Manifesting Abundance with Jupiter

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Astrologers Joe G and Michelle Dench discuss ways to find Profitable Opportunities by looking at your natal chart.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn…
๐ŸŒ‘ The psychological and emotional patterns that often sabotage people’s success with finances.
๐ŸŒ’ The concept of using your creativity as a resource and the importance of self-care and personal evolution in managing your resources.
๐ŸŒ“ How to approach financial concerns from an astrological perspective, considering elements such as the second house (self-worth, self-value, the money that we make), the eighth house (the money that we share with others), and the current transits.

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Choosing Profitable Opportunities Part 1



Joe: Well, hello, hello, everybody. And welcome to another episode of the Astrology Hub podcast. Um, if you don’t know me, I am Joji. I’m Astrology Hub’s podcast producer and also an astrologer over at Astrologer Connect. If you’re new to the channel, uh, hit that like button, the subscribe, and do all the things.

We pretty much post a new, um, video about astrology every day. So if you love astrology, this is the place for you, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. That jives with your style. Today, I have Michelle Dench with me, who is also an Astrologer Connect astrologer. And we’ll be talking about a question that I keep seeing popping in the comments.

And I think this is my catchphrase now, but as a podcast producer, I’m very much always in the comments. Sometimes I’m the one answering them, but most of the time I’m just watching what you guys are curious about. So we can, create videos there. answer your questions. And so one of the [00:01:00] big things that people are wondering about, especially in the times that we are, is how to maximize on their efforts and how to start choosing profitable opportunities and Profitable opportunities will of course vary from person to person and that’s why I brought Michelle here today so we can talk about how Those might look differently for each of the zodiac signs and how, what’s the, even the logic behind, looking at finances through an astrological chart and all things like that.

So, if this is interesting to you, stick around. Hi Michelle, how are you?

Michelle: Hi Joe, happy to be here with you.


Joe: Usually we’re on the Instant Insights live show together. It’s nice to be together on like a, a one on one talk.

Michelle: I know. I love chatting with you and I feel like this is a topic that’s really near and dear to my own personal experience.

So I’m happy to be here today.

Joe: Nice. Awesome. [00:02:00] So for those of you who might not be familiar with Michelle’s work, here’s a little bit about Michelle. So Michelle is an intuitive astrologer with expertise in relationship and financial dynamics. She’s the vice president of NCGR San Francisco, the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

And she’s a dedicated student of A Course in Miracles. She has been studying astrology for over a decade, focusing on goddess, asteroids, soul, evolution, and relationships. Before becoming an astrologer, Michelle had a 15 year career as a financial advisor. Which is one of the, the reasons why we brought her here today.

And her practice encompasses evolutionary astrology, electional, locational astrology, and of course the asteroid goddesses, as I’ve talked about. And in her spare time, Michelle practices meditation and dedicates herself to care for her family.

Prepping Clients for Financial Concerns

Joe: Michelle, my first question for you is.

Let’s say you’re on Astrologer Connect, you see that a client came to you and they have a [00:03:00] financial question, maybe they’re a little bit worried about, like, inflation or whatever the thing going on is, and they Want to make sure that they’re, they’re super prepared for this next phase in life.

What are the first things that you would talk to that client about?

Michelle: A lot of people come to me, actually, this is a common thing that people want to explore with me on Astrologer Connect.

Should I sell this house that I’m living in? What about this job? What about my finances? Or even like these kind of core, I’ve always struggled with money or I’ve always struggled with this or that. How do I overcome that? There’s obviously many different answers depending on the individual and a part of what my job is as an astrologer is to look at the reflection that is offered by the chart and look at what is happening for the individual in terms of [00:04:00] their, the present moment transits and things that are coming up and really tune into what is most alive Relative to their question.

So for example, someone asking about selling real estate and it’s more than just real estate. If this is a home, if this is their foundation, if this is their livelihood, if this is connected to a place that they want to be or a freedom that they’re trying to create for themselves, you know, what is the ultimate purpose of money?

