The Solution to Chronic Pain

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Amanda Walsh interviews an Inner Circle Member about how they used Astrology to overcome chronic pain.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn…

πŸŒ‘ How Annie Bonifas used astrology to navigate through chronic pain and loneliness, finding a unique path to healing and self-discovery.

πŸŒ’ The astrological insights and techniques that can guide you in overcoming personal struggles, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others.

πŸŒ“ About the transformative power of astrology in addressing physical and emotional challenges, and how you can apply these principles to enhance your well-being and relationships.

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Annie: [00:00:00] I was experiencing chronic pain for almost a decade. And I didn’t even quite realize it because it changed form so much, but it would show up as headaches or back pain or sciatica.

And it kind of just was like an undercurrent of my daily life. About nine months before I came into astrology, I had this sudden insight when I realized that my repressed emotions and old stories were actually connected to my physical pain. It was like I was remembering something from middle school and I felt my body so tense and at that point, I was, um, starting to feel really lonely and disconnected.

And I realized that this was actually a really familiar feeling that I’ve experienced other times in my life. But I have these old coping mechanisms and patterns and so I didn’t really know how to handle this. And I was really just in this [00:01:00] state of…

Feeling like I was missing some of my purpose and then also feeling guilty because I had beautiful children. I had a business. I had a husband and it still felt like there was a disconnect and that’s really how I felt up until the day that astrology came into my life.

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Well, hello everybody. And welcome to the astrology hub podcast. I am so happy that you’re here.

One of the things we love to do here at astrology hub is share [00:03:00] real stories. from real people and learn how they’re actually using astrology in their lives to make tangible improvements and lasting changes. Today. I love the episode. We are talking to mind body astrological coach, Annie Boniface. She’s going to share her Saturn return story and essentially how she went from being in chronic.

physical pain in her body. Everything from back aches to headaches, sciatica, the whole gamut to actually living pain free and feeling like she is fully on her path. You’re going to love Annie. She shares some of the tools, the processes, the insights that she gained along her path to help her through this process.

We share these things with you and hopes that maybe some of the insights that she gleaned, some of the tools that she used will be helpful to you in your process as well. So I am really excited to introduce you to Annie and without further [00:04:00] ado, let’s dive into the episode.

Amanda: So today we are talking to mind body astrological coach

Annie: and mother

Amanda: of three year old twins.

Annie Boniface,

Annie: and we’ll be exploring her,

Amanda: Journey of transformation. Thank You for joining us on the

Annie: astrology podcast. Yes. Thank you. Amanda astrology hub has been a really big part of my journey and it’s such an honor to be in conversation with you.

Amanda: Oh, I feel the same way. And I just love, love, love meeting people from our community and hearing their stories.

Annie’s Life before Astrology

Amanda: So let’s start with. You and what happened when astrology came into your life? Like what was your life before? What challenges do you, did you have? What was up for you, uh, before astrology

Annie: came into your life?

Yeah. Yeah. So astrology came into my life during my Saturn return. And, [00:05:00] um, I was also initiated into motherhood and the mind body connection for my own personal feeling during my Saturn return. So before that, I think about. My 20s, and it was my first time in return, and I was spending a lot of time traveling.

I started a business with my husband. I got married. I was, for the most part, really enjoying my life. I did have this undertone of, I was experiencing chronic pain for almost a decade. And I didn’t even quite realize it because it changed form so much, but it would show up as headaches or back pain or sciatica.

And it kind of just was like an undercurrent of my daily life. And so when I was, um, like about nine months before I came into astrology, I had this sudden [00:06:00] insight when I realized that my, um, repressed emotions and old stories were actually connected to my physical pain. It was like I was remembering something from middle school and I felt my body so tense and like physically feeling worse.

And it was just like, aha, like it clicked to me. And so. This set me on a journey of learning about the mind body connection and also going through my own healing process with it, which took me right up to, um, the fall of that same year. And at that point, I was, um, starting to feel really lonely and disconnected.

And I realized that this was actually a really familiar feeling that I’ve experienced other times in my life. But I have these old coping mechanisms and patterns that I had just worked through in, um, the previous nine months. And so I [00:07:00] didn’t really know how to handle this. And I was really just in this state of…

Feeling like I was missing some of my purpose and then also feeling guilty because I had beautiful children. I had a business. I had a husband and it still felt like there was a disconnect and that’s really how I felt up until the day that astrology came into my life. Whoa. Okay.

