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A Capricorn Full Moon on June 27/28 means business. And this year’s is more serious than usual.

A few quick summaries from astrologers around the web:

“This Full Moon has the power of a laser beam.”

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology

“Karma’s watching, and it’s issuing a report card.”

My forecast

“This Full Moon will show us what is holding us back, what beliefs keep us stuck and show us a radical way to empower our immediate self.”

Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways

Intrigued? Want to know how this could affect you? Read on!

Capricorn Full Moon

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun. The stand-off pits emotions (the Moon) against reason (the Sun). Like the swelling tides, a Full Moon also escalates and heightens events that have been building.

My forecast describes the dynamic:

“A Full Moon brings a culmination and harvest. The cresting is paradoxical and uncomfortable when it happens in the arduous, mountainous terrain of Capricorn.

“Emotions are not ordinarily associated wit this sign. It’s focused on practicalities, goals, building long-term security and stability. Yet that’s exactly how Capricorn demonstrates emotion, by being responsible, productive and paternal. While Cancer (the current sign of the Sun) takes care of you with food and hugs and boo-boo kissing, Capricorn takes care by putting a roof over your head, and paying for the food on the table, and pushing you to learn to take care of yourself.

“These impulses flip when the Moon is full in Capricorn: our rational, masculine side is caught up with nurturing and nesting, while the emotions and the feminine focus on the bottom line.”

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A succinct summation comes from Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology:

“Capricorn/Cancer is the parent/child polarity, so there will also be themes of being an adult versus being helpless.”

Tick Tock

The key player of this lunation is Saturn. He’s the lord of the lunation, retrograde and conjunct the Moon.

The Capricorn Full Moon’s ruler is Saturn, lord of time, order and karma. He favors the slow and steady. That goes double when he’s retrograde, as he is now.

“Saturn retrograde is a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear. You may be tested to make sure you are ready to take on extra responsibility. The lessons you learn might be hard, but they will be valuable. Perhaps negative behaviors such as sadness or shyness have gotten out of control. If so, the Full Moon offers a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur to shake you out of your depression or isolation.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Other astrologers also explore how the Saturn retrograde impacts the Full Moon vibe:

“[Saturn retrograde] will illuminate a rule, restriction or issue with authority that you’re returning to. The vibe will be heavy – this is about taking responsibility for something or directing all your energy towards a goal. It won’t be easy, and the result or ending will demand your utmost effort.”

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

“This brings stillness within movement and creates extra soul tension to achieve the great things we know we were born to do. Saturn often feels like the weight on our shoulders, the boulders in our guided path and the obstacles in our belief systems. Under this Full Moon, we will feel restricted in expressing our hearts desires, we may feel punished for not living up to our expectations and could regret the choices or people that have kept us in our place.”

Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways

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Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology, sees a positive potential in Saturn’s retrograde (and notes that Mars, ruler of our drive, is retrograde as well):

“Forward movement will be very slow, or non-existent. However, Mars Rx and Saturn Rx do favor stepping back to redo, rebuild, or take another shot at something that requires work.”

Saturn is also conjunct the Moon. He’s bringing emotions down to earth…or maybe just down.

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, explores both possibilities:

“Full Moon conjunct Saturn is functional and critical. This will not be the most adventurous or playful Moon, but it will be your rock and anchor. It is extremely tempting to Saturnian or Capricorn people around you to take complete control of your life, but if you do surrender to their efficiency drive, expect their command to be 100%.

“Those touched by this Full Moon may meet folk who provide protection and security like no other. However, if this person happens to be your romantic partner and there is synastry with this Saturn/Moon, the relationship will often feel too parental for comfort. This Full Moon is great for extremely disciplined, organized and responsible individuals. Challenges and responsibilities accepted at the Full Moon will help build us a backbone of steel and broad metaphorical shoulders.”

Saturn’s proximity to the Moon raises – and delimits – questions. My forecast considers them:

“He’s the last planet the Moon contacts before opposing the Sun. As a result, she comes into the event sobered and cautioned by his stern dictates.

“They leave no wiggle room. Saturn is the planet of law and order and adulting. He deals in responsibilities, commitment and work. Step up, act wisely and follow through and he rewards; fall short, goof off or misuse your energies and he imposes consequences, ramifications, and penalties.