It is to generate. Life experience and to live our life, right? We come into the world with this assumption that, we’re the only ones responsible for us, and that we have to do whatever we have to do to generate our needs, our resources, you know, a person might have come into a [00:05:00] family where they struggled financially, where the family lived in poverty and they had little to eat.

And that may have even developed a psychological, emotional sense of resilience or responsibility that then leads them later on in life to developing Strength, actually, in that area strength to, um, to overcome the difficulties of their childhood or needs strong needs for financial security by transit.

We’ve been all dealing with this Taurus Scorpio nodal access. And I think for me, it’s brought up some of the deepest reflections around who we Taurus, the possessions that we have, the things that we own, our financial resources, and Scorpio, our attachments, whether those are, physical, financial, emotional, [00:06:00] relational, security, these, it’s all about security.

And The security that we seek through resources is that basic base level, you know, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs orchestrates this really beautifully. We have to have food, water, shelter. Housing, you know, basic security needs met before we can actualize as human beings. And so a lot of what I’m looking at in the chart is a combination of second house, self worth, self value, the money that we make.

Eighth house, you know, the money that we share with others. Also, in combination to the fourth house, our basic foundation and resources and the tenth house, which is our career or our, you know, work in the world and transits to those houses and also [00:07:00] planets, the planets in particular that rule those houses and what relationship they have to transiting planets and other planets.

Joe: Right.

Common Barriers Surrounding Finances

Joe: And. How do you think that your background, being a financial advisor, has informed the way that you approach those types of questions with your clients? Is it at all different than what you used to be doing when you were just a financial advisor? Or, how is it?

Michelle: When I worked as a financial advisor, mostly I worked in investment management and financial planning.

And one of the goals of really good investment management is to grow your wealth and really good financial planning is to help you plan so that your, um, Not outliving your money. And I’ll just say that I’ve never met a person who didn’t outlive their money. I really don’t subscribe to a belief [00:08:00] in scarcity that people will run out of money.

But obviously if you’re spending more money than you make, you’re going to be in debt. You’re going to have to compensate some way for an over stretching of resources. And in the same way. If you are not earning a lot of money or if you don’t have a lot of resources, there is going to be a sense of scarcity.

And what I found as a financial advisor was that the most common thing that sabotaged people’s success with investing, with finances, had more to do with emotional, and psychological patterns with money than it had to do with the actual resources themselves. The, the concepts of investing, well, it’s kind of like an finance language is kind of like astrology language.

It’s like astrologers can [00:09:00] talk, Oh, it’s your Venus doing its square to your Mars. That’s causing your in conjunct to be out of alignment with the nodes. And when, and you’re like, What does that mean for me in the same way that a financial advisor could be like, Oh, you know, if you have this kind of investment, then you’re going to be able to be, you know, successful.

But if you have zero understanding of what it is that they’re doing, you’re still going to be. Motivated by that deeper psychological, emotional, instinctual response to self preservation, to take care of oneself, like everyone has the same base biological needs when we come into this earthly realm, we’re born into a body, we need, we need food, we need shelter, we need You know, we have parents, we have [00:10:00] karma relative to those parents, and those things end up building our sense of whether we’re safe, whether we’re secure, whether we have what we need, whether we feel like we deserve what we have, if we have shame about money, if we have feelings of needing to control our environment or our resources because our early imprinting was out of control, or because we maybe grew up with less than,

So these are all things that were healing. And in that respect, my work as a financial advisor was helping people. To understand the deeper psychological emotional aspects and then decoding the language of finance so that what they were investing in made sense so that they understood, how much money they make versus how much money they spend and what they needed to save.

