Stuck in a Co-Dependent Cycle + Mother & Son Compatibility Issues – Your Astrology Questions Answered

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Astrologers Michelle Dench & Clarissa Dolphin Answer Questions About Your Love Life & Family Dynamics

Curious how you can build healthier relationships whether it’s with your family members, friends or lovers?

What about your relationship with yourself? Do you need to know how you can learn to love yourself more?

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3:45 Stuck in Co-Dependent Relationships. What do I do?
24:37 Parenting challenges

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Joe: hello, hello, hello everyone. We are live. If you’re new here, this is the Incident Sites Live. It’s the show where we answer all of your astrology questions. Uh, today’s theme is relationships and family dynamics. Honestly, this has been the one episode because I planned the whole entire content calendar, and this has been the one episode that I’ve been looking forward to so much because I knew the questions that would come through would be just the best questions, and you guys definitely delivered.

It was so hard going through all the questions and picking one to highlight, but we. Dead. Today I have with me Michelle De, who is an intuitive astrologer, and Clarissa Dolphin, who’s been here before, is a harmonica astrologer. And before we go into it, I’ll let both of her, clients introduce them actually through a few testimonials that came through.

I’ll start with Michelle cuz This is Michelle’s debut on Instant [00:01:00] Insights Live. Everybody say Welcome to Michelle. Um, all right, so this came through from one of Michelle’s clients and they say, I chose Michelle for her extensive knowledge of family dynamics, and she did not disappoint. She addressed all of my questions in a clear and concise manner and, and a really touching, uh, way of addressing all the points in my natal chart.

I feel much more prepared to face all of my difficulties. Now I plan to return to her for additional readings. And absolutely recommend her for a reading. Thank you all for bringing this platform to life and giving, studying astrologers a place to come. Learn from the best. And this one came from, uh, fora. So Clarissa is phenomenal. She clearly, uh, could see straight into my soul. She joyfully and eloquently communicated as a brilliant bridge of wisdom and insights to relate exactly what I needed validation [00:02:00] on, as well as giving thoughtful heart opening perspective 

 I am ever grateful for this blessing. 

Oh my God. All right guys. So for anyone who hasn’t been here before and you don’t know how to send questions, there’s a few ways you can do it. The best way to do it is going through astrology You can see the link walking across the screen right now.

And over there you get to send, your birth information beforehand. You get to send a recording of your question, and this is the best way because we actually get to send that question to the astrologers beforehand, so they really get to sit with your charts and come up with like a lot more profound and in depth, uh, insights for you.

But you can, if you haven’t submitted the question, don’t worry. You can also get them answered here live. You just have to put your question in the comments. Your name, uh, well, your name will already be in it, but your, um, birth information, so the date of your birth, the location, and the time. And also your [00:03:00] question, sometimes I see people send in only the birth data and without a question, we don’t really know how to best help you.

So please, please, please, please, please also send a question. Um, but with that, I have a question that I’m really excited to bring up today that came in from Christie. So let’s take a listen to Christie’s question. And the good news is actually that ever since we started form, now we also get your, email address.

So what happens is that we can actually reach out to you when your question gets selected and you get to actually be in the episode. So Kristy is with us today and we’ll talk a little bit about her chart and we’ll bring her on the screen so we can chat with her for a second. 

“I Always Find Myself Stuck in Co-Dependent Relationship Patterns. Why, and What Can I Do to Change It?”

Guest: Hello. Hello. Thank you so much for the opportunity. If I don’t get picked, I completely understand. I know this is a late entrance, but I thought I would go ahead and try anyway because I’m just desperate for answers and I’ve just went through [00:04:00] a tornado. And I haven’t had electricity to be able to submit this, but I’m just determined.

I’m looking for guidance in the area of romantic relationships. At 43, I’ve had a string of failed relationships. I always tend to be the chameleon in the relationship. I am just recently. Learning things about myself that are showing me that I didn’t even know who I was. I’m trying to learn who I am now.

