March Astrology 2024 Forecast: Down the Eclipse Portal

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You're not wrong! The energy feels really big this month — and that's because it is! 💥

March is a time of profound transformation, a journey into the depths of your soul where you can confront your fears and embrace your inner strength. 

As you step into what astrologer Gemini Brett calls the dragon's energy, you're called to awaken the dormant power within you, rise above challenges, and claim your rightful place as leaders (and authors!) of your own life. No more getting “wasted” and lost in your limitless potential — it's time to sober up! 

With the Pisces New Moon Super Moon giving you a dream space to imagine new possibilities and the Aries Spring Equinox's fresh energy inspiring you to forge those dreams into reality, there's no better time than now. 

No pressure! 

Or is there? 👀 

In the middle of an eclipse portal and all planets direct — it could get very spicy! 

Thankfully, my conversation with astrologers Gemini Brett and Sheridan Semple is here to help you stay grounded, feel supported, and always move towards your highest good. 

On this “March Forecast” episode, you'll learn; 

  • March is all about entering the dragon! Embrace the energy to step into your own power and leadership. 🐉 🐲
  • All planets direct means everything's moving forward! 🔄 It's time to launch that ship and embrace your dreams with assertiveness and spirituality.
  • Stay grounded amidst the Pisces energy. 🌟Connect with the earth, breathe, and focus on your heart. Grounding practices are crucial to navigating the cosmic currents.
  • Sun conjunct Neptune on St. Patrick's Day offers a high-energy, dreamy vibe. Dream big, but stay sober to bring those visions into reality. 🍀 Don't get too “wasted” in that dream realm!
  • The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra highlights healing and transformation in relationships. Release what holds you back and step into your superhero self!
  • Dive into the shadow during intense periods like the Eclipse. 🌑Feel it, don't fix it. Embrace the waves and come out stronger on the other side. 🌊
  • Golden opportunities await at the Pisces New Moon Super Moon. Dream big, break the rules, and make your dreams a reality! 🌕🌕🌕


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Guest Bios: 

As a certifiable StarryTeller, Gemini Brett devotes his now as a living vow to the Marriage of Heaven and Earth.  He began his formal study with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, but has since synthesized his own terrestrially-tuned celestial stew by integrating ingredients from many ancient and modern paradigms.  Brett’s principal intention is to retrieve the Star Songs heard in times before the written word.  He transmits the mysteries he finds in sacred sites and living sky through a system of embodied exercise he calls Earthstrology and through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium:  Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number in Nature.  Gemini Brett is best known throughout cosmic circles as an astronomy-for-astrology expert and mystic mythologist, but the truth you’ll find when you get to know this fiery Scorpio is that his techniques are designed to water the heart through re-membering Signs of the Messenger’s Mind. 

Sheridan Semple grew up in the mountains of Aspen, where she discovered her love for the outdoors and how we can be inspired by nature. By trade, she is an Alchemical Astrologer, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA) and Clinical Nutritionist (CNC). She uses her experience with the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms to teach people how to find themselves and their paths and connect with their Soul’s original intent for coming here this lifetime from within.

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March Forecast


[00:00:00] Amanda Walsh: March is a pivotal time in this year where we'll be entering into the eclipse portal, which is a six week period of accelerated change [00:00:10] and transformation. We'll be experiencing our first full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, which is promising to shake things up a bit. We have the equinox. [00:00:20] All planets direct, a special astrological event on St.

[00:00:24] Amanda Walsh: Patrick's day and a lot of Pisces energy to navigate and some other key astrological events that we're [00:00:30] going to clue you in on. In this episode, we'll be walking through the key astrology of the month. You'll want to make sure and stay until the end, plus grab something to write things [00:00:40] down because I'm going to be asking our guest astrologers to give us a list of hotspots or especially intense periods of the month, as well as golden opportunities.

[00:00:49] Amanda Walsh: [00:00:50] that you can take advantage of. I'm joined today by two wonderful astrologers, Gemini Brett and Sheridan Semple. Brett is a renowned starry teller [00:01:00] who integrates sacred geometry and astronomical insights into his astrological readings and teaching. And Sheridan's approach is deeply rooted in [00:01:10] understanding astrology.

[00:01:11] Amanda Walsh: As a living practice connected to the rhythms of nature, earth, and sky. She'll also be an inner circle, expand guide with us for the [00:01:20] Pisces cycle that begins this month and expand members. You can look forward to a mastery class on alchemical astrology in which you learn how to decode your soul's [00:01:30] journey by understanding the relationship between your moon and rising signs.

[00:01:34] Amanda Walsh: More on that later. Before we dive in, I want to give a quick shout out to all of you [00:01:40] Pisces out there in honor of your birthday season. We're giving you a special gift. You can get 20 percent off our essential birthday report. This personalized report is based on your [00:01:50] unique. Chart information and we'll give you confidence and clarity as you navigate the year ahead.

[00:01:55] Amanda Walsh: You're going to get your personal themes and how to work with the transits coming your way. [00:02:00] Find it at astrology hub. com slash birthday report and enter the code 20 Pisces at checkout. We're going to drop that link and the discount code in the show [00:02:10] notes as well. And without further ado, Sheridan and Brett, welcome to the astrology hub podcast.

Theme For March

[00:02:17] Sheridan Semple: Thank

[00:02:18] Gemini Brett: Thanks, Amanda.[00:02:20]

[00:02:21] Amanda Walsh: All right, you guys. Let's start with the overarching theme for March. What would you say that theme is?

[00:02:29] Gemini Brett: Enter the [00:02:30] dragon and the dogs know what we're talking about, right? It's a lot of barking that's about to happen with the sun's Aries ingress as it is every year. [00:02:40] Um, so this is this kind of liminal time, this transformational time, in a way, preparing for that. It's amazing that [00:02:50] all planets are direct right now, so we have that kind of direct motion.

