[SPECIAL EDITION] The Coronavirus + Uranus in Taurus’ Message for This Time

A Conversation with Evolutionary Astrologer, Natasha Alter
They Cover…
  • How the current global transition is reflecting the resilience of life in uncertain times.
  • Helpful responses to Uranus in Taurus’ request to re-evaluate what your true values are.
  • How the cosmic energy invites us to find solutions that heal the Earth as well as ourselves.


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  1. Kim Tymkow on March 28, 2020 at 5:09 pm

    Thank you Amanda! This conversation is so very enlightening for me as I have pondered what Uranus moving into Taurus means. The revaluing of most exchanges we do as humans is so exciting, revaluing all our belongings. We have seen everything in the last 40 years cheapened. my understanding is we collectively must decide together, at once! We need a new currency and we will either leave the current system or find a way to integrate our way of sharing and spreading necessities, food, shelter, clothing, Love! We are on the way ,I believe, every injection we can give to this collective awakening is It.

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