Reframing the Zodiac Signs w/ Frank Clifford

Are you ready to shed disempowering beliefs and step into a new view of yourself that honors you truly are? 

The Reframing the Zodiac Signs workshop gets straight to the heart of each sign and teaches you how to look at your chart in an inspired and grounded way to better understand your personal journey and become who you were born to be.

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INSTRUCTORS: Frank Clifford

DURATION: 120 Minutes


• Access to the 2-Hour Workshop ($57 value)
• A 30-Minute Q&A session ($27 value)
• Lifetime Access to the Recording of the live event in Video, Audio & Transcript formats ($57 value)
• The complete Slide Deck in PDF format ($27 value)
• A PDF Handout with summaries of the teachings for quick reference ($27 value)
• A whole new perspective on your Zodiac Sign that will feel refreshing, affirming, and empowering (Priceless!)



In this 2 hour workshop with Q&A, you'll discover:

  • Frank Clifford’s empowering approach to the zodiac
  • How to fully embrace the beauty of your sign
  • How important your Sun sign is for understanding your personal journey
  • As well as how to make choices that make your heart sing in your relationships, career, health, family and more.