I don’t know what I like. I’ve always been very codependent in the relationship and just forming to whatever I feel like that that partner wants me to be. And then when I, when that doesn’t work, of course the relationship ends and I’m broken hearted again, then I just do the same thing over and over again.

I’m now in another one, and I’ve known that it’s not where I need to be. I [00:05:00] know I can see all the different signs of toxicity. However, I feel like I have quick sand on my feet. I can’t seem too quite get unstuck, even though I know it’s not the healthy future that I’m wanting to have for myself. But I also have a lot of family trauma.

And I don’t know if the codependency is rooted from the family trauma or if it’s rooted from something in my chart or what, but I have four planets in my fourth house. The, the latter of the three, which, uh, are after taking the class, the galactic center class with astrology hub. Those three are aligned with the Galactic Center, which also my Moon and Chiron, which just I just learned was retrograde, which I don’t even know if I should be scared or what because Chiron is a little scary.

Anyway, so I’m panicking, so I try not to, but the moon and the Chiron forms ya and it pointing towards this galactic center area. [00:06:00] And it’s also at the fourth house where all those tenants are. And so I’m not sure if this has anything to do with anything or if not, then just correct me and I’ll take COR correction anytime.

So anyway, thank you so very much. I love you guys and everyone have a good day and be blessed. 

Michelle: Well, I just wanna say, I hope that your electricity comes back soon, but man, I bet it’s your heart and your determination that got your question in here with us today.

And, um, yeah. I’m so deeply touched by, you know, everything that you brought forward. So a couple things that I wanted to speak to. First of all, The retrograde planets thing, which as a person with six retrograde planets in my natal chart, I’ve come to learn a lot about what the retrograde planets signify and.

In a sense, [00:07:00] I think of it from the evolutionary perspective, which is that this, the retrograde archetype is an intensification of the soul’s evolution. We, we see that Chi Chiron retrograde in tourists and understand that it’s ruled by Venus, which you were talking about all those planets in your fourth house.

Venus is one of them, and. That fourth house is ruled by Jupiter. And so there’s this very significant relationship between the wounds that maybe the string of failed relationships have led you, through, but the origins, where does that come from? You spoke a little bit about, you know, having family trauma and that’s one of my specialties I would say. And the reason why I think of it as a specialty is because [00:08:00] it takes a really courageous soul to wanna heal that and to wanna learn what it is. To love to learn how to truly be able to live in a relationship where you feel secure and safe to be yourself. And I love the acknowledgement of realizing that.

And that’s what made me wanna cry, that I’m learning that I didn’t know who I was or you know. What I want. Right? So this particular time in your life, I would say, is probably going to be one of the most profound times of learning how to love yourself, learning who you are, and then falling in love with yourself in the deepest way possible.

And I think it’s through that Chiron. And, uh, the reason why, if you wanna understand the astrological. Significance is that Chiron retrograde [00:09:00] suggests coming in with an accelerated program to learn about all things Venus. Venus, being loved, loving, being in relationship, but the roots of that home and family foundation, learning how to heal those and then becoming a teacher, a healer, and, You know, maybe I, it sounds like you’re a student of astrology.

What, maybe learning about also the finger of God, the ya that you spoke about. I think of that as being one of the most profound and important aspects because it’s pointing the legs of the yard are essentially, you know, what we’re working with. The energies that we’re working with, and it’s pointing in the direction that we are.

So don’t be afraid of Chiron. Don’t be afraid of Chiron retrograde. To me, it signifies that you are an incredible teacher and the lessons that you’ve come here to learn around loving yourself [00:10:00] and being in relationship. In a good way, right? Self valuing, self caring, honest relationships where you’re free to be yourself, where you can develop emotional security and attachment that comes from.

Feeling a sense of true safety. This might mean doing some deeper excavation work and healing to get to the roots of where that started from. And I think that that’s a part of why you’re here today with us. Um, but I do think that that’s reflected so significantly in the upcoming transits, both of Venus.

