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How to Use Astrology to Support Your Body

Meet Anne Lloyd Willet, one of our esteemed Inner Circle members, in the latest Astrology Hub podcast episode! Anne's vibrant lifestyle, which beautifully blends astrology and movement therapy, offers an inspiring glimpse into the potential of the celestial world. Discover her story and learn how being part of the community has enriched her life.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 How Anne, a movement therapist, wove astrology into her life and career.
🌒 What movement therapy is and how it relates to astrology.
🌓 How astrology helped Anne’s clients navigate 2020.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:37 What is Movement Therapy?

3:45 Integrating Astrology and the Inner Circle Experience

20:55 Increasing Openness to Astrology

24:41 Engagement & Accountability in the Inner Circle

28:21 What makes the Inner Circle Unique?

31:15 Moving at Your Own Pace

38:41 Anne's Recommendation for March

44:20 Closing

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[00:00:24] Anne Lloyd Willet: This podcast episode is brought to you by Astrology Hubs Inner Circle. Awaken your soul, find connection, and transform your life with the world's top astrologers in a heart-centered community.

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[00:01:40] Movement therapist, an inner circle member, Anne Lloyd Willett Anne is a shining star in our inner circle community, and she's here to share a little bit about her story, how she has been able to weave astrology into her professional life, which. I know there's a lot of you out there that you get excited about astrology.

[00:02:02] You start to learn about it, and that's like, well, how bring this into my professional life? How can I weave this into the work that I'm doing in the world? So Anne has been able to do that. And Anne, I'm so grateful that you're here to share your story with all of us. I'm so happy to be here. It's very easy for me to share on this front.

[00:02:23] Yeah. Awesome.

[00:02:24] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Awesome. Well, tell us, well, first of all, tell us what movement therapy is. So, I have a background in, uh, I've, I've been a dancer and I have a background in movement, has studied Pilates, um, and yoga and many forms of movement. And, um, also have a master's in psychology.

[00:02:43] So, as when I was studying or practicing psychology, I began to realize that people could meet the stories and make things, make things up. Just get this circle going. Weave the therapist sometimes and it didn't seem to work. I didn't, I was very much, I was young and thinking this, I don't like this. And I was actually up in Boston studying with some of the best at affiliated with Harvard and Mass General and I thought, this doesn't make sense.

[00:03:08] So I gradually brought it into the world at the movement cuz I realized the body doesn't lie. So I work with my work through the lens of fascia and tensity, which are pioneering, uh, paradigms for movement in the. and work with anybody from athletes to, to those just wanting to perhaps avoid surgery or if they have to go through surgery, go through surgery in the best way possible.

[00:03:33] Yeah. So how do you, like, where does astrology come into this and how do you actually use it with your clients?

[00:03:42] Anne Lloyd Willet: So I didn't always use it, but I began to, I'd, I'd had an interest in astrology. I would say much of my life, but was using it more on a personal level and, and then began studying it with various people.

[00:03:56] And then of course when the, when, when you guys came around, just really loved having, having access to that. But I would say probably soon after the Covid, I, as I was working with people, I knew they needed something more, and I never stopped working throughout Covid. So I began to pull it in and, and use it and offered it as a service.

[00:04:19] With respect to the body, because for me, everything's about the body. I have this very prominent tourist moon in my midheaven, and I realized that this was one tool that could really help them. For example, my son is all, he's got a lot of air, so we do a lot of grounding work, footwork, you know, work to really help him feel more comfortable in his.

[00:04:42] That's just one example, and I do that with my other clients, but I also was helping them navigate through these huge transits we were going through in a world that they had never, they didn't know and were afraid of. And I helped them to understand, bring a sense of calmness to them that this was all happening really.

[00:05:00] You know, we could, we could look for answers well beyond what they, what they. And they began. I was so excited. I, I sort of sprinkled it in and people were very drawn to because I didn't realize it was gonna be received so Well,

[00:05:14] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: so, so, alright. So you have these athletes and different people who are, when, when you're doing movement therapy with them, is it, is it mainly for injuries or is it, is it like emotional trauma or both?

