Find your dancing shoes — the Libra New Moon on Sept. 30/Oct. 1 brings you the chance to practice finding your own center of gravity once again.

Astrologers around the web weigh in with their advice:

This Libra New Moon is a “fresh new start following the doom and gloom of the recent eclipses. You can set optimistic goals in safe and secure environment.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

“Avoid the temptation to overdo it in either direction. To get the most out of this Moon, remember that there is potential – you just need to find your center, and moderate your impulses. Use Saturn’s sober influence. Practice cautious optimism while enjoying whatever this Moon offers.” 

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

“Though experiences have varied from person to person, the changes have had some common themes: greater self-awareness, greater willingness to put cards on the table, and near-zero tolerance for settling and, well, tolerating. …. The updated paradigm is of self-possessed, self-aware individuals choosing to stand side by side, rather than enmeshing and drowning in each other. Gone is the model of one person bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the relationship; give and take is much more part of the picture, too.” 

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

Libra New Moon

New Moons are fresh starts. Whatever in life we’re facing, we can catch the fresh wave of cosmic energy to help us begin again. Given that we’re coming out of an eclipse season, there may be much you’re hoping to leave behind.

That doesn’t mean it will as simple as “just walk away.” Like ripping off a band-aid when it’s time for a change — there may be pain, but it’s best to just do it.

Says Empowerment Unlimited’s Kathy Biehl: “Don’t fool yourself, though. This New Moon, and the phase it ushers in, are not all hearts and flowers. Libra energy is more about seeking balance than having it.”

Libra’s governing planet, Venus, has just entered Scorpio. She may have a reputation for steamy sexual liaisons as she passes through the Scorpions territory. But we shouldn’t forget that Scorpio’s deep, emotional undercurrents are not her favorite place to be.

This territory is not for the faint of heart; it’s love, with a sting. It’s a willingness to love even when it’s painful, or cruel.  Whether this is noble, or self-destructive, is a razor-thin line, if there’s a line at all. With Venus aligning with Neptune in Pisces, we may find all kinds of rationalization for anything done in the name of “love.”

The Black Moon

The Libra New Moon is the second New Moon in September.  Some have given the second new Moon in a month the nickname “Black Moon,” just as they have called the second full Moon in a month a “Blue Moon.” These second calendar Moons happen about once every 2-1/2 years.

Other names coined for the second New Moon include “Secret Moon,” “Finder’s Moon,” and  “Spinner Moon.”

These second moons in a calendar month may get media attention, but they don’t hold astrological significance; it’s only when there are two new or full Moons in a row in the same Zodiac sign that astrologers take note.

Plus, it’s only the second New Moon in the Moon for the Western Hemisphere; for the rest of the world, the Black Moon actually happens in October.

Aspects to the Moon

New Moon conjunct Jupiter

Astrologers are still feeling the love since benevolent Jupiter moved into Libra earlier this month. And this New Moon falls within just a few degrees of Jupiter. Take a look:

“Woo-hoo! Throw some confetti in the air, a New Moon conjunct Jupiter is a party waiting to happen. It’s just easier to find joy, and Libra being a social sign, the Libra New Moon conjunct Jupiter is going to be about finding joy with others. You stay at home alone, you lose out. At least try to invite people over if you’re staying in.”

Clarissa, Viva Combusta!

“[Jupiter’s] sending them subtle but unrelenting suggestions that will color not just this moon phase, but also the next 12 months — genially advocating for more pleasing, harmonious and polite relationships that take both sides of the equation into account. 

“His clean-up campaign of the last year is over, and now we’re reaping rewards and sharing them. We’re in for an epidemic of social niceties and expansion, improvement and wild optimism in relationships, agreements and artistic creativity.” 

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

At least, social niceties are the ideal. Kathy also reminds us that it’s not always the way it works out in practice.

But “with Jupiter in the mix, watch for scales to go wildly out of balance and polarizing to grow even more extreme. It’s daunting to think that could get worse, given the Us Against Them vibe… Yet it will. More fierceness, more outlandishness and more entrenchment are all in store as the sides of each equation rock and try to commandeer the seesaw.” 

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

New Moon square Mars and Pluto

Another aspect pulling at the scales is a tense square from Mars (and some add Pluto here too) in Capricorn.

“The square from the Libra New Moon to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn … quite sharply contradicts the buoyancy of the Jupiter in Libra conjunction. …  [This New Moon] spells out “power struggles” to me. You might automatically think it’s going to be someone else trying to wield power over you and that you must fight back against this, but be prepared to face your own shadow here and see where you might be guilty of manipulation and/or controlling tendencies yourself. Either way, with the square to Mars it won’t go down without a fight.”

Clarissa, Viva Combusta!

