[COSMIC CONNECTION] Astrologer Rick Levine Reveals the Astrology of 2023

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Pluto in Aquarius and much more…

In this Cosmic Connection, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the upcoming astrology of 2023, and how to make the best out of the year ahead.

You’ll learn …

🌑 The most important things to wrap up in 2022 before you embark into the new year
🌒 What to expect from Saturn moving to Pisces
🌓 Rick’s thoughts on Pluto going into Aquarius

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:32 Changes for the Year Ahead

21:49 Power of the Pluto Ingress into Aquarius

26:48 Saturn Moves into Pisces

29:22 Jupiter Journey into Taurus

33:16 Events During Uranus-Pluto Aspects

43:02 More on Pluto’s Journey into Aquarius

59:30 Recap and More on 2023

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Cosmic Connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the Cosmo end, your connection to it all. My name’s Amanda P. Walsh, and I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. And I’m Rick Merlin, Levine, York Cosmic Navigator. Now let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

[00:00:31] All right everybody. Hello and welcome to the Cosmic Connection. It’s so great to be here with all of you, Rick. I’m so happy to be here with you. And today we’re gonna be doing kind of like a, a, a stop in the action and assess where are we now, and peek into 2023 and get a glimpse at where we’re going.

[00:00:55] But, uh, Rick was talking before we went live. This is kind of like the, [00:01:00] uh, the locker room. Talk at halftime where the team’s getting coached up. So we’re having this opportunity to pause and really like get our bearings before and just at the risk of not taking credit for things that are really other people’s.

[00:01:16] What I was telling Amanda is that, um, Ron Doss, when he’s to give talks, um, he would’ve an auditorium full of people and he would just say, you know, you guys are out for the evening to hear Ron Doss. I’m basically in the locker room, it’s halftime and whatever your major event is and I’m in here giving you the, you know, here’s where we are, here’s what we gotta do to kind of keep going and kind of that halftime locker room coach talk of kind of getting ready for the next part of the game because the game is changing.

[00:01:50] Mm, fine. Love it. Yes, we are gonna be doing a 2023 forecast event the same. We do this every year. Seventh annual. [00:02:00] Uh, It’s free and you’re all invited. So if you’re interested in getting more about 2023 after this event, this talk today, you can sign up now. It’s astrology hub.com/twenty. Uh, I think it’s Forecast 2023.

[00:02:16] Shoot. Hold on. No, just astrology hub.com/ 2023. Oh, that’s way easier. Uh, so astrology.com/ 2023, that’s free. You can join us. We’re gonna have lots of different astrologers weighing in on 2023, but today we get to hear from Rick, which is awesome. So tell us why you’re saying the game has changed. Well, you know, we astrologers like to.

[00:02:42] At events that are, um, statistically improbable. In other words, what makes an event statistically improbable? Well, it’s something that doesn’t happen every day, or the sun rises every day. It’s, you know, statistically very probable that it’ll happen every [00:03:00] day, uh, unless you live in Seattle where you can go for days or weeks at a time without seeing the sun.

[00:03:06] Um, but the, the thing is, is that we are coming out of a period of time where there have been. Where there has been a stacked deck of one major astrological event after another, after another, after another, back to back to back to back. And of course you can look at the history of what’s gone on, um, so far, really in the 21st century.

[00:03:37] Uh, but beginning with the, um, Uranus, Pluto Squares, um, of 2015 to really even 20 20, 20 10 to 2015 was when they were the closest, but really, even longer than than that. And it’s my contention that we’re really just coming out of that [00:04:00] square now, even though it’s already been very wide. I’ll swing back and explain why I think that in just a moment.

[00:04:07] But, um, you know, 2020 was really the. Punctuation mark on, um, on that Uranus, Pluto Square, because it began to widen enough. But Saturn swinging through that square first conjoined Pluto and that Saturn Pluto event being January of 2020, which was the first diagnosis of, of, um, of Covid. Um, and the published, um, actually cases in China.

[00:04:40] Were within 24 hours of the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction. But of course, during that period of time, Saturn and Pluto weren’t the only characters visiting Capricorn. We had the south note of the moon there, so it was involved. We also had Jupiter [00:05:00] moving through. Normally Jupiter moves quite slowly, but compared to Saturn and Pluto, it was moving pretty quickly and it came through there and it lined up with Pluto three times.

[00:05:14] Um, which, you know, does once every dozen, every 13 years really. Um, and then it ca catch caught up with Saturn, which it does every 20 years. But this was a one in four century changing of elements that we called the grand mutation, or the Grand Conjunction, or the Great Saturn, Pluto, I’m sorry, the great Saturn.

[00:05:37] Uh, Jupiter, Saturn conjunction. And so from the beginning of 2020, all the way through the year, we had Saturn, Pluto, and then we had Jupiter Pluto three times. Each of those times corresponded with another wave of fear around the um, uh, um, coronavirus or covid, whatever you wanna call [00:06:00] it. But, um, as I’ve been saying for a couple of years, The pan, the pandemic was not the virus.

[00:06:06] There was a, a pandemic of fear and the virus was the primary symptom. Um, but then by the end of the year, we had the Saturn, Pluto, uh, I’m sorry. By the end of the year, we had so many planets. By the end of the year, we had the Saturn, the, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, and that was an air sign, an Aquarius, kind of as a harbinger of what was coming around the corner.

[00:06:31] And that by itself would’ve been a big deal. But that took us to 2021, where we had three occurrences of Saturn. Which had already conjoined Pluto. Remember, the key event so far in the 20th century, or the most statistically improbable, was the square between Uranus and Pluto. The two guys that joined up in the sixties that made the sixties.

[00:06:58] The sixties. [00:07:00] So now in the 2010s, um, they squared and Saturn by 2020 comes in lines up with Pluto. But by 2021 it’s squaring Saturn, which has moved away from it. And so it’s not really until Saturn finished squaring Uranus because we had this, the, the Saturn conjoining Pluto in 2020 and squaring Uran. In 20 21 3 times.

[00:07:32] And yet it was really all the way up to election day in the United States when we had what I considered to be the final footfall, the final, um, um, the last kick, if you will, of the Saturn Square, Uranus, which is really the last kick of. UUs square, [00:08:00] Pluto going back all the way 10, 15 years ago. And so it’s, it, it’s very significant.

[00:08:06] And you know, although I say it was the election in the United States, it just happened to have fall on election day in the United States. But you look around the world and there were global breakaways and changes, um, you know, all around the world. I mean, there’s certainly stuff going on in Russia, in Brazil, um, in China, in in Taiwan, um, and uh, in Iran, absolutely, certainly where all of these are pieces of this puzzle.

