Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers with Gemini Brett


Have you always felt enchanted by the night sky?

Are you curious about how the movements in the sky correlate with what you see in the astrological chart… and how this impacts your interpretations? 

If so, you're invited on a journey into sacred space with our latest course, Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers, Level 1!

Many of the great astrologers of our time don't know this astronomical side to our craft because astrology and astronomy have in a sense, long been divorced.

But when we “re-nature” our craft by remembering how to see the sky in the chart and the chart in the sky, we will remember the roots of the rules and the proofs of the astrological equations we use, resulting in an embodied practice of astrology.

Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers w/ Gemini Brett




• 24+ Hours of Teachings facilitated by your teacher, Gemini Brett ($447 value)
• Video, audio, and transcript format
• Beautiful, informative illustrations and dynamic animations to support your understanding of the sky on the computer screen and on the big screen of the sky
• Short, digestible lessons
• 6 Prerecorded Q&As for each chapter ($107 value)
• Weekly Sky Practice videos and embodiment exercises to practice under the sky and help you anchor your learning ($47 value)
• Quizzes for each module to help test your understanding of the material. ($27 value)
• A Quick Reference Astronomical Glossary ($31 value)

• An Online Study Group to connect with your teacher Gemini Brett personally and your peers to compare notes ($57 value)
• A Tutorial Video from Gemini Brett on “How to use Stellarium as part of your astrological practice” ($7)
• A Nighttime Sky Practice to kickstart your journey of learning Astronomy ($47 value)
• An hour-long StarryTelling of the Perseus & Medusa story ($37 value)
• A video overview of astronomy apps for iPhone ($20 value)


Chapter 1 – The Circle of Spirit – What in the Heavens is the Zodiac? (2 hours, 23 minutes) After covering which parts of an astrology chart are astronomical and which are not, we'll journey out to space to embrace the ecliptic, the plane of the Earth-Sun relationship. You'll learn how the constellations of the zodiac are defined and Gemini will reveal many tricks that will help you learn how to see them in the sky. You'll discover why constellations are different than Signs and will be introduced to the three popular Zodiac cosmologies of our time: Constellational, Sidereal, and Tropical.  A. The Three Parts of the Philosophy – Spirit, Soul, and Matter – 14:51 B. A Map of the Soul and a Map of the Sky- the Astronomical Parts of your Astrology Chart – 24:28 C. One Ring to Rule them All – The Ecliptic Plane and the Constellations of the Zodiac – 21:53 D. Getting Centered – Heliocentric vs. Geocentric Cosmologies and why both are Necessary to Sacred Astronomy – 28:11 E. Connecting the Dots – Learning to see the Zodiac Constellations in the Sky – 24:58 F. Stars and Stripes – Essential Differences between Constellations and Signs – 12:55 G. The Three Zodiacs: Constellational, Sidereal, and Tropical – 15:14 Chapter 2 – The Cross of Matter – the Astrological Angles, Quadrants, and Houses (3 hours, 35 minutes) In this module, we will put our feet on the ground and engage the energies of the cardinal directions to understand the heavenly motion that is often least understood by astrologers even though it is certainly the easiest one to witness in our sky. The mysteries of the angles, quadrants, and heavenly houses you will learn to embody and integrate through the transmissions of these lessons will upgrade your astrology instantaneously.  A. The Primary Motion – Earth's daily rotation, the World Tree, and the Circle of Matter  – 12:53 B. The Wheel in the Sky – the Celestial Poles and Equator, the Lataltitude principle, and the Northern versus Southern Hemisphere Experiences of the Heavens – 45:34

  • Lesson 2 Addendum: with added resources for Southern Hemisphere students – 35:34