She just crossed your north node in the 12th house and she’s gonna be moving retrograde. So that intensification of the soul’s evolution. And then we have Jupiter who’s just go moving towards crossing [00:11:00] that natal Chiron and will also retrograde over that point. And they’re gonna form, A square, the, they already did the first square, but three times they’re gonna form a square in this, the next two times will be very close to these sacred points in your chart, the north node and your natal Chiron.

And to me, that indicates that there’s. Something being activated in your life right now that is pushing you towards healing those deeper, um, foundations, those roots so that you can learn about yourself in a new way and experience. It’s almost like receiving the curriculum for a masterclass that you are gonna be teaching yourself in.

10, 20, 30 years not to put any pressure on you because there’s no way for you to fail [00:12:00] in learning how to love yourself. 

Clarissa: I just wanna say like listening to Michelle has been a healing experience in itself.

Like I feel so much better and relaxed. So thank you for just everything, Michelle.

And oh, here’s my analysis on, on the same chart. That’s what I say. I’m just like, oh, like Frankie and Michelle 

yeah. No, I feel like juicy fruit right now. Just like totally like beautiful. So, okay, let’s talk about Kristy.

So a few things about this Kristy. I wanna just share and, and convey to you that I don’t think anything is wrong with you, period. And that you’re perfect the way you are. So let’s just put that out there right now before we begin the analysis. So in terms of the chameleon energy that you’re [00:13:00] talking about, your chart is wired harmonically to be a chameleon.

There are also indications in your chart for more helping people on masks or more groups of people helping people fulfill projects and goals, helping people in crises. Then there is something like a traditional one-on-one love relationship. I think that, I’m not gonna speak for everyone, but I think kind of just socially, there’s this idea or concept that we’re all supposed to have this monogamous, loving, one-on-one relationship and things like that.

I don’t think that’s personally true for everyone. So for you, let’s start reading your chart. First of all, you’ve got the signature for an astrologer, which is Mercury, Neptune. That’s one thing to note, but [00:14:00] when you’re talking about chameleon, you have chameleon energy, which is Uranus, Pluto. You’ve got Uranus conjunct your sun, Pluto, midpoint at 16 minute or.

And, Uranus, Pluto, why it’s chameleon is because Uranus is the present moment. Pluto is the compulsion. When you put that in together with the sun, it’s this, it, it feels like, oh my God, I need to transform for this moment. Oh my God, I need to do, like, there’s pressure. To adapt. And so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

As a Gemini rising, I’m like, get your adaptation on, right? Like there, that is a beautiful thing to do In terms of toxicity and toxic relationships, that’s kind of a different story. And it’s interesting, if you go to your seventh Harmonic, so there are harmonics that indicate monogamy, and the seventh harmonic is one.

Your highest harmonic. [00:15:00] Just so you know, Christie, one of ’em is 11, just like me. 11th harmonic is insatiable hunger. It’s like, it’s like it, it’s jumping out of a plane. It’s on the cutting edge of stuff. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it’s dangerous. It’s, like it’s not stable. And I’m not saying that you’re unstable.

I’m just saying that as 11th harmonic people. We are constantly on the move and constantly moving in general. So that’s another kind of background energy to, to highlight. Let’s go to your seventh Harmonic, which is that monogamy thing, which is that kind of one-on-one intimacy. It doesn’t have to be just in, in romantic relationships.

It’s one-on-one intimacy in general. Seventh Harmonic is focused, it’s serious. It, it contains things. It’s profound. It’s, it’s old, it’s sophisticated. It goes over and over again. It keeps trying to, [00:16:00] to, uh, master something. So for you, you’ve got Sun, Venus, lunar South Note Saturn, Venus in harmonic astrology.

It’s definitely a love current type of thing that you follow, but Venus also does, it does more than one thing. It does love and something else always. In Harmonic. So for you, like few things about this, okay. Lunar south node in the seventh Harmonic is disciplined, focused inner work conducted into or engineered for the community.

So basically it’s like doing all the details to doing all the tedious work to be a benefit to someone else, being in a cave typing, accounting, whatever. To, to help a group prosper. That’s a theme in your chart in different areas is to up rise people out of crisis, but also just [00:17:00] in general. It’s like, I, my, I’m here to serve you.

