Hopes and wishes dissolve before your eyes when Neptune turns retrograde on July 2nd.  It's disappointing to say the least, but like all retrogrades, this is the Stars’ way of testing you to see if you are truly committed to the path you're on. The dreams you have when you're asleep aren't the same as the dreams you have for your future.

Nighttime dreams are often a jumble – they require interpretation to make any sense of them. The dreams you have for your future are Neptune dreams. They inspire you to make something of yourself, to give that vision of yours your best shot. If this week's disillusionment is all it takes to quash your spirits then maybe your vision wasn’t that strong to begin with.  It probably was just wishful thinking after all.

However if this setback inspires you to brainstorm, to test-drive different approaches to bridging the gap between the way you see things in your mind's eye and reality – then Neptune’s retrograde is doing its job.  Visualization is the first step to realization as you will discover on December 7th when Neptune resumes direction.

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