipse, is I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a moment encapsulated in a chart that has so much potential to change so much, so fast.

And that’s where I’m gonna stand with this. And I think the rest is up to us. Whew. Wow. You know, you are not a, a astrologer that [00:29:00] leans towards sensationalism like you. This is why when you say things like this, we pay attention because I don’t hear you saying this every month. I don’t hear you say, Oh, this is the biggest astrology ever and blah blah.

It. This is obviously, in fact, when people say that, I’m the one that goes, Yeah, exactly. You know? Yeah. The only time I ever remember you speaking like this was before the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020. Like I, that’s the only other time I remember you saying things so strongly about what you’re seeing, which, which in fact it turns out spawned covid, the Me Too movement, and maybe most importantly, the Saturn, Uranus.

Right. The Saturn, Uranus Square is a direct outcome of the Saturn Pluto conjunction because Pluto and Uranus were square seven times between 2010 and 2015. And that was the [00:30:00] backdrop of, of the Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring. And, and, and, and, and gay marriages legalized and, and recreational marijuana, and I mean, all these things that came out at the, at the Uranus, Pluto Square.

Which actually all go back to the Uranus, Pluto conjunction back in the mid sixties when all these same things were like on the table and being birthed on some level, you know, the use of drugs, the rise, second wave of feminism, the, I, I mean, you know, the list. I don’t need to do it. Um, but it’s those things from the mid sixties that manifest at the opening square in, uh, from Uranus to Pluto in 2010 to 2015, that then when Saturn comes through and.

Makes the alloy set. That’s what Saturn’s job is. Saturn’s job is to, is to crystallize. It’s that, that stir, that set in stone [00:31:00] stabilization. Um, and Saturn comes through and crystallizes and, and we forget. We think Wow, Saturn conjunct Pluto, That’s a three times a century. A major event that was world wars and famines and, and, and, and pandemics.

And, and that occurred on January, um, um, 20th. Um, no, January 12th. January. Wasn’t it January 6th or no, no, I’m talking about a year before. I’m talking 20. In 2020. The Saturn Pluto conjunction, um, back in 2020, it was the day that Covid was announced by the Chinese. Um, but, but that event, Has that, that, I mean, that, that corresponded with Martin Luther.

Um, creating the entire Protestant Reformation and its place in history is so profound that we all focused on that Saturn Pluto thing, including me. But the real event was the Uranus [00:32:00] Pluto conjunction of the mid sixties that was squared from 2010 to 2015. That then in 2020, when Saturn comes around slowly but almost like a sweep second hand because of how slowly, um, you’re inus and Pluto move, Saturn comes along and conjoins Pluto, but it’s not done until it squares Uranus because it’s the Pluto, Uranus thing that’s behind all of this.

So what we’re experiencing now is not just. A once every decade and a half or two, um, uh, Saturn Square, Uranus, it’s part of a very, very long term wave of events that goes back to the mid sixties and the resistance of what happened then back to the, um, 20, 20 10 through 2015, um, actually I think, yeah, [00:33:00] 2010 through 2015 when you’re in a squared Pluto, seven times in its retrograde motion over those years.

Um, and so what we’re experiencing now is Saturns finally saying, I’m making, I’m crystallizing this. I’m turning this, this, this molten mixture that looks like it could create a bowl or a sword. Maybe I’ve overused that metaphor now. Um, but it’s now reaching a point where it’s beginning to cool and through November we’re gonna see that the mold has been there.

And we’re gonna see which way this thing swing. Does that mean forever? No, because neither side of whatever issue you might pick politically, whether it’s Brexit or whether it’s the Kashmir, um, you know, um, uh, um, India and Pakistan fighting and, and, and a half a million or so people have died in that skirmish that we in the [00:34:00] West seem to just not even know exists or whatever it is, or whether it’s, you know, um, uh, issues of either, um, governmental control of a human body, which in one way is represented as abortion and as another way is represented as vaccines.

It’s not. Clear as we would like to think it is no matter what side we come down on. And that’s the problem. The solution though is that something will resolve in this. And as much as we’re gonna have form to work with, how we work with that in the future becomes a separate issue. But that’s the game that November is playing.

And, and we haven’t even really talked about the individual astrology other than how important this is because by the end of November, um, you see at the beginning of November, um, Uranus and um, and Saturn are like within a half a degree by the end of [00:35:00] November, um, they’re um, they’re almost four degrees apart.

