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Amanda Walsh interviews an Inner Circle Member about how they used Astrology to navigate her divorce.

On today's episode, you'll learn…

πŸŒ” How astrology can guide you through life's toughest transitions, including divorce, and foster resilience and grace.
πŸŒ• The transformative role of astrology in parenting, providing insights to better support your children during challenging times like divorce, and strengthening your relationships.
πŸŒ–The power of astrology as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, empowering you to take control of your life and make decisions that align with your true self.

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Cindy: [00:00:00] I understood. I was coming up to a Uranus opposition and I understood that a classic Uranus opposition thing is a divorce.

And I was not gonna have that happen to me. Cause I knew what that could mean. So I was gonna make damn sure that that was not gonna be my story. And I just love that, you know, like, sure, you've got all that control, right.

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Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I'm so grateful that you're here. Today we're going to be sharing real stories of transformation. I love sharing these real life stories so that any of you out there who are either. Thinking about [00:01:00] using astrology in your life or wondering if astrology can be helpful for you as you're navigating whatever it is that's happening in your life.

Maybe you're going through a big life transition. Maybe you're feeling a little bit, a little bit lost or overwhelmed, or whatever it is. These stories are really intended to inspire you and help you. Connect with a tool, a resource, and with a community that may be helpful for you on your journey. So thank you for joining us today.

I am so grateful to be, connecting with and sharing the story of Cindy J. Wet Sten. And Cindy is a member of our Inner Circle community and she has an incredible story to share. So thanks for tuning in. And Cindy, thank you so much for being here.

Cindy: Thank you for having me. It's a difficult surname.

Difficult surname when you're not from South Africa. Did I totally butcher it A little bit, but [00:02:00] it's okay. I'm getting divorced, so.

Amanda: Right. Alright, well what's your, what's your divorce name going to be? You're your

Cindy: maiden name. I dunno. I don't know. I don't wanna go back to my maiden name. That's also a decision i I made fairly recently, so I'm.

Kind of waiting to be inspired to make it up as I go along just the other day, I, I had this process also of what your name means, and, and that whole thing came through and Cindy actually means moon, and I've been holding moon circles for years.

But then I did a little deeper, and the reason it means moved comes from Cynthia and all different derivatives that ultimately connect to Artemis, who is obviously a Bo goddess. Apollo's twin sister. Yeah. And I had just drawn, I do weekly readings on YouTube, and I had just drawn Artemis as an extra card to that morning beside my normal tarot, which was just like, I mean, I don't know why these things surprise me anymore cuz that's just how magical living is.

But every time I'm just like, ah,

Amanda: it's amazing. Know. It's amazing. It's amazing. And, and I [00:03:00] don't know if you've noticed Cindy, but on the podcast I've started to make a habit of asking astrologers if they think that we choose our chart, like. Before we incarnate some sort of intelligence that is us, our soul, whatever it is, actually chooses the dir, the, the exact moment, time, location, all the circumstances of our, of our astrological chart and resoundingly, they all say yes.

I mean, after, you know, studying astrology and working with so many charts, it's like, Pretty much across the board they're saying yes. But it's, it's interesting to then bring that into our name. Like the name actually carries a resonance, a tone that gives us information. So for all of you out there who are like, Ooh, I wonder what my name means, it's a really fun rabbit hole to go down.

It really

Cindy: is. It is. It is really fun. Yeah, and I also agree with that in terms of the astrology. I often say to people when they're upset about something and their charts, I'm like, well, you just decided, you know, you wanted to work on that in this lifetime. You chose that, you know? Yeah. I feel it gives us so much power to think, well, actually, our souls knew that we needed to do [00:04:00] this, and it's, it's not bad, it's just Right.

We chose that.

Amanda: Challenge. Yes. I, and I actually, it's interesting because I feel like there's 2, 2, 2 types of people. Some people find empowerment in that and they, and, and that like lifts them up and it's, it's like, oh, well if I chose it then this is what I'm working with. And they, they feel it as if of power through that.

And then there's other ones who do don't. Really like that orientation, like I feel them sort of bristle when, when something like that is said. So, uh, it's, it's an interesting exploration and that's why I've sort of like just said, astrologers, what do you think? Like, do you think this, this is true, you know, I.

