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Looking to manifest something? This powerful new moon ritual will help you manifest ANYTHING you desire…

🌑 New Moon Rituals for Manifestation Join Amanda Walsh as she delves into the transformative power of aligning your manifestation efforts with the lunar cycle. Discover the potential of the New Moon to focus, amplify, and harness momentum to create desired outcomes in your life.

🔮 Key Steps for an Effective New Moon Ritual:

Understanding Rhythms: Learn how syncing your goals with the lunar cycle can reduce chaos and bring structured progress into your life.

Ritual Essentials: Amanda shares her top tips for creating impactful New Moon rituals, including the best times to conduct them and how to set up your space with the right elements.

Aligning with Zodiac Energies: Find out how to harness the specific energies of the zodiac sign the New Moon is in to amplify your intentions.

Practical Steps for Rituals: Follow Amanda's five-step guide to conducting your own New Moon ritual, from planning the timing to conducting the ritual itself.

Continuous Growth: Understand the benefits of regular ritual practice and how it can lead to personal transformation and realization of your desires.

🌟 Join the Conversation: Amanda invites you to share your own experiences with New Moon rituals. Have you noticed changes in your life due to aligning with the lunar cycle? Drop your stories in the comments to inspire and connect with others.


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Powerful New Moon Ritual to Manifest ANYTHING You Desire w/ Amanda “Pua” Walsh

There is no question aligning your manifestation efforts with the rhythm of the lunar cycle enables you to focus, amplify, and harness momentum and creating the desired outcomes in your life. And it all starts with a powerful new moon ritual. Hi there. I'm Amanda Poole Walsh, the founder of Astrology Hub.

And there are many different ways to approach your new moon ritual. But over the last seven years of facilitating these every month for thousands of members in our community, there are definitely some tips I've picked up that make the process more impactful that I'd love to share with you. Today, I'll be walking you through five simple yet powerful steps you can use to create and conduct your own rituals for yourself.

And here's one thing I've learned. The same principles that govern the life cycle of all things in nature can be applied to the life cycle of our lives and our desires. Setting intentions in alignment with the lunar cycle is a simple yet powerful way to harmonize your life with these natural rhythms and tap into the cyclical nature of creation and growth.

Aligning your manifestation efforts with the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle Also has the added benefits of reducing the feeling of chaos and overwhelm. So many of us feel in our frenetic pace in the world today, by anchoring you into a visible, tangible rhythm, giving you built in checkpoints throughout a period of 28 days that repeats month after month, year after year, focusing your awareness and intentions consistently.

So you're always bringing your attention back to your deepest desires and No matter what's happening in the external world around you, helping you reduce the risk of getting distracted or pulled off course and bring more of what you want to experience into your life because energy flows where attention goes.

It is a clear, natural structure that helps you take inspired and aligned action. So you're harnessing the momentum of cosmic tides. instead of working against them. The phases of the lunar cycle also help you consistently uncover blind spots in your awareness. Most oftentimes, subconscious beliefs, patterns, and habits that are sabotaging your progress Toward your desired life.

There's also built an opportunity when working with the moon cycle to continually celebrate and acknowledge the progress you're making. So your gratitude makes room for more to be grateful for. And by bringing your awareness to what I've lovingly dubbed the celestial metronome in the sky. You will find yourself experiencing more magic, synchronicity, magnetism, and connection with the cosmos.

And most importantly with yourself on a consistent basis. And again, it all begins with the new moon ritual. So I'm going to get to the five steps next, but before I do, I want to address a common question and ask you a question. Do you have a new and ritual that you'd love to do? Have you already experienced some of these benefits that I've highlighted, or is this new to you?

Please comment below. And the common question I get is, why the new moon? Why not the full moon, or some other phase? The new moon is the beginning of the moon's 28 day cycle, so it holds the energy of new beginnings. Symbolically, it represents a blank slate or a fresh start. The darkness of the moon encourages introspection.

