Taurus, your 2024 horoscope invites a transformative journey full of needed growth. You might find your world beautifully altered when the calendar turns its final page.

Top Themes for the Year:

– Balancing mind and body through daily habits & work ethics.
– Expressing oneself boldly and possibly undertaking a re-branding.
– Anchoring and affirming your values and dreams

2024 kicks off with Pluto shifting back into your 10th house (January 20th), acting as a catalyst for profound shifts within your career and public persona. This energy’s invitation is to move toward what supports your purpose while dismantling barriers that block success. You can count on Pluto to instill lessons that are as enriching as they are profound.

2024 will also invite you to harmonize your mind & body balance. This task can be done by focusing on your daily habits and work life. This topic will highlight the Libra eclipse in your 6th house on March 25th and the Aries eclipse in your 12th house on April 8th.

This inner work will help set you up for long-term success, courage, strategy regarding your dreams, and supportive networks. On April 10th, Mars & Saturn will meet up in your 11th house, and on September 17th, there will be a Pisces eclipse in this area. The question this energy has for you is… What’s your dream? And who or what do you need to support it?

A pivotal, positive shift may come as Jupiter & Uranus meet in your sign on April 20th, followed by Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd – look for out-of-the-ordinary yet extraordinary opportunities. Please focus on the solutions you want, not the reasons you can’t reach them.

Jupiter’s transition into Gemini (your 2nd house) on May 25th opens a chapter where financial growth and a renewed evaluation of your values take the main stage; the last time Jupiter was here was in 2012 – what themes were up for you then? What did you leave on the table, and what do you desire now?

You will continue to unpack these big questions as the year unfolds. Taurus, trust that in 2024, your grounded, resilient, and pragmatic nature will be your greatest ally.

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