The Venus Retrograde – Your Astrology Questions Answered

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Astrologers Nura Rachelle & Jaime Goldstein Answer Questions About Your Venus Retrograde Transits

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3:53 What is a Venus Retrograde and How to Prepare?
9:08 What Areas of my Career Should I Focus On?
19:56 How do I Approach a Venus Retrograde in my 9th and 10th House?
26:22 I Have a Leo 7th House! Could the Retrograde Bring in Some Romance?
31:26 Do You Experience Venus Retrograde Differently if You Have Venus Retrograde in Your Chart?

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Joe: Oh my God, we are live. Welcome everybody. This is Instant Insights Live the show where we answer all of your astrology questions. Welcome, welcome, welcome. If you are new to the channel, please hit that subscribe in that like button and the bell button to be notified whenever we post any new content. We pretty much have a new astrology video coming out.

Every day of the week. So if you love astrology, this is the place for you and welcome. All right, so we’re answering all your questions about the Venus Retrograde. Ever since we started doing the Instant Insights live. That’s pretty much the, the biggest transit that people are really asking about.

Like what is the Venus retrograde about? Like how does it interact in my chart? Today is the day to get all of those answers figured out. All right. And with me today, I have, Jamie Goldstein, and I have newer Rochelle, two amazing astrologers, and usually I. [00:01:00] Tell you a little bit about them. But last time I did this, I let one of their clients, tell you a little bit about them, and you guys seem to really like it.

So I’m gonna read two testimonials that came through. Astrologer Connect for Jamie Goldstein Andal, so you can get to know a little bit about their astrology style. So this one came in for Noura. And the client says, I feel truly seen for the first time and grateful for the opportunity to connect with Noura.

She took great care of me, gave so much, needed information and tools. I’m not sure where else you can get this kind of validation and the sense of being exactly where you are meant to be. I have this spark I didn’t even know I had before. I feel renewed and ready for what is ahead.

Thank you, Noura. I could just feel your warmth. You have pushed me closer to me. I needed that so badly. This was just meant to be, and you are changing lives. I truly [00:02:00] love this community. Uhhuh, how does that feel? Noura, is that a, a good reflection of what you do in your readings? 

Nura: I really hope so.

I mean, that’s what I’m going for. So it’s, it’s nice to be also seen and met in that way. I’m so glad it’s received 

Joe: well. Oh, I love that. And this one came from Jamie. And honestly, Jamie’s testimonials are my favorite. Always so poetic. It’s the best. So this one came through and she says, my reading with Jamie was absolutely phenomenal.

Jamie was incredible and answered all my questions that I came to the call with. My reading totally sur surpassed my expectations, and now I was truly blown away with the insights I received. I will definitely rebook with her again. Her reading is going to help me immensely during my time of transition and my life in general.

I’m so grateful for this service. Oh, how does that feel, Jamie? Oh, 

Jaime: it feels so good to receive, and I mean, this is, this is why I’m [00:03:00] here. This is why I love offering astrology reading, so it warms my heart. Thank 

Joe: you. Oh, nice. Awesome. All right guys, so just a little bit of, information for anyone who is new, the way to send in your questions.

There’s a few different ways. You can go to astrology That’s the best way to send in your questions. There’s a form you get to record, you asking your question personally to the astrologer, and we make sure that we send it to them, uh, before we get on.

So they really get to sit with your chart. So they, they, it’s, it’s a, a, a better way for them. It’s a better way for you. It’s a better way for everybody. And so if you have a question, always go through the form first. And again, it’s a stroll 

And today we’re also focusing on venous retrograde, so I will be prioritizing any questions about that? All right. I think that’s all of the logistics. 

“What is Venus Retrograde, and How Are You Preparing?”

Joe: And, before we answer the, the featured question that we selected, I did have a question for both of you, [00:04:00] Jamie and Noam. Like how, I guess, how are you preparing for the Venus retrograde and what do you interpret the Venus retrograde to be?

