Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, comes out of retrograde on January 27th. After weeks of backsliding, you will feel like you're finally moving with the current of events rather than against it.

Uranus's job in Astrology is to break down the things that aren't working – like formulaic answers, out-of-date traditions, and conventional wisdom that's no longer wise – and to push ahead with fresh perspectives, untried approaches, and innovative thinking.

No other planet is this forceful when it comes to overthrowing established modes, and you may find yourself struggling to make heads or tails of situations you once thought were rooted in place.

It's important to remember during times like these to bend with the winds of change. You don't want to be knocked down any more than you want to be blown away. You may not understand yet how all the pieces will fall in place, but this ensures that one day you will.

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