[00:05:28] Anne Lloyd Willet: Both. Okay. And a lot of times people don't realize, you know, the stories we carry in our. They don't realize that there could be trauma in there. And, and because, and I'll say this old, I believe our medical model is, is very broken. And I think we're, you know, we're more about disease management and symptom suppression and everything is geared towards surgeries and pills, and that's just not, that's, that's just not where it's at.

[00:05:54] So in terms of the health of the body, the health of the. So I offer ways, bringing pieces of people together, um mm-hmm. through their soul, through their spirit, through their, through their body. And then through movement. Everything's through movement. So I have full set of Pilates equipment that I use. I do a lot of dance, do a lot of stretch.

[00:06:14] Although I don't like to wear the, use the word stretch so much anymore cuz I'm in the fascia world and we don't use that word so much. So, yeah, I, I think it, you don't know when people come. I can look at them and, and see, I see something in them that their body is telling me, and we work with that.

[00:06:34] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: And then so then you're also, are you asking for their birth information? Like how do you actually learn about their astrology? So they know that, they know that that is, uh, uh, that's a service. So if you go, I have a website. If you go on my website, I have a service on there that says, you know, I do. A lot of services around movement and movement therapy, but I also offer what's a unique service that they want to bring it.

[00:06:59] So they have a choice, but they don't realize that like during 2020, I was bringing in astrology all the time, even for those patents specifically asked for it because I was helping to calm them through, through the times with the help of the inner circle. I mean they, the inner circle provided for me, first and foremost, a.

[00:07:17] Calming my adrenals and getting me grounded so that I could feel comfortable and then bringing forth a sense of calm to my clients. Hmm. And, um, people kept coming. I mean, I just kept working and I knew I had my, my Saturn in my sixth house, all this, this lovely telium of planets was in Capricorn in my six house work.

[00:07:39] Oh, wow. So I thought, I, I need to keep working is what? So the inner circle provided me with a sanctuary and a haven to just feel very comfortable and safe to, to take up, you know, do what I need to do for my own self-care, and then bring the wisdom to my clients through that lens. So that makes me.

[00:07:58] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: So happy like you Pardon? That's awesome to hear that. Yeah, because that, that is one of the intentions of the inner circle that I see, or that in m Koi, right, is the bottom of the chart. It's the foundation of the chart. It's also opposite the house of your, of your career or your work.

[00:08:34] So like to hear you reflect back that that's exactly what you were doing is like. Yes. I was gonna say one of my movement teachers was, um, Ron Fletcher, who studied with Joe Pilate. And so people would call him a master teacher. And I worked with him and he said, I can't stand that word master because we never stop learning.

[00:08:52] Hmm. And I, I saw, yeah. So we never stopped learning about anything. Yeah. And, and that's what the Inner Circle provides. We have this lovely access to amazing astrologers and these beautiful mastery classes and these, um, you know, that we can take the information and never, and, and everybody comes out. I'm like thinking, oh my gosh.

[00:09:11] Hearing different perspectives gives us more insight and wisdom to incorporate into our own understanding. We never stop learning, and by continually bringing in new knowledge, we can continue to grow and evolve.

[00:09:31] In 2020, we did a prep series and a forecast event on the podcast. The astrologers featured were our inner circle astrologers, and they provided powerful insights that we shared with our listeners. As someone with a psychology background, I appreciate that they used language that was easy to understand and brought astrology into everyday life.

[00:10:16] During 2020, when the world was in panic, I felt a sense of calm. The new moon ceremonies and the wisdom shared through the forecast, mastery classes, and Q&As helped me ground myself and find inner peace. I was also grateful for the opportunity to have my chart read by skilled astrologers, including Michelle Dench, whose class shed light on my life during a difficult time.

[00:13:47] The circle provides a little bit of everything for everybody, from intimate moments of reflection to scholarly teachings and Q&As. I have found that different teachers and teachings resonate differently with different people, and it has been a beautiful experience to go deep with the ones that resonate with me.