That’s how fast this, the energy kind of widens and it never comes back to being close again, at least in this cycle. And at the same time, of course, in all of this, we have Mars having. Turned retrograde by November 1st. It actually is still direct as of today on October 27th, but it’s not even moving from Earth’s point of view, even though technically Mars turns retrograde on October 30th.

Um, it’s barely moved. Um, it’s barely moved a few degrees in an entire month. Um, I mean, it’s just barely moving now so slowly that it might as well be stationary. Not retrograde yet, but by the end of November, Mars is at 18 and a half degrees, 18 and a half degrees, um, of, [00:36:00] um, of, of Uranus at the beginning of November, um, on November 1st.

Mars is at 25 and a half degrees. So Mars barely moves. I mean, it’s moving retrograde, but it, but it’s barely moving at, at all. And so we have this whole thing into this mix of Mars being locked and Mars is locked into a position that is square Neptune. And that, and that Mars Square, Neptune, um, was, um, was exact.

It, it’s, it’s one of these things that because Mars moving through Gemini goes forward, at least it looks like it backward and then forward again, that Mars actually, um, squared. Uranus for the first time on October 11th, it was exact, but now that Mars, at least in November, is [00:37:00] inching its way backwards. It squares, um, Neptune for the second time on November 19th, and then it pulls all the way back.

It turns direct the beginning of January, and it’s not until mid-March that that Mars squares Neptune the third and final time. And what that means is that in some way there’s this sense that we might not have full clarity over what’s going on now until Mars moves direct past that third and final square of Neptune all the way in the middle of March.

And if you think about it, what’s happening is, is that people will be elected to office now. They take office in January, but it may take a few months for things to actually manifest from those people who take office in January of 2023. So that’s the the larger scheme of where, where we’re. Mm. Do you want to take us through the month, you know, starting in the beginning [00:38:00] of November and, and walk us through the whole, the, the most important aspects.

Yeah, yeah. Uh, and someone in chance said, beyond the veil, I was earlier thinking beyond the pale, but there’s a wall, , there’s a wall, and that wall is a wall. We don’t go beyond. And as the lightning is striking now, people have to wake up and, and, and we’re resistant. Uh, I don’t care what political spectrum you’re looking at, we’re resistant to see.

The potential of the reality of the other side of that spectrum. And again, I have very strong and fixed views, but the issue is really about finding a place where both Saturn and Uranus can exist side by side, because otherwise we’ll do ourselves in. So let’s come back to the beginning. Laurie asked in the chat if, uh, Uranus always win.

Ha ha. I think that Uranus wins [00:39:00] when it takes into consideration Saturn, in other words, by itself, Uranus is just a loose cannon and change, but change doesn’t stabilize anything. Unless Saturn is involved. Um, and so here I I, I know what she’s asking, and I would like to imagine that the slower moving planet is the planet that pr that, that, um, that dominates.

I would like to imagine that Uranus, you know, is, is the planet here that, that, that dominates, But even there, it’s hard to just do a one to one correspondence because when you look at a, um, uh, someone who is so saturnian, um, that they become a, an, an armed right wing, uh, white [00:40:00] supremacist, um, revolutionary, that in itself, oddly enough becomes uran

You know, it’s, it’s tricky. So I think that we, that we can’t just assign. Comfortable labels or labels that make us comfortable saying this side, Saturn and that side’s Uranus. Uranus is gonna win. It’s an oversimplification. Um, because, because I think that both planets have to find, um, a way to communicate and with a square, they are at maximum conflict.

But that’s what happens now as we move away from the square. It’s like, okay, this is the reality we’re working with. How are we going to take this to, you know, to, to a next step? But it’s a great question. I don’t have an answer. Um, you know, I don’t, I don’t have the simple answer that this person is looking for.

Let, let me say that. I mean, and it’s even hard to say what’s winning and what’s losing. I mean that it’s, sometimes you can’t even, it, you can, it can seem like a win when [00:41:00] it’s actually a loss, and then who’s winning and who’s losing. And it’s, it’s pretty complic. Uh, yes, I would, I would, I would totally agree with that.

And, um, and, um, and I would like to, um, if I just say something here so I can pull something up. I just need a moment, . Uh, okay. Well, I’ll read some things. Uh oh. Yes. Actually, I do have a question, and maybe we can like dog ear this for later because we’ve been, Oh, I mean, I’m ready. I can hit your question.