Jaime: Hmm. Well, so just to kind of tune in for what the Venus Retro grade is, I really look at them as the ending and beginning of a grander 19 month Venus cycle. So they are these times of endings and beginnings, and we may see some endings and beginnings around things related to Venus. So relationship, uh, maybe things around, you know, projects that, that are connected to our finances, creative energy, creative projects.

Um, but there’s a deeper element of it as well. We’re kind of going through it, ending and beginning of how we relate. Uh, VIN is all about relating to our lives and the world and people around us based on our relationship of our self-worth and our self-value. We’re often. [00:05:00] Reorienting our values retrogrades are so about, about reorientation, so reorienting our values, things around relationship, things around self-worth, things of matters of the heart.

It can be a time to get really clear on what are the values of our heart, the desires of our heart, and they’re very much energetic. Like when a planet goes retrograde, the energy becomes more yen and n word and we’re, we’re clearing out energetic blockages around that time as well. So, Sometimes an old relationship comes around.

It doesn’t mean that it’s time to, you know, that it’s time to like marry this person and commit to this person forever, because sometimes it’s just a reflection to revisit, ah, where were we? I. Within ourselves, and we were in that relationship in the past, and now we get to kind of reflect on that and, and start anew.

So yeah, 

Nura: I love that. I’m in a pretty similar place as well where I, I just allow things to die. Essentially, [00:06:00] especially because I view Venus as central to our magnetism, our resonance, our creative initiation journey. That’s pretty much how I relate with Venus because our creativity, it involves relationships, it involves resources and everything that we’re attracting.

So it’s, to me, it’s bundled up all into one. One thing, it’s, it’s our creative initiation journey, so, Since I am a creator, since I spend so much of my time creating things, creating programs and content, and I love it, I’m actually allowing myself to chill a little bit so that I can allow things to compost and regenerate within myself.

And because when we give ourselves that time, it’s similar to an inner winter where we get to receive what we need, especially because Venus is about our magnetic qualities, our frequencies, our resonance. It’s about what we’re able to receive. So I need to go inside and check in with my values and check in with, okay, is there a new download of what I’m creating?

And therefore, do I need to receive [00:07:00] something differently? Do I need to receive more or less of something? So I’m kind of clearing out. My calendar in a lot of ways. I’m taking some, uh, just a little bit of time off to be with my family and things like that, to have fun really, because Venus and Leo, come on, like, we need to have some fun, like, especially after the past few years.

Um, I’m really just trying to get to that place where I can be in the present moment and be so with whoever I’m. Engaging with, and, um, it requires a little bit of less, is more, a little bit more simplicity and almost like space to let the adventure happen. I will also say that you’ll notice I’m wearing yellow gold and amber and I, that’s another way that I love to prepare for working with certain I.

Planets, you know, the sympathetic magic, practical magic of connecting with the colors. So there’s a lot of easy, fun ways too. I’ve been eating a lot of mangoes and things like that since, Ooh, since entered Leo. So it can be really easy and it can be really fun. 

Joe: [00:08:00] Yeah, that’s why I have my green light on today too, cuz green is one of Venus’s colors.

I’m like, hmm, I’ll try it awesome. Thank you so much. And I do see a lot of questions about people with Venus in Leo, like they have Venus in Leo in their needle chart. Would you say that the Venus retrograde becomes more important or becomes different for people with Venus and Leo?

Or would you say it’s. Almost the same. It depends on the whole chart. 

Jaime: Yeah. I feel like if you have Venus in Leo, particularly in these critical degrees where the retrograde is 28 to 12 Leo, but if you have her anywhere in Leo, your, your, your Venus return is, there’s more of an activation here. So if your Venus is in Leo, you’re probably going to be feeling this retrograde pretty strongly in, in your life.

Sweet. Mm-hmm. 

Nura: Absolutely. And then especially if it’s your whole Venus Cycle return, I’m actually, I get to be witness to that, to both my husband [00:09:00] and my daughter. They’re both born in the same cycle, so I get to watch the the show. 

Joe: Nice. Awesome. Cool. 

“What Area of My Career Should I Focus On?”

Joe: So with that overview of what the Venus retro rate is, I think we’re ready for our first question.