Cindy: Well, I think it's also it's accountability and responsibility and if we don't wanna take it, which I mean it's not always great. Right? I know. I just wrote a newsletter on that and then afterwards I went, oh, obviously it's Satin is Ruin the Full Moon. So obviously my subject that kind of downloaded would be I.

Responsibility. Um, and then of course I see it echoed in Astrology Hub. Everywhere I look, it's [00:05:00] coming through. I'm like, oh, I love when everyone's in tune and it's all coming through. But I think that's the thing and, and as I'm getting out of a relationship dynamic and my, my ex is not someone who can take responsibility and I think.

For me that exactly that. Two different schools I'm of the school of thought of. I don't always want to, but if I figure out how to take responsibility and accountability, then I'm empowered with my choices and my options. But if you don't do that, you're just blaming everybody else in your life for everything that goes wrong,

Amanda: right?

Yes, yes. Wow. Okay. Lots of different directions we could go with that,

Cindy's Introduction to Astrology

Amanda: but let's back up a little bit, Cindy, and go to your story. Has astrology always been a part of your life, or was there a period of time where it wasn't and then it came into your life? Te, tell us a little bit about that.

Cindy: Yeah, I think it's always been a part of my life.

I think it's been a part of my lifetimes, quite frankly, but I think it pretty [00:06:00] much consistently started rolling in around probably the age of my Jupiter return around 12, my first one, and. I, I mean, it was very, very superficial then. I, I didn't know until, I don't know, maybe a decade ago that there was more than a sun sign or a star sign.

Yeah. Uh, so it was just that. But the elements also always grabbed me. And in my healing work for years before I knew more about what, you know, how much there was within astrology. I used to feel in my healing sessions if I was working with a fire sign. Then I wouldn't feel like they were out of balance if the system was really hot.

But if it was cold, that was a problem, versus a water sign too hot wasn't gonna be good. So I had this natural sort of intuitive instinct to the elements when working in energy work. And so as I've delved deep into the astrology, it's all just kind of. It's just grown and I've always brought the astrology into my yoga classes and whatever I've known.

Then I started learning the moon. That kind of [00:07:00] came in next, and then I started bringing in moon phases and, and holding new moon circles and, and then it just, Keeps going, doesn't it? It does. If, uh, I have no doubt.

Amanda: It definitely, and it does seem like the elements are a great place to start because they do, and, and tell me if you agree with this, but they really do hold a lot of information in a really tangible way.

Like even I'm visiting my family right now, and I can say things like, well, you know, he's really fiery. So just like, think about the qualities of fire. I mean, it's, it's. Uh, you know, it, it, it's magnetic, like you're drawn to it, right? Like everybody wants to gather around the fire. It's warm, it's bright. It, it, it can be inspiring.

It can also burn, you know, like if it, if it's too much, you know, so it's, it's an easy way to start the conversation about astrology because the elements are real tangible. Right.

Cindy: Yeah, I totally agree. And also, there's only four of them, right? [00:08:00] If you're working with the basic four. So it's just like astrology.

In fact, what I'm trying to do with my, my New Moon ladies at the moment is to teach them one astrology piece. So whoever I'm actually working on the nodes for the next New Moon, because, We've done the moon a lot and obviously the nodes linked, but last month we worked with Mercury because there's just so much and if we can simplify.

So I love that you can simplify into four elements, you know, and start there. Then you can simplify into going, well, what is fixed, what is cardinal? And then build on it, rather than people just coming into astrology wanna understand and it's so overwhelming. So anytime we can break it down into sort of a simplistic idea, I think it's.

Helpful to kind of keep encouraging us to, to keep going down the rabbit holes, but then, you know, just pare it back if it's, if it's getting overwhelming. Yes.

Astrology's Role in Cindy's Divorce

Amanda: Cindy, you mentioned that you are going through a divorce, so how is, how, first of all, [00:09:00] was this astrology a part of your decision to get to this point?

I'm assuming that you're making the decision. I don't know if the decision's being made for you, but Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm making the decision. Yeah. And then how and has it helped you through this process? I don't think

Cindy: it started off as consciously. Part of the decision making factor. I, I, I understood. I was coming up to a Uranus opposition and I understood that a classic Uranus opposition thing is a divorce.