We’ve been talking a lot about the collective changes and global changes and focusing on sort of more the mundane astrology sort of perspective. But are people experiencing all these energies in their personal life too? And if so, is it, is it in the same, you know, are, are people also in their personal lives gonna be experiencing this intense crescendo of conflict and expecting unexpected and all of these things that we’ve been talking about?[00:42:00]

And, and this idea that we can’t really make plans beyond this certain point in time because we don’t know what the landscapes gonna look like. Yes. And yes. However, that doesn’t stop us from making plans. Right. We might have to. There’s the theory and then there’s the in practice side of it. But no, what you’re saying is, is, is, um, is, is very true that we, that that the environmental external and the personal and internal are one and the same.

Mm-hmm. , you know, and um, and the fact of the matter is we all have Saturn and Uranus in our natal charts. What I was gonna say before when you were talking about things are not what they appear to be was, um, the brilliant lyrics that. 70, 60 some odd years are just as mag magical today as they were, um, [00:43:00] when this Nobel, um, laureate, um, wrote them.

And that was come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen and keep your eyes wide. The chance won’t come again and don’t speak too soon for the wheels still in spin. There’s no telling who that. It’s naming the loser now will later to win for the times they are a change in. And then it goes on.

Come senators, congressman, please heed the call. Don’t stand in the doorway. Don’t block up the hole for he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled. The battle outside Rag will soon. Soon. Shake your windows and rattle your walls for the times. They are a. I’m gonna go on only cuz this is so potent to this moment.

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land, don’t criticize what you can’t understand. Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command. Your old road is rapidly [00:44:00] aging. If you so get out of the new one. If you can’t lend your hand for the times, they are a change in. And here’s the key to all of this.

The line has been drawn the curse, it is cast. The slow one now will later be fast as the present now will later be passed for the order is rapidly fading. And the first one now will later be last for the times. They are a change in, uh, I mean this is, you know, Bob Dylan at his, you know, uh, maybe at one of his heights.

But it’s certainly a, a potent song. And the point is, is that things are moving so fast that, that people think they know what’s going on and they. I don’t. Mm. Okay, Rick, well, uh, thank you for that. I mean that right, the day by day. Real quickly, some of the important things, obviously, obviously we can’t stop on, on, on everything, but, but we, we, we [00:45:00] opened the month, um, with, with a bunch of planets in Scorpio with mercury and, and the sun.

Um, en Venus in Scorpio. And of course we also have the nodal axis, um, these days in Taurus, Scorpio, which is why it’s the full moon in Taurus, Taurus to Scorpio. Um, that kicks off that whole election day, you know, piece. But at the beginning of the month, on November 1st, uh, one week before election day, the moon is moving through Aquarius.

And so we have on November 1st the moon squaring, Saturn also squaring the planets in Scorpio and. And in Taurus. And so November 1st is a bit of a tough day, I think. Um, we don’t, we may not have a lot of optimism and I think that, um, all the way through the second, third, fourth, there’s a bunch of half squares and square and a halfs that just, I think make us relatively un uncomfortable.

[00:46:00] Um, by the fifth, the energy begins to change. And on the fifth, Venus opposes Uranus. Now this is almost like a harbinger of the eclipse, because the eclipse is the sun and mercury opposing Uranus and the moon there too. Um, but it’s like on the fifth, there’s this, Oh my God, we can really change it. Oh my God.

Things, things, things are gonna shift. There’s something new, there’s something happening that’s, that’s, that’s different. But on November 6th, Venus also after it opposes, you’re in a square Saturn, it’s like, Okay, let’s get real. So there’s this kind of, again, this back and forth that we’ve we’re used to feeling.

We’ve been feeling it for a year and a half now. Um, obviously we don’t know. We don’t need to go again. Um, through the eclipse which occurs, Remember the exact eclipse is at 6:02 AM Eastern. That’s 3 0 2 Pacific time. But that the day opens with this eclipse. Conjunct [00:47:00] eclipsed, Moon conjuncting, Uranus basically saying, No one knows what the hell’s going on.

Lightning is going to strike. How is it gonna strike? I’ll tell you afterwards. That’s November 8th. Um, but it’s still not done because by November 9th, the sun is opposing Uranus kind of coming into that same point. Then on November 9th, we also have Mercury squaring Saturn, and, and this is interesting.