[00:17:14] Each of us is unique, with our own individual path, and astrology shows us that there is no one right way to live or see the world. By continually learning and growing, we can tap into our individual purpose and make the most of our time here on earth.

[00:19:01] Individuals carry their own unique energy and temperament. If we allow ourselves to be open to those who cross our path, whether by chance or by design, we can have some amazing conversations. Even waiting in line at the grocery store can lead to connections and moments of excitement.

[00:19:19] Some relationships are fleeting, while others may be longer-lasting and more challenging. However, it's important to trust that everyone has a reason for being here. I also use astrology to help my clients understand why certain movements come easily to them and why others do not. This understanding can help them navigate their bodies more effectively.

[00:20:02] The Inner Circle has provided an extra layer of warmth and support for those of us who want to cultivate our own wisdom and share it with the world, whether through work or our personal lives.

[00:20:38] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: That's great to hear, Anne. I'm curious about your experience with people's openness to astrology. Have you noticed more openness to it, or are certain people more receptive than others?

[00:21:08] Anne Lloyd Willet: From my observations, people of all ages and backgrounds are becoming more open to astrology. I think the events of 2020 caused many people to question why the world was changing so drastically and what they should do in response. Astrology provides a tool for self-reflection and understanding, and many people are discovering its benefits for the first time.

[00:24:55] Anne Lloyd Willet: The Inner Circle provides a safe and supportive environment for members to share their experiences and challenges without fear of judgment. The New Moon ceremonies are especially sacred and help hold me accountable to my own practices. Overall, the community element has been a sanctuary for me and many others.

[00:25:54] It's like, oh yeah, okay. It's a safe place for me, a sanctuary that holds me accountable to practicing self-care. Practicing things in life is important, especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. The PNE moon helps me take a pulse on my life, and it's a reminder to set intentions and watch them grow throughout the month.

[00:26:16] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Yes, Anne. Astrology has a built-in accountability mechanism. Decide to take a pulse on your life every new moon, set intentions, and watch them grow. You can't escape the fact that the moon is going through its phases and it will come back to the new moon, reminding you to do it again. The Inner Circle curriculum touches on every aspect of life, including family, home, career, health, and romance.

[00:27:11] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Are you a part of any other communities online or locally, and if so, what makes the Inner Circle different or sets it apart for you?

[00:27:19] Anne Lloyd Willet: I receive a lot of information from other astrologers through the internet, but I haven't seen a community setting quite like the Inner Circle. The way it's set up with a vast array of different people coming through, and the teachers coming through with an intensive each month, is unique. The recommended resources from the master astrologers have helped me build an incredible library.

[00:30:18] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Many people get overwhelmed when they start investigating astrology. What do you say to them?

[00:31:43] Anne Lloyd Willet: Trust that you're receiving what you're meant to receive. It is a practice to go with the intention of receiving what you need, and to take in the little morsels and digest them before taking in another one.

[00:32:25] If we change the way we approach learning, we can realize that it's not something we just accomplish and master. My old body teacher couldn't stand being called a master teacher. He said, “Just because I studied with Joe Pilates does not make me a master. I've never stopped learning about the body or about movement.”

[00:32:44] Learning happens in many ways, including putting a different person in front of you. We can treat learning as a gift to be appreciated in the moment. As you mentioned earlier, we have access to online courses, and I try to stay on top of them by putting them in my calendar and carving out time. But if something slips by or if I need to revisit a course, I can listen to it at another time, without having to look at the slides.

[00:33:34] Timing is everything, and we have busy lives. But we have access to these courses, which is great. And as you pointed out, Amanda, sometimes we need to revisit something later to truly understand its value. It's like reading a book that you didn't fully appreciate the first time around, but can't put down years later.

[00:33:55] The same goes for astrology. I used to nod and smile during early interviews with astrologers because I didn't understand what they were saying. Now, I understand more and can ask intelligent questions. There are always gifts to be had from learning, regardless of where we are on our learning path.