Amanda: That’s fascinating. I want to unpack several elements of what you just shared.

So you’re having this chronic pain, headaches, back pain, sciatica, like lots of physical symptoms. You were able to make the connection before astrology came into your life that this was a result of a lot of repressed emotional energy and that that repression was linked or tied to the feelings of being lonely or disconnected.

Like, and then maybe there were some specific things that happened in your [00:08:00] childhood that were like moments is that were there like moments you could pinpoint that were

Annie: related to this pain. Yeah, so basically what I realized was, I was propelled back to that moment. That was embarrassing and shameful to me and I could feel that in my body and because I have listened to a lot of podcasts, I knew of a teacher that specifically talked about the mind body connection in relation to chronic pain and her name is Nicole Fax.

So I started to learn from her and I went through a process of Journaling and basically doing a lot of shadow work. So I was going through any stories about my personality, my childhood, or my day to day life that I had unresolved feelings. I had a real tendency of, um, suppressing and bottling emotions and not really expressing.

Or when I did express. [00:09:00] Express that not really coming out as I felt. And so, yeah, a lot of what was connected to childhood. A lot of it was connected to, um, just like things about my personality that I, um, wanted to be different and was judging.

Amanda: Wow. Interesting. Okay.

Well, let me ask you this from that shadow work that you were doing, did you start to have an alleviation of symptoms or were you still feeling those things in your physical body?

Annie: Yeah, I was actually feeling quite better physically, and, that then, like, kind of pulled back a layer of how I was actually experiencing more anxiety in my life than I had realized, because I was masked by, being in pain.

And so, I feel like that’s kind of the layer I was at when astrology really entered. I was feeling way better in my body and I was feeling relief, um, with the, with the [00:10:00] anxiety and loneliness, but it was, it was like, come and go. Like, I, it felt like I didn’t quite, have like my finger on.

What was bringing it on and what was, um, like making it better. Okay.

How Astrology Came Into Annie’s Life

Annie: And

Amanda: then, then tell us the story of when astrology comes and then how that changed things or, or helped to improve things more. And I’m making an assumption that it did, but I’ll

Annie: let you tell us. Yeah, absolutely. So astrology came into my life on a ordinary day.

I was listening to a podcast and an astrologer was being interviewed on the podcast and I really just loved her story. I loved listening to how she used astrology and I found myself feeling really connected, really inspired. And then the podcast was over. And I was like, well, that was great. But now I don’t know where to go from there.

And I dropped right back [00:11:00] into Disconnection and yeah, just like feeling like I was still not being connected. So then I went to an acupuncture appointment and I was laying on the table and there was needles across the front side of my body and I decided to have a conversation with my heart. So I said something along the line of.

Dear heart, I want to know what you have to say about this and I promise to love and accept you and listen to you. And then I got quiet and I waited to see if something would happen and nothing really happened. And I started to say a few words in my head that I thought might be helpful in this situation and still nothing happened.

And [00:12:00] then out of nowhere, it was like the word astrology popped into my head and the needle closest to my heart. I had sprung up and I had the sensations come down my legs and there was just like this immediate knowing and trust that I had just connected to my heart and like I had asked for help and guidance and it had whispered astrology to me.

Yeah, and I didn’t really know what that would mean, but I trusted it.

Amanda: It is so interesting, Annie. I’m having deja vu because this type of

Annie: story, it happens. It’s like, it’s like when, when, when we’re ready to

Amanda: ask the right question and when

Annie: we’re ready to

Amanda: Find this wisdom and guidance. It’s like, just waiting for us.

It’s like, I love that you asked your heart. It’s such a sweet prayer. Can you, can you say that again for anybody out there? Who’s like, [00:13:00] I’m looking for something like I, there’s an answer that I need. What was

Annie: your prayer to your heart again? Yes. It was just like your heart. I would like to know what you have to say about this.

And I promise to love and accept you and trust what you say. And that was it. I’ve, um, maybe refined it over the years, but, I still do that sometimes when I, when I’m feeling that disconnection and needing some guidance from my heart instead of my mind.

Amanda: Yes, yes, yes. Okay. So your body responds automatically.