It’s, it’s midday Pacific time, but it’s a bit of a reality check. It’s like, well, whether you like it or not, this is the way it is. This is what happened. And yet the following day and days, there’s this dance between on the ninth Mercury Square Saturn on the 11th, the Sun square Saturn. This is, you know, this is the way it is, you know, adjust your thinking.

But in the middle of that, we have Venus making a trine with Neptune. Venus is our desires and what we would like, and Neptune [00:48:00] is our dreams. And so it’s almost like we’re not willing to let go of our dreams, which may be a good thing. And, but on the. On the 10th and on the 12th First. First Venus and then Mercury.

Our thoughts are harmonizing with Neptune. And then over the next several days through the middle of the month, there are several planets that make, um, that make tris on the 12th. Mercury TRAs, Neptune on the 13th. Venus Tiles, Pluto Rines and sex tiles. Um, on the 14th Mercury sex tiles, Pluto on the 14th, the Sun shrines Neptune.

There are these planets that come into Trining and Sextiling, Neptune and Pluto on the 15th. Venus shrines Jupiter. This is optimistic. This is like whatever it is that went down. There’s some, maybe it’s. People are doing their best to frame it in a way that’s positive regardless of whether or not they agree with what the outcome [00:49:00] seems to have been.

Um, and on November 15th, we also have Venus moving into Sagittarius. And this is the first of the Sagittarian, um, uh, ingress that Venus moves into Sagittarius. Um, on the, um, on, on the, um, 15th and then that’s followed by, um, Mercury on the, the, uh, the following day, I think, Yeah, no, on the 17th, and then it’s followed by the Sun, um, on the 22nd.

And so we move from this and, and then in fact, the New Moon, which is also in November that we should talk about, um, is on the, uh, 23rd. And that New Moon is basically the New Moon in Sagittarius, which means unlike the beginning of November, by November 23rd, we have the sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Venus. All [00:50:00] in Sagittarius.

Uh, I’m, yeah, all in Sagittarius. And they’re all making shrines as they move from. As they move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, they’re making rines with Jupiter, which has backed up from Aries to Pisces and shrines with Chiron, which would lead one to believe that there’s possibility here, um, of healing. Now, remember, most of November.

Has Jupiter backed into Pisces almost as if it’s a, a time for a remedial lesson in compassion, in, in what can be gained by being kind and being compassionate and being open. Jupiter at home, um, in, in Pisces. But Jupiter turns direct on November 23rd also, and it quickly moves out of Pisces by, by the end of the year in December back into Aries.

So we have this little window of maybe going back and trying to [00:51:00] refigure out what happened and, and get some of that stuff right. Um, but back to the middle of November so we have some clarity or some, um, again, I used the words earlier, a pause in the disaster. Not sure it’s a disaster, but there’s something in here that gives us an ability, um, around those middle days of the month, um, starting around the 12th through the.

16th, 17th when, um, there are a bunch of tris and sex tiles and Venus and Mercury both move into the hopeful side sign, the, the sign of let’s, let’s move into the future. Let’s just go, you know, with what we have. But then on November 19th, Mars squares retrograde Mars squares, um, uh, squares Neptune for the second of three times.

Now remember, um, that first time was on October 11th, and the third time won’t be till March. But this is basically lack of [00:52:00] clarity. And even though the two exact dates are October 11th and November 19th, Mars has barely moved in that whole period of. We’re like, we’re like driving under the illusion of Neptune through this whole, through this whole period of time.

By the, um, 21st, excuse me, Mercury lines up with Venus and the sun moves into Sagittarius and we have that New Moon in Sagittarius. Um, that New Moon in Sagittarius, um, actually where Venus and Mercury are trying. Chiron again, the potential here for healing, self-healing, forgiving for giving others, um, is very high.

And yet we also have that Mars Neptune cooking in there. We need to pay extra attention during this whole period of time, um, about what’s real and what’s not real, especially because Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, turns direct on [00:53:00] November 23rd, which gives us the energy. To be hopeful again and look at what’s coming up in the future rather than what’s gone on in the past.

Now on the 24th of November and the 25th of November, these are the dates exactly when Venus End Mercury, one at a time are exactly trying to Chiron. Chiron the wounded healer. Chiron the teacher. And again, I think this is what comes out of the New Moon, um, on the 23rd, is this potential to learn this potential to.