In order to feel a sense [00:11:00] of security, right? What one person needs in their bank account in order to feel safe and secure is very different than what another person needs. And it’s all subjective to our based on our life experience. So that has really translated into the same way I work as an astrologer, which is like getting to the root of the chart, the soul level work that we come in here to do, the family and the conditioning and the relationships.

and obviously the decisions, right? Deciding to leave a marriage can have a huge financial implication for a person. It is also a deep emotional Scorpio attachment that is being released in doing that. And we might be doing it for a reason to be moving towards what we desire in our heart. Maybe our relationship isn’t fulfilling anymore, or maybe we don’t feel a sense of connection or emotional.[00:12:00]

You know, um, nourishment from the relationship. And so we’re, we’re finally coming to terms with that. We need to move on with our life, but our whole financial security is wrapped up in the agreements that we’ve made contracts, right? 7th house marriage. I did the podcast episode on the 7th house, but for those who are wanting to know more about the houses, you could go back and listen to the 2nd house and the 8th house.

Link to the House Series

Michelle: And the fourth house and the 10th house, and then listen to my seventh house episode. And you’ll start to see how everything in our lives is interrelated and interconnected to our resources, to our, our feelings, to our relationships. And so you can’t really pull one thread, and this is why coming to an astrologer, you know, if I pull on the thread of trying to answer the question for you around selling your [00:13:00] house and the timing of when you might want to move, I also have to look at, well, that’s connected to that relationship or that’s connected to that job.

And then I’m really looking at the whole of your being and your soul. And to me, what matters more is. in what ways your soul is longing to grow, to know itself more deeply. And that’s all connected to whether you feel secure, confident, capable, and able to make those decisions. And whether you have the resources or whether maybe you’re wanting to make a choice to leave a job and start something new, right?

There is a whole wealth of. Intricacies in the person in the individual woven into each and every one of those financial decisions,

Finding Ways to Calms Financial Fears

Joe: How can they start to check in with themselves to tap into the source of some of those anxieties and some of those fears?

Michelle: Really good [00:14:00] question. You know, we’re moving into a time period where the nodes of the moon are going to be moving into, Aries, Libra. And we have Pluto and Capricorn squaring those Aries, Libra nodes. And even the sun is going to pass through very quickly and we’ll have a big, you know, so it’s like the core foundation of life itself.

All the structures of our lives are up for a crisis, a change, you know, it’s like the tower card in the tower card in tarot, it’s not a horrible thing. It’s not as if everything’s going to fall apart, although that often happens in our lives when we’re just about to have a breakthrough into a new evolutionary stage and phase.

And so for those of you who are listening to this, who are like, Oh man, I’m on, I feel like. My life is, um, [00:15:00] uncertain. I feel like I’m struggling with this or that. The first place that I would begin in terms of looking at your natal chart, the core lessons of the soul is with Pluto and the nodes.

That’s my background is as an intuitive astrology, but predominantly in evolutionary astrology. And I think that that points very clearly to the direction, you know, where we’re going in this lifetime. And a part of what that is pointing us to in the present moment is like, well, where is there a growth?

And if a part of our growth may be developing mastery, developing skill, learning how to let go of our possessions, there’s all these different nuances of where, where we can find information, but you could look at that second house. This is going to point to, and the second house [00:16:00] ruler.

Our self value, our relationship to the money that that we make the money that is earned individually possessed individual possessions. And then you might look to the opposite house, which is the eighth house. That is the money that we share with others. And don’t be discouraged if these houses are empty.

We want to find out who the ruler of that house is and where that ruler is and what their relationship to one another is. But even in the simplest way, you can start to look for, um, and I know this podcast is about looking for opportunities. Where is Jupiter? Where is Jupiter transiting, and that is really pointing in many ways to where there are new opportunities being seeded, and in this case, the last Um, a few months, Jupiter’s been transiting with the north node in the sign of Taurus.

There’s [00:17:00] something in that Taurus house where we’ve been growing, resources, right? are not just limited to money. Investments and opportunities are not just limited to stocks and bonds. There are many different ways to actually. Have resources to develop resources and part of what we’re learning with the resource of astrology is to look for timing like auspicious timing.

I know Joe, that’s one of the things that you do and you probably get a lot of questions. I look a lot to new moons. Those are my favorite times for really reflecting on what we’re seeding, right? And Jupiter bringing in, abundance or opportunities. Jupiter opportunities are like, they’re sprinkled and what happens to an opportunity when it’s sprinkled from [00:18:00] above, right?