[00:35:14] We need to celebrate what we've learned and bring it into our lives, rather than constantly trying to do more and more. Life is like a rat wheel of constant digestion, but we need to pause and appreciate what we've taken in. In astrology, we can slow down and appreciate the beautiful little pieces of information that come our way, and feel them in our bodies.

[00:36:05] This year, we are implementing a learning path for new and existing members. Members can take a quiz to determine where they are on the learning path, which we are equating with the moon cycle. This way, everyone can find something that suits their level of knowledge and experience.

[00:37:18] and at each, at each place on the path, there are recommendations and, and resources and tools and ways to integrate the information that it, it builds upon each other. But the idea behind it is if you're the new moon phase, don't stress that you're not at the Fallon right now. It's okay. You're exactly where you need to.

[00:37:43] Just focus here and get that foundation and, and start to use it in this way. And then eventually you will be at the full Moon phase and you'll be like, whoa, look how far I've come. You know?

[00:37:54] Anne Lloyd Willet: And, and that's really, yeah.

[00:37:57] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Yeah. Yeah. And we, we, we just wanted it, it, I, I was really. Aware that there's times where people feel like they, they enter in and they just sort of get dumped into this like big Steve of information that's like, oh my God, what do I do?

[00:38:11] So this is, the idea of this is to really give you an anchor, like, okay, I'm in the new moon face. Here's what I focus on. Here's what I don't need to worry about at this point. Like Exactly, exactly. Yeah. And I don't need to, don't depend on that. Yes, exactly. Love. So much fun. Is there any movements that you would recommend for this particular moment in time?

[00:38:33] Based on the astrology and, um, maybe, maybe maybe the, the astrology of March, like Pluto moving into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces, like some of these big huge transits that were, were in the process of experiencing, that we'll be experiencing for many years. Any, any movement that people could do at home that would be.

[00:38:56] Anne Lloyd Willet: Well with the, the Pisces, um, if people have access to water, it's swimming, you know, but not everybody has that. But they're, um, a lot of flow movement just trying to get out of, um, More restricted movement, but just flow. And I don't mean necessarily any prescriptive type of flow, but just, just breathing and moving and wiggling and dancing.

[00:39:19] Turning on music and dancing is wonderful. Uh, for, for that, for that as for that phase. And then as far as the, uh, the end of the month, I think right now, because we're at a final capric, It's like everybody's kind of sealing up. Hey, all right. What, what, what, what's the one last thing I have to do before it dances into, uh, Aquarius?

[00:39:45] You know, before Pluto dances in and then comes back. But I think we're feeling kind of this, this heaviness, uh, a lot of people are feeling a, a real intensity. Um, so breath, breath, breath, breath. I mean, it's so trite, but true. And when, I mean, when I say that, I really mean it because I, I do cadaver studies and I've been in the body and I've seen, um, we've simulated breasts and can actually see how everything's molding.

[00:40:14] And it's, it's very visceral. When you're breathing, you're doing, uh, there's like an internal lip going on in your body. Your diaphragm is moving down, your heart is doing a dance. Everything is moving through the breath, but you wanna slow it. So like a four, eight breath. So in for four to the count of four, pause out for the count of eight will just help.

[00:40:36] Calm, will help calm because we're all in this right now, like, oh, and we can feel it. So the, a very slow calming breath for the final phase of Pluto. Um, and. Flow movement as we move into Pisces is just a lovely and access to water. You know, get in the, get in the tub and play in the tub.

[00:41:01] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Yeah, I've been thinking a lot of baths.

[00:41:03] I have been. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:41:05] Anne Lloyd Willet: Literally I get all the little ducks and play. I mean, literally splash play, you know, bring it back

[00:41:10] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: to being a kid.

[00:41:11] Anne Lloyd Willet: Yeah. And let her, yeah. You're ador.

[00:41:15] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: I also, what you're saying about the breadth, I've had very visceral experiences lately. You know, you hear it all the time and you hear it in yoga class or whatever.