And I was not gonna have that happen to me. Cause I knew what that could mean. So I was gonna make damn sure that that was not gonna be my story. And I just love that, you know, like, sure, you've got all that control, right. So, yeah, I think, uh, I've just done the classic Uranus opposition thing and there's been a lot of other astrological factors at play.

I think where the astrology has helped is maybe me [00:10:00] recognizing sort of the inevitability of some of. The decisions that I've gotten to. So instead of beating myself up that I've failed, like my parents failed, repeating a cycle. Cause that was a big thing for me. I, I mean, you know, I love patterns. I love cycles.

I think anybody who's interested in astrology sees that I work with that in all my different healing forms. So, I think a lot of it is also, if I can see the pattern coming, maybe I can hit it off at the past. But part of my experience and learning has been sometimes you're still gonna go through that stuff and reframing a lot of the, the story around it.

So recognizing I am breaking a pattern because I'm still gonna be doing it differently. There's still a level of consciousness I bring to it. Um, changing the word failure, I mean, I'm sure you can completely relate. What it's like going through this and that concept of I've failed and I've tried so hard, but I've, I've still failed.

You know, and just, I, I actually had a beautiful moment. It [00:11:00] was balsamic moon. I journal with the moon like a little obsessively my friends say. But what I love about that is I can look back in balsamic moon phase. I always just go from New Moon to here and. What's happened in this time, and I'm always blown away like how much has been processed and how much has been repeated.

And I look at that extended lunar cycle every third quarter as well. That and utterly used to speak a lot into. And I had such an unexpected, cuz I'm a Gemini, so it's hard to kind of get into an unconscious journaling. I can do it, but more often it's like constant head space. And I was just having this moment and it ended up being like a, a closure letter to my ex, which was not in my journal post, which was not my anticipation.

But what I ended up coming to was my vows and. I realized that I'd done them in sickness and in health. He got kidney disease. We, we went through that [00:12:00] together. I, I mean, I referred to it as we have kidney disease. I was that enmeshed, you know, we went through the transplant. Um, we went through him going to rehab.

We, we, we, so I thought in sickness and in health, I did that. You know, I, I fulfilled my vow for better and for worse. I did that. I stayed, even though things were really hard and enmeshed and. I thought till death to us part, I've actually been reborn in this process, so I died. He died. We're different now.

And it was, it was a real, and, and also with so much of the astrology that's been kind of indicating the inevitability of that, it, gave me a level of peace that I don't think I could have come to otherwise. Wow.

Amanda: So much there. I have chills all over my body. Cindy, I mean, Wow.

Divorce, Failure & Victimization

Amanda: Let's just start with the Uranus opposition.

So that is a, I like to call 'em like lifecycle [00:13:00] transit. It's a transit that we all go through and it happens in our like early to mid forties usually. Right? That's the timeframe. Yeah, I just did, just

Cindy: turned 44. Yeah.

Amanda: Yes. And, and. That's what's usually associated with the midlife crisis, right? Like people that don't know astrology would call it a midlife crisis.

And so it's, it's so, it's so known in our culture that around that age, this, this question of like, wow, am I on the right path? Like, is this. Is this where I wanna go, you know, here, like stopping it midway through life. And a lot of people decide to, no, this isn't, this isn't right for me anymore, and I I need to go in another direction.

And when, you know, the astrology, you can use that to, like you said, kind of more peacefully informed, those, those decisions. Whereas if you don't know astrology, it can feel like. You know, I need to create a, I don't think people consciously do this, but I need to create a bunch of drama to blow up my [00:14:00] life so that I don't have a choice but to make changes.

Right. Yeah. That's, that's kind of the, you know, I think the typical midlife crisis, how it goes, but also this idea around failure and how you're, you've been able to reframe this. I mean, if you just look at the language, you will rarely hear divorce referred to without the word failed. Or painful or disaster or traumatic.

I mean, failed marriage is like, it goes together like it was a failed marriage, and that's any marriage that doesn't last. Until you die of old age, you know that it's, it was a failed marriage. So of course we have this storyline that takes a lot of consciousness to really unravel. I mean, no matter what your viewpoint is on it, you're gonna have to absorb that, like that idea true, that if your marriage doesn't last until, you know, death, death, death, [00:15:00] then it's a failure.

