Lunar Consciousness & The Lunar Keys w/ Bronwyn Simons

Learn how to tune into the Lunar Phases to enhance your life

Bronwyn Simons reveals the power of the lunar cycles and how the moon guides us on a spiral path of healing in this Mastery Class. Bronwyn teaches you how to watch and tune in to the lunar cycle so you can have a complete sense of time, the significance of each phase of the moon through each distinctive Lunar Key, and ways you can incorporate her lessons in daily life and apply them to other planetary cycles.

Lunar Consciousness & The Lunar Keys Bronwyn Simons Astrology Hub

INSTRUCTORS: Bronwyn Simons

DURATION: 2+hours


1, 120-minute pre-recorded Mastery Class in audio, video, and transcript format ($57 value)
1, 50-minute pre-recorded Q&A session in video, audio, and transcript format ($47 value)
Cliffs Notes ($27 value)



  • Lunar consciousness and how it is different from Solar consciousness
  • How linear time differs from cyclical time and why the Moon is the greatest teacher of cyclical time
  • Exploring the eight major lunar phases and the eight lunar keys to embodying the energies of each phase
  • Some personal practices to enliven your own lunar consciousness and develop your own intimacy with the Moon
  • Different chart examples of the upcoming Moon phases to bring it all together.