Mars enters Aries on April 30th, but no sooner does it take up residence in its own sign than it will form a sensational sextile to Pluto in Aquarius on May 3rd, making this an auspicious date for any launch, ask, or daring move you have in mind.

The general rule for these planetary energies is “the bolder, the better.” Mars is famous for pushing the envelope as far as it will go, and Pluto is notorious for staring down its opponents —forcing them to blink first.

It’s not for the typically faint of heart, but it may be a time when the faint of heart show off what they’re truly made of — much to the consternation of bullies, cynics, and know-it-alls.

That said, be careful about being too relentless — especially when it comes to changing the minds of people who may not be in agreement with you at first.

Aggressive isn’t the same as confident, and understanding the difference between these two is paramount to your future success. You want to win people over, not steamroll them where they stand.

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