“Hence the weightiness of all the themes and issues cresting now. Evaluate them from a long-term perspective. Do they have lasting value? Are they taking you in a direction that you want to go? The advisable approach: Take responsibility for your part. Give yourself a bonus or gold stars for jobs well done, too. Watch for a karma delivery or two in this arena as well.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, hones in on the emotional impact:

“Moon conjunct Saturn adds seriousness to your emotions and can lead to distance in your intimate relationships. You may have to deal with some challenging situations and negative attitudes which will feel worse than they actually are. These hindrances and restrictions will apply mainly to your home and family life. Some drama involving your home, parents, children or your partner will be very trying on your emotions and can lead to feelings of rejection and depression.”

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Elsa Elsa cautions:

“It’s an emotional reality, you’ll come to under this Full Moon. It may be harsh but if so, this is not the worst thing. There are times in life where you simply have to accept some kind of loss or limitation. It’s utterly unrealistic to think otherwise….

“Things like this put a person on the ground. Okay, they may put you on the floor…. But there is something to be said for hitting bottom.  It’s when you hit bottom, you have a chance to stand up. This is hard to do when you’re still falling!

“Don’t be surprised if your knees buckle under this Full Moon. It may also feel like a punch in the gut.”

Saturn is like medicine: He’s not always pleasant, but he’s good for us. Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways, advocates for him:

“We need Saturn, we need his fatherly wisdom to get our soul work done in this lifetime. His lessons may be difficult, but they are there to make us stronger. To show us what we are capable of and to set our own boundaries to what we can and cannot achieve. Instead of feeling limited, find a way to feel responsible, to know that the soul wound in which we have been given to heal, is ours and ours alone. Saturn is our medicine in the chaos of change and with his structure we can liberate our creativity to its fullest potential.”

Change It Up

The Moon and Saturn are in a wide, harmonious trine to Uranus, the cosmic awakener, liberator and agent of unexpected change.

Order is teaming with disruption and innovation. Says Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology:

“There is some encouragement to incorporate new rules/new structures.”

Use this link as you evaluate the Moon’s emotional harvest, suggests my forecast:

“Does something not feel good? Feel worn out? Futile? Irresponsible? Make different choices. Change your goals. Change your actions. This Moon enables new approaches. The more inventive, idiosyncratic and you-specific, the more likely.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, elaborates on the potential:

“If you make a conscious effort, you will be able to bring change and excitement to your life with a minimum of upset and chaos. Trust your intuition and allow the impulsive nature of Uranus to free you of the over-cautious nature of Saturn.

“Chance encounters are possible and you may be attracted to unusual types of people or those from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Uranus brings the chance of new relationships and Saturn retrograde means they would likely be karmic encounters or past life contacts. This blend of old and new can signal the beginning of a lasting relationship. It could also breathe new life into a relationship that has become too boring and routine.

“If you are in an unhealthy relationship you may find an opportunity to break free. But remember the relative weakness of this aspect means you have to really want change and be ready to work hard for it. Similarly, you could use this Full Moon to break bad habits, overcome phobias or depression, or remove yourself from a negative environment.”

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 Other Considerations

The sky is vast, and so are the number of ways astrologers have found meaning in the heavens above.  Let’s look at how some of these add meaning, nuance and depth to the Capricorn Full Moon.

Fixed Stars

The Moon is near Kaus Borealis in the Archer’s bow. To Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, this star aids breaking free.

“It gives initiative and resourcefulness, an active mind and sense of justice. It helps in the promotion of idealistic and humane ideas. Dr. Eric Morse says this star conveys a sense of strength and flexibility combined, allowing you to put great force behind your reasoning while still being somewhat flexible.”

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, has assembled commentary on Kaus Borealis:

“‘Promoters of idealistic and humane ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of justice.’ [quoting Gary Noonan] ‘It conveys a sense of strength and flexibility combined and this often shows up in the chart of people who can put force behind their reasoning, yet be flexible.’ [quoting Dr. Eric Morse]”

Marina views Kaus Borealis as a counter to the negative associations of the other fixed star in the picture, Facies. She elaborates:

“Facies is found in the archer’s stare, so it is still in the same constellation. Since nebulas are hard to pinpoint by degree, I feel it is close enough to include….with Facies the potential for merciless elimination behavior could be high.

“‘The nebula in the Archer’s Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death.’ So says Robson, but Eric Morse goes into much more detail and gives a positive side. ‘Much blamed for accidents and broken limbs and so on. The Latin name is from the verb “Facere, to make or do something,” and it is often said to portend accidents due to the victim’s own careless actions.’

“Quoting Bernadette Brady: ‘Experiencing violence or turmoil. The sadist, or the humanitarian who wants to help children or minority groups in need. To learn of wounded people, people who have been harshly treated.’