[00:02:53] Gemini Brett: But Pisces season in general is a good time to remember to stay in spirit, [00:03:00] stay in water, stay in the heart.

[00:03:02] Amanda Walsh: So Brett, when you say enter the dragon, I know that eclipses, but what does that mean?[00:03:10]

[00:03:10] Gemini Brett: yeah, well, why that has to do with the eclipses, by the way, is there's so many myths about the sun or the moon being eaten by a dragon at eclipse time, and that's because the [00:03:20] moon snakes above and below the path of the sun every month, and eclipses happen when we have new or full moons at their crossing points, which we call the dragon's head and the [00:03:30] dragon's tail.

[00:03:30] Gemini Brett: Right? So when I hear enter the dragon, like, I think of Bruce Lee, it was a Bruce Lee film back in the day. And there's important training for that, right? Like [00:03:40] eclipses are a really big deal. Um, I think we can get lost, like. Preparing so much that we forget to live in the moment now, which is key, like Pisces [00:03:50] reminder, right?

[00:03:50] Gemini Brett: Like a timelessness, like be here now, but at the same time, like eclipses are a huge deal. So as we're moving there, when I, when I think of enter the dragon, it's that [00:04:00] kind of like, get your Kung Fu ready, right? Get, get training. And that for me means like dream into and feel to. [00:04:10] Intentions for the eclipse portal and also for the year ahead, because we often look at the sun's Aries ingress, which happens in March as a chart that speaks for the [00:04:20] year to come

[00:04:21] Amanda Walsh: we, I know that you also mentioned that we have all planets direct this month, so there's no retrograde planets. What does that [00:04:30] mean? What does that set us up for perfectly? What does it sort of, uh, ask us not to do? During this period of time, what would you [00:04:40] say is the significance of that?

[00:04:42] Gemini Brett: retrograde planets in general, often. offer opportunities to reflect, right? And do a little [00:04:50] memory lane work. Um, and also kind of get a little more internal. So when all the planets are direct, it's the opposite of that. It's like all, everything's moving [00:05:00] forward, right? So it's a really cool time. Wouldn't typically say this of Pisces season because I really do feel Pisces wants us to be in water [00:05:10] to be in spirit, you know, and those dreams when you're trying to like throw punches underwater and you can't do anything like that's a good reminder of how to Pisces as far as I'm concerned, [00:05:20] um, but with all the planets moving direct, especially with.

[00:05:23] Gemini Brett: The Aries ingress coming up as it always does in March, right? The equinox time. I think it's a [00:05:30] great time to launch a ship to, you know, look forward. It's actually this small window that Isabel, my dog, gets really excited about, um, [00:05:40] between the sun moving into Aries and the lunar eclipse that follows.

[00:05:44] Gemini Brett: That's a pretty cool electional time, um, to think about what you're moving forward [00:05:50] into and moving towards and, and launch that ship.

[00:05:54] Amanda Walsh: We will be doing a free community event for this eclipse portal. [00:06:00] And we are really anchoring around those ideas of stepping into the authorship or leadership of your own life. And it [00:06:10] sounds like even though it's Pisces energy, which isn't necessarily usually associated with more of those young type.[00:06:20]

[00:06:20] Amanda Walsh: Activities, the fact that all the planets are direct are maybe offering an opportunity for us to dream [00:06:30] into what kind of leaders we want to be in our own life, dream into how we want to show up in a more assertive way, but also still deeply rooted [00:06:40] spiritually. So it doesn't have to be one or the other potentially.

[00:06:44] Amanda Walsh: Sheridan, I know you work a lot with. shamanic practices around astrology [00:06:50] in terms of bringing things from the vision space into this realm into our lives. Are there [00:07:00] any particular approaches or practices or ways that we can do that? Especially this month.

[00:07:08] Sheridan Semple: Yeah, I, I think, you [00:07:10] know, when we're talking about coming into eclipses and it's this, it can be a triggery time for people, right? Because it's about going into the shadow and looking [00:07:20] into the darkness and the healing component that we're often uncomfortable with. So I think with all of this Pisces energy and so many of the alignments happening [00:07:30] this month, that it is really important to Try and stay grounded, right?

[00:07:34] Sheridan Semple: Connect into the earth, right? Because that's the place that we're on. And that's the place that all [00:07:40] of this is happening from our view from, right? So grounding practices, breathing practices, and really focusing on the heart, right? That's [00:07:50] so much of what Pisces is all about for me is like being in the heart, connecting into spirit through the heart.

[00:07:57] Sheridan Semple: So how do we take these lofty [00:08:00] ideals and bring it down into the physical is By dropping into our bodies, right? Instead of just staying out in that kind of [00:08:10] Neptunian celestial world, Pisces place. It's like, how do I come into feeling it in my body, put my feet on the ground, [00:08:20] lay on the ground. Maybe I use, you know, I, we, I always talk about it like aromatherapy, connect with the plants, connect with.

[00:08:27] Sheridan Semple: Crystals like things that [00:08:30] ground you into the physical, right? So when we talk about like feeling into your heart bringing it into your heart Focusing on your heart. How does it [00:08:40] feel? Does it feel open? Is it feeling closed? Am I feeling fear? Am I feeling like love right? How do I keep connecting grounding into my heart to?

[00:08:49] Sheridan Semple:[00:08:50] Open that space. And then for me, that's where it can come down into that matter place because your heart is in your body,[00:09:00]

[00:09:00] Amanda Walsh: Wonderful. Okay. I know that we have some big transits that we want to focus on for March and just give like the [00:09:10] CliffsNotes version of March for people so they can walk away with.

Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

[00:09:15] Amanda Walsh: The biggest, juiciest things to focus on. And one of those first things [00:09:20] happening is March 17th, St. Patrick's day, the sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

[00:09:27] Amanda Walsh: So Brett, let's kick it, kick this [00:09:30] off with you. Why is this important and what is the invitation for us?