Is that right? Awesome. All right, so this one came in from Julie 

Jaime: hello, Nira. Hello, Tammy. I’m Julie. I would really love if you could take a look at my chart for this Venus retrograde as it’s quite pertinent to my chart and I’m in a first house perfection year and an important Venus year as well.

I’ve been trying to restart my career since. 2018, but I’ve been met with accidents and dramas and surprises, and it just feels like things are just starting to move on. All three of my big loves, and my big loves are astrology. Reflexology and my craft work. I just wondered, can you see if I should focus on anything in particular [00:10:00] or anything you can see in particular about timing?

Timing and focus? I do hope to move to community in the next couple of years. It could be any time at all. So there’s that as well. And I will be taking my three big gloves with me. But yeah, I really appreciate all of you so much. I’m so grateful for everybody and everything, and I send my big love to the whole, oh Hannah, thanks so much.

Joe: Awesome. Oh my God. And just as I was playing this, I see Julie Wooley in the comments, and I’m now wondering if you’re the same, Julie, because for you guys who have been here every episode, Julie is always here, and it’s always nice to have her in the comments. So I’m, I’m glad that if it’s you that we’re answering your question now.

All right. So Jamie, would you like to get us started? Yeah, 

Jaime: I would love to. Hi Julie. It’s just so lovely to connect with you and, if this is the same Julie that’s here, we were pulling up your chart before and the town wasn’t pulling up, [00:11:00] um, for us in the chart software, so I found the longitude and latitude and I found the town nearby to make sure.

So I have you as a Leo rising. So if. That doesn’t sound right for some reason. Please let us know in the, in the chat here, but I’m gonna kind of interpret this based on whole science, health system. I work really intuitively. Um, and so that’s what I’m drawn to in this moment. But just to bring in some context, you know, you shared that since about 2018 you’ve had all these, you know, obstacles and slowdowns to really.

Move forward with what feels like, you know, your, your sole purpose, your, your passion, and you’re a passionate person with a Leo. Rising. You know, you’re here to express yourself from your heart and to shine your lip, shine your light, and share your gifts out to the world. And in 2018, I just noticed Pluto was right on your Mars in Capricorn and Whole signs wise, that is in your sixth house here.

[00:12:00] So, you know, that makes sense. Instead of at about 2018 Mars, our outward directed energy, how we go for what we want in life, how we go for what we’re passionate about. That there may have been some slowdown and perhaps a death and rebirth around how you go for what you want in life and exert your energy out.

Um, and you know, there’s been a few other transits, particularly, you know, last year you were in a 12th house year. You’re now in a first house year. So there’s this fresh breath of energy. But when you’re in a 12th house year, I’m in that right now. There can be a. Slow down and kind of a pullback from the world and retreat and, you know, working through a lot of karmic things as well to kind of open us up to the new cycle.

Um, but what I wanna, you know, just share about this Venus and this Venus Leo retrograde, it’s really powerful because you are a Leo rising. So this Venus retrograde is moving through your first house. And so this is a, you know, this is essentially [00:13:00] a. Reorientation of how you relate to yourself to get to, as we’re moving into this new Venus and Leo cycle.

That starts when Venus meets the sun at 20 degrees of Leo on August 13th, and then about a week later she’ll rise as morning Star and Leo. And there’s gonna be this 19 month journey you’re gonna go on with bringing your authentic essence out into the world, bringing your creativity out into the world, bringing.

Your heart-centered expression because Venus in a LEO cycle, which will be a 19 month cycle, this is very much activating our inner Matrixx, activating our creativity and how we are magical co-creators of life around us. And yeah. So just one other thing I wanna share real quick here is that, uh, the Venus Starpoint at 20 Leo is trying your.

Mid-Heaven and your Chiron that are here in Aries and um, Chiron is like right on your mid-heaven coming [00:14:00] to your Chiron. So I see this as a huge activation of your creative healing gifts.

Joe: That was great. Thank you, Jamie. Yeah, and Julie, please let us know if, uh, how that’s resonating. Oh, uh, and I think she just said something. She’s from my sn n degree to my opposite, to opposite my son. I, I think that’s talking about Pluto. Maybe. That’s Venus. Oh, Venus.