Then what? So you get, you get this word astrology,

Annie: but like you, you already don’t

Amanda: know where to go to get more astrology. So what happens?

Annie: Yeah, so I go home and I realize I can search astrology on podcasts and I start finding astrology. Um, podcast. I start finding some teachers and I really from the day [00:14:00] that this happened on, I’ve been studying astrology ever since.

So, um, I just like went for it. Um, and I really quickly started to see how, um, it was like another layer of what I’d already been doing. So before I’ve been more focused on the healing aspect, and I started to see how astrology offered this other layer of really acceptance of all these parts of myself that I have been denying or rejecting or making feel like they should be different.

And that really became the key. Of, coming back into more of that connection that I had been desiring and, um, more of that alignment that I really was feeling, that misalignment right before. Annie,

Amanda: can you give us a couple examples? Of, of things that are like parts of your personality or that you wanted to be different, but then learning about the astrology made you embrace yourself in a [00:15:00] new way.

Annie: Yeah, definitely. Um, well, one, the planet that spoke to me right away with Saturn, because I was really On the cusp of starting my Saturn return, it was, it was started, but it hasn’t kind of been exact. And so that drew me the most. And I started to learn everything I could about the planet and my placement.

And I I took myself very seriously, and I could see how I was taking, um, my healing journey also very seriously. And it really was a lot of deep, deep work that, that did take effort, and it wasn’t always easy. But astrology really came in and let me see, like, more of a bird’s eye view of myself, to where I could, like, see my Saturn placement, see exactly what I was going through, and then also, like, find some, like, fun and, like, Lightness in the moment.[00:16:00]

Um, so that was really helpful. Because yeah, it was a very prominent part of what was going on for me. And then also what was going on in the collective at the moment. And then yeah, I have a really close aspect to Pluto. And so that was, that was supportive. And it’s something that it’s been like an evolving thing that I can see the support so That really came into where, like, in the past, like, I was trying to suppress or bury a lot of things about myself, especially my emotions because the aspects to my moon.

And so, that was really helpful because it basically just kind of let me see that, like, okay, what I’ve already been doing is, is helping. And the more that I do it, like, the more that is going to rise from it. And that’s where, like, the power is.

Amanda: It’s amazing how some of [00:17:00] these just really basic core concepts about these planets can be so liberating.

It’s like, oh, okay, I have this aspect with Pluto, so probably I have this tendency to suppress or repress. But most likely the places where I’m doing that also hold the most gifts and the most power. So maybe it’s a good idea to continue that work that I’ve been doing, which is brilliant. Was there anything else that you, that was, uh, earlier you said there were things about your personality that you didn’t, that you wanted to be different.

Were there other things that you discovered through your astrology chart that you were able to like shift that wishing to be different into a, Hey, maybe this is

Annie: a great thing about me? Definitely. I have both Mercury and Venus in the eighth house, which again is from my experience. It wasn’t always the easiest.

It [00:18:00] wasn’t always the easiest to express myself. It wasn’t always the easiest to like, , be able to actively share my thoughts. Um, and sometimes my thoughts would mean more on like the darker side or the more catastrophic side. And so when I really was able to identify that, I was also able to see that I’m, I’m not just my thoughts.

Like I’m not, I’m not just Mercury. I’m not just my Venus. I’m something beyond. All of my business, and it helps me stop identifying so much with with my thoughts, and that was really helpful because I had tried in the past to just run away from them or to, like, judge them and it brought me into a lot more acceptance and, like, an ability to just be with them and see that they pass and there’s something beyond beyond that.


Amanda: Okay.

The Shift in Annie’s Life

Amanda: So bring us to now. So you, [00:19:00] you dive in fully. You’re loving what you’re learning. You’re finding it to be empowering. What has the result

Annie: been for you? Yeah. So pretty quickly after I had moved through like more of the acceptance part of how I was using astrology, I then started to see, especially through like listening to the weekly weather and other forecasts, I was starting to see that, like, what was going on in my life and what was, what I was feeling was actually being reflected in the astrology.

And so then I was able to, like, team up with the cosmos and start to use the astrology to make the changes and the shifts in my life that I desired. And so, yeah, within six months of starting my astrology journey, I, um, decided to make a couple of really big ones, including, um, closing the [00:20:00] business that me and my husband had been running, and, , moving out of the state, flying across the ocean to Hawaii with our two year old twins at the time, and really taking, um, what we like to call a soul batapal, Which was a time to really be with ourselves and be with our children and be in nature.