C. Rise, Reach, Rest, Root – The Astrological Angles and Quadrants – 30:53 D. Hidden Things – Why the 12th is First, but also Last for this “Sunwise” Motion – 21:44 E. I'll Follow The Sun – The Heavenly Houses as Described by the Sun's Daily Dance – 33:30 F. Aligning with the Directions – How to Build a Medicine Wheel or Simple Sundial and how to Work with it by Night and by Day – 18:18 G. Seeing the MidHeaven – a Powerful Practice for beginning to see the Chart in the Sky – 16:48 Chapter 3 – The Signs of Time – The Very Real Astronomy of the Tropical Zodiac (3 hours, 28 minutes) Now that we understand the motions of the year and the day, we'll find the design of the Tropical Zodiac is simply and elegantly based on the way they interface. The glyphs we use to represent the Signs will be your guides as you learn why the Tropical Zodiac is so much more than a seasonal device. Let us take back the very real astronomy of the Tropical Zodiac!  A. Time & Place – The Whole and the Particular – 21:15 B. The Solar Serpent, Declination, Right Ascension, and Northern vs. Southern Signs – 29:46 C. The Gemini and Cancer Glyphs – Altitude, Azimuth, and Antiscia – 42:15 D. The Virgo and Libra Glyphs – The Directional Zodiac – 27:35 E. The Sagittarius and Capricorn Glyphs – The Tilt and the Tropics – 21:46 F. The Pisces and Aries Glyphs – the Ram-Horn Rise of the Eastern sky and why it Challenges the Accepted History of the Zodiac's Origins – 10:30 G. The Sun on the Year Cross – Passover, EASTer (Eostre), the Global Ascendant, and the Turning of the Ages – 54:20 Chapter 4 – The Crescent of Soul – The Astronomy of the Astrological Aspects as Reflected by the Phases of the Moon (3 hours, 52 minutes) In these lessons, you will learn to see how the teachings of Modules one, two, and three are clearly reflected in the mirror of the Moon as she waxes and wanes and travels through the constellations and Signs by month and the houses by day. The Moon's ever-changing smile will teach you to see opening and closing phases as well as applying and separating aspects in the sky. You'll also meet Black Moon Lilith and the Lunar Nodes who will teach you about the types and timings of Eclipses.  A. Reception and Reflection – The Celestial Midwife – 26:45 B. The Light That Ebbs and Flows – The Moonthly Dance of Spirit & Soul – 44:05 C. How High The Moon, but also How Low – So Many Sky Games To Play As Moon Waxes & Wanes – 47:14 D. Near & Far – Perigee, Apogee, and Lunar Speed – 18:28 E. Enter the Dragon – Introduction to the Sacred Astronomy of Lunar Nodes & Eclipses – 27:55 F. How Many Moons? – On Twelve & Thirteen and Why Keeping Soul Time Is Not A Simple Thing – 38:27 G. The Way of 19 Rays – Synchronizing The Rhythms of Silver & Gold – 28:57 Chapter 5 – Celestial Choreography – Synodic Cycles of the Stars and Planets including Retrograde Periods (5 hours, 25 minutes) In this module, you'll see how almost everything you've learned about the cycles of the Moon applies to Planet and Star cycles too. You’ll further your understanding of how every Planet is absolutely unique, but you’ll also see why and how they are grouped into teams. Regardless of whether they travel on the inner or outer tracks, you’ll learn why Earth and Sun set the pace of the race and determine whether the celestial chariots travel direct or retrograde.     A. Relationship to Relationship – Taking a Look Through The Other's Eyes and Solving The Thirteen Sign Crime – 36:35 B. Good Grammar – Applying vs. Separating Aspects, Opening vs. Closing Phases, and Why We Speak The Name Of The Faster Moving Planet First – 47:52 C. Star Cycles – Keeping The Year With The Heliacal Settings & Risings of the Fixed Stars – 34:47 D. Planetary Phases – Morning Star, Evening Star, or Under The Beams – 19:42 E. Planetary Crews – Inner or Outer; Terrestrial, Giant, or Dwarf? Planetary Composition, Distance, Periodicity, Eccentricity, Obliquity, and Much more – 31:14 F.  The Great Chariot Race – The Synodic Cycles of The Exerior Planets – 47:10 G. Interior Decorators – The Synodic Cycles of Mercury & Venus – 30:15

  • Interior Decorators Part 2 [Longer Version, Directors Cut] – 1:18:33

Chapter 6 – The Teachings of the Temple – The Sky in the Chart and the Chart in the Sky (5 hours, 5 minutes) The transmissions of module six will help you solidify and integrate the astronomical amount of embodied astrology you've learned in only five weeks time. You'll be able to clearly see your progress reflected in the chart and in the sky and, most importantly, you'll truly understand how the two are one and the same though playing these simple, but profoundly powerful sacred astronomy games. Gemini will show you how to find and align with your guiding lights.  A. The Ascendant as the Rudder (OIAX) – Learn to find your Shamanic Direction – 36:10 B. The Leaning Meridian – Why Chart Quadrants are almost always unequal and an introduction to Porphyry Houses – 27:56 C. The Bending of the Ecliptic – the Nonagesimal and Equal and Whole Sign Houses  – 21:54 D. Straight and Crooked Signs – Signs of Long and Short Ascension – 34:36 E. Peeking Through the Veil – How to find the Ascendant through the Trees – 30:08 F. Diana Midwifes Apollo's Birth on Earth – Looking into Moon's Mirror to see through the Sun's Beams – 50:48 G. Your Guiding Stars – Your Parans and Projections and How to Connect with their Directions – 42:01

  • Your Guiding Stars, Part two – 1:01:28