“The similarity with the name Facies and Fascist is too uncanny to ignore…. Fascismois an Italian term and comes from Fasciomeaning ‘a bundle of rods’. This suggests strength through unity, as a single rod is easily broken, but a bunch is really hard to snap. The Moon generally signifies the family unit and a strong family is also hard for the state to dominate.”

Asteroids & Minor Planets

The Moon is conjunct Dionysus, named for the god of wine, theater and ecstatic rituals. His presence is an anomaly in the current work-oriented line-up.

“Astrologically, Dionysus is noted for altered states of mind; intoxicants of all types, but particularly alcohol and hallucinogens; theater; gender-bending, hermaphrodism, transgender, cross-dressing and homosexual relationships; wild sexual abandon and prophetic inspiration.”

Alex Miller, Alex’s Asteroid Astrology

The Moon / Saturn conjunction is also square the centaur Chiron, named after a Greek mythological figure known as the wounded healer.

My forecast calls the aspect “tough love.”

“It’s shoving you out of your comfort zone, like a dad letting go of bike handles and forcing you to steer and stay upright for yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself, acting for yourself and just plain being yourself are the demands of the Moon and Saturn’s square to Chiron. Step up to challenges. You’ll grow into independence, self-sufficiency and, ultimately, boldness.”

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Saturn’s responsibility angle jumps out to Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology:

“The sub-theme will be about taking responsibility for what hurts or where you feel weak/vulnerable. The responsibility itself may be what triggers the wound. Either way, you’ll be looking at how you deal with uncomfortable situations that push you to confront what you’d rather not confront.”

Sabian Symbols

Over the years, astrologers have devised systems to assign meaning to each degree of the Zodiac. The most popular of the past century has been the Sabian Symbols, proposed by Marc Edmund Jones.

The Sabian Symbol for the 7th degree of Capricorn is: “A Veiled Prophet Speaks, Seized By the Power of a God.”

In his commentary on the Symbol, astrologer Dane Rudhyar gave its keynote as:

“The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action.”

Lunar Mansion

In addition to the familiar 12-sign solar Zodiac, there’s also a 28-sign lunar Zodiac, which suggest the most auspicious activities of the day. To the Arab astrologers, the lunar Zodiax was known as the Mansions of the Moon.

The Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 22, which the Arab astrologers called Al Sa’d al Dhabih (The Lucky One of Assassins). Donna Woodwell of Donna Philosophica nicknamed it “The Winged Messenger.”

Donna summarizes the mansion’s purpose as “freedom from constraints.”

She counsels:

“Seize the day. Act quickly when opportunity arises. Free yourself from a situation that stifles you. Just don’t resist change or give into your old habits. It’s time to embrace something new.”

Summing It Up

The Full Moon sounds like all work and no play …. but promises a payoff for those who buckle down.

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, counsels:

“This Full Moon gives you the opportunity to see how you deal with authority in your life…. When does authority become too authoritarian? This Capricorn Full Moon helps us redress the balance.

“[This] is not the most romantic moon but it is a very useful and practical one. Use the Full Moon well to focus on what you really want, bin all the distractions so you can clearly see the path ahead.

“It will work best by a process of elimination. Throw away anything you have not used in five years, have a big clear out, delete files, delete annoying people and detox your life.

Elsa Elsa advises making like a Capricorn:

“Capricorn loves to plan. They survive by planning so if you know you’re going to be impacted by this, wait for it. Realize you’re going to hit some kind of wall. Take the knock, accept the situation and persevere.”

I’m claiming the last word:

“Adult. When answering to authority – a parent, the principal, your boss, your inner critic, karma – the process generally goes better if you own up to your end. Keep spheres of authority in mind, too. Everybody is answering now in some way, and it may not be your job to administer what you think of as justice.

“Be the daddy, too. Take responsibility for – and action to safeguard – your emotional support systems and goals. And pat yourself on the back for jobs well done.”

Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: June New Moon in Gemini
Next Moon Phase: July New Moon in Cancer

June Full Moon Times and Dates:

San Francisco: Wednesday, June 27, 9:52 p.m. PDT
New York: Thursday, June 28, 12:52 a.m. EDT
São Paulo: Thursday, June 28, 1:52 a.m. BRST
London: Thursday, June 28, 5:52 a.m. BST
Istanbul: Thursday, June 28, 7:52 a.m. TRT
Mumbai: Thursday, June 28, 10:22 a.m. IST
Tokyo: Thursday, June 28, 1:52 p.m. JST
Sydney: Thursday, June 28, 2:52 p.m. AEST

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