About Mercury Retrogrades in 2016

There is a general theme for 2016 astrology about bringing your dreams into reality and creating your inspired visions down to earth. Great, sign me up!

However, in the first week of the year, be sure to take a step back and make a practical plan before rolling forward.

Jan. 5, 2016, begins a Mercury retrograde that lasts through January 25 primarily in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Mercury retrograde is an illusion in the planet pattern of the sky story that happens for about 3 weeks, 3 times a year. This year however, there are 4 Mercury Retrogrades in 2016!

Mercury retrograde often gets a bad rap for glitches and miscommunications. That mischievous Mercury gets blamed for all kinds of things: computer crashes, transportation delays or communication misfires.

But Mercury supports analysis and organization, so during a retrograde, there is an invitation to go with the flow.

The gift of this cycle is less attention on order and logic, with a greater invitation to rest, relax and regenerate.

Mercury Retrogrades are times to simply shift from left to right brain focus.

How to align with the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde

  • Be creative
  • Think out of the box
  • Be open to surprises and spontaneity

Mercury is known both as the Messenger and the Trickster. Mercury supports both commerce and trade, as well as how to exchange ideas. Since Mercury is the ruler of communications, commerce and transportation, so it’s important to double check details in these areas.

Mercury the Messenger rules over

  • Communication; talking, listening, learning, reading, editing, & researching
    trade; negotiations, selling & buying.
  • Contracts & agreements; documents, book manuscripts, titles & deeds
    transportation; planes, trains, automobiles, shipping & travel.

Planning ahead vs. being spontaneous are the symbolic themes of Mercury retrograde.

If you have important projects or travel plans, take the time to plan ahead before Mercury Retrograde begins. However, in the weeks during Mercury retrograde, remain open to surprises and be flexible to make adjustments quickly.

Irritation or frustration may arise if you are digging in your heels to maintain your idea of order. Be open and go with the flow. Mercury retrograde times are an opportunity to look back, revise, redo, reconsider and reflect.

2016 Mercury Retrogrades

If you have planets in your personal birth chart near these Mercury Retrograde points, pay attention! Reflect on your own personal birth chart with this reference for the 2016 Mercury Retrogrades to find the potent points activated by this year’s sky story.

2016 Mercury Retrogrades with Astrology Themes

(Please note, if you are new to astrology, the degrees mentioned below relate to a specific section of sky. They serve as reference points, like mile markers on a highway. There are 360 degrees in a circle and 12 Zodiac signs. For astrology references, that is 30 degrees for each sign, with a range from zero to 29.)

Mercury Retrograde Jan. 5 – Jan. 25, 2016

Begins in the air sign of Aquarius at 1 degree, and ends in the earth sign of Capricorn at 15 degrees.

What are you thinking? If your new years intentions are larger then life, better make sure you have a practical action plan that is down to earth. Revisit, revise or reflect on your goals for the new year. Whatever you are creating, build it slowly. Don’t rush and take your time. More forward momentum is available in February.

Mercury Retrograde Apr. 28 – May 22, 2016

Begins in earth sign Taurus, from 23 to 14 degrees.

Take a some time off and slow it down. Give yourself a Spring Break sometime in May. Do what it takes to enjoy the sweetness of life. Remember simple pleasures. Recognize and refocus on things you truly value. Delight your senses in sensuality, enjoy delicious food or receive a nurturing massage.

Mercury Retrograde Aug. 30 – Sept. 22, 2016

Begins in earth sign Virgo, from 29 – 14 degrees.

Take care of life’s little details. Here is a head’s up to plan ahead in August before the September back to school season begins. This month, Mercury is retrograde in one of it’s ruling signs Virgo, so there is a double emphasis on attention to order and specific detail. If you have summer travel plans, be sure to have all your ducks in a row before you go.

Mercury Retrograde Dec. 19 2016 – Jan. 8, 2017

Begins in earth sign Capricorn at 15 degrees, and ends in the fire sign of Sagittarius at 28 degrees.

The holiday season this year is right in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde. Do you have a budget or will you go over the top and blow it? Starting in practical Capricorn, then rolling back to enthusiastic Sagittarius, this is a reminder of all the ways we go overboard, then find a strategies for more efficiency. Get your holiday shopping done early, or be open to extraneous and spontaneous spending on special gifts at year’s end!

Supportive suggestions for Mercury Retrograde

  • Mistakes may happen. Create extra time in your schedule for spontaneity
  • Double check details.
  • Be kind with your self if you have to redo or repeat something.
  • Remember: back up computers, take care of car maintenance and review receipts.
  • If possible, avoid major purchases, creating contracts, or serious surgery during this time.
  • Don’t push the river, go with the flow

When any planet stations retrograde or goes direct, astrologers say there is more power with this planet. Why? When a planet stations, it seems to “stand still” at the same point of the sky from our view on Earth. Just like an acupuncture session that aligns the meridians, a planets energizes a particular part of the sky, or a specific area of life related to your personal birth chart.

Look to your own personal birth chart or ask your favorite astrologer what area of life is Mercury is activating for you during this time. This give further indication of which specific area of life wants your extra attentions for rest and review.