[00:09:37] Gemini Brett: Well, I mean, Sun conjoining [00:09:40] any of the outer planets begins their cycle. Neptune moves so slowly that the Sun laps Neptune in about a year's time. I think it's 367 [00:09:50] days between consecutive Sun Neptune conjunctions. Um, and we 2025 also in Pisces, but that will be the [00:10:00] last Sun. Neptune conjunction in Pisces, where many see Neptune at home in our lifetimes, like from then on starting [00:10:10] 2026, the sun Neptune conjunctions will happen in Aries, right?

[00:10:13] Gemini Brett: So there's a finishing here, which I think is really important. And I mean, it's kind of [00:10:20] ironic that the sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces happens on. St. Patty's Day because Neptune's a planet kind of notorious for [00:10:30] inebriation, right? And a lot of people will be quite drunk then. Um, I think much more importantly, and I feel why alcohol is known as spirits, is, [00:10:40] you know, Pisces, Neptune, these are both energies where we're trying to have experiences.

[00:10:47] Gemini Brett: that exists beyond, in the realms beyond [00:10:50] the limits of our senses, you know, and inebriants sometimes are a way to access that. There's healthier ways and that's the encouragement for everyone. Maybe stay sober [00:11:00] this month because the Sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces on St. Patrick's Day, it's the opposite of that, right?

[00:11:08] Gemini Brett: So as we enter the dragon, we really [00:11:10] want to stay grounded. And I think Sharon very beautifully shared and mentioned this before, right? Like the human experience has so much to do with feelings, right? [00:11:20] I mean, one of the reasons why we drink or get high or whatever is to get away from the felt experience at full speed.

[00:11:28] Gemini Brett: And most people [00:11:30] listening to this, let me just say all of you like that's not the route anymore. Right? We want to be here now. We want to be in the body. We want to be in the feelings like that's the gift of [00:11:40] incarnating into these suits that have these powerful devices called hearts. Yeah. And so I think most importantly, this time of [00:11:50] Neptune moving through Pisces, which has been so long now, the kind of annual meetings of Sun and Neptune in those signs, in a way, we're coming to a culmination of that.[00:12:00]

[00:12:00] Gemini Brett: And to really be in that high energy of Pisces spirit of oneness. Right. Of that like higher ideal, that goal [00:12:10] of boundary less ness. We can completely lose it, obviously, if we don't stay in self and stay grounded. So that's part of the Enter the Dragon Kung [00:12:20] Fu training that's necessary. But we don't want to miss this opportunity to go into the higher heart, into that energy of oneness, too.

[00:12:27] Gemini Brett: Like, this is one of the great [00:12:30] alignments that's just preceding the sun's movement into Aries, right? So I think it will let us really dream big, right? Like [00:12:40] we need to have the vision before we can bring the vision. into reality. So the thing I would do to use this is to like allow the celestial [00:12:50] alignments to really bring you into that, you know, high space if you will.

[00:12:54] Gemini Brett: But if you can do that in a kind of a grounded, controlled, sober [00:13:00] way, you're much more likely to see visions that you can actually Bring into your life.

[00:13:05] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. You know, I was thinking one of the other things [00:13:10] that substances is enable is that sense of. Uninhibitedness, you know, we often go through life kind of holding ourselves [00:13:20] back out of fear of what other people are going to think, or, you know, whatever, there's a million reasons why we do it. And so alcohol and other drugs sometimes open up the door [00:13:30] of like, I don't really care, you know, I'm just going to do what I want to do.

[00:13:34] Amanda Walsh: And I'm wondering, is that linked in with Piscean energy too? You know, is, [00:13:40] does, does Piscean energy in its Sobriety enable us to access a less inhibited state [00:13:50] in a way that doesn't, just doesn't hold back. You know what I'm saying? Sharon, what do you think

[00:13:59] Sheridan Semple: I think, [00:14:00] yeah, I think that's definitely one of the goals of it, right? That it's not about using a substance to get there. It's how do I mean, not that that can't be a [00:14:10] path, right? I'm not, you know, there's a lot of sacred practices around plant spirit medicine, right? But it's how can we. Okay. How do we get there [00:14:20] without having to have that?

[00:14:21] Sheridan Semple: Right. You know, I don't think we necessarily think of alcohol because we're kind of talking about that and it's St. Patrick's Day and green beer. It's like, we're not really [00:14:30] talking about that's plant spirit medicine, right? That's not a sacred practice of like getting wasted on St. Patrick's Day. Right? So how do we use this [00:14:40] sun Neptune conjunction conjunction.

[00:14:42] Sheridan Semple: To come into that place through our hearts through our bodies without the substance, right? So [00:14:50] meditation, stillness, hugging a tree, sitting on the earth, right? These kind of practices, it takes time, right? We're not adept [00:15:00] at attaining those. Levels of consciousness without that so much, right? We're not used to, like you said, a million reasons that we hold ourselves back, inhibit [00:15:10] ourselves, but we can practice and get there, right?

[00:15:13] Sheridan Semple: That's, that's what I think the invitation really is, is how do we feel through our [00:15:20] body? How to get there because obviously drinking alcohol might in the moment feel good, but it doesn't later. It doesn't the next day. Right? So how can [00:15:30] we get there in a way that does feel good?

[00:15:34] Amanda Walsh: You know, I was just reflecting on the word wasted. Even like we get wasted [00:15:40] on St. Patrick's day. It's like, Whoa, waste what? And, and it's interesting, Brett, cause you brought in that, that we have one more of these sun Neptune conjunctions and [00:15:50] Pisces in our lifetime. So that just means. We have an opportunity here that we don't want to waste by getting wasted.