So in terms of like co codependency, I would like to reframe that and be like, service, it’s not, it’s not codependency necessarily. Um, it, so other things about this Venus, Saturn is nature period, and it’s raw nature. So it’s like going, I have lips on today, but typically I’m Venus, Saturn. I don’t be wearing makeup.

It’s organic. So there’s kind of like this, this organic sensibility, um, that need that you, according to the astrology, I would recommend, um, Not being like you’re the toxic relationship person, but actually thinking more on the lines of, does this person gel with me? Can I vibe on a regular, can I be in my pajamas with steak breath for a with [00:18:00] this person, or am I here to help them avert a crisis that’s gonna help you distinguish between long term romance.

And whether something is, is flighty. I hope that helps. 

Joe: I’m gonna bring Christie on the screen so we can get some feedback on how we did, today.

All right, Kristy, you’re up. 

Guest: Oh my goodness, you guys, 

Clarissa: I have cried. 

Guest: You guys have baby cried. I wish this wasn’t life cuz I needed to pause it. I’m gonna have to go back and pause you girls. Oh my gosh. You girls. Um, you guys nailed everything. 

You know, teaching other people and the masses. I have, that has been at my, my core, my, I’ve always felt it, my, my soul resonates with just the Chiron aspect, the story of Chiron, the injured healer, being in, still going back and, and, and healing those that sets with me so hard. [00:19:00] And I, in last. 10 years.

The last three years I haven’t done it, but for a while, for quite a while, I ran a sober living program for women and I helped them come out of prison and, and, and, and, you know, get into new houses. Not new houses, but you know, a new pattern of life. And it was just, it was. 

Clarissa: The busiest time of my life, 

Guest: but it was just so rewarding.

I just felt so at peace with life, and it didn’t have anything to do with me. It was just helping the others. So that is, thank you for that, the codependency remark, Clarissa. Thank you. Mm-hmm. 

Joe: I need, I needed 

Guest: that because that codependency word has hung on me so hard. And I feel like it’s a label and I, I can’t thank you enough for that.

 Because I’ve always been like, it’s not me. I’m not the one that’s got the problem. But then at the end of the day, the common denominator [00:20:00] is me. So I go in to work on what’s wrong with me. Because it’s gotta be something wrong with me. Right.

Joe: Oh man. I could keep 

Guest: going, but I know this is a time show. Thank you guys so very much. Yeah, no, it’s all good. 

Joe: Thank you, Kristy. Yeah, thank you so much, for being so vulnerable and being on camera, which I know is so difficult in sharing your story. =Like we’re all learning from it and, and it’s. It’s a reading for you as much as it is a reading for everybody here.

Michelle: You’ve already activated your Chiron master teacher because through your own vulnerability and your willingness to show up and share yourself, I am absolutely sure that you’ve impacted others and created a ripple effect of healing. And it’s like Chiron. Actually achieve one of the statuses of being a master teacher through the process of being so deeply [00:21:00] connected to nature, to, to the wound, being so close to the wound, but not ever letting it, um, prevent the desire to heal.

And in that respect, you’re not wounded. There’s nothing wrong with you. I agree with Clarissa in that reframe of. There you just have a mandate in this lifetime to be a healer. And so often when we have those mandates, we’re given curriculum or lessons or relationships or challenges that bring out the deepest part of our gifts, and that’s what I believe Kyron, reflects here.

Clarissa: Yeah. And I just wanna throw on, uh, you know, what, uh, Michelle is saying about Kyron? Chiron’s also resilient. Like you can’t take kyron down. And in terms of like you, I, I agree with Michelle. I think from a harmonic perspective, your chart is wired. To [00:22:00] be more of a service healer on mass, like for more groups of people, and you’ve got 27th Harmonic as some of your top five, which is universal healing.