[00:08:37] But it’s almost like we are now at a point where all of that is going to become history. Now that doesn’t mean we’re just all of a sudden free and clear of everything and that’s it. It’s all over, but there’s a change. In the air. And that change in the air in some way is moving away [00:09:00] from this intense uncertainty of these deep, profound changes and the old versus the new, and not having any idea of how we’re going to move through this.

[00:09:14] And again, we, it’s gonna take years for us to really kind of resolve some of these issues, um, as if maybe they’ll ever be resolved. But I, I, I think that, um, that right now we’re in a very significant period, I say right now, meaning the middle toward, near the, the, let’s say the, um, the, the middle, how do I wanna say this?

[00:09:38] Around the middle. To the two-thirds point, um, let’s say November, um, 14th through the 23rd or fourth, this period of time is, I’m calling this, um, the, the great blue wave or the big blue wave. And I’m not here referring to blue as [00:10:00] Democrat Liberal. I’m not referring to this even as anything to do with the elections, although some people may wanna make ties and that’s, that’s okay.

[00:10:10] But this blue wave is actually after all this intensity we have over the course of a few days. We have, um, planets that had clustered in Scorpio in November. Um, and, and remember, Scorpio is a fixed sign. So these planets clustering in Scorpio were creating a T square with their opposition to Uranus and Taurus and their square to Saturn and Aquarius were back to that Saturn, Uranus square.

[00:10:42] And so as these planets moved, not only through Scorpio but through the Lu nations in Scorpio and the eclipse, um, of. Taurus Full Moon while the sun was in Scorpio eclipsed, end conjoining Uranus, and squaring [00:11:00] Saturn as all of this happened. Now all of a sudden starting about a week after election day, starting around the 14th, 15th, here we are now on the 17th.

[00:11:11] We’re kind of in the middle of this great blue wave, and when I say blue wave, I’m really referring. The blue of Sagittarius. You know, there’s something about Sagittarius that is, is big and blue. Blue is the color of the open sky. You know, when you talk about going into the wild blue yonder, um, the skies that are unobstructed and you can see forever, um, they’re, they’re, they’re blue, or even at night, they’re not black, they’re blue black, they’re, there’s that bluish color that kind of in some way denotes an openness.

[00:11:48] And even the fact that, that, that blue being the color that’s associated with the democratic or liberal, um, um, uh, or, or left wing lean, um, [00:12:00] is for better or worse, allegedly. Um, more open. There’s just this openness to the color blue. And so we have Jupiter, the, um, big blue planet, the, you know, the, the biggest planet in the sky.

[00:12:14] And we have, um, Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius. And we have bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. There’s five of them. Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. We have, over the course of a week, we have Venus moving to the end of Scorpio, making a trine with Jupiter. And then a day later moving into Sagittarius. This is on the 15th, um, of, of November.

[00:12:40] And then we have, um, a day after that we had mercury following right behind it on the 16th and 17th today. Um, moving again, mercury, making a trine with Jupiter, which incidentally. Is retrograde still, but it’s pretty stationary because Jupiter [00:13:00] turns direct on the 23rd, and it’s part of this whole big blue wave because Jupiter right now is, is at the same degree.

[00:13:09] It’s holding its position while mercury backs over, backs through, it’s trying to Jupiter at as, as mercury goes, uh, to 29 degrees of Scorpio. And Jupiter is at 29 degrees, 28, 29 degrees. It’s actually at 28 degrees, um, of um, Pisces. And then Mercury moves in, I’m sorry, then Venus First Mercury, then Venus moves in dys, Scorpio, and then a few days later, because the sun moves about a degree a day on the 20th, the sun makes its trine to Jupiter on its last day in Scorpio.

[00:13:52] And then as it moves into Sagittarius, the next day on the 21st or 22nd, depending [00:14:00] upon where you are on the planet, then the sun moves into Sagittarius. Now we have the Sun, mercury, and Venus, O and Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus coming into a conjunction. And then a couple days later, the moon moves through Scorpio, um, or the the moon, which is already moving through Scorpio, then makes its trine to Jupiter, and we have the New Moon.

[00:14:25] In Sagittarius when the moon moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd. So this 14th through the 23rd is really this kind of, we get to see a future, we get to see, we might not like everything about it, but we might like things better about it than we thought we were going to. Um, and there’s this sense of, this is the, the curing of the alloy of the copper and tin that makes bronze that I talked about last month.

[00:14:58] That it’s like this is the way it [00:15:00] is. Um, and we will work with it, but it gives us an opportunity to at least have a moment of stability while we’re looking forward, rather than just looking backward. So that’s why, um, I think that this is such an important turning point. And as we get into. Um, first December and then on into 2023, um, in December.

[00:15:27] Um, we have Neptune turning direct and Chiron turning direct. They’re the last of the outer planets to turn direct. So things again now are moving forward. Um, there is a bit of a. Backward, ripple, um, at the end of December when mercury turns retrograde, the end of December. Um, but going into 2023, um, we have a lot of energy moving forward.

[00:15:54] Mars is just about done with its retrograde, um, a sweep and Mars [00:16:00] turns direct on January 12th. Um, mercury returns direct on January 18th. This is in 2023. Um, and um, and we actually have a Venus retrograde in 2023 from, uh, the end of July, um, through the beginning of September. Um, and that’s in Leo. And that’s gonna be a, uh, very interesting, um, retrograde period that I’m sure we astrologers will be digging into more.

[00:16:31] Um, but, but the thing about 2023. Is that there’s two outer planets that change signs and they’re really, it’s a transition point, but again, we have to go back to the great conjunction in air in Aquarius of. Jupiter and Saturn, and we’ve had five years. Saturn spends about two and a half years roughly in each [00:17:00] sign.

[00:17:00] We’ve had about five years of Saturn moving through domicile home signs because Saturn is at home in Capricorn. And now that it’s an Aquarius, it’s still at home. But Saturn actually, um, moves into, um, Saturn, moves into Pisces, um, on March 7th, 2023, and it remains in Pisces throughout that entire, the rest of that entire year.

[00:17:35] And this is gonna be the first year in five, six years where Saturn is not at home in its time. In fact, Saturn may be a little bit lost in Pisces because. Saturn likes boundaries and Pisces brings in the fog, you know, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll talk more about that again, you know, over the weeks and months and even over the couple of years ahead, that, that Saturn will be in [00:18:00] Pisces.

[00:18:00] But this is a huge and dramatic shift from where we’ve been with Saturn in a structural sign, whether it was earth structure, Capricorn, or even Aquarius, which is conceptual, fixed air, it, it’s mental structures. Um, and as, as Saturn moves out of, uh, um, uh, of Aquarius and into Pisces, this is something that will feel, and we will, we’ll see.

