Shamanic Astrology

Over the course of 12 modules, you’ll learn about each of the planets through lessons and guided meditations, so that you can harness each planet’s unique energy to step into your power and heal your deepest wounds. Discover how to use the planets to access new realms of consciousness, healing, and spiritual guidance. By using the ancient tools of our ancestors to understand the planets and stars as living forces of consciousness, and by combining the methods of shamanism with the art and science of astrology, you’ll discover your soul’s purpose and deeply connect with our Planetary Allies.


INSTRUCTORS: Donna Woodwell

DURATION: 12 weeks


12 Hours of Downloadable Video Lessons in 10 Modules, Audio Lessons, PDF Transcripts of Every Video, Individual Membership Portal, Guided Meditation Visualization Audios, Shamanic Astrology for Professionals, Electional Astrology 101


  • Module 1: Re-enchanting Your Worlds: The Missing Link in Modern Astrology
  • Module 2: How to Work with Your Planetary Allies to Accomplish Any Goal
  • Module 3: The Sun Chronicles
  • Module 4: The Magical Moon
  • Module 5 & 6: Planet Trancing, Part 1 & 2
  • Module 7: Mercury: Winged Messenger of God
  • Module 8: Venus: Goddess of Love
  • Module 9: Mars: Planet of Passion
  • Module 10: Jupiter: Planet of Luck
  • Module 11: Saturn: Planet of Karma
  • Module 12: “New Planets” Uranus, Neptune and Pluto