[STARRYTELLING] Visible, Invisible… does it matter?  w/ Gemini Brett

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In this StarryTelling episode, Gemini Brett and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss…Visible, Invisible… does it matter?

You’ll discover…
  • More about the Sacred Astronomy course, including an insider look at the lessons and animation that brings the lessons to life.
  • About why having a direct experience with the planets could be the reason why our ancestors gave more importance to the visible planets and for many of the “rules” we’re being taught today in modern Astrology.
  • Why rules in astrology are not always so black and white, and how experiencing your astrology will help you understand why the rules were written in the first place.

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Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers

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Learn to bridge the chart with the living sky and anchor the astrological wisdom in your body-mind.

This is not a nerdy science class. This is the sacred science. You will be guided through an initiation into embodying the mysteries of the heavens here on Earth.


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