[00:15:57] Gemini Brett: Yeah. I love that

[00:15:59] Amanda Walsh: Like this is an [00:16:00] opportunity to be able to access those higher states of consciousness, those bigger dreams, those spiritual realms, and we don't want to waste it, [00:16:10] right?

[00:16:10] Gemini Brett: Yeah, so I'll just like for some memory lane, even though all planets are direct Neptune moved into Pisces in [00:16:20] 2011 but the first Sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces was 2012 And so, you know, I mean, that was a time when a [00:16:30] lot of us were dreaming into massive world changes. Some of us were more bought into that than others.

[00:16:36] Gemini Brett: My life completely ended and began anew. Like, that's [00:16:40] when I became an astrologer. And I think a lot of people that were really kind of Visioning into the potential for a new world to be born at that time, [00:16:50] like really did have personal experiences around that, like didn't, you know, as you, you know, as you said, like, didn't waste that opportunity by just, you know, being in our wasted space or [00:17:00] whatever.

[00:17:00] Gemini Brett: Right. So, yeah, I mean, folks, you know, where were you in 2012? Like, what have you been dreaming into since then? And no, in a sense, it's not full circle, like that's the whole [00:17:10] Zodiac, but this period of sun dancing with Neptune in Pisces. You are coming more towards the end of that now that Neptune, um, is at the last degrees [00:17:20] and is about to move into Aries.

[00:17:21] Gemini Brett: Right? So I think it's a really big deal. And, you know, I've been sober since 2012 actually, um. But I'm glad I [00:17:30] didn't used to be, you know, like I learned a lot and learned how to open things and release some of those inhibitions that you spoke about before and learn how to see the world [00:17:40] in a less linear way and whatnot through my explorations with different medicines over time.

[00:17:45] Gemini Brett: And especially since I've now come to respect them as medicines rather than [00:17:50] just like, Okay. You know, ways to avoid life, et cetera. Like, you know, I think there's, there's lots of different ways to get after that, but most of us now have found like, you know, more [00:18:00] grounded ways to open into that spiritual space and that flow state.

[00:18:04] Gemini Brett: And that's the big deal. So it's probably a really helpful time always, and [00:18:10] especially now, for us to check in with our belief systems, right? Believing is seeing. So, as we prepare for the dragon times, when eclipse portals [00:18:20] are always so powerful, there's something particularly powerful.

[00:18:23] Gemini Brett: About eclipses when the nodes are in Aries Libra as they are now, um, that we kind of check in with [00:18:30] our religion, you know, like choose your religion or choose to release any religious thoughts that might keep you from going there is the last commandment I'll say that's open for [00:18:40] us at this powerful

[00:18:41] Amanda Walsh: Brett, Brett, I was so wishing you were with me a few nights ago. I went on a stargazing field trip with [00:18:50] Sophia's sixth grade class and ran into an, ran into an astronomer who really doesn't like astrology, [00:19:00] telling me that astrology is a religion. And I was like, Whoa, that is absolutely not my experience of it.

[00:19:08] Amanda Walsh: And she said, well, of course [00:19:10] it's not your experience of it because you believe, you know, it's just totally dismissed me. And now all the reasons why astrology is just a bunch of BS. And I was like, Oh, where's Brett when you need him. [00:19:20] But it's interesting. I, this, this idea of, of what have we made religion? It could be astrology. It could be [00:19:30] science. It

[00:19:31] Gemini Brett: It could be absolute hatred of astrology like that astronomers really rigid religion, right? I mean, I think it's safe [00:19:40] to say that astrology. Is a belief system. It's really personal, right? It's really like how you come after it. But the funny thing is [00:19:50] typically we're blind to our own religion. Like my assumption would be that that astronomer, like most rational is to astronomers of our day and age.

[00:19:59] Gemini Brett: [00:20:00] Don't think they're religious.

[00:20:01] Amanda Walsh: no,

[00:20:01] Gemini Brett: yet she's attacking you

[00:20:03] Amanda Walsh: no, no. She exactly, that's exactly what happened is she was like, well, of course, because it's your religion, you, you, you don't see it. [00:20:10] And I was kind of like, well, what about yours? You know, but it doesn't matter. My point is we all have them though. You know, we have, we have these belief systems that we're very attached to [00:20:20] and that they can serve us and that can also keep us with blinders on.

[00:20:26] Amanda Walsh: And unable to consider other perspectives.

[00:20:29] Gemini Brett: Yeah. [00:20:30] And hey, I wish I was there with you under Hawaii stars on a field trip. Always do. Um, and you know, there's a thing that you said, that's a great way to lens [00:20:40] Pisces in general. It's like, it's just like a fish isn't aware of the water that they swim through, right? Like that's our Pisces. Like what is this stuff you're not even [00:20:50] aware of because it's what your reality consists of.

[00:20:53] Gemini Brett: Right. And it's, it's worth contemplating that. Yeah. Um, and it's [00:21:00] strange for us that like in our elemental order in the zodiac, we move from fire Pisces to sorry, water Pisces to fire Aries [00:21:10] and then Hawaii is such a great teacher of that as well. Right? Because the fire water, like the lava and the volcanoes that are in the ocean and all that.

[00:21:19] Gemini Brett: So [00:21:20] it's such an epic place to study nature and astrology. As far as I'm concerned, it's 1 of the things I would tell that. The astronomer's astrology is the poetic breath of [00:21:30] nature.

[00:21:30] Amanda Walsh: Mm.

[00:21:31] Sheridan Semple: I think what you're speaking to really speaks to all the planets being direct versus the retrogrades as [00:21:40] well, right? That we have, we can get into our own like dogmatic belief systems of like, oh, I can only do this when I've done that. Right? So when [00:21:50] planets are retrograde, we get that reflective time to kind of like, sit back and go, wait, Do I need to do those two things linked together all the time, you know, or do I [00:22:00] not, but when everything's going forward at the same time, it can, there can be a pressure to just keep going, right?