Reflection and clarity of intention. It's a time for turning inward, accessing your deepest desires and goals and focusing on what you wish to cultivate in your life. And just as we plant seeds in the dark, damp soil of the earth, planting a seed of intention and desire in the darkest part of our lunar cycle has a similar fertility.

So how do you do it? I'm going to take you through five simple steps that I've learned, honed and experimented with. over the years. So step one, plan your timing. While there's debate about the absolute best timing, it is generally agreed upon by astrologers, and I share this opinion after years of experimentation, after the actual moment of the new moon is preferred, as opposed to any time right before the new moon.

Because this is when the new cycle has officially begun. There are many astrologers who advocate not conducting the ritual right on the new moon, day or night, but waiting a few days when the light of the sun begins to reflect off that new moon, when it becomes a slight crescent. The idea is that waiting a few days enables the light to carry your intentions to fruition.

I'll leave this nuance up to you, but one takeaway here is to wait until at least the moment or slightly after the moment of the new moon. So how do you find out what day and time the new moon is happening? This is super simple. You can simply Google the day and time of the upcoming new moon. I just put something like new moon, May, 2025 into the search bar, then put the day and time on your calendar.

So you can set the date with yourself. Step number two, gather materials. I keep this super simple, you guys, but you can make it more elaborate. If you like, I like to bring in the four elements. Earth, air, fire, and water into my rituals in an acknowledgment of these essential creative forces here on Earth and the place in my heart where they all meet.

And again, I keep this simple, but you don't have to. For me, my journal paper represents Earth. I usually write my intentions first. and then speak my intentions or desires out loud, representing the air. I always light a candle to bring in the fire element, and I have a glass of clean water near me. While gathering your materials, you can also emphasize the element of the zodiac sign the new moon is falling in.

For example, if the new moon is in an earth sign like Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo, you can signify this by adding crystals. Or a pot of soil to the materials you're using. You could even use the crystal and a flower associated with the Zodiac sign. We created a free moon magic guide for you linked in the show notes to give you more ideas for materials you can use based on the Zodiac sign.

The new moon is in check the show notes for the link. I also find it makes the experience even more enjoyable to engage all the senses. Sit in a beautiful space, have a scented candle or diffuse oils. Have soft instrumental music to play. Be comfortable with a cozy blanket when it's cooler. And I love to wear something that feels special, beautiful, and sacred to me.

Perhaps even in a corresponding color of the zodiac sign I'm exploring. Step number three. Attune to the qualities of the zodiac sign the new moon is happening in to help you align your intentions with the energy of the lunar cycle. I love to use the energy of the zodiac sign to frame my intentions.

This enables me to focus my efforts in alignment with the most dominant energy of that zodiac season. So I'm catching the energetic winds in my sails versus fighting against the tides. Aligning my intentions with the zodiac signs of each lunar cycle. Also enables me to cover all aspects of life as I journey throughout the year by walking through the 12 zodiac signs one by one throughout the lunar cycles.

You will cover all areas of life from your self confidence, your body and health to your relationships with others, home travel, your work and spirituality. It's all there. For example, during cancer season, which is very much about nurturing and home, I love to undertake. Home projects and prioritize hanging out with my family or during Pisces season, which is very much about compassion.

I like to align some of my intentions around forgiveness and letting go of grievances during Taurus. I like to focus on bringing more pleasure to my life. And during the Aries lunar cycle, I get my movement and athletic training plans in place. You can get more ideas for the qualities of the zodiac signs to help you align your intentions with the astrological energies in the free moon guide we have linked in the show notes.

You can take this idea further if you know your astrological chart, but you don't have to. And it doesn't necessarily make your intention setting more powerful or effective. So please keep that in mind. But if you're drawn to use your chart to add layer and nuance, consider what house the new moon is falling in in your chart.