[00:18:25] We may be a little bit less unsure, but there’s something that is deeper that begins to cook because, um, Saturn in Pisces Reli. On a deeper spiritual connection than it does either in Capricorn or in Aquarius. And then the other thing that we get a taste of in 2023 that doesn’t really become a reality fully until 2024 and then is with us for another 20 some odd years.

[00:18:54] And that is that on March 23rd, March is the big turning point in early next [00:19:00] year. Um, because not only does Saturn move into Pisces in March of 2023, but Pluto moves out of Capricorn where it’s been for 20 years. And Pluto, um, has done its work in Capricorn, have creating upheaval of, of in’s word, not in words, ni dealing with the structures.

[00:19:22] And Nhi talked about nihilism being that those things that have become the most important, that have got to the top of the mountain kind of dissipate. And fall to the bottom. And we’ve seen the breakdown of structures that we believed were immutable. And yet that’s what Pluto and Capricorn does, is it takes those immutable structures and it recycles them.

[00:19:48] And so by 2023, we’re gonna get a little taste of Pluto moving into Aquarius. However, we can’t get too excited because it’s only an Aquarius from March 23rd to [00:20:00] June 11th when it retrogrades back into, um, uh, back into Capricorn where it’ll do its remedial work and finish up, and then it’ll move back into, um, Aquarius Direct in 2024.

[00:20:14] So the big outer planet movements, um, that kind of push us into the future, interestingly enough, occur in the same month when Mars, which as we know has been retrograde. Not for, not long yet, but will be, um, uh, basically in the same sign in Gemini for nearly, uh, seven months. Mars in March finally moves out of its shadow and it moves out of its shadow around the same time that the two outer planets of, of, uh, um, Saturn and Pluto both chain shines and, um, and move into their new homes.

[00:20:52] Um, Saturn gonna be there stably through the rest of the year and Pluto just giving us a little bit of a glimpse in an inkling of what’s around the [00:21:00] corner. So that’s why I think that we are such an, in such a dynamic turning point. Um, I think that we, that we’re gonna really feel by 2023 and really even into 2024, that, that we’re moving into the future.

[00:21:15] We’re not just dealing with March of 2020 that for some people still isn’t over.

[00:21:24] Wow. Okay. So we never broadcast at this time. The sun is so bright on my face. I, the clouds keep moving forward. Like AEL Parish painting, you know, that illuminated . I did that on purpose. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Washed or maybe a washed out 1950s, um, Kodachrome photograph that the sun has beat on. For a real, yeah, either way.

[00:21:48] Okay. I do have a question. I do, I have a question before we go. So I mean, before we go into some more details, but Pluto moving into Aquarius for four months in [00:22:00] 2023, um, no, not even, not even that long, I don’t think. Mar um, March 23rd to April to May to June 11th. Two and a half months, almost three months.

[00:22:13] When, when a planet. Changes signs and moves into a new one and then retrogrades back out of it. Is, is the, is the ingress into it, sort of like the big drum beat of it? Is, is that the, is that the, the, is that the one that’s setting, setting the tone for the next, you know, 25 years? It, it varies person to person, culture to culture.

[00:22:39] Um, for some people they’ll be in it and, and so over ripe and ready, that that’ll be it in a way they go, and then when it writes your grades back into Capricorn, they’re gonna go, oh no, we gotta go back. And for other people, they’re going to go. As it goes into Aquarius, it’s too much. It’s into the future.

[00:22:59] Remember, we have a, a [00:23:00] huge segment of our society, for better or worse, that are not letting go of the past, that they wanna go back to something that was. That was something in the past, and they want to, um, make America great again. You know, they wanna recapture something in the past, and I’m not judging that.

[00:23:18] That’s the important thing about what Saturn does. It prevents us from being in a runaway train. So we need to, in some way hold onto some of those, um, stable structures from the past. And when, when Pluto goes into Aquarius in Capricorn, it’s at least given that anchor in the past. And when Pluto goes from Capricorn into Aquarius, there are gonna be people who are gonna be freaking out and they possibly will come out of the woodwork.

[00:23:49] Um, until then, ah, is only a couple of months. Pluto is back in Capricorn and we’re safe again, but that’s not gonna be the end of the game. We’re talking about a period of [00:24:00] transition here. Um, and so, um, how people react to it and how the culture reacts to it. I imagine there’ll be some things that’ll be pretty, um, obvious.

[00:24:10] Remember, um, Aquarius has no gray. You know what I mean by that? Is Aquarius as a sign. Saturn’s been in Aquarius for a couple of years now. Aquarius is black and white. It’s all or nothing. Um, it’s past or future. There’s no present moment. In a way. Aquarius is the extreme energy and that’s where, and Saturn moving through Aquarius over the past, you know, year and a half or so, has basically kind of solidified, which is crystallized what those, um, uh, boundaries are between black and white, between this and that.

[00:24:55] And you can put whatever you want in this and that, and it’ll [00:25:00] work because it’s that generalistic or that that general, it’s, uh, we’re talking in, in, um, in symbolism here. And so the point is that, When Saturn is an Aquarius, it’s doing some crystallization. But when Pluto moves into Aquarius, remember Pluto is take no prisoners.

[00:25:24] Pluto is, is like roto Rooter when it goes to clean out, you know, the sewer or your colon, you know, um, or the underworld. It takes no prisoners. Everything goes. Now, what does that. We’ll have to see. Um, but we’re gonna get a short little flavor of it and then it settles back and then, and that allows a bit of remediation and a bit of mediation so that when Pluto does go direct, um, um, into Aquarius in 2024 [00:26:00] and then stays there for a couple of decades, um, it might not feel as abrupt.

[00:26:06] Um, but I think we’ll feel things in, I think March and April next year. Um, I’m adding April to it because we’re not talking about an event. Of a planet moving into a sign. Saturn moving into Pisces or Pluto moving into Aquarius. We’re talking about a transition. We’re talking about moving through a portal into a new space, and so I think we’re going to be feeling that at the very edge.

[00:26:31] You know, through March, toward the end of March, then in April, even in May. Then by June we get a little bit of a, um, a reprise, um, as, um, as, as Pluto backs in, into Capricorn. But Saturn will still be in, in Pisces, and that Saturn and Pisces will be an interesting thing unto itself. Remember when Saturn’s moving through Pisces, um, it, it actually, um, has a date.