[00:22:07] Sheridan Semple: Keep going with what you're doing, doing, doing, [00:22:10] doing. There's no like being time. It's nice that there's so much Pisces because it does allow us to be, if we're ready to like settle into [00:22:20] that. But it's like, It's it can lend itself to more dogmatic practices of what, you know, maybe isn't [00:22:30] serving us and linking weird things that we do together.

[00:22:33] Sheridan Semple: Like, I can only eat this when I've done this, or I can only, like, go exercise if I've done [00:22:40] this. Right. But it's like, wait, why are those 2 things linked together? They have nothing to do with each other. You know.

[00:22:47] Amanda Walsh: I love that too, Sheridan, in light of the idea [00:22:50] that this is a month where we can bring big dre well, first of all, we can dream big. And then we can start to actually make plans to [00:23:00] actualize those dreams. It's hard to dream big. When you're stuck in boxes, in dogmatic boxes, in like you just said, you've linked two things [00:23:10] together like, Oh, whenever I try this, it fails.

[00:23:13] Amanda Walsh: Or whenever I attempt this kind of thing, you know, I get embarrassed or, you know, it doesn't [00:23:20] work or, you know, any of those kinds of limiting links, I like how you say that, are really important to be aware of because with those still in place, we're going to [00:23:30] limit ourselves. So I love this.

[00:23:32] Amanda Walsh: Okay. Let's go to the Equinox on the 19th,

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Aries Equinox

[00:24:19] Amanda Walsh: Okay. Let's go [00:24:20] to the Equinox on the 19th, a couple of days after this sun.

[00:24:24] Amanda Walsh: Neptune conjunction, we have the equinox. So let's talk about the astrology of that and [00:24:30] why it even matters. Why should we pay attention?

[00:24:34] Gemini Brett: The equinox, the specifically the Aries ingress, um, and there's a [00:24:40] good reason that I teach in the sacred astronomy class, like that is the point zero tropical Aries that is due east of earth center, [00:24:50] right? And therefore it works like a global ascendant. So each year when the Sun ingresses Aries and is east of the Earth, that's often [00:25:00] seen as the beginning of the astrological year.

[00:25:02] Gemini Brett: Actually, a lot of astronomers see it as the beginning of the astronomical year as well. It's a global moment, Sun ingress Aries, right? So, [00:25:10] spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, we often say the resurrection, right? Daylight overcomes night at that time. But of course The opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere, [00:25:20] where this is Autumnal Epinox, right?

[00:25:22] Gemini Brett: Regardless, like, there's this easting, and in mundane astrology, that Aries Ingress chart is often seen as a chart [00:25:30] that speaks for the entire year ahead, or depending on awesome astronomical Kung Fu, it's either a chart for three months or six months [00:25:40] or for the entire year, right? And so like, what's new?

[00:25:44] Gemini Brett: Like, what are we moving towards? How are we, I don't think, [00:25:50] closing the year behind to open the new year. It's like, how is this last year moving into this year? I always like to think cyclically instead of [00:26:00] linearly. Which is harder to do when the page flips on the calendar on your wall at, you know, January time, this random, like, not necessarily astronomically [00:26:10] assigned thing, well, solstices and equinoxes are, um, so the entire actually Aries and Gruss chart can speak for the year ahead.

[00:26:18] Gemini Brett: The one thing that I had mentioned [00:26:20] from it before that I think is a really beautiful aspect in a sense that speaks to so much of what we've been sharing here is like, there's really strong Pisces in the [00:26:30] Aries. Ingress chart, Neptune's still in Pisces, and then there's this Venus in Pisces where traditionally Venus is said to be exalted or an honored guest, [00:26:40] and Venus is with Saturn.

[00:26:42] Gemini Brett: Um, they perfect their conjunction a couple days later. They're also sextile Jupiter, and we could go on and on, but I think it really [00:26:50] does offer that kind of grounding, the vision, and actually the sextile with Jupiter in Taurus. Right expanding [00:27:00] like embodiment and sensuality and the like it's another image that will say like in this ingress chart with the sun and Aries kind of surrounded by the [00:27:10] Pisces Venus Saturn and the Taurus Jupiter and Uranus, right?

[00:27:16] Gemini Brett: That like grounding or making real [00:27:20] embodying your vision space and having that be a huge thing. Not only like at this time in this month through the eclipse portal, but literally for. The entire [00:27:30] astrological year ahead.

[00:27:32] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So you would, if we were anchoring on a potential theme for the whole year ahead, starting with this [00:27:40] Equinox, it would still be this theme of bringing those big dreams and visions into reality.

[00:27:47] Gemini Brett: Absolutely. And, you know, [00:27:50] we'll remember that Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in the first degree of Aquarius and December solstice 2020, right? So there was like a seed planted then. Well, [00:28:00] now there's sextile.

[00:28:01] Amanda Walsh: Hmm

[00:28:02] Gemini Brett: And so we're moving more towards the sprouting of whatever their intention was. And I just love that it's in Taurus, where Jupiter is now in [00:28:10] Pisces, where Saturn is now, and that Saturn has Venus at his side for this areas ingress, because.

[00:28:16] Gemini Brett: There's something so artistic in Pisces and Taurus, you know, I [00:28:20] mean, Pisces and like the vision space, the imagination, the dream and Taurus, like the embodiment, the sensuality, the, you know, the, like the stuff, [00:28:30] right, the earth. And I love, you know, Aries is just in between these two really beautiful spaces.