Be compassionate. And that even means, I think, be compassionate with one’s enemy by, um, the 20, um, sixth, seventh, it’s fairly quiet astrologically by the 28th. Now, Mars Tryings, um, Saturn, this to me is a really interesting deal, um, [00:54:00] because that Mars trine Saturn brings up to me an issue that has been cooking, um, in astrology.

And the question is, what happens when good planets make bad aspects? Or bad planets make good aspects. Now I’m of the belief that that, um, there’s no such thing as a good or bad planet, but traditionally, historically, Mars and Saturn are the malefics. They’re the greater maleic Saturn and the lesser maleic or badass Mars.

And so what happens when two bad planets make arine as they do on November 28th? Well, there are traditionalists saying that this is not a good aspect because you know, when two bad people get together, who knows what kind of evil they can conjure up. I’m not convinced we’ll have to see. Time will tell.

But on November 25th, when Mars trying Saturn, I [00:55:00] believe this is a great day for organizing, for making things real, for putting our direction Mars into motion and making, making, again, crystallizing, reaching goals, uh, teaching goals, uh, concretizing our, our efforts. That’s November 20. November 29th, we have Mercury opposing Mars.

Um, this may be a day when we’re talking shit where we’re, where we’re maybe, um, our, maybe our physical energy. Mars is not following through with what we’re saying. Um, Mercury, that’s a good potential there. But also on the 29th Mercury sex tiling Saturn. So again, Mercury picking up on this Saturn Mars thing, which I think.

Absolutely excellent for making things happen. Um, and then we closed the month on the 30th with Venus opposing Mars and Venus and Mars being the lovers. Um, when they are opposite one [00:56:00] another, they can either be fighting or making love. Um, it’s hard to tell what will happen either globally or individually, but this is an incredibly creative aspect and it’s also one that is fraught with differences.

If we don’t respect the other person. In other words, in a close relationship, if there is vulnerability, Venus and love Venus, then a little bit of sparring or fighting Mars can be a whole lot of fun, can be amazingly creative. On the other hand, if there’s no respect, this can quickly degradate into a real conflict.

So that’s. The rough run through the month at high speed . Um, but again, I know this is un astrological and I know people don’t want to hear this. It’s almost as if all of this is unimportant compared to what happens the first week and a half of the month, you know, [00:57:00] leading up to election day. Um, and again, that is, that is the day to watch, and then that is the day to react to.

But when we react to it after it happens, there’s no undoing what’s been done. It’s bronze. Hmm. I was gonna ask you that too, Rick. In terms of people’s emotional state or stance or attitude or perspective towards all of this, do you have any input in terms of, of how people can, you know, what, what would be the most productive sort of stance towards it all?

Valium, Xanax, . Um, no, I say, I say that tongue in cheek because I don’t think that dulling our senses is in any way the best thing to do at this point in time. Right? In fact, if we’re feeling okay with everything that’s [00:58:00] going on, there’s something wrong with you . That, that if it, I mean, I get from people all over, from people.

Um, I did a little midmonth update, um, which is available on my YouTube channel, youtube.com/rick Levine. Um, that, that normally my mid-month update, I only release to my patrons under subscription. But because this was so important, I released it to everyone and it’s pushing 50,000 views already just in a.

Wow. But there’s, but, but there’s like close to 500 comments. Wow. Which is three times as many as I normally get. People are worked up, people are frightened, people are, are cocky and over confident on every, on both sides of every extreme that you can come up with. Um, people are, are not okay with the current energy and people are looking for [00:59:00] resolution.

Now the question is, is the energy so far outta whack that people are, and I know people who are this basically saying, It’s too crazy. I’m just staying home and closing my doors and windows and, and not going out, not gonna vote. Not getting involved in watching any of these, you know, hearings, not paying attention to, I just, I, I can’t, It’s all too overwhelming.

Goodbye. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily a help because denial. Or ignorance is not bliss, it’s simply ignorance. Mm. And the number of people that I’ve heard say, and this is as close to political as I’m gonna get, and it’s not really political unto itself. The number of people who have, uh, that I’ve heard both politicians publicly and people I know say, um, the January 6th commission is just a bunch of political show.