[00:26:59] [00:27:00] Um, and that date that it has is not fulfilled, um, in 2023. Um, and I got myself ahead of myself here. I gotta quickly tell you when it will be fulfilled. When Saturn moves into, um, Pisces. Um, its main event, um, is going to be, its conjunction with Neptune, which is trying to get out of Pisces before Saturn catches up to it.

[00:27:29] And so Saturn actually catches up to Neptune just after Neptune peaks into, um, Aries, which it does in 2025. And Saturn lines up with Neptune. This is now, is, is not the old and the new, um, Saturn the old and Uranus the new, this is Saturn. Now, the old, the stable, the boundaries with Neptune kind of dissolving them by 2025 and down the road after that.

[00:27:59] [00:28:00] Um, this may be the, um, if I use the word meta, I do not mean the company, I mean the concept, um, And, um, and I’m totally annoyed with, uh, um, Gary Zuckerberg taking the name Meta for his company, um, because I’m rewriting some essays that I wrote 30 years ago. Um, and the subtitle of this book, um, is essays on the, um, meta on the Physics of Meta Physics.

[00:28:30] And the question really for me has always been how does meta meaning not physical, Metaphysical become physical, and interestingly enough, in 2025 when Saturn, the planet of physical, joins up with Neptune, the planet of imagination, therefore metaphysical, we might see some interesting. Um, stuff hit the market in a very large scale commercial way that may be augmented reality or, [00:29:00] um, ar what we’re calling artificial reality.

[00:29:02] I think there’s so much around the corner that we can’t even quite envision. Um, but that’s the Saturn moving through Pisces, um, which is kind of crystallizing and clearing up some of this metaphysical stuff that Neptune and Pisces for the past, you know, 12, 13 years has kind of really, um, dissolved. One other thing that doesn’t quite happen, um, as, as quickly as, um, as we would like or as we might like, and that is that, um, Jupiter is the other planet that changes signs.

[00:29:37] Um, in, well, Jupiter lasts about a year in each sign, but its retrograde dance often does strange things like. Um, like it is now where it’s back in Pisces. Um, but by the end of December, Jupiter’s gonna be direct and moving. Um, um, actually Jupiter [00:30:00] turns direct, um, in November and the same day as the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd.

[00:30:08] But Jupiter doesn’t move out of Pisces back into Aries where it’s already been, um, until the end of the year, until the end of December. But then Jupiter actually by May moves into Taurus and. And remember right now we have Uranus in Taurus. And so it’s real exciting to think that as Jupiter, um, moves into Taurus, that it’s gonna catch up with Uranus.

[00:30:41] This is an exciting conjunction cuz it always opens portals into the future and shows us possibilities. And so Jupiter moving into Taurus reaches about 14 degrees of Taurus by October. It moves into Taurus in May [00:31:00] of 2023, uh, which is another step in, uh, away from whatever it is that has been. Uranus is at 22 degrees.

[00:31:10] So Jupiter goes retrograde in October. It doesn’t make that conjunction with Uranus until, um, until late April of 2024. Um, that’s when it finally, um, makes that conjunction with, um, with Uranus, which is very, very exciting. So, again, we can see 2023 we’re getting tastes and glimpses of the future. We’re, we’re, we’re not looking behind as much as.

[00:31:38] Have been, but we’re still in that kind of place, like where Moses was wandering around the desert, you know, um, you know, waiting for permission to go into the promise land, into the future, if you will, but, but couldn’t go into all the stuff from the past, meaning all the people that had lived in slavery according to that story, [00:32:00] um, had passed on.

[00:32:01] So that in a way we’re in this, um, what do you call it? It’s a, um, um, not subliminal, but liminal. The liminal is like a place in between. Um, and, and we’re like in this place in between, but we’re importantly not in the past. We’re not fully in the future yet, but it’s obvious we’re going somewhere. So it’s a little bit like limbo.

[00:32:32] The difference is with limbo. There’s no direction. I mean, I, from my understanding is you can stay in limbo forever. That’s right. Yep. Um, you know, we got direction here. There’s nothing that’s gonna prevent us from going into the future. Hmm. that, yes, that was, that was Alexa or a phone or some, some device basically interrupting my reality as if, to remind me [00:33:00] that meta is, is hanging out.

[00:33:04] Well, it’s, it, you, you said we’re going into the future, and then your little voice said, I didn’t quite understand that. Yeah, it was, it was from my, from my phone. Yes. Yes. Okay. So you’re saying essentially change is in the air. We’re no longer where we were. There was this event in the, in the sixties, Uranus Square, Pluto, Uranus, conjunct, Pluto in the sixties, Uranus, conjunct, Pluto.

[00:33:31] That’s like the new moon that set that, that was like the thing that set the tone. That was a once every other century. Um, alignment of Uranus, the new and Pluto, the absolute, it was the revolution hit the deep, you know, all that stuff that came out then, uh, and again, came out again when you’re in A squared Pluto in the 2010s, 2015, you know, in that period of time when we had.

[00:33:58] A replay of sex drugs [00:34:00] in rock and roll. What do I mean by that? We had gay marriages legalized and we had, um, marijuana and drugs available first, medically and then recreationally. Um, we had environmental stuff all over the place. We had civil rights issues again in our face. None of these things had gone away, but they were all semi dormant.

[00:34:21] They were there, but they, but they didn’t pop back up like, like, like a, like a, a forest in bloom with the exact same flowers and crops that were around in the mid sixties to early seventies. Yeah, Rick, over the weekend, I watched the movie Woodstock. I mean, I know there’s a bunch of movies called Woodstock, but this one was Woodstock three days.

[00:34:46] To find a generation, I think. And it, I was just blown away listening to what they were saying and the whole purpose and intent. And this, the, the name of it was the something Aquarium, right? [00:35:00] I mean the, the tagline of Woodstock. The actual, so, but it was, it was just so interesting. I was stuck in a traffic jam about 40 miles away and ended up turning around and going back home.

[00:35:09] I couldn’t get there no way. Oh my gosh. I was wondering if you were there. Uh, I’m sure we would’ve heard that story if you were No, but I’ve seen pretty much, not pretty much. I’d seen every band that played there live. Wow. Over the past couple of years prior to that. Yeah. Well, I was just blown away with, with the astrological lens.

[00:35:28] I mean, there was a quote at the end that was like, this was just a cosmic moment in time where we got to experience what was possible when humans come together in with the intention of peace, you know? And it was just, it was so, I was crying. It was beautiful. And then to just see it come back around and it, it is very different the way it came back around.

[00:35:48] But it’s the same, it’s the same things, you know? Well, you know, in at the square, you know, not only did we have a replay of feminism with a different twist, and that is the [00:36:00] legalization, you know, of, um, of, of, of, of gay marriages, um, uh, nationally. I mean, you know, as a, as a law. Um, not only did we have, um, issues of environmentalism coming back, but we had, you know, that was the Arab Spring.