[00:41:23] It's always like, the breath, the breath, the breath. And, and for a long time I was like, I don't get it. Like, yes, I know I need to breathe, but like I don't really get it. But in this last year, I don't know if you've heard me talk about some of the back issues that I've been Yes, yes. I've had a few times recently where I feel the back thing starting, like it's like, oh God, oh no.

[00:41:44] I ca I like, I know the path that this usually leads me on, which is then results with me on my back for two or three days, which is horrible. So I'd caught it though and and been like, okay, I'm gonna. And just I lay down and I just breathe really slow and into my back and very consciously, and I felt it literally lose its grip and start to dissipate and disappear and it's like, whoa, that one works exceptionally there.

[00:42:16] It's amazing because what you're experiencing

[00:42:18] Anne Lloyd Willet: is fear-based movement. See, when we have an. Then we go into fear-based movement, whether we're knowing it's fear or not. And in the body, yes, Lynches, literally c clenches, because we're afraid of that injury. Yes. Which makes it all worse, right? So totally. The

[00:42:33] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: the breadth.

[00:42:34] Yeah, the breath. And there

[00:42:35] Anne Lloyd Willet: you can actually, the breath. Um, I worked with people who, you know, work. Like do navy seals kind of work and they do this breath when they're in their like just paneling bombs and stuff? Is the call is to calm, is to dial up that paras egg system to allow you to just relax because you are in fear-based movement.

[00:42:53] When you're feeling that back coming on, whether you realize it or not, you're freaking your by, you're kind of freaking out a little bit. And right now, and right now with the end of this, uh, the end of this, you know, Pluto Cycle, Pluto being in Capricorn, it is. We're feeling, we're feeling something. You know, it's intense, different for different people, but you know, Capricorn with the structures, we're all feeling it within our own structure, within our own body, within our own fascial system.

[00:43:20] And so whether we know it or not, if we can just pause and breathe, literally the for eight breath, the four cause out. Quiet breath. It can, it can calm us a little bit. You know, it is such a trite thing. It's been around forever. People, you know, there's books and everybody's to out with breath, but it really is, it's, you know, it because having been in the body and seeing what's going on with the organs when you're breathing is quite amazing.

[00:43:48] It's not just your lungs. There's, there's a dance. Everything's dancing through the movement of the.

[00:43:54] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: That's fascinating. I love that. And, and yes, it, it has been around forever. Just like astrology, the things that actually, exactly the things that actually work and are fundamental truths. They are gonna stick around for a long, long, long, long time.

[00:44:08] So amazing. And this has been so much fun. Just so all of, hold on. I know this, this is my opportunity to get to know members and actually share their stories with all of you, but I, I'm learning all about and, and the. Inner circle members that we've had on the show recently. I'm learning about them along with all of you.

[00:44:29] And it's just such a delight to have this glimpse into your world and to understand a little bit more how astrology and how the inner circle and astrology, how, how it's impacted your life. And it's just, it's such an honor. So thank you. Thank you for wonderful taking the time to share with all of us here.

[00:44:47] If there's anyone like kind of on the fence, consider. Joining the inner circle cuz we are open for enrollment right now. For any of you who don't know, it's astrology 23. That's I as in inner C as in circle 23. We only open once or twice a year. So right now we're open just for a couple weeks and if you wanna come in and try, we would love to have you.

[00:45:12] And what would you say to anybody who's like on the fence and thinking that they wanna join but they're not sure? What would you say to, oh, I said

[00:45:17] Anne Lloyd Willet: go. That's, I say go for

[00:45:20] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: it. You know, I, I don't know that I would have, uh,

[00:45:23] Anne Lloyd Willet: brought it into my practice had I not, um, been in the inner circle. I think it just was like, it, it was just like, oh, okay, this makes sense.

[00:45:31] It's this, is this timing because of all the information I was getting. Yes. So it, I brought it into my work. Um, had no idea, you know, that I'd be doing. A few years ago, so you don't know where it's gonna take you. So I say leap. Leap into the inner circle. Yeah. What is it? Leap and the net will appear. What is that?

