Author & Speaker Charles Eisenstein + Founder of Astrology Hub, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh


  • Boundaries, values, and what’s worth preserving in this current cycle of death and rebirth.
  • How unconscious choices are manifesting in our conscious environments and the choice we have in how we respond.
  • The sovereignty we’ve been called into, and the potential sacrifice that comes with this call.
  • The importance of being open to differing perspectives so we can co-create a world that works for all.

Charles Eisenstein is a public speaker and author. His books included titles like Sacred Economics, The Better World our Hearts Know is Possible & The Ascent of Humanity. According to Eisenstein, global culture is immersed in a destructive “story of separation,” and one of the main goals of his work is to present an alternative “story of interbeing.” Much of his work draws on ideas from Eastern philosophy and the spiritual teachings of various indigenous peoples.


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