[STARRYTELLING] Lunar Nodes and the Draconic Bowl w/ Gemini Brett

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In this StarryTelling episode, Gemini Brett and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss…Lunar Nodes and the Draconic Bowl 

You’ll discover…
  • Details about Brett’s upcoming course, Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers, and what students can expect from this unique learning experience.
  • What the Draconic Bowl looks like in the chart, and how this energy may manifest in life with a series of noticeable ups and downs.
  • The mythic story of the Lunar Nodes and how this tale is revealed in the sky.

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Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers

with Astrologer & Sacred Astronomy Master Gemini Brett

Learn to bridge the chart with the living sky and anchor the astrological wisdom in your body-mind.

This is not a nerdy science class. This is the sacred science. You will be guided through an initiation into embodying the mysteries of the heavens here on Earth.



  1. Alette Ohnemus on March 18, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    I almost feel reluctant to share because I am so not into feeling like a victim and believe that one can always ‘make a plan.’ The truth of the matter however is that I live in South Africa. Even though I have been managing to find a way around our crime situation and basically feel free as a bird, for the first time I am feeling affected by our crime because I cannot join you and your star gazing. I probably live in the safest place in SA, but I still cannot just go outside into the street and look up at the night skies, especially as a single woman/widow. It is not safe. Especially since 2020, the crime has escalated 10 fold. I used to be able to access my balcony between tenants, but since AirBnB collapsed I got a permanent tenant and that option is also no longer there. I try and peep out of my lounge window but get small glimpses and cannot freely explore as you do. I grew up as a child in a home where I could see the night sky and had a dad who often took us on holidays to the bush and taught us about the stars. But now I can’t enjoy it like you do. I put up many faerie lights in my house, paste glow stars against my ceiling and occasionally look at the stars through my walls on my phone’s App, to give me a feeling that I’m not losing out. But I am afraid, listening to you here makes me realise that I am losing out when it comes to this and I have to accept that I cannot Star Gaze. For now, anyway. Hopefully my sharing helps you to appreciate your Star Gazing even more and to never take it for granted!

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