This Libra New Moon “introduces the upcoming square between Jupiter and Pluto. Right now, these two big players are out of orb of the square but the Moon is connecting the dots. Emotionally now, it’s important to look to where we can develop our relationships and how we can introduce more harmony into our lives. The Moon’s square to Pluto and Mars however is frustrating. We want control, autonomy and to ‘do it my way‘ but the Libra emphasis advocates compromise.”

Leah Whitehorse, Lua Astrology

New Moon sextile Saturn

Though the square may be stressful, at least there’s a little help on the horizon; Saturn’s supportive sextile to the Libra New Moon makes adulting a little easier:

“Thankfully, a sweet sextile to Saturn may help us to go for the mature approach. Saturn is a stabilizer for a wobbly-wheeled bike so it’s easier to find our balance despite the influence from stroppy Mars and controlling Pluto.”

Leah Whitehorse, Lua Astrology

“The sextile to Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius gives a nice opportunity to turn new friends or flirts or acquaintances into long lasting ones.”

Clarissa, Viva Combusta!

Other considerations

Minor aspects

The trine between sweet Venus and illusive Neptune makes what some astrologers call an “adjustment” aspect with the Libra New Moon. (In technical astrological speak Venus is semi-sextile, Neptune inconjunct/quincunx.)

It suggests things may not be completely as they seem. Our desire to see the best — or the worst  — in a situation may obscure our ability to see things closer to the way they actually are.

“Libra is a cardinal sign and eager to get the ball rolling… but aspecting the Saturn-Neptune square means there’s still lingering doubts about the best way to do this.”

Clarissa, Viva Combusta!

“This aspect is so good at challenging the perception of reality… there is the great danger of lying and creating very convincing illusions.”

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology

“The fly in the ointment will be the Sun/Moon/Jupiter inconjunct to Neptune Rx. If you’re going to miss the boat on this one, it will happen because you overestimate new potentials. Or, your beginning is undermined by extreme swings (always a risk with Libra). For example, you go up in a rush of enthusiasm, but discover that you’ve over-promised. Or, you’ve pinned all your hopes on the one thing that doesn’t deliver. Then, your balloon deflates. You give up. “

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

Fixed Stars

This Libra New Moon occurs with the fixed start Diadem. Says Darkstar Astrology’s Marina Macario:

“Diadem is the alpha star found in the wreath of jewels in Berenice’s hair. Bernadette Brady see’s this star as one of a woman’s sacrifice as Berenice gave up her hair to Venus to ensure her husband’s safe return from war. This was a huge sacrifice in ancient times as long, luxuriant hair was a status symbol and short hair a form of disgrace. Brady says this star does not chase fame or seek recognition for what they do, they work purely out of devotion and dedication to their craft.”


Each sign can be subdivided into equal parts, known as decans. The New Moon falls in the first decan of Libra:

“This decan is connected with consulting omens in the night sky and an ability to prophecy. The Moon itself actually rules (In the Chaldean system) this decan also, so this is a very potent New Moon…. We might have to be aware of not being too naive and ignorant of malice. … Remember not everyone is fair minded.”

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology

Sabian Symbols

Astrologers have also assigned meanings to each degree of the Zodiac; one of the most widely used systems of the 20th century are the Sabian Symbols.

The Sabian Symbol for the Libra New Moon is “Three ‘old masters’ hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar interpreted this to mean “The need to return to source during confused search for new value in a chaotic society.” Or in other words, when it doubt, go back to basics and essentials.

Lunar Mansion

In addition to the familiar 12-sign solar Zodiac, there’s also a 28-sgn lunar Zodiac. The Libra New Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 15. It’s ancient name’s Al Ghafr; I call it “The Scribe” for short.

It’s the perfect mansion for trade and communication – so pursue your business goals, set up meetings and catch up on correspondence.  Better to research and gather information than to make formal commitments.

Summing It Up

Maintaining balance during, or even after, chaotic events is never simple. Stick to the essentials, and focus on the present moment, and you’re more likely to keep your center no matter what happens.

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Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: Full Moon in Pisces

Next Moon Phase: Full Moon in Aries

New Moon September 2016 Dates and Times

San Francisco: Friday, Sept. 30, 5:11 p.m. PDT

New York: Friday, Sept. 30, 8:11 p.m EDT

São Paulo: Friday, Sept. 30, 9:11 p.m. BRST

London: Saturday, Oct. 1, 1:11 a.m. GDT

Istanbul: Saturday, Oct. 1, 3:11 a.m.  EEST

Mumbai: Saturday, Oct. 1, 5:51 a.m. IST

Tokyo: Saturday, Oct. 1, 9:11 a.m. JST

Sydney: Saturday, Oct. 1, 10:11 a.m. AEST

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