And through that experience, um, I started to really see. Even greater shift. Um, and the main one being the importance of community in my life. And so I started to actually, uh, create community around me and it was like wherever we were going and, um, that became really beautiful because that was something that I was really missing before astrology.

And so. When I got the chance to sit in circle with more people who also [00:21:00] desired these shifts in their lives, it really brought me into more clarity about how I am here to also support. And I saw how really my experience with using the mind body connection and using astrology could be really supportive for other people who were

Amanda: feeling

Annie: stuck, feeling lonely, feeling like they just didn’t feel like aligned or connected.

And so that brought me and my husband and our kids back to our. Our home state Nebraska to start to bring more of that work forward and in our local community and, um, um, yeah, with other people.

Amanda: I’m so curious about your husband and his experience of this whole thing. So was

Annie: he like immediately on board with this whole astrology

Amanda: thing or was he not like what’s been your journey together

Annie: as a couple?[00:22:00]

Yes, he was skeptical at first. But he also, uh, was a psychology major when he was in college, and he was very attracted to, um, like, the positive psychology. And so there was, like, a thread that intrigued him about it, and then he actually looked up a few psychologists. That talk about astrology and when he found out young Paul Young, um, actually wrote a book about astrology and all that, that kind of like opened his view, but he also let it be my thing.

And, um, yeah, he stays curious and he really just sees how much I love and enjoy it. And so that to him brings a lot of love and joy. And yeah, every once in a while he’ll ask me questions or ask me to look at what’s going on for him. Um, or just like when we’re talking about things to be able to, uh, like support him by [00:23:00] knowing, um, certain, certain parts of his current personality and like how then I can support him.

So, overall, yeah, I think he’s been like very accepting of it. There’s definitely been moments of resistance, and in those moments, like, I just let him, like, be skeptical. I let him think I was maybe, like, a little, like, Um, out of the box. But, usually then he would just become more curious. And I felt like that was really helpful.

Um, yeah.

Amanda: So, it sounds like he, was he also going through a Saturn return at the same time as

Annie: you? Uh, no, he was not. Um, yeah. So, it was, it was a different shift for him. He had other things going on He was going through starting his first pattern square. So he had some relation to pattern.

But yeah, it was more prominent for me and my

Amanda: placement, but it sounds like he was also ready for transformation at the [00:24:00] time. I mean, if you, if

Annie: this

Amanda: is you, you spend some time in Hawaii, you close the business, you come back to the, to Nebraska, but you’re doing different things. It sounds like he’s been a part, like astrologically, what has he been going through?

Annie: Yeah, he just, he’s having his nodal return right now. And yes, he was absolutely ready for, um, a bigger shift. He, during his Saturn return is when we started the business. And it’s when he, um, started, he’s a wrestling coach and a coach. And so he started, uh, coaching. And so there was things happening for him that was kind of like asking him to then step into the next.

Um, the next phase. And, um, yeah, now he’s going through a really significant

Amanda: transit as well. Yeah.

Astrology’s Impact on Relationship

Amanda: So what, how has your astrological understanding impacted your relationship with him and or [00:25:00] other people? Like how, how have you shifted in the way that you show up and what is the result then for your relationships?

Annie: Yeah, it’s helped me most with my relationship with myself, which then has rippled out into my relationship with everyone. Um, but yeah, I think it has probably affected, my relationship with my husband and then my relationship with my kids the most, because it really helps me start to see when I’m projecting onto them my own stuff.

And that’s what I love about astrology. It’s like allows you to get that bird’s eye view to where you can kind of like see a little bit zoomed out of the moment and you can see a little bit beyond like the emotion you’re feeling in that moment or what you think it should be like or whatever that situation is.

And that one always reminds me that I have a choice. And it reminds me to take ownership of my [00:26:00] product because I had a lot of tendencies of, like, blaming the other person. You know, I’ve got the moon in the 7th house. Like, it’s a thing for me and, um, I’ve been able to. Really take more ownership and how I show up in a relationship and I realized that, like.

