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Are you in search of clarity and direction in your career or business? If so, you'll want to tune in to a recent podcast episode where host Amanda Walsh interviews Taylor Shuler, an astrologer specializing in business and entrepreneurship. .

In their conversation, they explore how different astrological signs and houses can impact one's approach to business, touching on aspects such as management style and ideal clients. They also discuss the potential benefits of consulting astrologers for businesses and entrepreneurs, offering valuable insights and support during career transitions or for individuals aiming to better understand their professional path.

In this insightful episode, Taylor emphasizes the importance of seeking professional and positive astrological readings rather than those that instill fear or negativity. For those interested in learning more about the intersection of astrology and business, Taylor recommends books like “Business Astrology 101” by Georgia Stathis and “Vocational Astrology” by Judith Hill. To underscore the potential of astrology, Amanda shares a personal story about a friend who gained clarity and confidence through a reading with Taylor. Give this podcast episode a listen to discover how astrology can help you navigate your professional journey with greater insight and direction.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌑 How your natal chart can help you identify your business strategy, ideal clients and more!
🌒 How an astrologer would draw the inception chart for your business, and how that chart can help you succeed.
🌓 Which signs and signatures in the chart are the strongest indicators of entrepreneurship.

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