[00:28:35] Gemini Brett: And so for this particular Aries Ingress, it really feels like we do have that juice. [00:28:40] For bringing the vision into reality and typically that comes with some trials, right? And the eclipses coming likely kind of helped [00:28:50] us to see where in our lives we might experience

[00:28:53] Sheridan Semple: Well, I'll add in, you know, when we're talking about like practices that can kind of bring it down into the mundane [00:29:00] world is I like using the equinoxes and the solstices as that time to really tune into nature, right? I mean, [00:29:10] ideally, we're doing that on a regular basis. But here we are at that. Changing of the season, which is different for each of us, right?

[00:29:18] Sheridan Semple: Northern Hemisphere, Southern [00:29:20] Hemisphere. I'm in Colorado. My spring is going to be different from yours in California, Brett and yours in Hawaii, Amanda, right? But it's still what is [00:29:30] our experience of. That changing of the season, right? Whether it's spring or autumn, because it's still right. This is when the time [00:29:40] changes, right?

[00:29:40] Sheridan Semple: So for me, it's like spring skiing. It starts to get a little bit warmer, right? But there's something that happens. And so how do we pay attention to [00:29:50] that?

[00:29:50] Gemini Brett: There's this really great thing at equinox time, right?

[00:29:54] Gemini Brett: As opposed to solstices, like in solstice, right? Capricorn solstice, winter solstice in the northern [00:30:00] hemisphere, summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. We're like most extremely opposite in our experience to one another. And well, Aries Ingress means Spring Equinox in the Northern [00:30:10] Hemisphere, Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, and as Sheridan says, you know, Aspen, Colorado, where she lives, works differently than Kula, Hawaii, where you live.

[00:30:19] Gemini Brett: But it does [00:30:20] mean, generally at this time, equal shadow and light everywhere on Earth. Right? Equal day and night. And there's something very important about that truth [00:30:30] of equinox that's kind of shared in a way globally, right? So like where we're going with one of the hemispheres moving towards summer and the other moving towards winter is different in [00:30:40] the moment, but in that moment we're in this place of equality where it's the only times of the year equinox time when the sun rises due east and sets due west, you know, we're like get [00:30:50] realigned at the cardinal directions.

[00:30:51] Gemini Brett: It's a really important time. Um, and yeah, I don't know, again, like for me, Pisces [00:31:00] can benefit from a bunch of retrograde stuff, it feels like, because we want to be in our water. I think there's a benefit there though, which is that the Pisces new moon on March 10th is the [00:31:10] super moon, like literally the moon is closest to Earth at that time for the new moon.

[00:31:15] Gemini Brett: Like, it makes tides bigger, it makes water bigger, you know what I mean? Like, that's [00:31:20] not mine stuff. Um, but once Aries comes around, it's really helpful to have all those planets direct. And that's true until Mercury stations retrograde on April [00:31:30] 1st, kind of true to form like on April Fool's Day. That's so wonderfully mercurial, do you know what I mean?

[00:31:36] Gemini Brett: So we really do in, in, you know, moving into this eclipse [00:31:40] portal, like we really have like full steam ahead. So I'd wait for it, by the way, I'd wait until the sun ingresses Aries. Um, I'd [00:31:50] be in like vision space, use all the technologies you can to, to change your head space. Right. I mean, I encourage doing that in more of a sober way, but it's a really wonderful [00:32:00] time for meditation, baths, like working with nature, working with salt, whatever that is, you know?

[00:32:06] Gemini Brett: And then when the sun ingresses areas, like really start to move [00:32:10] forward into how can I bring this in vision and just do it every day, you know?

[00:32:17] Amanda Walsh: One of the things we'll be doing in the inner [00:32:20] circle for the third time. So this is the third year in a row that we're doing it is the treasure mapping activity that we do as like a workshop ceremony.

[00:32:29] Amanda Walsh: [00:32:30] And it's basically creating vision boards, but using a specific sort of like feng shui. Organizational system. And so this will [00:32:40] be again, like I said, the third time we're doing it and the results year over year are astounding. Miraculous. We hear success stories from the [00:32:50] community. I personally have had like countless.

[00:32:53] Amanda Walsh: Stories of things that are on those treasure maps aligned with that Aries new moon. I know you said the Aries [00:33:00] Ingress, but we've been waiting until that first new moon in Aries and a little bit after that first new moon in Aries to actually start that treasure mapping process [00:33:10] and, and then allow the whole entire year for the things to actually.

[00:33:17] Amanda Walsh: Um, uh, to, to sprout and come alive in our lives. [00:33:20] So I love that this, that the whole eclipse period is sort of moving us in that direction is giving us that momentum that we need to [00:33:30] really be clear on those visions so we can put them visually onto our vision boards for that treasure mapping that we'll be doing in community.

[00:33:37] Amanda Walsh: And it's so cute. You guys, my two [00:33:40] daughters, they've done the vision boards every year with the treasure maps every year with me.

[00:33:45] Amanda Walsh: And this year they're like, okay, when are we doing the treasure maps again? Like, they're already planning [00:33:50] for it because they have the things. Of course, Sophia is going to put a bunch more puppies on there. I'm like, no more puppies. Poor now because of that original treasure map that she [00:34:00] did. Um, but yes, I have to approve my children's treasure maps.

[00:34:04] Amanda Walsh: Okay, you guys, so we have covered the, uh, the Sun Neptune [00:34:10] conjunction on St. Patrick's Day. We have covered the equinox. We have just touched on that new moon, uh, in Pisces that we're gonna have earlier [00:34:20] in the month, March 10th. Then I know there is the first lunar eclipse. So the first eclipse of the two part series, eclipses [00:34:30] always come, you know, we have the full moon and the new moon eclipses in a period of time.

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

[00:34:36] Amanda Walsh: So this full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, [00:34:40] Sheridan, why don't you kick us off on this? What is, what are the themes that are going to be highlighted? What's the invitation of this time?