Oh, there you go. And Julie says, wow. Um, alright. Neuro. Do you have anything to add? I do. 

Nura: So Julie, you would be just coming out of your hole. Um, every year you have a full on Venus Cycle return, so you’re born into the Aquarius slash Capricorn Venus Cycle, and so. For one community is really important for you.

There’s a big calling for you to be connecting always increasingly more with your creative community and especially with that, um, Aquarius energy in your seventh house. It, it would appear [00:15:00] you’re here to both be part of, um, something that you can grow with a group of people to belong to something and, and co-create together.

So that’s really important. I’m really glad that you’re doing that. And I would say the best way to work with this is. When you’re in the underworld part of the journey, really ask yourself, well, what is being released from your space? There’s a huge letting go. It’s a letting go for something new to come in.

And because it’s in the self, it might be very physical, it might be very much in your body. What is your body telling you about? How to make decisions. It does seem that this might be a huge year and a half for you to understand more about your body Yes. And your body. No. So getting super clear on what that is.

I would also say that with the. With the shift, you might start to find that the downloads that came in for you over the past year and a half while we’ve been in the Capricorn cycle, maybe they [00:16:00] gave you the scaffolding. That’s usually how it works When we’re in our actual return, like we tend to think like, oh, I’m getting the, I’m getting the creative downloads, so this my create my Venus cycle is going to be the year that I make the thing.

But usually we start to see the blossoming. A few years after our exact venous cycle returned, because it’s similar to that new moon energy where the seed is being planted. So look back over the past couple years of what has that Capricorn cycle been planting for you and what structures have already been created and now is maybe you’ve.

Constructed something like a stage for yourself to now go stand on to now go express yourself boldly. There’s definitely an invitation to ask for more, and that might be, um, just more space for people to hear you and. There’s a lot of emphasis around replenishment. So personal healing 20 degrees is associated with Scorpio in degree theory by Nicholas Denovi, and so about 20 degrees [00:17:00] Scorpio undertone is bringing in a lot of transformation.

It’s the transformation of the hearts. It’s the transformation of the crown. Um, it’s transformation of the solar plexus, all of these sort of LEO centers in the body, but most importantly, the heart really pay attention to your body language and like, how does something make you go like this, right? Then you, maybe you get to do some work around that versus if you naturally feel pretty bold and confident when you’re making that decision and your heart is open.

Even just observing those cues can make the decision making process feel, um, hopefully a little bit more aligned. 

Joe: Awesome. That is all great advice. Um, and Julie also says that everything has been a hundred percent resonant so far, so thank you Julie, for sending in the question. And if you have anything, uh, she says Yes, yes, yes.

I have shivers neuro, that’s so sweet. Thank you so much, Julie and Jamie and Nora for the great, [00:18:00] insights. All right. So I’m just gonna allow, Jamie and Nora some time to cast the new chart 

and in the meanwhile, while they’re casting those charts, I just wanted to let you to take some time to let you know about. What’s happening for those of you who are not familiar with it already, instant Insights Live is actually a counterpart to a function on Astrologer Connect, uh, which is the instant insights.

And just this week we’re about to, uh, have, um, a very special week called the Instant Insights Week. Where for from any time from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time. There will always be an astrologer live on the platform. So you just go to astrologer and you’ll be able to see an astrologer with their green light on.

If you see that happening, it means that you can actually call them like ride on the moment, which is why it’s called Instant Insights and The, the reason why we’re doing that too is to, to really get [00:19:00] to you guys to, to, to know the value of having those, like in the moment readings. Cuz sometimes I think that people tend to think about readings as this like very sort of, heavy thing that you really have to do a lot of preparation, but sometimes you just need that one quick, uh, question or that, that one quick answer from an astrologer.

And we’re fully staffing the platform to make that. Uh, possible for you. And the good news is too, that any instant readings, happening from Monday, June 19th to June 25th. Any instant readings happening in that time, will have the first five minutes for free.