Typically, people with 27th Harmonic, like you, Christie, they themselves are portals for healing. So a lot of those people who are attracted to you, it’s because they automatically heal in your presence. So I feel like for you, there’s a few things. I know this might not be popular and I do not want to leave you hanging here, but I don’t think everybody’s, uh, in their, our incarnation is here to be in a romantic relationship.

That’s some peoples soul story. I’m not saying like you can’t be in romantic relationships. Of course you can, but it’s like your higher soul story is like, another thing I would say here is make sure that you start dating people. Who are of service, that’s gonna be the people that you can be with on a long-term [00:23:00] level versus the people who kind of leached on your healing vibe.

So that’s all I gotta say. 

Guest: Thank you. Thank you for that. That was, oh, you girls are good. 

Joe: Of course. Christie. Oh my God. Thank you so much for joining us today. This was a gift to us all, that’s for sure. Oh, please. 

Clarissa: Any, any time please. I will be as 

Guest: raw and as vulnerable and cry my little cell on this camera.

I don’t care. 

Michelle: Keep studying astrology too, you know, with that signature. Yeah. Uh, that’s, that’s what happened to me. I became obsessed with astrology, and one thing led to another. I would’ve never thought that’s what I would be doing 

Guest: I can tell you right now, I’m not gonna stop for a while because I’m absolutely obsessed.

Clarissa: It’s just, 

Guest: and it’s just my chart. I haven’t even dug into anybody else’s yet. I printed my daughter’s, but I haven’t really looked at it cause I’m so busy with mine. So I’m here. I’m in the family for life. So y’all get 

Clarissa: scoot over.[00:24:00] 


Joe: y’all day. We’ll see you giving an interview on Astrology Hub as a powerhouse astrologer that you’ll become. Absolutely. Thanks guys. Of course. All right. So with that, I do wanna move on to the next question, but, . I, I also wanted to add that if you’d like to be featured on the episode, please go to astrology and send your questions.

 It, it’s so much better when we actually can have you on screen and we can have that back and forth as you all have witnessed right now. So it, I highly recommend it. 

” My Son and I Push Each Other’s Buttons. Any Advice for How I Can Show Up Better For Him?”

Joe: All right, so, the next question is one that came in earlier. It came from, uh, Sarah n p and Sarah n p asks my 17 year old, and I push each other’s buttons.

Any advice on how I can show up better for him is greatly appreciated. Um, and she gives us the birth information for both her and her [00:25:00] son. And, Clarissa, would you like to get us started with this one? Sure. 

Clarissa: Absolutely. Sarah mp. I’m gonna refer to you Sarah, as Sarah and your son as son cause I noted what your son’s name is.

Uh, apologize for that. Okay. So I just wanna start by, by sharing a little bit, I wanna about your T Harmonics. Both of you. Both of you guys have in your top harmonics the 16th Harmonic. Eight times two. This is hilarious in some capacity, uh, because the a her on it is all things square, like so semi square.

Seth Quadrat Square is time two. So action, action, action. It’s out there. So when we’re talking about butting heads, just that energy alones. Butt head, butt heads. [00:26:00] It’s meant to be actioned on. So you guys are both like, do works and that’s kinda interesting when we’re talking about parent, uh, child relationship.

And Dynamics here because you guys both have the same energy your son is like actually your son. Like legit, legit, you know, like, uh, a part of you. So let’s look at both of your eighth harmonics and see what’s going on here that could see you guys butting heads. Um, okay. I’m laughing because you’ve got Sun, you, Sarah Sun, mercury, Pluto, um, with the lunar South node, um, active.

And so for me, what I see with that in the eighth Harmonic, you’ve also got two Quin cos aspects. Okay? This is, this one’s really important. The Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Quinn Cons is in [00:27:00] your afar on it. Quinn K’s eighth Harmonic situations is aggressive transformation, meaning like eighth harmonic QU K’s people.

It’s like, oh dang, like I gotta do this again. Like I’m forced to step into a leadership role. I’m forced to transform this. You’ve got this with Venus, um, this with the Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. So it’s like, okay, once again, things are crumbling. I must construct something that is feasible here. So there’s that situation.

