It could be said that Mercury takes a poltergeist’s delight in wreaking havoc on the clockwork regularity of our day-to-day lives when it’s retrograde. Appliances stop working, cars malfunction, and mobile devices start transmitting absurd messages with all the freewheeling abandon of an unruly Ouija board.

Needless to say, you’ll want to take things with a grain of salt and keep your sense of humor handy.

Yet even backwards, Mercury is still a guide; it’s the planet most responsible for getting us from here to there – although the next three weeks may feel more like you’re on a Scavenger Hunt from Hell.

You may be sent on a series of fool’s errands, find yourself netting a school of red herrings, or spun about in place by contradictory directions that suddenly reverse themselves.

Nevertheless, in the end, you will wind up being where you’re supposed to be. It may not be where you wanted to be but it’s definitely where you should be. Mercury will be retrograde from April 1st – April 25th.

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