[00:34:47] Sheridan Semple: So this is happening on that Aries [00:34:50] Libra. Axis Right. So both of those are involved. And so for me, it's a lot about like eclipses offer that [00:35:00] healing, that alchemical transformation, right. That we're always trying to turn our personal lead into gold, right. We're trying to move from [00:35:10] our. Kind of baser, lower vibrational selves into our more soul, higher vibrational selves, right?

[00:35:17] Sheridan Semple: That's the soul's journey for me. And so [00:35:20] eclipses, it's, it offers this healing and transformation in our relationships, Libra, but with ourselves and others, [00:35:30] right? With ourselves, Aries. And then that's what flows out into our connections with others, right? So I like even what you were talking about this, like.[00:35:40]

[00:35:40] Sheridan Semple: Composting board of that lunar eclipse time, right? Is the portals opening and then you move into what you want to be creating, but. [00:35:50] I think it really offers us a lot of, um, deep emotional growth right is available, right? For me, [00:36:00] astrology, what's happening is always about like opportunity intentions. How can we work with the energy more consciously to co create with our lives?

[00:36:09] Sheridan Semple: Right? And [00:36:10] so this access really, you know, how can we focus on that healing go into the shadow again, staying with that theme of being in the heart, [00:36:20] right? in our hearts, not running away from it, not denying it, but feeling the shadow aspects of ourselves that we [00:36:30] are wanting to let go of and release, right?

[00:36:33] Sheridan Semple: That will help us to heal so that we can Bye. Bye. Bye. More accurately see our true [00:36:40] selves, our soul selves, our higher vibrational selves inside and out really, you know, with that Aries piece, I always love thinking of Aries is like a [00:36:50] Wonder Woman, right? So that we are, you know, we can know the superheroes that we really, truly all are within ourselves.

[00:36:59] Sheridan Semple: Right?[00:37:00]

[00:37:01] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So this, this lunar eclipse is a releasing. Eclipse and releasing around the Aries [00:37:10] axis, the Aries Libra axis. So releasing things that are not enabling us to show up for ourselves and others [00:37:20] and in our fullest capacity. So maybe people pleasing, maybe over committing, maybe, uh, holding ourselves back, you know, whatever those things [00:37:30] are for you, this is the opportunity to release those things so that we can step up into more of a superhero version of ourselves as we come into that [00:37:40] Aries eclipse in April.

[00:37:41] Amanda Walsh: Yes,

[00:37:42] Gemini Brett: Yeah, I think, um, codependency is an interesting thing to look at. I mean, also, like, when do we protect ourselves so much that we [00:37:50] can't even engage with related, right? But balancing self and other tends to be like the beautiful Aries Libra, um, story, right? [00:38:00] Now, the lunar eclipse, it's a penumbral eclipse, which basically, by the way, just looks like a full moon.

[00:38:06] Gemini Brett: Um, it's about, it's like the most partial kind of lunar [00:38:10] eclipse, but that always means that total eclipse or annular eclipse is coming. And of course this time it's a total solar eclipse in Aries that will follow a couple weeks later. [00:38:20] The lunar eclipse in Libra is parallel Pisces Neptune, intriguingly.

[00:38:26] Gemini Brett: And actually I think that actually expands the portal of potential [00:38:30] codependence slash martyrdom themes, um, but also really opens to the great relationship. Which is you and spirit, [00:38:40] you know, um, one more thing I'll say, well, first of all, in the eclipse chart, Venus is now past Saturn in Pisces and has [00:38:50] perfected her sextile with Jupiter and Taurus and perfected their mutual reception.

[00:38:54] Gemini Brett: So I think a great teacher here is Jupiter IN Taurus. [00:39:00] Right to like help Pisces Venus dream into like what do you want? What does your body want? Right, like how can you be here on earth? [00:39:10] You know what makes you feel beautiful and wonderful like go there Selfness is not selfish. It's a [00:39:20] really important teaching of the Aries Libra axis in the Aries side Of that access so we can come into true balance, which is really what Libra wants [00:39:30] for us, right?

[00:39:31] Gemini Brett: And wants to help us get to. So, this is kind of like, opens probably the greatest potential theme [00:39:40] for like a compost board process. Where are you with relationships, whether that's personal relationships with human beings, where have you been, where do [00:39:50] you not want to be anymore? But I think also to keep it in Pisces, and especially again looking at this Lieber moon parallel, Pisces Neptune, perhaps it's the [00:40:00] big relationship between you and all that ever was, is, and will be.

[00:40:04] Gemini Brett: And it's a weird thing to separate from that and incarnate and become a embodied [00:40:10] soul or whatever the heck is going on here. And sometimes, like, that's maybe the big relationship that we'll have the opportunity to tune into as well. So, if you're not in a place [00:40:20] where you want to explore, like, interpersonal relationship drama right now Understand that everything is relationship.

[00:40:26] Gemini Brett: What's your relationship with astrology? What's your relationship [00:40:30] with the sun? What's your relationship with the moon? And like, that's a great place to be in regards to where is the dream moving forward.

[00:40:39] Amanda Walsh: Yes. [00:40:40] I love that. What's your relationship with yourself too? Uh, I love it. I think this is very fruitful. Okay, so we have three of the [00:40:50] major elements of this month covered with Pisces kind of being the underlying, like, um, Big picture energy that we've talked about [00:41:00] throughout the entire month.

[00:41:02] Amanda Walsh: Can you identify certain hot spots or, or maybe more intense periods of the month that [00:41:10] we can note down and, and how would you recommend working with those intense periods this month?

[00:41:17] Sheridan Semple: Well, I would say the, you [00:41:20] know, the things that we've talked about, the sun Neptune conjunction, that's a hot spot. Right. And, um, I think we've identified a good way to work with it is like, [00:41:30] stay sober, like that theme. And then I think the eclipse. Is another hotspot. I think that will open [00:41:40] up a hotspot that lasts until the following solar eclipse time, right?

