Leo, 2024 is brimming with opportunities to amplify your natural vitality and charisma. Both private and public sides of your life will be invited to change. How you engage this change will frame your experience. No matter how challenging or beneficial the situation may be, make it a point to stay open-minded and curious.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Nurturing & Refining relationships and alliances.
• Deepening wisdom through learning & exploring.
• Your career or public reputation (your purpose).

One of the biggest undertones of the year kicks off on January 20th as Pluto moves back into your relationship house of Aquarius. The more you engage the subtle hints from the universe, the easier and more productive your Pluto lessons will be. Pluto is asking for deep introspection and possible restructuring of how you relate, commit, and forge bonds with others.

Communication in general, is spotlighted in 2024 by the Libra eclipses in March & October (in your 3rd house). How you communicate and with whom, along with your daily flow, will be up for review. The change you seek with this energy is for all sides to feel in harmony with their path. Some things may be ready to end, so others have room to grow. The Aries eclipse (9th house) on April 8th will invite you to explore outside your comfort zone. The more open you are to new insights and explorations, the more you will benefit from this energy.

Another notable focus area in 2024 is your financial and deep intimate connections. This is where Mars & Saturn will meet on April 10th. Themes of shared resources, mutual investments, and emotional depths may rise, prompting you to navigate these topics assertively and cautiously. There will also be a Pisces eclipse in this same area in September. Endings and beginnings may unfold at once. Remember that their purpose is to help you build your legacy.

A highlight of the year and a possible massive launching point comes when Jupiter & Uranus meet in your 10th house on April 20th and Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd – both energies present opportunities for expansion, unexpected advancements, and perhaps a delightful sprinkle of fortune in your professional life.

On May 25th, Jupiter moves into Gemini for the first time in 12 years. You’ll have a wide-reaching opportunity to expand on your dream, build allies, healthy partnerships, and a new daily rhythm. Remember that Jupiter expands what you focus on—looking ahead and not back is your key to success.

As you can see, Leo, your 2024 horoscope invites both growth and change. Trust your natural leadership, warm heart, and unwavering courage to guide your path.

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