It’s, it’s, it’s nothing. [01:00:00] But those same people won’t watch any of it. , they, you know, I ask them, or they, or a reporter ask them, you know, So, have you been watching this? No, I wouldn’t watch it. It’s just, it’s just buffony, it’s just political grandstanding. They. They don’t trust it anyway, so they, Yeah, but, but, but here’s the thing is that whether you trust it or not, or whether you think it’s political grandstanding or not, for someone to basically say it is this and not see what it is, is basically self enforced ignorance.

Hm. That it’s one thing to say something after you’ve perceived it, and that’s cool. I’m okay with that. But it’s like, it’s like we live in this world where, because of the internet, because of the ability to, to monitor and to, um, what’s the word I’m looking for? Manipulate, that’s not quite the word. Um, to, to alter what it is that we receive, that [01:01:00] we’ve all live in environments where we’re receiving the feedback that feeds whatever our illusions are.

And I’m gonna say it’s all illusion from one hand to the other, . But, um, I would say, what does that mean? People should do? People should basically step out of their comfortability and, and try to be aware of what’s going on so they can make informed decisions. That’s all. And whatever you choose to make in your decision of, you know, I can’t say I will agree with, but if it’s informed.

That’s what makes this world go around. It’s the, it’s the history of arguing in the open about things that we disagree about, but we’re no longer doing that. Instead, we’re arguing about the intelligence of the other person or whatever. We’re not, We’re not basically talking about the issues. We somehow have gotten away from that.

So, you know, what do we do during this period of time? We [01:02:00] basically do our best to learn what we can and to act with integrity on what we’ve learned. Whether or not it means that our spouse or our employer or our boss will approve what we do, we do what we know we need to do is right. That’s all I can say.

It also seems like for those that work with energy or prayer or meditation, whatever it is, that, that having a very active stance in that realm as well right now would probably be a good idea. So there’s the physical things we can do, which is learning, educating, taking action. And then there’s also the, the nonphysical things that we can be doing simultaneously, as long as that one caveat, as long as that doesn’t involve spiritual bypassing, right?

In other words, it’s very easy to go into metaphysical spiritual realms and say, on a spiritual level, everything is okay. Which, which it is. But that doesn’t [01:03:00] change the, the level that we’re, that we’re living in right now. But, um, yeah. Yeah. All right. So did you go with the round the bend for the theme? Is that what you’re saying?

The theme for November is, Uh, either around the bend or a what the hell just happened, or a or, or, or the, or the turning point has turned. Um, yeah, you know, I mean, around the bend works, you know, or it doesn’t seem strong enough though. How about brave New World? Yeah. I mean, I think that’s hopeful and, uh, helpful as we look.

I want them to reserve brave New World for December. Oh, well then we can’t use it. We could use it twice or we could make something else up. I, I think I, I think, um, you know, around the bend, or maybe it’s through the eye of the needle. Uh, maybe it’s still doesn’t No, you’re right. It doesn’t quite have the level of gravity of, of heaviness that, that whatever it is that’s going on.[01:04:00]

Um, you know, it’s, um, um, uh, how about the Alfred Lord Tenon poem into the Valley of Death charge? The, the 400 of the charge of the light brigade, that’s what it’s into the Valley of Death charged the Light Brigade. It charged the 400. It’s about the Mian war. And, and troops being just basically thrown into, you know, into their death.

That, that, that, that was kind of meant as a tongue in cheek, kind of like the, uh, maybe a Roman gladiator scene. I don’t think this is all bad. I think it could be, but I think that more than anything, it’s a very delicate balance and it’s like, it, it, it, it’s like the, um, relet wheel being spun and it’s either, um, you know, win, lose or draw, you know, we have to go on.

Um, yeah, I mean, what I’m getting is it’s, it’s not necessarily good or bad, [01:05:00] but it’s definitely important. It’s, it’s definitely has a, a level of gravity to it. Yes. So, yeah. All right. So you know what the opposite of, you know what the opposite of gravity is? Levity. No. Levity. Yes. Yes. Huh, Huh? Yeah. Okay. . All right.

So in terms of a summary, the biggest thing to to circle on your calendar or note is this November 8th day, because we have Saturn and Uranus at the, at the, uh, closest to the exact square that they’re gonna get in this series that of Saturn squares that we’ve been experiencing since 2021. Right. And if we’re gonna be technical, they’re not exactly at the closest.