[00:36:17] um, you know, it was Occupy Wall Street. We hadn’t seen that amount of, of demonstrations on the streets since the sixties, since the late sixties. And again, it wasn’t just the United States thing, you know, that cultural kind of revolution that hit, that kind of peaked at the, um, democratic National Convention in Chicago in 68.

[00:36:41] Um, I mean there were, um, much larger events and mass arrests and military intervention, you know, in Mexico City, in Paris, and I mean all, I mean certainly in China, the cultural revolution. Um, but it was that energy that came back and it was that energy [00:37:00] that came back. In the 2012 to 2015. Really? 2010 to 2020, you know, wider sense.

[00:37:08] Um, and of course you’ve had, um, Rick Tars, you know, on an interview here and, um, his book, cosmos and Psyche really digs into this, you know, a whole lot deeper, but it’s that energy from the sixties and then from the mid 2010s that actually we’re talking about now is reaching a turning point. Yeah. And it’s almost like that’s closing or closed down.

[00:37:34] And it doesn’t mean that the things that were stirred up from that just go away, but they may not dominate the news every hour. Right. Okay. So you, and you called it a punctuation mark. You said there’s 2020 was the punctuation mark on the Uranus, Pluto conjunction. From the sixties and that November, this what we just had is [00:38:00] the final kick of this Saturn, Uranus Square that was activating those.

[00:38:07] Exactly. Cause it was the Saturn, Uranus, it was the Saturn conjunct Pluto followed by Saturn Square, Uranus that kind of tickled the Pluto Square Uranus. So if we had Pluto Square, Uranus, exact 2012 to 20 15 7 times Pluto Square Uranus, as Saturn came through, they were already widening from the square, but that Saturn Conjuncted Pluto first.

[00:38:40] By the time it got to the square to the Pluto, the square was already done. But it kind of set in motion this thing that it wasn’t until it finished the square to, until Saturn, which is moving faster than Pluto or Uranus, it wasn’t until it finished the square to Uranus that, that, [00:39:00] that the Uranus, Pluto Square kind of was finally over.

[00:39:05] Yeah. Which really goes back to the stuff in the sixties. Mm. And so that’s the, the thing that we astrologers get that missed sometimes is we like to take an event and look at it and just talk about what that event is. Um, I always use the example, um, like aspirin is the active ingredient of white willow bark, you know, and so we can take aspirin as the active ingredient and talk about it and take it for a headache, but it’s.

[00:39:37] As integrable into the system, and it’s not as healthy as it is to take white willow bark because be, and with astrology, we often look for the active ingredient and pull it out and talk about it as if it was separate. And this is a perfect example of how we have movement from the [00:40:00] sixties to the 2012 to 15 to the 2020 to the 2022 and now on beyond.

[00:40:06] Um, and in fact, one could even pull back further and look at that Uranus Pluto cycle and go back to a conjunction, let’s say in 1455 when the printing press was invented. You know, I mean, at a Uranus, Pluto conjunction and watch it’s unfolding over the years ahead. Out of that, I’m not gonna do that right now, but one could, I could, um, Rick Return’s book does that.

[00:40:32] And so we, we gain. Perspective when we look at these events through like, like a camera with a wide angle, you know, you could take a picture and I could take a picture of the microphone or I could take a picture of this room, or if I had a very wide angle lens, I could take a picture of the West Coast of the United States.

[00:40:54] Yeah, I love doing both. It’s really nice that we get to, we get to hone in on like a week [00:41:00] or even a day, and then we get to pan out and see where we’re at in the bigger story that’s unfolding. Yeah, and it goes back to what you said in the beginning. This is like the, the locker room talk in the middle of the game.

[00:41:11] The game is changing. There’s different things happening moving forward, and whatever the game has been, from what I’m hearing, it’s kind of that, that phase is a little bit done. And now we’re, it’s not that the effects of it are gone, but we’re, and that’s, and, and, and the political, um, you know, I mean there, there’s a lot of stuff that’s gonna be really difficult over the years ahead.

[00:41:33] I mean, cuz that’s part of how the alloy has cured. Hmm. You know, but, but it’s important that it didn’t, that it occurred that, that it cured in the state of dialogue or in the state of conflict rather than in the state. of. One side and pick any event. Absolutely. [00:42:00] Winning, shutting down the other side completely.

[00:42:04] I know like in the United States, there are certain events where there, it seemed to have been more of a way of one way than another. And then when you look at how it all combines, you know, we have a split Congress for, you know, at least a couple of years. Um, but in some ways that’s a perfect metaphor for what it is that we need to deal with.

[00:42:26] And we are not gonna be able to run away from that. We, we have to deal with the fact that if we’re going to move forward, we have to figure out ways to temper the extremity. But again, some of that’s gonna be tricky. As Pluto moves into Aquarius, and there’s certainly going to be some waves of extremity, um, over the years ahead.

[00:42:49] However, with, um, with, uh, um, Saturn moving into Pisces, we may get a couple of years of kind of being able to put that off into sometime [00:43:00] in, in the future, a couple years down the road. Can you talk a little bit more just about the flavor of Pluto in Aquarius? I, I, I can, but I can’t. I’ll tell you why. I can, and I’ll tell you why I can’t and then I will.

[00:43:15] Anyhow, , perfect. , um, I can, because astrologically, um, I’ve developed some skill at combining the energy of planets as they live in different signs. I can’t. Because the last time Pluto was an Aquarius was in the 1770s, eighties, nineties. I don’t know what it’s like. Um, it, it, Pluto was an Aquarius for about 20, 25 years.

[00:43:54] Every 250 years or so. Now with Saturn going into Pi, into Pisces, [00:44:00] I, I, I know people with Saturn and Pisces, I know two generations, three generations of people with Saturn and Pisces. Um, and so I have a sense of how that works, you know. Um, but, um, with, with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Neptune and Pluto in particular, um, all I can do is take the meanings of the.

[00:44:22] Um, the meanings of the planets and, and combine them. And so what’s the meaning of Pluto? Well, Pluto is the, um, planet that, uh, brings the unconscious into consciousness. It’s the planet that has to do with transformation, or as y would call it the transfiguration, um, of, of symbol. Um, that one thing is, is turned into something else in a process.

[00:44:52] Um, the alchemical process, for example, um, of turning lead into gold, um, is a Pluto process [00:45:00] because it involves something changing from one thing into another Pluto relating to, um, to death, you know, is not necessarily physical death. Um, I always think of my, my guy William Blake, um, who wanted as his epitaph, William Blake, born 1757.