[00:41:45] Sheridan Semple: Because it is that working with the shadow aspects of ourselves that [00:41:50] underworld healing process that is challenging for all of us. So, I think the ways to do that is what we've talked about is, like, try and stay grounded, whatever [00:42:00] practices do that for you, right? Get your feet on the ground, put your feet on the.

[00:42:04] Sheridan Semple: Crystal connect to the plants and trees. I'm such a fan of aromatherapy, [00:42:10] but like using root essences like vetiver, spikenard, right? Things that help ground us trees, um, as well as [00:42:20] just stay open to it. Right. You'll get through the shadow, the hard feelings, all of that, just. Keep feeling and you'll come out the other side.

[00:42:29] Sheridan Semple: It's when we like shove [00:42:30] it away that it really starts to mess with us and cause such problems. So just ride the hot spot wave, you know.

[00:42:39] Amanda Walsh: [00:42:40] I, I came up with something exploring the last lunar cycle we were, we were in, I was in dialogue with someone and I realized when, when I don't want to feel something, I [00:42:50] try to fix it. So I came up with, feel it, don't fix it. You know, instead of like, Oh, we could do this and we could change it. It's like, no, no, no, just, just feel what the person just said, [00:43:00] just absorb it.

[00:43:01] Amanda Walsh: It's okay to feel it, whatever that brings up, because whenever I would go into fix it. It, it just sort of, it, the person didn't feel heard at all [00:43:10] because I'm just trying to fix the situation, you know, because I don't want to feel it. It has nothing to do with them. It's actually very selfish. So I love what you're bringing up there.

[00:43:17] Amanda Walsh: Just be ride the waves, allow [00:43:20] ourselves to feel it.

[00:43:20] Amanda Walsh: So what is the actual date of this lunar eclipse that we're going to be having?

[00:43:26] Gemini Brett: It's March 25th at exactly [00:43:30] midnight Pacific time,

[00:43:31] Amanda Walsh: Cool. a lot of fun. So in Hawaii, it will still be March 24th. Um, but yeah, right at midnight.[00:43:40]

[00:43:40] Amanda Walsh: Nice. Okay. Thank you.

[00:43:42] Amanda Walsh: Um, Brett,

Golden Opportunities: Pisces New Moon

[00:43:43] Amanda Walsh: in terms of golden opportunities, if you had to identify some golden opportunities during the month, what would you say those are?[00:43:50]

[00:43:50] Gemini Brett: Um, well, I of course would really be in intentional space and especially kind of vision, receiving the dream space with the Pisces New Moon, super [00:44:00] Moon. Um, that's March 10th. Um, the lunar eclipse, right, kind of being in that awareness of the [00:44:10] shadow and choosing to find new light in it and entering the portal in that way.

[00:44:14] Gemini Brett: Um. There's a piece that I will add, which every 18 and a [00:44:20] half years, when the North Node reaches zero Aries, um, that's January 25, we enter what's called the Lunar Maximums of the [00:44:30] Great Lunar Standstill. And it's a lot to say, but just know that like the moon is going out of bounds every month, this year and next year, [00:44:40] like extremely out of bounds.

[00:44:41] Gemini Brett: You'll notice super weird things like the moon is just higher than seems possible or lower than seems possible [00:44:50] setting and rising in weird places that the sun never can. And generally speaking, it's like when the moon is in Gemini and Cancer. And also [00:45:00] when the moon is in Sagittarius and Capricorn. It's like the moon is going to places the sun literally can't.

[00:45:06] Gemini Brett: That's what out of bounds means. And let, [00:45:10] like, let it give you out of bounds experience. Break the rules. Let your feelings, let your soul, like, come alive. And just know [00:45:20] that you can do things. That your belief system, you know, your religion, if we use that word that came in before, limits you from believing.

[00:45:29] Gemini Brett: Like, you [00:45:30] can Become the best version of you, regardless of what your history may suggest. Don't believe the hype. Dream into the [00:45:40] greatest version of you and make that the reality of your life.

[00:45:44] Amanda Walsh: Love it. Okay. If you love the guidance that Brett and Sheridan have offered, [00:45:50] I just want to let you know that both of them are available for readings. So if you want to know how this affects your chart personally, you can go to [00:46:00] astrologyhub. com slash. Connect, and you will be able to get the generous offerings that both of them offer to our community, which is 10 [00:46:10] percent off of their readings.

[00:46:11] Amanda Walsh: Sheridan's going to be offering even steeper discounts to Inner Circle members during her Inner Circle month, which begins with Pisces. [00:46:20] So you can wait for that and find out more information about the 30 percent that Sheridan's going to be offering and how to, how to access that and everything. But if you are not an [00:46:30] Inner Circle member and, or if you would like to book a reading with Brett, you can do so with a 10 percent off for our Astrology Hub community.

[00:46:38] Amanda Walsh: podcast listeners, all your, [00:46:40] our YouTube subscribers out there. So make sure you go to astrologyhub. com slash connect and check it out and book your reading with Brett and use your discount code. All the information you need [00:46:50] is on that page. Brett and Sheridan, thank you so much. I feel like we have a great lay of the land for March and lots of good information about sort of the [00:47:00] overarching themes and opportunities that we will be navigating.

[00:47:04] Amanda Walsh: So thank you so much. I feel like we're going to be ready to. Enter into the dragon. Um, [00:47:10] and very much thanks to you and both of your wisdom and guidance. So thank you for that.

[00:47:15] Gemini Brett: Thank you, Amanda. Such a treat to be here with Astrology Hub, [00:47:20] always, and it's great to connect with you and see you again, Sharon.

[00:47:23] Sheridan Semple: Yeah, you too. No, it's just fun to spend this time with you all. Thanks for having me.

[00:47:29] Sheridan Semple:

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