That really happens the week before, but they’re still within range of the closest. I just want people to come back and go, That’s not true, you know? Okay. Within range of the closest, we also have Mercury [01:06:00] conjunct, the Sun. We have a lunar eclipse, we have the Moon conjoining Uranus, and we have. Opposite Uranus.

So this is just an incredible lineup of energies all crescendoing on the same day. Yeah. Um, we have the, I I liked what you said too, the universe isn’t set in stone. It’s moldability is inherent in our consciousness. So what I hear you saying over and over again too about voting is basically you’re just asking people to participate, like, to be a part of this, that your participation from a consciousness level, from a physical level, from all the different levels, it matters.

And so, you know, contributing what you can is, is important. Uh, you said that this eclipse moment EnCap encapsulates so much energy like this, this is encapsulating so much in one single day, [01:07:00] and, uh, that Mars is barely moving through all of it. So all month it’s squaring Neptune. There’s this sense that we might have, we might not even have full clarity on everything that happens until March.

So there’s like this pro progression of clarity that emerged, but it really might not even be fully summed up and moving in a forward direction until. Correct. In terms of going through the days November 1st, tough day, not a lot of optimism. The second, third, and fourth are also uncomfortable. The fifth is, is like a harbinger of the eclipse to come.

That there’s this potentially a sense of hope, but then also this element of get real. Uh, then we know what’s the, the, uh, seventh, eighth, ninth is basically that whole eclipse energy, right? Rick? Like we can basically say the seventh, eighth, ninth for that. Yep. Yeah. The 12th, 13th, 14th, 15, 16, and 17. There’s a [01:08:00] bunch of sex towns and TRAs happening, so this middle of the month.

Might be more optimistic, uh, an opportunity to frame the things that have happened positively. You said it’s a little bit of like a po, a pause in the disaster, but then you said, Well, maybe it’s not a disaster. But, um, there’s, there’s basically a, a pause there in the middle of the month and a possibility of healing as well because of Chiron’s involvement.

You also said that there’s a bunch of planets, or there’s a bunch of planets moving into Sagittarius, which also has a different kind of energy. This is where the possibility of healing came in. Um, and that is the 15th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd. So as we move into the late mid of the month, we have all this, this, uh, movement into Sagittarius, and that during this also Jupiter.

is in Pisces, so there’s this element of compassion. Um, but in that, on the 23rd, Jupiter’s gonna [01:09:00] start moving direct, but it’s still gonna be in Pisces this whole entire time, right? Yes. All right. And this is sort of looking forward as well, is what you said. We have, um, November 19th is that second Mars retrograde.

Mars Square. Neptune. Again, a lack of clarity. We’re driving under illusion. I really like how you said that. Uh, pay attention to what’s real and what isn’t real. Although, with that said, it might be really hard to decipher what’s real and what isn’t real. And then, let’s see, what else do we. Towards the end of the month, uh, I heard a lot about accomplishing goals and like getting things done and making things concrete.

And so there’s some more forward energy, more, uh, more clarity as we get to the end of the month. And, um, the very last day, November 30th, Venus and Mars are opposing. This is a very creative energy. It’s fraught with differences, but if we bring [01:10:00] vulnerability and love to the party, then the sparring that can take place is fun and it is creative.

So respect and vulnerability are the key ingredients there. And all this is happening from a global perspective all month, but you’ll also be experiencing these, these types of intense energies in your personal life as well. And, uh, part. I think that’s, that’s, yeah. Go. Yeah. Um, uh, so hyp ethnicity type, I fear there’s going to be a huge loss of life.

Um, someone on my YouTube channel, again, I think I mentioned earlier, said, I predict that there’s going to be a nuclear war. These predictions do no use at all. Keep them to yourself. We don’t need this negativity. We all, we all live with the angst of what we know is out there. And I’m not saying that we should be in denial instead of fearing that there’s going to be something we should be working toward participating, as you said, Amanda, toward [01:11:00] making sure that we do what we can to prevent the worst case scenario from occurring, whatever that is.

If we do nothing, we lose our right to complain if shit gets bad. That’s my philosophy. I mean, there’s lots of reasons that are higher. Um, more, uh, have more integrity of why we should do the right thing. But ultimately, if we don’t do the light right thing, we can’t complain. If things don’t go our way, we don’t have the right, you know, Rick, I’m thinking about that too, from the perspective of when you take action on something, even if you don’t think your, your action matters very much.