And also you’ve got Mercury, Venus, Mars. So typically you are a good conveyor of messages. Speaker, you can connect with people, teach and learn. So let’s pocket that while we look at your sons. So your son is, is, wow. So I can see already right off the bat [00:28:00] that you guys are fighting more because you have the same feisty energy period, but also because your son, and please forgive me, um, I’m not, I think your son’s awesome.

He’s got Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, so Mercury, Saturn, Pluto in the. It’s constantly analyzing, second guessing, and also thinking. I think many teenagers think that they’re know-it-alls, but I believe that potentially with your son, it might even be kind of even more highlighted than other, uh, teenagers. And so I think like the, the, but if you guys get into arguments about points like.

The end point of this, the end point of that, and this and that. Like, there’s no way that you’re not gonna butt heads. Let’s look at your fifth harmonic sin ashry to see how you guys can flow together, right? Because it’s all, it’s like I can see the arguments of [00:29:00] getting one up. Like no, you don’t know. And just like, uh, just like something like that.

So for you, um, Uh, you and your son in the fifth Harmonic. Fifth Harmonic is creative free flow. It’s when you get lost in what you’re engaged in that you like doing. It’s like the hours just pass by. Fifth Harmonic feels good. Fifth harmonic is awesome. So for you, this is like we, wow. Your son has just like Kristy Sun, mercury, Neptune in the fifth Harmonic astrology, you guys.

Can vibe on astrology or divination or weird sym symbology. So use that intellectual combat to actually, uh, look into simultaneous intellectual pursuits. Um, and I can talk about this. For so much longer, but I realize that we need to move on, and that’s just [00:30:00] one tidbit of the whole thing. So thank you Sarah, for letting me look into that.

Us look into it. 

Joe: Yeah. Thank you so much, Clarissa. You’re awesome. Michelle, do you have anything to add? 

Michelle: Yeah. Thank you Sarah, by the way. I just, I appreciate that all parent child relationships are, you know, soulmate relationships. Jeffrey Wolf Green refers to two types of soulmates, soulmates, and karma mates, and.

The main difference being whether or not we really consider it like a, a spiritual assignment. And I don’t know if you find that like parenting is your spiritual assignment, but the signatures that I see between you and your son, is, are fascinating. One, because there are a couple of repeated signatures.

One being Chiron, his natal Chiron conjunct your Mars. [00:31:00] And the other repetition of that signature is your natal Mars conjunct, his natal Chiron. So when we see that Mars Chiron dynamic, in Capricorn and Taurus for the two of you, we can. Look to where is Saturn, where Venus, and what are, why, why the conflict?

Right? You’re here asking us how could you better, you know, attend to the conflict. And so then I, I look to where, where the Venus is and where the Saturns are. And both of your Saturns you have, um, your north node on his Saturn and he has his Saturn. On your south node. So this points to me, to the resolution of this conflict, this karmic relationship where you’re learning how to respect each other’s boundaries, communicate [00:32:00] with a authority, with sovereignty, but also with grace.

And just thinking about, well, how do you each communicate? You’re, uh, Libra Moon, and that is really probably what’s driving you so deeply to want to harmonize with him, to want to get to him. But that comes at the connection of his son Mercury in Virgo, which often, you know, Virgo and Libra can misunderstand each other because Virgo can be trying to fix and solve.

The, the issue, while Libra is trying to solve and resolve the issue through the relationship, and it’s just that to come to realize that you both want the same thing and that you’re both trying to get there just in completely different ways. And the same thing is true for him. He’s got a, a Pisces. Moon, he doesn’t necessarily [00:33:00] know how to communicate with you when he goes into the need to fix something or to be right or to have the right answer.

It can lead to feeling alienated and cut off from his own authority, and that might come as like a. A power, um, conflict. But one way that you can support that is by softening do you need to be right? I. Can you let him take the lead and figure it out himself, even if it is triggering? This is one of those things where parenting, I mean, oh, I’m gonna cry.