Is it in the fourth house? So you can be focused on making improvements in your home or family life. Is it in the seventh? And a focus on your relationships is highlighted. What aspects is the new moon making in your chart? Is it conjunct or square planet? Are there clues for the best focus for your intentions?

based on these aspects. If you're not sure how to figure this part out yet, please don't let it confuse or discourage you. I've found that keeping it simple is just as powerful and sometimes even more than getting fancy and complex. But if you're a more seasoned astrology student, I invite you to experiment with this for yourself.

Again, for those of you just starting out, focusing on the zodiac sign, the new moon is in, is more than enough. And finding out what that is, is as simple as Googling what sign is the new moon in during the month that you'll be doing your ritual. And then consulting our free moon guide, for the qualities of that sign.

Step number four, conduct your ritual. Now that you have your time and your space set and your focus clear, you can take as little as three minutes or as long as you have to get quiet and journal, contemplate or meditate on your desires. Consider questions like what is being seeded in me right now? What is trying to emerge through me at this moment in time?

What qualities of the zodiac sign of this new moon would I like to invite more of into my life? Who am I becoming? What would I like to bring more of into my life and less of? A few notes here on setting your intentions. I set no more than one to three intentions for each lunar cycle. I've found that more is definitely not better in this arena, and 1 to 3 enables me to more clearly focus my attention.

And I've noticed much better results with this approach for myself and for our members. I love to focus on qualities versus outcomes. Just having experienced so many times that often the things I think I want are actually just symbols of the quality I actually desire to experience. For example, you may say, I want to lose 10 pounds, so I'm committing to X diet.

What you're really saying here is you want to experience the quality of freedom in your body or vitality, strength, or beauty perhaps behind all of that is the love you want to feel for yourself. Now there's nothing wrong with, I want to lose 10 pounds. It's just that 10 pounds is a symptom, not an underlying cause.

And there could be a better focus for you to feel more freedom, vitality, and beauty in your body. For example, focusing on the quality of strength or the quality of that vitality might spark ideas for a plan that results in the losing of 10 pounds, but also gives you the experience of increased strength and vitality in all areas of your life.

And in ways you wouldn't have considered if you just focused on the weight on your bathroom scale. So by focusing on the quality and not necessarily the outcome, you open yourself up to the many ways the qualities and outcomes can come into your life. Often in ways that are beyond your current paradigm of awareness.

Focusing on the qualities allows you to direct your focus and for the universe to fill in the details. State your intentions in the present tense. Instead of, I want to be lean, say, I am strong, I am lean, I am healthy. Instead of, I want to find a job that helps me build wealth, say, I am wealthy and I have fulfilling work.

Saying things like I want or I will keeps you in a state of wanting and willing. I always add this or something better and for the highest and best for all. Just acknowledging that while I think I know what I want and what's best for all, I don't necessarily. So again, making this a true co creative process with the universe.

Not an ego driven or completely will driven exercise. You can also use this time you've created for yourself to consider the previous lunar cycle. What were your intentions last month? What came to fruition? What was illuminated for you in the process of moving toward that desire? This reflection will help you acknowledge, celebrate, and fine tune your intention setting process and ritual creation.

And step number five. When your ritual is complete, mark this by blowing out your candle, closing the journal, pouring your water on your favorite plant, or placing the paper you used somewhere intentionally, and state, and so it is, or some other verbal way to close the ritual. From this point on, you begin to take action toward your desired outcomes.

Pay attention to the things that come up, especially around the first quarter and full moon that may be holding you back or sabotaging your progress toward these desired outcomes. And use the waning part of the cycle after the full moon to let go of the aspects of yourself that are not in resonance or vibrational alignment with your desired outcomes.

Remember, everything you desire is already seated within you and reflected in your astrological chart. And the act of becoming this and living it is more of a letting go of what you're not than anything else. And like I said earlier, I'd love to hear your essential ritual elements in the comments. You never know who you will inspire with your ideas.

Finally, if you haven't subscribed yet, please take a moment to do so now. And we have more videos to help you understand the why, what, and how of working with the lunar cycle that will link to you next. If you'd like to take this further, thank you for being a part of our community. And as always for making astrology a part of your life, I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.

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