One way is you could, you could grab it and you could hold on to it and you could say, Oh, this is mine. Right? But then if you don’t take care of that opportunity, if you don’t tend to it, if you don’t nourish it, if you don’t. Do the Saturn thing, the longterm thing of like growing with that opportunity.

Eventually it will pass away. This is the same if Jupiter brings a relationship into your life or Jupiter brings money into your life or Jupiter brings a new job into your life. What you do with that and your choices are not always Jupiter things. They could be moon things or sun things or, Pluto things, you know?

Using Joe’s Chart As An Example

Joe: I did want to, if you don’t mind, to, to play a guinea pig a little bit, just to serve as an example for anyone in the audience who’s like, okay, this is all cool. But like, how do I start seeing that in my chart? Um, and you talked about the nodes and [00:19:00] Pluto.

And I think my chart Is a good example, and I’m not saying that just because of all the Leo stuff in my chart. But I think it’s a good example because I have, the Sun in the late degrees of Cancer. And so, Pluto’s gonna oppose it, the nodes are gonna square it, so it’ll be right there. And as the Cancer rising, the Sun also rules my second half, so finances.

So, I have all these things going on that are related to finances. So, if I were a client coming to you and I’m like, Michelle, I’m seeing all these transits coming up, like my, the ruler of my second house is about to be opposed by Pluto, it’s gonna be squared by the nodes, like what do I do? What would you say?

Michelle: Well, that means, one, first of all, the Pluto polarity point is your Your spot, right? In evolutionary astrology, we would look to the Pluto Polarity point and we would look to the resolution node. So the resolution node in the [00:20:00] case of Pluto squaring the nodes is the south node, which will soon be in Libra when it perfects that square to the nodal access and then the polarity point is cancer.

So we’re talking about moon, lunar and Venus things. Obviously, this is money and financial security and emotional security. And I would say, Joe, this is an opportunity for you in your development. To really learn what it’s like to find your own personal power in ways that are emotionally self nourishing and creatively self expressing.

And I think one of the ways that I’ve witnessed you doing that is in how you’ve been creating images, which is right in the very Leo, second house thing, but maybe there’s. And that’s just been [00:21:00] done as a way of like creative self expression and creative actualization, and it’s not been something that you’ve monetized or it’s not something that you’re looking to do or to sell, you know.

And a part of my curiosity might be, how in this phase are you going to claim self mastery, um, control, you know, take back your agency for creation and really develop, the Saturn piece, right? Because Saturn rules that Pluto. And the Saturn piece is like, not only is this a devotion and a discipline and a creative pursuit, but it’s something that I’m doing every day to refine my instrument.

And I think you’re also a musician. So this would be a time for you focusing on Resources increasing through you [00:22:00] embodying your music, you embodying your creative expression and allowing yourself and your financial resources to reflect, that becoming a greater part of your source of resources. Does that make sense?

Joe: Yeah, like turning my creative, like using my creativity as a resource as opposed to just kind of like throwing it out into the world and not doing anything with it.

Michelle: Well, and Saturn, how do you, how do you do that from a Saturn perspective? Well, one, Pluto would be like other people control my resources.

Right. Udo would be like the father or the, the, the person who controls your resources and cancer would be saying, well, I, I take care of my, I’m responsible for my own self care. I’m responsible for my own personal.[00:23:00] Evolutionary journey and wherever then I’m in relationships where I give and give and give, but I don’t, you know, take care of myself, I don’t spend time really actualizing through my own personal channels, then I’m going to feel, stifled, limited, you know, does that make sense?

Joe: Yeah, no, totally. And I also have Jupiter in that seventh house, and that’s consistently a thing in my life.

Michelle: Here’s the way in which our personal soul work can also reflect our external soul work, because there’s that Jupiter in the seventh house, right? That says that opportunities do come through relationship.

It’s not about you being completely. So, you know, self reliant, right? That would be the Taurus Jupiter. And I’ve been talking about this recently with that [00:24:00] shift from self reliance to relational reliance means that we’re interdependent, not codependent. It means that we are sovereign and we have our creative desires, but we also work in relationship to actualize that.