That’s 50% of it. I don’t necessarily have as much control of that other 50%. Often, me doing that is what shifts it the most. And yeah, it’s been definitely a huge learning experience for me. I learned a lot through relationships and, I really do feel like astrology has helped me shift the way I am. Yeah, it’s like we’re,

Amanda: we’re fish trying to describe water so often, you know, it’s like we’re so in it.

We’re so in life that I hear you. Astrology provides this like, okay, like step out and be able to look from a different, bigger, broader perspective to understand my patterns, my [00:27:00] behaviors, the way I Project and blame other people for things. And that really, that thing is in me. We, I think we all do that by the way, but I know some of us even have more of a tendency and, and, and we’re, we’re just, we’re learning through this,

Annie: this earth school

Amanda: so much.

And astrology really provides such a blueprint for that.

Annie’s Experience with Astrology Hub & the Inner Circle

Amanda: So I am assuming because you are in the inner circle, but at some point we came into your life. What happened? Like,

Annie: where did you, where was your entry point into astrology? Have Yeah, I found astrology pretty quickly when I was studying and then I started to take like, a few courses and was listening to basically all the content that you guys are putting out and, it really started to then get to a point where I had learned the basics of astrology. And so I just wanted, [00:28:00] um, to be like in the conversation, really feeling like I was, , listening to conversations that also supported me and what I was doing. And, um, It got to a point where I really was only listening to the astrology home.

Like, it was where I had found the teachers that I resonated with most, the astrologers that seemed to speak the language that I understood most. And so, um, it just kind of became, I don’t know, it just happened naturally where I went from listening to like different podcasts to Listening to one. And, that’s how I knew that I wanted to join the community because I really appreciated how relevant it felt like all the conversations were, how like real and how curated they were with the different astrologers you brought on.

Amanda: That is one thing that we’ve always strived to do is like, how can we make this, it can [00:29:00] seem so far out there. It can get like super heady. It can get very, um, academic, like how do we make it relevant? How do we make it relevant people? So I’m so happy to hear that reflected back from you and what, what’s the impact of being a part of the community been for you?

Like what, how has being a part of the inner circle and all that, how has that helped you go to the next level

Annie: for yourself? Yeah, being a part of the inner circle. I have really been supported by the master classes. I knew that I wasn’t going to be studying as much this this year or this part of my life.

And so I wanted something that was really easy to access. That felt relevant to, like, improving my own practice, and that really, um, like, resonated with my heart, too. And I have really felt that from all the interspiritual leaders that you’ve brought on. It’s so beautiful that, like, yes, we’re learning about the astrology, but we’re also doing soul work, [00:30:00] and we’re also Um, we’re going past really like just the astrological learnings.

Um, and yeah, I wanted to also be in more conversation like this to be able to hop on a platform and be able to hear what other people were saying about transits or their experience and then be able to ask the questions that were coming up for me.

Advice for Beginners

Amanda: For people starting out. For people who have just had that, maybe they’ve had an experience where they got the message from their heart that astrology is part of their path. They’ve started listening to the podcast. They’re listening right

Annie: now. Where would you say to start?

Amanda: Like what, what maybe like the most influential books that you’ve read?

Or, I mean, obviously our podcast has been a big part of your journey. The inner circle has been a big part of your journey, but what other things would you recommend for people who are just starting out and wanting to go [00:31:00] deeper?

Annie: Yeah, I would say that really astrology to me is a heart and a mind practice.

So, pick up the things that also resonate with your heart, the things that like make you smile or bring some joy or sense of connection to you. Um, for me, I have really enjoyed, um, Carolyn Casey’s, um, Making Those Gods Work For You, which I was referred to from listening to the podcast. And also because I am a lover of Saturn, um, Liz Greene’s book on Saturn absolutely has been, really helpful in understanding that, uh, loneliness and disconnection that I, um, initially brought me to, to astrology.

Amanda: Okay, so Making the Gods Work for You from Carolyn Casey and, uh, Liz Greene’s, what is the name of that book? It’s like a new take

Annie: on an old devil or something like that? Yes, it’s something like that. But [00:32:00] yes, I think

Amanda: we’ll get the title for that and we’ll put that in the show notes. Yeah, check it out. I also love and Carolyn Casey’s making the gods work for you is so awesome.

If you’re kind of like the person who who’s craving an embodied experience of astrology and a real connection to the planets themselves. This book is so good. And I listen, mainly I only have time to listen to books. However, I have just started reading Michael Bryan’s

Annie: traditional

Amanda: astrology book, which is like this huge book, but it was on my, my bedside table.