[00:45:21] Died many times since, you know, death is letting go of anything. Anytime anyone says, no, Amanda, you can’t have that. You know, or we have to do this, we can’t do that. Or No, you can’t be like that, or whatever. Every time we meet some Saturnian resistance or naysaying, a bit of us dies. You know? So Pluto as it moves through a sign, creates death with the automatic, um, I wanna say assumption that’s not quite the right word, with the automatic, um, caveat that nothing can die without being reborn.

[00:45:58] So that [00:46:00] Pluto moving through, um, Sagittarius, which it did prior to Capricorn was a couple of decades of televangelism and, and people with these holy, brilliant ideas who largely went to jail, you know, for money scams and, and sex crimes and whatever. But that was a whole thing of beliefs and, and, and, and, and the, and the expansion of one’s mind.

[00:46:27] But that kind of fell apart. And then we had Pluto in Capricorn. What fell apart the government. There are still people who are waiting for the banks to follow suit. They’ve held together largely. Yeah. There have been a couple of problems in this period of time with Pluto and Capricorn, including the, you know, real estate, you know, collapse.

[00:46:50] Um, but, but when, when Pluto was in Capricorn, one would expect the infrastructure structure being the key word [00:47:00] here, but the structure that holds the structure together to begin to decay and fray at the edges. And regardless of where you are politically, the fact is that we’ve passed. On a federal government in the United States level, we passed the largest infrastructure rebuilding, um, um, uh, bill law.

[00:47:21] Now that’s ever been done. And it’s been done with Pluto and Capricorn be rebuild the decaying structures, roads, bridges, government buildings, you know, all these kinds of things. But the other thing is that when you talk about structures, you talk about the structure of the government itself, that’s built upon a constitution, at least the United States government is.

[00:47:47] And we’ve had even that kind of come into an awareness that, again, wherever you fall on, any political structure, It’s not working. , [00:48:00] something isn’t working the way it was intended to, or the way it was intended to maybe isn’t how it should be. Regardless. Pluto and Capricorn brought all these things that were so stable and could never possibly fall apart into falling apart.

[00:48:18] And now as Pluto moves into Aquarius, what is Aquarius? Well, it’s technology. Can we expect some breakthroughs in technology, um, that kind of make whatever the old systems are that we’ve built things on fall apart. Um, I e um, petroleum based energy. I mean, you know, we, we, we’ve had for decades the, um, general awareness.

[00:48:46] That we need to end our dependence on petroleum, um, based energy. And we’ve certainly poked our heads here and there and here and there. But what if all of a sudden something occurred that someone came up [00:49:00] with or discovered or rediscovered something that was absolutely free energy and overnight boom, everything changes.

[00:49:08] That’s the kind of thing that one can expect with, um, with Pluto and Aquarius. Not that it has to be positive, but it has to in some way bring down, um, a technological piece of the puzzle rather than a structural, even though this is certainly, you know, the petroleum industry is certainly structural. One might look at the same thing when it comes to the pharmaceutical, um, industry and, you know, and, and health considerations or health cures.

[00:49:38] These are two areas where Pluto and Aquarius, cuz remember Aquarius is about the future. Aquarius is also. Um, a, a about network. You see Capricorn’s built on hierarchy. You know, Capricorn has as its symbol, as its animal totems, it has the mountain goat and the [00:50:00] seago, and the mountain goat lives higher.

[00:50:02] It’s the mammal that lives at the highest altitude on the planet. And the sea goat, which is the dolphin, the, the Greeks called the dolphins, the sea goat, they knew it was a mammal, and so it had more in common with the goat than a fish. And so the sea goat and the mountain defined a hierarchy, altitude, height, and depth.

[00:50:22] Aquarius has no hierarchy. Aquarius is, is is equanimity. It’s equality. And of course, equality is a tough thing to take. If you believe that one gender, one sexual preference, one race, one skin color is supreme, is better than the others, all of a sudden that’s problematic. If Pluto comes along or any planet comes along or anything comes along and, and, and makes things into a flat playing field, a flat playing field is not nearly as much fun for [00:51:00] someone who is on top of a mountain.

[00:51:02] Hmm. Because on top of a mountain, then you get to dominate or you get to be the authority for everyone at a lower hierarchy. Now, I’m not talking politics here, but I’m talking energetic dynamics. And so as Pluto goes into, um, into Aquarius, Um, and Saturn leaves Aquarius. But as Pluto goes into Aquarius, we can expect the network, what that means, what means what, what it means to be in a community.

[00:51:32] We can expect that to all be turned upside down inside out and backwards. And again, some of this I think we’re set up, um, for, as Saturn went through Aquarius, the stability Saturn, the structure in Aquarius was we got structure for creating communities that were non-local. I, I, one could say zoom. Um, one could say what we’re doing right now.

[00:51:59] I mean, [00:52:00] um, Amanda, you and I are talking, where are we? And Joe is hanging out, you know, at the control board. Where are we? You know, are we here or are we there? This is a, this is Aquarius, this is, the network is flattened and that all places are here. All time is now, and no one is in charge. Now, what’s it gonna look like as we move in that direction?

[00:52:23] Well, the people in charge are gonna fight like tooth and nail. Um, there’s a line from a, a Jackson Brown song. Um, um, uh, called after, uh, called before the deluge, one of his beautiful, um, kind of anthem songs. And, um, you can find a link, I’m sure on YouTube, um, and, and a link to the lyrics and follow along.

[00:52:47] It’s a magical song, but one of the verses is s and is talking about that change of before the deluge, whatever that means. And, and one of the verses says, goes, I’m doing this from memory, so bear with [00:53:00] me. Some of them were angry at the way the earth was abused by the men who learned how to forge her beauty into power.

[00:53:10] Um, and they struggled to protect her from them, only to be confused by the magnitude of the fury in the final hour. What that is, is about, is the people in control are not going to let go of control. Without a fight, they were surprised by the magnitude of the fury in the final hour protecting the earth from those who were abusing it and making money from it.

[00:53:41] Now, I think it’s a much wider spectrum there than, than that. Um, but the point is that Pluto and Aquarius, I think is going to see, um, some, some war and war with Pluto. And Aquarius may move out of the [00:54:00] physical realms into the metaphysical realms where actually it already is being fought. Um, I mean, there was a time historically when all war was survival of the strongest, where all war was about engaging physically one army with another army.

[00:54:19] Um, and we’ve moved out of that into, uh, a combination of that and the survival of the smartest. It’s not whose army is bigger or stronger, it’s which side is smarter. Which side can outwit the other side, not just physically, but mentally with technology, excuse me, or with ideas. And you see this. The, the, the information wars already being fought, um, out in front of our eyes.