So that might be… you joining forces with other people or other musicians and collaborating with people and your work being really devoted to meeting people where they are and sharing your own self expression and so in that way it serves to reach more people because you’re working Not only just want a seventh house one on one with other people, but in relationship to other people and that’s where opportunities come in, but it’s all growing that deeper part of you, which says I’m valuable.

I’m important. I’m responsible for taking care of [00:25:00] myself. I know where I began and you end, and I know how to serve others, but also to really serve my own creative actualization. I don’t put myself on the back burner so that I miss the opportunities that come to me and through me with myself being of service to other people.

Does that make sense? Yeah.

Joe: No, totally. That raised the question for me, whenever we’re looking at Jupiter as this source of opportunities in the chart, like a thing that’s pointing towards a place to find opportunities, do you, would you prioritize the house or would you prioritize the sign or would it be a mixture of both?

Michelle: It would probably be a mixture of both. Um, for me. You know, I have, I have Jupiter and Scorpio in the fourth house and, um, one might say that [00:26:00] like that, you know, that points to home financial security, you know, um, that could be fourth house, family, inheritance, real estate, you know, but it’s also like it’s ruled by Scorpio, which If in a more modern sense would be Pluto, evolutionary would be Pluto, or in the more traditional sense would be Mars, right?

And so then you would be going to look where, where are the rulers of that Jupiter? Where’s that Mars? Where’s that Pluto? And then we’re transiting Jupiter also is manifesting, you know.

Joe: Right. So what I’m hearing for, for the people who are like with their chart in hand and they’re trying to do the math, you’re looking at where Jupiter is by sign, by house, and who rules Jupiter and [00:27:00] where that planet is.

So it’s like three factors.

Michelle: And sometimes it can be like following a rabbit down a hole because If Jupiter is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is ruled by Venus and Venus is ruled by Pluto, then you just keep following the relationship and that’s another example sometimes of where our finances, our resources, our opportunities are intertwined with many different areas.

I had a recent, um, you know, experience of looking at a chart where it’s like, Well, yeah, everything comes back to Pluto, and that might be, that might be pointing us back to 8th house, power dynamics, other people, other people’s resources. It depends on where this lands in your chart, but it, it’s not as simple as just, um, 4th house, [00:28:00] you know.

Joe: Right.


Joe: Thank you so much for giving me that, like, little example reading. It’s so helpful, and I hope it’s helpful for everybody who’s watching, too.

And if you just watched that and you’re like, oh my god, I want to have a reading with Michelle, too, of course you can go to

Joe: astrologyhub. com forward slash MichelleConnect to book a reading with Michelle, or you can just go to astrologyhub. com forward slash connect to see all of the astrologers that we have.

But next we’re gonna do something a little bit special as you saw in The title of this video. This is only part one of choosing profitable opportunities, so we went We looked at what? It means to to have a profitable opportunity or what opportunities even mean and where to find it in the chart But next we’ll we’re going to be taking jupiter through the signs in the houses So you can grab your chart see where jupiter is and start coming up with your own interpretations as well, or at least just some food for thought so you can [00:29:00] Spend some time thinking about how you can charge forward with those profitable opportunities in mind and if you like leave a comment below with your jupiter sign as well.

I’d love to to see The the jupiter makeup of astrology hub’s audience. It’s always interesting I I think it’s in the the star sign horoscopes. You guys always leave your sun moon and rising I’m like, oh my god, there’s so many Leo’s in the audience. I’m like, that’s so cool. Um, but with that, Michelle, is there anything else you’d like to add before we go?

Michelle: Yeah, with all things, Jupiter, you know, make sure to take what resonates and leave the rest, you know, everything that I’ve shared is really here to offer blessing and insight for your life. And I just really hope that it, if there’s something that touches your heart, please definitely let me know in the comments.

I’d love to hear it. [00:30:00] Thank you.

Joe: Awesome. All right, guys, we’ll see you on the next episode. Bye bye.

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