Beware Ponzi schemes – or anything else that promises money for nothing and clicks for free. Things that look like they’re too good to be true often are when Venus, the planet of seduction, forms a square to Neptune, the planet of illusion on June 16th.

This will be especially powerful as Venus and Neptune are at the anaretic degree (i.e., the 29th degree) of their respective signs. This is the last time that they will be forming this particular aspect – which is good news – however both planets are famous for casting spells aimed at getting you to empty your pockets and your bank account.

The same thing applies to love, so be careful not to wear your heart on your sleeve. If there was ever a time when you could be duped, swindled, or blindsided it would be now. And this isn’t to say that the people you’re attracting are creeps. They’re just under the impression that your name is spelled “ATM”. Thankfully the spell lifts by the end of next week.

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