Every planet but the Sun and Moon turns retrograde. And when it does, that planet will act contrary to its nature. Now, one would think that Saturn turning retrograde would be a good thing. Famous for being the planet of trials and tribulations, a Saturn retrograde might be considered a grace period when life is stress-free. But a Saturn retrograde is a bit like a prisoner who wakes up one morning to discover that their jail door is wide open.

Is this an opportunity to make your escape or are you walking into a trap? Right now, there's a certain emotional obligation or burden that's been eating up a lot of time and energy, and in the next couple of weeks, you will have an opportunity to offload it.

Part of you will be delighted at the idea, but another part of you may hesitate—if not balk altogether. It will be hard to tell which is better: the hell you know or the heaven you don’t, but then again, that's what a Saturn retrograde is all about. Saturn will be retrograde from June 29th to November 15th.

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