[00:54:50] If you pay attention, you know, even Infowars, I mean, it’s like, you don’t need to make this stuff up. It’s right there in, you know, in, in front of us. But I think with Pluto and Aquarius, [00:55:00] we’re gonna see that, that deep upheaval, instead of being just affecting, it’s not just affecting, but instead of mainly affecting the structures.

[00:55:10] Banking, real estate, um, government, um, uh, religious foundations. Um, it’s going to be, um, also impacting, um, the information itself, the information technology, um, the, the future. We’re gonna see some real upheaval with that. Now remember though we’re talking, you know, a 20 plus year period of time, so we may not see it all in March, April and May of 23.

[00:55:38] Thank you for that. That it’s, I love that we went all the way back to Pluto and Sagittarius and then Pluto and Capricorn. I, I’m like, the sun is right in my face, so I’m sorry for the crazy visuals. But, uh, and then, and then to be able to glimpse forward, and it seems like the way you did it, even though you’ve never lived through Pluto and Aquarius, so you [00:56:00] don’t really know, but the way that you put them together would be the same way retrospectively that we would put together.

[00:56:07] Sagittarius and Capricorn. Well, and then go back before that with Pluto and Scorpio, that was the, you know, during that period of time, there was an intense rise of awareness around sexuality tied to death. There was the, you know, hiv aids epidemic, um, and that wasn’t the only event. There were a lot of other things, but, but that was one of the significant pieces of Pluto in Scorpio was the until.

[00:56:36] Um, sex had been associated with pregnancy, but not with death, you know, and you go back, you know, prior to that. Um, and you have, um, um, Pluto in, um, in, in Libra and the Pluto in Libra generation, um, now that it has come of age, um, is redefining relationships. Um, again, it’s the old [00:57:00] idea, um, you know, of a, you know, one monogamous marriage for one’s entire life, um, with the male being, you know, the, the breadwinner and the female being, you know, the subservient, what, you know, uh, possession even legally going back historically.

[00:57:20] Um, but you find that that Pluto and Libra generation, um, and during that period of time, we had this striving to create some new kind of equality in Libra relationships, and that took. Tearing down the old, you know, and we can go back and back and back. But just those come to mind also. Mm. I’m Pluto and Libra.

[00:57:44] Yes. You, it’s been a big re redefinition of that, that, and it’s, it’s in progress. I think we’re all still figuring it out. Yeah. Well, I, I’ve, Pluto and Leo and, um, one of the, um, great, um, [00:58:00] writers of astrology textbooks, Ron Davis, who in our Astrology Fundamentals class, I recommended, um, his book called Astrology.

[00:58:09] Um, he said that one of the symptoms of Pluto in Leo is Mela mania. Now, Mela mania is a clinical definition of a symptom of schizophrenia, where you think you’re God . And he said that was one of the downsides, you know, of, of Pluto in, in Leo is that you can think you’re God, but is the Pluto and Leo generation.

[00:58:36] That was the IME mine, you know, generation that what’s the mo? I mean, again, I am of that generation, but what of its downfalls was the, um, it was the implied narcissism of that generation. And yet even the, um, religious tendencies of that generation, you know, came from ideas of Buddhism and Hinduism where [00:59:00] everyone was God , you know, God, I am God.

[00:59:04] Everyone is God. And so it’s interesting that when that was written, Prior to Pluto being in, in, in, um, Leo, it was written as cuz Leo is so self driven and, and so, you know, kind of wanting to be on show that that would be a horrific thing and maybe it’s a good and bad thing, but it’s not only a bad thing.

[00:59:25] And so it’s interesting how these things fulfill. Just another aside. All right, so in just to back. Essentially, we’re in a transition right now as we’re speaking in November of 2022. We’re in this, what you call the the blue wave, which is this big turning point of a lot of Sagittarian tarian energy all happening right around now.

[00:59:50] It’s giving us a glimpse into the future as we’re moving into 2023. The biggest astrology of 2023 that we talked about today, which I, I know there’ll be more, [01:00:00] but essentially Mars going direct in January. Uh, the two outer planets changing signs, the Saturn going into Pisces, ju uh, Pluto going into Aquarius and Jupiter going into Taurus, but not until.

[01:00:15] Right. Exactly. Jupiter, uh, INO Taurus and also lining up with Uranus. Right. And also, but that’s not until 2024. Ah, we skipped over. Yes. Okay. Then we went into 2024. So there, and you also said that Saturn moving into Pisces, Saturn has a date with Neptune, which is gonna happen in 2025. Right. And that and that date of Saturn moving into Pisces because, because through 2023 and into 2024, Saturn and Neptune are both in Pisces.

[01:00:51] Neptune is. Pisces is the dream. Come enjoy it. Imagine meta is wonderful. Um, it’s this [01:01:00] kind of like no boundaries, but Saturn has a job in Pisces. Then that job is to catch up to Neptune and to condense or crystallize enough of that imagination to make it real. But Saturn can’t catch up to Neptune until it just squeaks into Aries

[01:01:17] So it’s an interesting dance and that happens in 2025. And of course, Neptune, in Aries, um, Neptune changes signs only once every 14 years. So all of a sudden in a one and a half, two year period of time, you’re gonna have, um, uh, and, and actually you can add into that, um, uh, Uranus moving from Taurus into Gemini in 2025 or 2026.

[01:01:44] I think that’s, yeah, I think it is also, I think it just barely. Um, it bar barely touches into 2025. Um, no, it, it does in 2025, um, in Dece in October. It, it peaks into, um, [01:02:00] Gemini for a couple of months and then back in permanently in 2026. But the point here is that we have over these, um, few years, we have Pluto that changes signs.

[01:02:13] Um, well, Pluto’s moving fast right now. It’s not as fast as it was when it was in Scorpio where it only spent 12, 13 years in Scorpio. When Pluto’s moving slowly, it’ll spend 30 years plus in the sign. But right now it’s in the 2324 year range. And so Pluto, which changes signs once every other decade, Neptune changes signs every 14 years.

[01:02:40] Uranus changes signs every seven years. Um, and Saturn changes signs every two and a half years. And all of them are changing signs in 2023 and or 2024 and or 2025. That’s, this is another, this is a totally extraordinary [01:03:00] period, but it’s extraordinary different. It’s extraordinary in a different way than the amount of conflict, tension, pressure that we’ve had from the dynamics of the planets and the same signs now as they move into different signs where we have a lot of, um, adjusting to.