So if you have a question, I see tons of questions that, uh, coming in in the comments right now that could be answered in less than five minutes. You’re in luck cuz you can get it for free essentially. All right, so, With that out of the way. 

It’s astrology for anyone who missed that, call out.

“How Do I Approach Venus Retrograde in My 9th & 10th House?” 

Joe: All right, let’s get to our next question. [00:20:00] Are we ready? So this one came in really early, right before, we started from Nicole Dragon. And Nicole asks, how do I approach. 10th house and ninth house activity with Venus retrograde.

There is this a time to be more reflective about what I value and how I express myself, and she gives us her birth information as well. And who would like to, to get us started with this question? Noelle. Jamie. Who’s feeling it? 

Jaime: I can go here. So Nicole, I have you as a 10 degree Scorpio rising, and I can see that you’re using like a quadrant based house system.

So I have your chart here and porphyry. Now, one thing I just really wanna know is what I feel really excited for you is your midheaven is 20 degrees of. Leo, and this is where the venous star point is. This is where Venus is [00:21:00] meeting the sun halfway through the retrograde, and this is the infusion of the energy for the next, uh, 19 month venous cycle.

And what I do find is wherever that that venous star point is, wherever it lands within our chart. When we go 19 months after that point, we can look back and see something really grew to life over this 19 month period. I’ve played with it with my own chart. I’ve gone back and worked with clients charts and it’s something cuz Venus is, you know, she’s about fertility, she is about growth in and many senses that, that creative fertility principle.

So I can see something wanting to grow to life. For you with your, your Leo Midheaven, your sacred contribution to the world, your. Your creative heart offerings. Now going back to this retrograde, how can you navigate this energy? I, I agree with what NRA shared earlier. I often feel a big slowdown energy because the energy of the retrograde is a [00:22:00] slowdown energy, so it might be a time to kind of, Slow down if that works with the flow of your life with, you know, 10th house things or our sacred contributions to the world.

They can be professional type things as well. Um, and then with a ninth house, you know, this could be a time to really, slow down and, and really connect in with your higher wisdom and your, your higher guidance. And maybe you’re feeling like getting really. Perhaps quiet and still, and maybe you’re feeling a call to pursue some type of higher study, higher pursuit, or maybe you’re, you’re feeling called to teach something or share something.

You know, that ninth house, that ninth house energy. But, uh, you know, I think having that slowdown and 10th house, ninth house things could be really powerful. So you can get clear on your values, you can really connect in with your heart’s desires. And, um, so there’s like this new energy to. Emerge as we move into this next [00:23:00] cycle.

And just the, an intuitive thing that’s coming through is, you know, perhaps even, um, I see the retrogrades, they do clear out energetic blockages. So if there’s something around your self-worth and really, um, some, some I can sense perhaps some energetic blockage wanting to be cleared out around your self-worth so you can really show up and shine, shine your gifts with, um, yeah, more vitality and more fullness of aliveness.

Nura: Yes. So for you, Nicole, asking just what is the highest way for you to use this whole cycle of the Venus in Leo cycle? I pulled the eight of Pentacles, and so this is the card of meaningful work and purpose and just really making sure that what you’re doing is feeding you on the soul level.

So there’s another few things that I think are really important to note. So you were also born into the Capricorn cycle, so similar to the person that we just read for, you’re in this sort of next level phase of what you were, [00:24:00] Creating.

So think back to the past year and a half, what have, what have been the scaffolding? If we think about where Capricorn is in your natal chart, you have a lot of Capricorn, you’re part of that, um, Capricorn Telium cohort. And so building and having a project is always very important for you. If we look at how the 10th house and the mid-heaven share resonance with Capricorn themes, It’s about building something that is true for you on the heart level, and it’s, the pentacle piece is important as in the money, the resources, but it’s not about the money.

It’s like, what does the money allow you to create? How does the money allow you to serve? Whose prayers do you get to answer based on the work that you do? And also based on having. Being financially resourced. It’s also a really good time to make friends and, and do some networking with people that are, you know, maybe share similar goals as to how you want to grow and learn and build.