And I

Annie: was like. You know, I kind of

Amanda: want to read this one. Like, I want to, I want to read his words and he doesn’t have an audio yet, which I’m, I’m encouraging him to create an audio version of the book. But, um, but no, I mean, I think that that’s so helpful, Annie. Thank you for people that are looking for books because there are those starting points that are really helpful and then they kind of bring you down the rabbit hole and then [00:33:00] you can go really far down the rabbit hole.

There’s so many different things to explore. Right.

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Oh, I just thought of another thing, um, about the inner circle that I almost forgot to mention. So one of my favorite parts about, um, being part of the inner circle is I actually got to meet somebody in person.

Yeah. Yes, I, um, started a conversation, with somebody and then we realized we were in the same community and I was able to invite her to a moon circle that we were having and we got to create our Aries treasure map together. Oh my god. Yes.

Amanda: That makes me so happy that the idea of astrology hub and the inner circle and all that forever has been that we would start online and we would find each other all over the world, but that we would eventually have opportunities to be in person together.

So whenever I hear about people finding each other in quote unquote real life, it makes me very [00:34:00] happy. It’s one of the, one of the inspirations behind the live event that we are working on for 2024. It’s like, Let’s get together. Let’s be in person. Let’s meet each other. Let’s hug each other. I got to meet some inner circle members at the ESAR conference in Colorado last year.

And it was like, Oh my God, this is the best. And it left me yearning for more. It’s like, I really just want to be around you guys all the time as much as possible. So,


Amanda: Annie, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for sharing some of the things that you’ve learned along the way.

Is your body better now? I mean, do you feel the same pain that you used to experience

Annie: before or is it gone? Yeah, it’s gone. I feel the best physically. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually than I ever have, and I know that it’s going to continue to evolve. Um, but yes, I, like, every once in a while, I’ll feel uncomfortable or discomfort in my body, but it’s [00:35:00] by no means the same pain that I have been experiencing.

Well, you

Amanda: are delightful. It’s been so awesome to get to know you and your children, your two little twins are very lucky little beings to have you as their mama. And um, if people want to find out about your mind body coaching, how would

Annie: they do that? Yeah. So I have a website, it’s

Annie: Annie Boniface. com and um, you can also find me on the interstitial.

Yay. Awesome. Okay. So for

Amanda: those of you who are interested in joining the inner circle, we are not in a promo period right now, but you can dive in right now at regular price. We are going to have a promotional period coming up in October. So the other option is to get on the waitlist right now, and then you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens, but that’s

Amanda: astrology hub.

com slash inner circle waitlist. Astrology app. com such inner circle waitlist, or you can just go to

Amanda: astrology app. com such inner circle, get in at our [00:36:00] regular pricing. When we do offer promo pricing, you can adjust your monthly rate at that time, or go and get the promotional annual price. That’s another option.

So go ahead and check out those two options. You want to be in conversation with people like Annie, um, all the exploring these topics really just. Figuring out who we are and what we’re doing here and how we can live our lives better. That’s what we’re doing in the inner circle. And then learning from the master, most masterful teachers who are like Andy said, very heart based.

The inner circle is definitely a place where people are using astrology to transform their lives. You know, it’s not just about learning the academic.

Annie: technical aspect of astrology, which is

Amanda: also totally important and very interesting and amazing. But the inner circle is really a place where the people you’re wanting to learn those technical aspects, but you’re wanting to, to do it in a way that’s really embodied.

That has, um, you know, That [00:37:00] taste of transformation with it. You know, you’re going through things in your life. You want to use astrology to live a better life. This is what the inner circle is all about. And it it’s perfectly designed for people who like that. So go ahead and check that out. And Annie, thank you again for sharing your story with us.

I know that it takes like a lot of courage to come onto the podcast and share your story.

Annie: It must be kind of surreal to like.

Amanda: Listen to it for a while and then be here sharing your story. Um, and I’m just really grateful that you are willing to do that with us. So thank you. Yeah.

Annie: Yeah. Thank you. It was a true honor.

And yeah, I felt very grateful for this, this time. Yeah. An honor for me as well. All right, everybody.

Amanda: Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community as always. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life and we will catch you on the next

Annie: episode.

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