Perhaps one of the most potent lunations of the year, the October 2017 Full Moon in Aries is a tightly interwoven collection of planet energies that offer no simple answers, only yearning. window.addEventListener(‘LPLeadboxesReady’,function(){LPLeadboxes.setExitIntent(‘14269aff3f72a2:9447e3ade’,{dontShowFor:’1d’});});

Savor Zodiac Poetess Cristina’s elegant summary of this complex Moon

“Some of us might feel as though we have reached our boiling point – brimming with necessity, impatient, perhaps frustrated, ready to step into our warrior gear and take a stand for ourselves and the direction we want to head in. In this forceful, combustible atmosphere, things might escalate real, real quick.

“And yet, adopting a binary, sterile mindset of antagonism, and dissipating our energies in pointless altercations, is only going to push us backwards, far away from the reassuring, inspiring flicker of our dreams and hopes.

…We want to open up the gates and allow that lavic flow of pure, unadulterated passion to propel us forward.

…We want to channel our wrath, our will, our fire into a meaningful direction.

…We want to feel our emotions unconditionally, all the way through, without using them as weapons.

…We want to respond, not to react.

…We want to psychologically awaken, not to commit psychological, moral, spiritual suicide.

“Our fire is precious and life-sustaining, and we need to direct it wisely, so that it may unblock our path without causing unnecessary damage to ourselves and others. Self-discipline and resilience might be necessary tools at the time of this Full Moon, in order to come out of it truly empowered.”

Let’s dive in and see what other astrologers from around the web have…

Aries Full Moon

In a typical year, there’s one New Moon per Zodiac sign, followed six months later by a Full Moon in the same sign. At the New Moon, seeds are planted for what comes to fruition at the Full.  For this Aries Full Moon, we’re reaping what was sown earlier this year in March.

“A Full Moon always brings situations and emotions to a head. Aries’ harvest is impulsive and impassioned, throwing caution (and sometimes social niceties) to the wind. Relationship issues are always in the mix, with the Sun opposite in the sign that rules them, Libra. An Aries Full Moon lights up (and sometimes inflames) the passions, balancing the individual against the partner, or the union.”

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

“Fire is energy in motion – the spark of inspiration, the ardor of prophetic vision, the impulse that triggers action. It cleanses us, purifies us, burns away the debris, bursts through the obstacles that stand in our way. In a similar fashion, the Aries Full Moon, in the most reckless, action-oriented of the Fire signs, is all about the poignant, impetuous release of energy that breaks the dams of our inner constraints, allowing us to stand in our truth, shining our identities into full-on radiance.”

Cristina, Zodiac Poetry

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To speak, or stay silent…

The typical go-and-don’t-look-back impulsivity of the Aries Full Moon is hampered by an indecisive Mercury in Libra and a brooding Pluto in Capricorn.

Caught between conflicting messages between your head and your heart? You may not be alone as Mercury opposes the Aries Full Moon.

“The conjunction between Sun and Mercury in Libra, opposing the Moon, suggests that the verbalization of such layered feelings will be almost unavoidable; we will be tasked with reaffirming our stance and purpose, through action and words – honestly, unapologetically. However, given the amount of pushy, confrontational energy in the sky, debate is more likely to fall into argument than usual.”

Cristina, Zodiac Poetry

“Moon opposite Mercury creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The restlessness creates great drive and a state of flux like the tides washing in and out. This can make for a very creative, self-purifying energy with a huge need to communicate the fluctuating moods to a wider audience. … This high-strung energy needs plugging into something creative in order to channel its nervous, restlessness.”

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology

And, as Sun and Moon square Pluto, even ordinary situations may take on a winner-take-all edginess. If you’re not willing to play, steer clear of the game. If you can.

“A Full Moon square Pluto can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior as deeply buried feelings are exposed. It is difficult to control such intense emotions or reactions. Power struggles with authority figures, family or partners are possible and you or they may become quite ruthless. Jealousy, manipulation, guilt tripping, bullying or sexual abuse are possible. Whether you are the perpetrator or victim in any relationship crisis, challenges can be turned into an opportunity to transform and evolve.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

“Any of those reactions comes with an undeniable urge to continue reshaping the foundations of your life and connections. That’s from [another] factor injecting this Full Moon with uncommon textures and nuance: the Sun and the Moon making a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn.

