You're used to bickering friends and competitive colleagues but this week's fracases take things to a whole new level. What's gotten into everyone? Blame it on the Mars/Pluto conjunction on February 14 followed by Venus/Pluto conjunction on February 17. The stakes are always life and death when Pluto is involved which is what's fanning all the enmity. Thank heavens you don't have a planet in this fight so you can sit this one out. Nevertheless, people will be turning to you for support and validation. Be there for them but don't choose sides because friendships that look doomed today could rise from the ashes tomorrow.


  1. Suzanne on February 18, 2024 at 6:51 pm

    the dates for Sag say Feb 12 to Feb 18th but you do mean 19 th to 25th, right ?

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