That will be very important. Also, noticing that this 20 degree Leo Mark is also square your [00:25:00] Pluto, and also it’s pulling in your Taurus energy. So the Scorpio and Taurus fixed energy is really going to be lit up. You also have your nodal axis. In Aquarius, Leo. So the whole fixed cross is being incredibly activated, which to me suggests, , an upleveling in leadership.

So get ready for that. 

Joe: Ooh, get excited. I, I’m loving all these, um, I, I think I, I saw this on, on Twitter the other day too. It’s somebody saying that Venus Retrograde can also be like a, a big sort of transit for people re rebranding themselves and coming into like a new sort of like brand. And I’m like, Hmm.

Makes that, I 

Nura: totally feel that because Venus is our marketing. Right. So it’s like, what? How are you putting yourself out there? Is your message congruent with what you wanna share with the world? And what, even if we think of brand, what are the colors? What are the images that you’d really love to have associated with yourself and what you’re putting out into the world?

So it’s a great time for that in general, and also to have fun to be experimental with [00:26:00] it, because if we think of the venous retrograde, it’s also bringing in that opposite energy of Aquarius, which is. It’s really experimental. It’s, you know, have fun with it, put some things out there, see what the response is, and then change it if you need to.

We’re not stuck with one thing that we decide to create. 

Joe: Sweet. Awesome. Thank you so much, Nora. 

“I Have Leo on My 7th House Angle. Is There Potential for a Romantic Relationship?”

Joe: All right, so I think we’re running out of time, so we’ll only do one more question and this one came in from Angela and Angela asks, hello. I have a question. I have Leo on an angle, my seventh s I’m wondering about, uh, romantic relationship potential as a single lady open to a new relationship.

I love the emoji also. Uh, no. Do you want to get us started with this one? 

Nura: Sure. Wow, Angela, you have this cycle really activating some spice, some passion for you with your moon. And [00:27:00] Mars also involved here. And it’s really fascinating because over this summer, Venus is kind of chasing Mars before Mars exits into Virgo and then Venus kind of hangs back.

So there might be a lot of this sort of action reaction or taking, taking some aligned action and then coming back and doing some reflection to see, well, are you receiving. What you really want based on your actions, particularly in the realm of relationships. So that might look like how you assert yourself, what you share, um, having fun, kind of putting out options for people and, and then seeing, um, okay, is this actually helping to uplift me?

Is it bringing me more into my heart? Is it bringing me into more alignment with my values? So I definitely can see a lot of enjoyments, a lot of, um, New ways of seeing yourself and allowing yourself to be seen with the moon because the moon is our self-image. The moon also helps us integrate between past, present, and future versions of ourselves.

So there’s something really wanting [00:28:00] to be reformed, renewed around your self image and how you show up in relationships, who you are. And this all comes down to how you allow yourself to be seen. So this could be a big year for visibility and if not in a major group sense, although you also have that, um, definitely indicated.

In your chart, um, with the trining energy to the Sagittarius in your 10th house. So this could be a very big visible year for you, but it’s more about those one-on-one relationships and cultivating that co-creative balance with the people around 

Joe: you. Sweet. Jamie, do you have anything to add? 

Jaime: Yeah, I love that and I’m so re.

Fascinating of everything that Nura is sharing. And yeah, this Venus Retrograde going through your seventh house at Venus Station’s retrograde, conjunct your Mars, the Venus Starpoint is right on your moon at 20 degrees of Leo and then Venus retrogrades back to, to 12. Leo and your [00:29:00] descendant. It looks like it’s 13 Leo here.

So there are big, big, uh, activations for. Relationships. And you know, I see this as a, you know, the Venus retrograde. And I think as we go into this Venus cycle, because the Morningstar Venus phase is about, it mirrors that myth of anana, right? Clearing out, old stories, old narratives, conditioning, what’s no longer serving us energetic blockages as well.

And this Venus and Leo cycle is so much about clearing out. Where have we been holding onto perhaps, some conditioning and where have we felt maybe, you know, this is an elite. Mysteries, right? So this Venus cycle wants to clear out things around, um, self-worth and so we can come into more, uh, worth and self-confidence, self-trust, self approval, um, self-affirmation.