“This configuration provides an avenue for expression and release of the standoff between reason (the Sun) and emotion (the Moon), between other people (Libra) and the self (Aries). Each extreme is bearing down on Pluto in Capricorn, the cosmic agent of unavoidable change, in the sign of our infrastructures, institutions and traditions.

“The pressure is creating another round of tectonic shifts. Resistance is futile. This process is subject to forces outside mortal control. Foundations and structures are undergoing metamorphosis. Long-term goals and ground rules are evolving — just as we are evolving, and as our connections with each other are as well.”

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

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Yes, but…

These aspects would make an ordinary Full Moon pack a punch. But this Moon is far from ordinary.

Just two hours prior to the Aries Full Moon, Mars and Venus – rulers of the Aries and Libra – made their annual rendezvous in discerning Virgo.  Mars is young and vigorous, rising out of the Sun’s beams at his once-every-two-years heliacal rising; Venus, demure in Virgo, slowly sinks back into the Sun’s beams after shining through the summer months in her brilliant morning glory.

When Venus meets Mars, “your desire for intimate relations [increase]. Driven by an intense need for sexual satisfaction, you can become very direct in your search for a mating partner. Increased charisma and popularity make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. This is an ideal time for both romance and making new friends. You will also find satisfaction in creative activities. This is a good time to start works of art, especially those combining the physical and emotional such as dance or sculpture.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

The Lovers’ desire is intensified by the Pluto’s obsessive gaze.

“Mars and Venus trine Pluto adds intensity and passion to relationships and those things which bring you joy and satisfaction. You should feel more deeply about loved ones in general but especially with your partner. This is a good time for intimate relations due to your increased desire for love and affection. Sexual relations will especially benefit from your increased passions. You can be assertive and direct in achieving your desires while still maintaining harmony. This is a great time to stand up and be counted and to eliminate any obstacles that have hindered success.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

When Venus and Mars meet, they’re usually more interested in one another than anything else (especially with Pluto in the mix) However, a square to Saturn (and a wide opposite to Neptune) could feel like a sobering cold shower that shatters the fantasy.

“Mars and Venus square Saturn can add stress to intimate relationships due to negative feelings, distance or other relationships problems. Your desires and needs may grow stronger, yet you will find it harder to express your passions and succeed. Putting in the extra effort will avoid the risk of relationship dramas. Although keeping motivated might be hard and you would prefer relaxing, you will need to work hard to keep your relationships in harmony. This is no time to ignore your responsibilities, especially for loved ones. The best approach now is a defensive one. Patience and plodding hard work will get you there.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

“Normally, Mars/Venus suggests favorable results. However, Mars/Venus will be applying to a square with Saturn; the square between Venus and Saturn will perfect on Oct. 8, and Mars/Saturn will perfect on Oct. 11.

“There will be a very narrow range of acceptable behavior. One truth will be hard and clear, as you’re confronted with the inherent limits of a situation. This could manifest (in a few days’ time) as the rigid consequences of Neptune’s illusion/lies.

“This Moon will expose some interesting information, but you’ll have to pay close attention to the facts. Truth versus lies will be important, and Saturn will insist on a strict code. You may get what you want, but the results will be limiting. Maybe success weighs you down with extra work. Maybe there’s a formal relationship commitment with rigidly defined roles. This doesn’t mean the results will be negative (necessarily), it just means you’ll have to follow the rules/do your duty/work with what you’ve been given.”

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

The lighten-ing crack

The final in the series of three oppositions of Jupiter to Uranus still lingers at the Aries Full Moon, a last-call for Uranian downloads to upgrade your sense of your place in the divine plan.

“Jupiter opposite Uranus is the last aspect worth noting. Yet again this aspect brings opportunities for success but also a risk of losing it all by being selfish or greedy. You may feel a strong urge to rebel against anything stopping you from having fun and doing what you want. It gives a tendency to totally renew and start afresh. However, the more extreme the change then the harder it is for you and your loved ones to adjust to the new conditions.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

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Other considerations

In astrology, there’s always more to explore, that can add nuance to the cosmic forecast. A few astrologers have mentioned this Aries Full Moon…

Minor aspects

The word “aspect” derives from a root meaning “to see” or “to behold.” Planets in the traditional Ptolemaic aspects are those which can “see” one another – they have something in common by their sign’s element, modality or polarity.