You know, I often find myself in this little dynamic with my son and he thinks he’s right about something and. I, I know that he’s wrong, so I’m like trying to prove that I’m right about [00:34:00] it. But my partner said to me the other day, can you just let him be right? And it’s like, oh, man, what it’s gonna take for me to let one let go of my rightness to allow him to be wrong?

But trust him enough and love him enough that his wrongness doesn’t have anything to do with my rightness, and appreciate that this relationship is teaching me unconditional love. And it’s teaching me how to teach a boy to be a man without having to dominate him or control him or tell him who he is, but let him figure himself out.

And so anyways, I offer those reflections because there’s a way you can learn to communicate with him. Where he can learn to feel like he doesn’t have to fix himself or change [00:35:00] himself, but he can also be wrong and he can make mistakes. And you know, I, I think it’s like you learn how to work with your desire.

To control and, and find as that he has enough freedom to kind of fumble around, and that is one of the gifts that parenting can give. You know, we don’t prevent our children from making mistakes. We just unlock from the challenge of preventing their soul from realizing the gift that it has. Does that make sense?

Joe: Yeah, absolutely. Oh my God, Michelle,

I could go on a whole parenting thing too, because I had, I have the same thing with my mom going on and Yeah. But we’ll save that for another day. 

Michelle: These are hard lessons. They’re so tender. I mean, like, [00:36:00] I feel like I’m really learning and mine is only nine, you know, but he’s also one of the most loving and.

Sweet and incredible boys in the world. And it’s like, I want him to know himself as that, and I wanna learn how to get outta my own way. So thank you Sarah, for the courageous and fearless parenting of, um, you know, a boy in this world and how, how much it takes to be a parent and show up with love and change and learn how to, you know.

Be responsible for these little souls in the 

Joe: world. Yeah, and Sarah is saying, I’m crying right now, Michelle. You’re so right about everything. I can’t fix everything, but Oh, how I try. 

Michelle: Oh God. If I could fix everything, the world would be a much better 

Joe: place. Oh my God. It would be a great place. Oh my God.

And [00:37:00] Sarah says, yes, yes, yes. 


Joe: All right guys. We are coming at time today, so we don’t have any time for. Another question, but if you loved Michelle and if you loved Clarissa, you can one book a reading with them or two. You can just hop on right to Astrology hub, uh, and you see her little green light on.

You literally just click it and you call and you have a, a great old time but again, you can also book a reading if you’d like to, to do it, a little bit later. And, final thoughts. Oh yes. And if you want to be on this next episode. Go to astrologer and uh, you will get a chance of be getting, getting featured On next episode and next episode actually I’ll be, one of the astrologers.

We’ll be doing a little bit of a switch route. Uh, Amanda will be hosting and I’ll be here with Sheridan Sample and myself, [00:38:00] and we’ll be talking about. All questions, all questions will be allowed because you, you guys, we did the Saturn and Pluto retrograde episode. We did the Venus Retrograde episode, and we’ve been through pretty much every single area of life at this point.

So we’re like, you know what? You guys have so many questions. Let’s just open the floodgates and let them all come. So this Friday at 4:00 PM. Any question is allowed, so please either, uh, send it to astra or just come on over and we’ll have a little chat. But with that, I think that is all for today, guys.

Michelle, Clarissa, do you have any last thoughts, parting words or anything? Oh, 

Michelle: thanks so much, Joe. This was so much fun. I really am just, and I love that your episode is like the wild card episode. 

Joe: With my, uh, Uranus Mercury Opposition Rising, it’s like, let’s go 

Michelle: Marissa. I cannot wait to find out what my [00:39:00] harmonics.

Sorry I’m coming 

Clarissa: to you. I can’t wait to get like a reading from you. It was just so much fun. I know. Like, Hey, what’s. Okay. I’m not even gonna share my chart details now cause I’m like, 

Joe: oh my God, you guys are amazing. Thank you so much for spending some time with me today. It, this is honestly like my favorite episode so far.

So powerful. Thank you guys so much. 


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