[00:45:52] Yes. Yep.

[00:45:53] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Yes. I had a big issue with that statement for a very long time because I leap. and I was like, where the hell is that net? It's supposed to be that it felt like I was snatched on the ground. This is when I left York and moved to house. Yes. You shared that story. Yes. I was like, I'm not, I'm not worse than net.

[00:46:11] And what I've realized is the net does appear. It just, it does process that we have to go through to get aligned with, with who we are. It doesn't happen overnight, but I was like, all right, I'm ready for the net. Where, where is it? ? We each

[00:46:26] Anne Lloyd Willet: have our own journey, Amanda. Yes. So that was your journey, you know?

[00:46:29] Yes. It's like, yes. Yeah, no, I agree. My net. Yeah. No, my, my net kind of comes and goes, . Right? And I, I think

[00:46:37] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Carl Young was the one who said that was No, no. Carl Young was the one who said, uh, follow your bliss and Doors will open where they were otherwise closed. What I realized is that some of these statements that come through these like spiritual truths, they are true.

[00:46:52] They're just said in retrospect. And so sometimes when you're in it, it's like, wait, the, you know, the, the time elements isn't as

[00:47:02] Anne Lloyd Willet: obvious, right?

[00:47:04] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Yeah. Yeah. On that one. This has been such a pleasure. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Thank you.

[00:47:12] Anne Lloyd Willet: Lovely. Thank you. Yeah.

[00:47:14] Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh: Thanks to all of you for listening in and for being a part of our community, for, um, you know, making this, the Astrology Up podcast and all the different things that we have here at Astrology Hub, a part of your life.

[00:47:26] I hope that you will take that step and join us in the Inner Circle. We'd love to have you, we'd love to someday be telling your story on the podcast, so check it out. Astrology 20. And I'll look forward to connecting with you all in the next episode, and hopefully connecting with you in the inner circle.

[00:47:46] Take care everybody. Every day people around the globe turn to astrology to find inner peace and fulfillment, gain a deeper understanding of themselves than others, and navigate the tricky and complex world around them, only to be left lost and confused by resources that demand too much of their. Energy and brain power because no matter how much you focus or commit to learning about astrology, you're trying to decipher the world's largest encyclopedia.

[00:48:15] And while learning astrology isn't supposed to be simple, it's a whole lot easier when you can tap into the minds of the world's best astrology experts and a community of like-minded souls who are here to support you on your journey. That's where we come in. Welcome to Astrology Hub's Inner. Home for curious newbies, devoted enthusiasts, and anyone looking to use astrology to consciously navigate their path ahead and transform their lives.

[00:48:45] Inner Circle members get exclusive access to new astrologer guides each month to lead you through different astrological topics and perspectives. Detailed Live New Moon and full moon forecast to guide you through the lunar cycle and work with the cosmic. A new mastery class each month teaching a different astrological technique so you can gain confidence in your chart reading skills, monthly live chart demos and q and a with astrologer guides for a chance to submit your chart to be used as an example, and access to our private community where you can discuss the cosmic tides, share your art and creativity, ask questions about your.

[00:49:25] And share insights and resources with your fellow students. Plus exclusive bonus supporting content, including a Live New Moon intention setting ceremony each month, daily text cosmic updates on important transits and energies and bonus mastery classes on the part of Fortune and Spirit with Donna Woodvale retrograde Planets with Michelle Dench and the Galactic Center with Julia.

[00:49:48] The Inner Circle community is the place for anyone hungry for meaningful connection with other students of astrology and enrollment is currently open for new students. We know that everyone has their own unique path to discovery. The inner Circle will meet you where you're at and give you the tools to get where you want to go.

[00:50:09] With our step-by-step learning path guide, we may be all different and on our own paths, but we're all under the same. And our community is home to thousands of people united in our individuality and shared journey of discovery. Go to astrology 23 to learn more. I really hope that you'll join us on the inside.