Like even if you think the system’s rigged, even if you think it’s all a bunch of bs if you are actually taking the action towards the thing that you believe in, that has a force and a momentum behind it. So I, I think, you know, as you’re speaking, these are the different kinds of things that are coming up for me.

Cuz you know, I’m, I’m definitely of the camp that’s just like, does it even [01:12:00] matter? Like, is it a waste of effort? Is it a waste of energy? The thing is so messed up, What difference is it gonna make? You know, maybe the whole thing needs to just kind of. Crumble on some level. And I hear what you’re saying though, because if there are, if there are, um, actions that we take now that it has ripple effects that might not be directly related to this particular thing, so we can each think of ourselves as the butterfly flapping its wings.

You know, off the coast of China, which in a model of randomness actually can create, you know, a major event in the Atlantic Ocean or whatever, right? Yeah. We’re, we’re all like that. We all, you know, every little thing becomes part of a greater hole. And, and that’s really kind of, I think, the deeper lesson of what it is that’s going on, you know, now.

And, you know, fearing that there’s a huge loss of life. There’s a huge loss of life of every day, you know, every day. I mean, there’s wars [01:13:00] going on right now, every day. If you lived in Keve for, for, you know, example, you know, every day there is bombing and people being killed. There are people being killed on the streets, even in this country every day.

So yes, there’s gonna be a huge loss of life, but are we gonna focus on that or are we going to focus on trying to do whatever we can individually that can add to whatever the quiet wave. That may not manifest for days, weeks, months, years, or decades. And that’s, I think, what’s incumbent upon each and every one of us if we’re paying attention.

Hmm. Uh, and I love Tea Dragon Ladies main takeaway from all of this, which was looking forward to meeting the Aliens . Okay. So here, just a quick aside, um, I actually did a, a, a couple of hours stint on a radio show the other night, uh, called The Other Side of Midnight, Richard [01:14:00] Holand, who wrote the original Face on Mars book, The City on the Edge of Forever.

Yeah. Um, and there’s a lot of stuff going on right now that is pushing very strongly toward this disclosure, what people call disclosure of the quote unquote alien agenda. I’m not here to, to today, although I think we’ve talked about this on one of our cosmic conversations in the past. Mm-hmm. , Um, I’m not here to say that this is likely.

It, it is likely that we may find ourselves, um, you know, in some ways dealing with a deeper level of disclosure when it does come to, um, uh, alien awareness or consciousness or beings than, than we had prepared for. Interesting. Okay. All right. Well, an amazing month ahead. I’m so grateful to be here with all of you and to have this astrological insight and, um, foreshadowing so that as we go [01:15:00] into it, we’re not, I, I, I often think about people who don’t have astrology in their life.

I’m like, Oh my gosh. Like, you get so caught off guard and blindsided by these things. We at least know some, some big things are up. So it’s really helpful, I think, in terms of being able to, uh, integrate and meet whatever comes our way, not that we know exactly what that’s gonna be. Rick, thank you for your generous contribution of time and energy here at Astrology Hub every single month.

And, uh, just looking forward to more opportunities to connect with you throughout the month. And yeah, thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. If you want to get the Cosmic Insider, which is our free newsletter, which gives you a roundup of all the different podcast episodes for the week, as well as a breakdown of the energies by day, you can go to astrology hub.com/insider.

Um, also, if you have not yet taken Rick’s. Astrology Foundations series, [01:16:00] which is a series of classes that we did here at Astrology Hub with Rick. It is amazing. Highly recommend you check it out. Astrology hub.com/foundations one. In addition, this is just a little foreshadowing In February of 2023, we will be having Rick’s quintile and subtile course that a lot of you have been looking forward to.

Rick is one of the only astrologers who really breaks down these uh, aspects and he uses them in his practice so much that anytime he is talking about, it’s like, gosh, I would love to know more about that. So he is gonna be teaching that course or workshop or series of courses with us in February of 2023.

So more to come on that. And in the meantime, take care of everybody, take care of yourself. Lots going on, and, um, just wishing you all, all the best. Take care. Oh, oh, oh, You’re muted, you’re muted, you’re muted. Thank you Amanda, and everyone who has [01:17:00] attended here, and I look forward to seeing you around the bend.

That may lead us. Yes. All right. Take care everyone. Okay.