The minor aspects known as the inconjunct (quincunx, 150 degrees) and semi-sextile (30 degrees), are unique in that planets in signs with these relationships have nothing in common. They have a tough time seeing eye-to-eye, so to speak, since they lack common ground. Astrologers call them “aspects” which call for adjustments to be made.

At this Aries Full Moon, illusive Neptune makes a semi-sextile to the Moon, and an inconjunct to the Sun.

“The Sun and Mercury also make a questionable inconjunct to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This could be a lie that someone pushes out into the open. Or, there may be a battle for the truth that ends up being totally misguided – the inconjunct’s disconnect ensures that communication (Mercury) will be unconsciously undermined by something in the blind spot.” 

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

“Sun quincunx Neptune makes us prone to dissolving! So those touched by this Full Moon may have great difficulty holding onto their ego. Boundaries between ourselves and others are blurry and some are able to absorb the collective unconsciousness like a sponge. There is a proclivity to escapism and all forms of addictions. This is because physical sensitivity to the pain in the real world is so great. Some people could suffer health problems due to their lack of ‘armor’ from external penetration, psychically or physically. Others can be too self-sacrificial, devoting themselves entirely to a person or cause.”

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology

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Fixed Stars

Darkstar Astrology’s Marina Macario explores the fixed stars near the Aries Full Moon:

“Fixed star Alderamin is in the right shoulder of the king. Most of the constellation Cepheus (The King) aligns with Aries decan 2 (Six of the 14 stars) which suits this very regal decan just fine.

“[Though] Alderamin is the largest star in Cepheus, it doesn’t get a specific write up by Vivian Robson. Instead, he says Cepheus in general ‘gives authority and a sober mind, sometimes making its natives judges or arbitrators, but exposes to cruel and severe trials.’

“Bernadette Brady, on the other hand, writes that ‘Alderamin symbolizes balanced male energy, in harmony with the feminine and the Earth, [infusing it with the more] focused, concentrated energy of the masculine, rather than the more passive, intuitive energy of the feminine. It is the version of kingship represented in Celtic myths of the King who willingly returns his body to the soil in order to fertilize his culture. Strong, but in harmony with life. The star is associated with gentle power, focused and forceful but not aggressive.’

“We see an element of melancholy and resigned sacrifice for the good of the whole. This is not a King who is about service to his own egoistical ambitions, despite the burning solar energy of this decan as a whole.”

Sabian Symbols

Astrologers have also devised systems which assign meaning to each specific degree of the Zodiac. The Sabian Symbol, the most popular system of the 20th Century, associated with the Aries Full Moon is: “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest.”

In his commentary on the symbols, astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote that he saw this as a “Symbol of an immature refusal to conform, in the name of an over-idealistic desire for harmony and peace.” His keywords: “Adolescent Frustration.”

Lunar Mansion

Skywatchers talked of 28-sign lunar Zodiac, which charted the shifting Moon across the background of stars each night, millennia before conceiving the familiar 12-sign solar Zodiac. In Western astrology, the lunar Zodiac survives as the “Mansions of the Moon.”

The Aries Full Moon falls at the very end of Lunar Mansion 1, which Arab astrologers named Al Sharatain. So I could remember it better, I nicknamed it “The Lance”; it’s a time to passionately pursue a course of action, without reservation.

Since the Moon is at the very end of the Mansion, later astrologers would call it a “critical degree,” a moment of special importance since the lunar tides are shifting.

Summing it Up

It’s a challenge to “sum up” such a complicated Full Moon. You may have to simply sit with the intense, but contradictory energies and emotion and observe how they make you feel. There are no easy solutions here.

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Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: September New Moon in Virgo
Next Moon Phase: October New Moon in Libra

September Full Moon Times and Dates:

San Francisco: Thursday, Oct. 5, 11:40 a.m. PDT
New York: Thursday, Oct. 5, 2:40 p.m. EDT
São Paulo: Thursday, Oct. 5, 3:40 p.m. BRDT
London: Thursday, Oct. 5, 7:40 p.m. BST
Istanbul: Thursday, Oct. 5, 9:40 p.m. TRT
Mumbai: Friday, Oct. 6, 12:10 a.m. IST
Tokyo: Friday, Oct. 6, 3:40 a.m. JST
Sydney: Friday, Oct. 6, 5:40 a.m. AEST

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