[01:03:21] To what’s next, to what’s new. And that’s why, again, with all of a sudden the Sun, mercury, Venus, and then the moon’s New Moon, all in Sagittarius, we have this ability to, to look ahead. You know, this time of year in the northern Hemisphere, you know where two months into autumn, autumn, you know, begins when the leaves are all beautiful and pretty, and then Scorpio comes and the leaves turn brown and they die.

[01:03:47] And a lot of it gets cold and a lot of them fall to the ground. But by the time the sun is in Sagittarius, even the oak trees that have held onto their leaves, they’re just brown and crispy, but they’re [01:04:00] still on the trees. By the time Sagittarius comes and an ice storms comes running through, you can go outside and you can see.

[01:04:09] Meaning that there’s no leaves that block your vision, it just opens up. And I find that a good example of understanding that in Sagittarius, one of the reasons why we like to take adventures, why we like to go back to school and take a six year PhD program. Why we like to travel somewhere is because things open up and we can see the potential.

[01:04:33] So we are in this little window now of these much larger changes where we’ve been encumbered by day to day, week to week, month to month heaviness. And we’re not yet into the future, but we’re right now in the middle this week and for the next few days yet. And even on into December, even though the moon moves out of, um, Sagittarius, and even though Mercury will be the first to leave Sagittarius, it’ll stay [01:05:00] there for about two and a half weeks.

[01:05:02] Um, but. But even still, we’ll, we have right now such an opening with all these planets and Sagittarius and with Jupiter moving direct, stationary direct, and now moving into Aries, which is the start, the new, we had a flavor of, of Jupiter in Aries already in 20, earlier in 2022, but it was not yet. Now we’re back and it’s like now we get to see the future and we need to have individually the courage to imagine what our greatest and best future is, because this is a moment when that actually can plant seeds for what the future actually becomes.

[01:05:44] Now, you know, it’s if we do. Not everyone is gonna feel great during this week, but more people than have in a while might have some sense of relief, some sense of uplifting somewhere somehow. And for [01:06:00] those who do, if you don’t take and convert some of that positive feeling or confidence into zoning in and either making a plan or thinking about it or, or, or kind of flushing out a little bit of what it is that you might want to do or see yourself, think big, think 2, 3, 5 years down the road.

[01:06:22] Think you know, Uranus and Gemini and Neptune in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius, without necessarily taking the long three road, three year, four year road to get there. And imagine what you could be, that’s an ideal use of this period of. Mm. Wow. Okay. Um, I know I, Evelyn says, Amanda, you need a curtain for that window, Evelyn.

[01:06:47] I know. I never do broadcast at this time, and so I’ve never had this experience in this room. This is a new room for me, so yes, I need a curtain. Um, but every, uh, you, you all have been so nice about it. Thank you. Okay, [01:07:00] so you also said 2023 is giving us glimpses into the future. It’s like we’re Moses wandering around the desert.

[01:07:08] We’re in a place in between. We’re not in the past, but we’re not really in limbo. We have a, a direction like we are moving forward. So it’s not the same as just sort of wandering around in circles. We’re, we’re definitely moving forward, but we are a little bit still in between in transition and what you just shared about, um, having the courage to imagine our greatest and best future and.

[01:07:35] Convert any positive feelings that we have right now into making a plan for the next two to three years, three to five years, whatever it is. And you said to think big, so Yeah. It doesn’t matter whether it’s realistic right now, the, the, the, the goal right now is to jump on, is to grab your surfboard and surf that blue wave.[01:08:00]

[01:08:00] Nice. And that blue wave, meaning Sagittarius and Jupiter. Right. And what you just described about the leaves falling. And then that’s when you have more of a view that makes so much sense. It’s unobstructed. Yeah. Amazing. Okay, Rick, thank you. This has been so much fun. I love it. I love when we have this opportunity to span, you know, pan out and get big picture.

[01:08:23] And we’re gonna have you on for the December forecast soon. We may have a special guest with you, which will be a really fun, uh, new dynamic. And then we’re gonna have you on for the weekly weather mid-December. You’re gonna be covering the two weeks in December, right? Honing. Yeah. Yeah. Lots of Rick Levine coming up for all of us, which is great.

[01:08:49] Thank you all for being here and for being so much fun in the chat. I love, I love watching you connect with each other too. It’s really awesome. So thank you for that. And, uh, just thank you for being here. Make [01:09:00] sure that you sign up for our 2023 Forecast event. It’s free. There’s gonna be 13 different astrologers.

[01:09:06] Bantering and talking and, and going back and forth on the astrology of 2023. So we’ll cover some of these big ones that we covered today, plus other angles of, of what’s happening that other astrologers are honing in on. And you’re also gonna get a buy sign breakdown. So you’ll get, um, videos from different astrologers that will break down the 2023.

[01:09:30] Astrology by sign. So you know, it’s different transits that will affect signs more than others. And that’s, again, that’s free. It’s astrology hub.com/ 2023. And of course, if you have not yet had the pleasure of taking Rick’s Astrology Foundations course, it is amazing. It is definitely, uh, one of those things you’ll have in your library.

[01:09:55] You’ll get to revisit over and over, and there’s several different [01:10:00] courses as a part of that foundation series. So you can check that out at astrology have.com/foundations one, or you can check out the whole bundle of all the courses in it@astrologyhub.com slash levine bundle. Also in February from Rick, we’re gonna be having the long awaited Peptiles and Quintiles class.

[01:10:24] Am I saying that right? Reptiles, Quintiles. Yes. Yes. And I, I think we’re going to retitle that. I think, I think we’re going to, uh, title that harmonic aspect. Great. I love that. Yes. Because that’s what Quintiles and Subes are. And so, yes, I’m excited about this. I’ve been kind of making notes and putting things together.

[01:10:46] Um, this will be the first time that I’ve put this is 30, more than that, um, 40 years of, of, of interest and work. This will be the first time I’ll be putting that together [01:11:00] into a single concrete course. I’m very excited about it. Oh my God. Lucky us. Yes. That’s amazing. And there’s really, there’s really not that much information out there on these.

[01:11:10] No. And unfortunately, the information that’s out there is not. Mine.

[01:11:19] There you go. It, it, it’s not complete. Um, not that what I’m gonna be teaching is complete, but I think, um, yeah, it’ll definitely add to the discussion. Okay. Awesome. So that’s coming in February, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you for being a part of our community.

[01:11:39] Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. Thank you for being interested and curious and just so much fun to share this with. So thanks everybody. And Rick, you’re the best. You’re so awesome. Thank you so much for continuing to so generously share your time and your wisdom. Thank you with all of us.

[01:11:57] Oh, thank you, . All right. [01:12:00] Take care everybody, and we will catch you on the next episode.