So where have we maybe been looking for those things from other people and maybe taking on, identities that, that aren’t true to our heart essence, which is what Venus is [00:30:00] about. Pro probably from an unconscious. Place. And so there’s something here about really, I, I. See this invitation here to get, to show up to life and relationships of all types, one-on-one relationships of all types, but particularly, the potential of new romantic partnerships coming through and more of your authentic self and owning your self-worth, your self-value, um, and your self-trust as well.

Nura: I have something to, to add to that real quick, just mm-hmm. Based on Angela’s venous cycle that she was born into the Scorpio cycle and that being her, where her venous cycle is placed is with her son and her Uranus in the ninth house. So this is a square active square between. Her natural way of creating, which is more of that Scorpio, maybe water element into the fire.

So it’s, it’s calling on a totally different part of her. But that square is beautiful for creative tension, especially if you’re able to do all the belief confrontation, which I imagine [00:31:00] is pretty natural with Scorpio in the ninth house for you. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to investigate and make sure that things feel aligned before you say yes 

Joe: to them.

Awesome. And Angela also says, I love this. I’ve been focusing on boundaries and relationships and getting more value out of them. So there we go. Good job Angela. So excited for you. Sweet. 

“Do You Experience Venus Retrograde Differently if You Have It Natally?”

Joe: And I think with that, these are gonna be all the questions that we’re taking today, but I did see a few questions that I think we can answer without a chart, and I’m gonna see if I can, pull them up here, is the venous retrograde different? If you have venous retrograde in your chart, do you experience that differently? And if so, how? 

Nura: I would say yes, um, because it’s natural resonance. It’s what the signature is that’s in your natal chart that you were born with, so you might actually find it to be more natural, more easeful, and [00:32:00] witnessing that people around you, especially because venus’s relationships, that you are actually even able to relate with them a little bit better because you’ll have an awareness of how to work with venous retrograde energy that.

The rest of the population doesn’t have. So people might actually be looking to you for that, you know, heart-centered support while they’re deconstructing their values and looking at what else they get to create relationally. So I would say definitely, 

Joe: Jamie, is there anything you’d like to add?

Jaime: Yeah, I just really agree with what, what Nura says. And if you’re born with venous retrograde, you may naturally be kind of a, a midwife, someone who moves between. Spaces and is really perhaps like a midwife in relationship. Someone that is here to be a guide to support people through transformation and within their own relationship with self as well.

And so, yeah, it could be a powerful time for you. That’s 

Nura: amazing. I love that. The being the midwife genius. 

Joe: [00:33:00] Right? You both together are the best combo. I love more. I wanna do this every day. 

Nura: Oh my God, its really fun. Thank you so much for having me, having us on. 

Joe: Yeah, of course. And for be 

Jaime: with you, Joe. 

Joe: Oh, thank you.

Thank you. It’s a pleasure. 


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Happy Venus. Retro gift for everybody. if you didn’t get your, Your question featured in today’s episode. Please also go to the form at as where you can submit your question in advance and it gives you a higher chance to get featured. But with that, Jeanie, Nora, is there any parting word you’d like to leave the audience with today?

Nura: I’m just sending a big hug. I just hope you have a lot of fun, allow in more love more life, and just have a good time the best you can. Awesome. 

Jaime: I love that. And I feel like with this Venus Retrograde just a great invitation is to really see ourselves [00:35:00] through the eyes of love, like to see ourselves through our higher self.

So there’s an invitation to kind of. See ourselves from that perspective as we begin to embrace more of our self-worth and our self value. So, 

Joe: All right. Awesome. I love that. I have tons zip planets in Leo, and I’ll definitely take that as an advice. All right, guys, have a great week, have a great Venus, uh, retro, great cycle, and I will see you on the next episode.

Oh, and next episode is actually with Clarissa Dolphin and Michelle Dench, and we’ll be talking about relationships and family dynamics. So give us the drama. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye-bye.


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