And then therefore you are a failure. So I love that you've been able, tell us a little bit about how you've been able to unravel that. And I know that you were able to look at the chart and see it was somewhat inevitable. So then, but are, is there anything else that's helped you to like think of that differently?

Well, I just

Cindy: wanted to say something you said there about the failed marriage. It's ironic though, that we can stay unhappily married forever, but it's a successful marriage,

Amanda: right? Exactly. Like yes. Why do we

Cindy: think that's better when modeling for our children? You know, I unhealthy, toxic relationships. But the languaging, you're absolutely right.

The languaging around that makes it, makes it easier. Mm-hmm. Um, I, you actually said something on, on a podcast a few weeks ago that really landed hard with me. I can't remember even who you were talking to, what it was about, but you said something about your changing of your story after your divorce, when you started to realize that you would.

Have to [00:16:00] stay in victim if you were getting sympathy for the story. And I'm right at a point now of changing from that, but I'm, I'm kind of between two worlds with it and I was like, oh, I know exactly what she's saying and I'm totally trying to get there, but I'm also not quite ready because I'm still very raw.

Yeah. I mean, we've signed, but the divorce is not through and we're still dealing with all sorts of things and it's so raw and it's so hard. And it was like a glimpse for me into where it. Is going and it's kind of given me something to like to, so thank you for that. Cause I know you really do wanna share things that will help people and I'm just a member of the audience and that really helped me, and I'm sure it did for many people just to.

Amanda: You know what? It's the fact that you, it even hit a cord in you and that you're aware of it. The fact that you're not there, it doesn't even matter. It's like you're already aware. Cuz cuz when we're, and for those of you who don't know what we're talking about, uh, I believe you're referring to when I had the [00:17:00] realization that I, I got a lot from the story.

Of me being a victim in the situation. I got sympathy, I got compassion. I got, you know, I got comradery. You know, I got other women saying, oh my God, that's the worst. And oh, you know, so I got a lot for staying in the story. And so once I realized, oh wow, like, like I kind of like that, but I. But actually in the end, it's not serving me because it's keeping me very, very stuck.

And, and a lot that goes along with that story is like this, this rush of anger and this rush of like, poor me. And, and so when we stay in those places, it's really hard to like, Get into the next iteration of who you're becoming. But I also wanna say that you can't rush it. Like there's so much about time and whoa.

And allowing yourself that process and the fact that you wrote the letter I, that was a huge part of my process too, was literally writing, [00:18:00] and it was part of that spiritual divorce book that I read by Debbie Ford, which was life-changing. I highly recommend it to anybody going through any sort of relationship.

Even if it's not a marriage divorce, but, um, she had you write a letter to your ex and there is so much power in that, so much like forgiveness and I mean, you don't actually send it. Like, it's just, it's really for you, you know? I mean, you want to, but like the idea is not that you're gonna send it. Um, so I love that you did that too, like on your own naturally.


Cindy: Yeah. And I think, I think the astrology really has helped me with so many of these things. When we talk about like, you know, the reframing and the inevitability and process as you said there, that it, you can't rush it. It's gonna be what it's gonna be. I have an Aries moon, I wanna do it yesterday, be done.

I just wanna go head first. Put your head down, do the work, get it done. End of story. And I'm a Gemini, so [00:19:00] I wanna move. You know, really, really fast. Yeah. And so I'm not really designed to have long, slow processes like this, but that's what this is. And that has also been a part of the process. And it's, it's maturing because even there, the midlife point, the midlife transit of the Uranus opposition, you know, you kind of reach a point.

My signs, I feel like so much my sign, my, um, I've got Aries, Taurus, Gemini, like I'm in the baby signs. I always think of myself, so it takes quite a bit for me to turn those around and go, okay, it's great for the creativity and the fun and the enthusiasm and all of those things, but there are parts. That need to grow up.

Amanda: Yes. You know, so Yes. And I love what you're saying too about astrology informing or just reminding us all the time that there's a timing. To our lives. Yeah. And, and, and you can try and rush it, but like, you're not really gonna get anywhere with that. It's just [00:20:00] gonna be more painful. It's just gonna be harder.

But the other thing it is, is you're gonna miss some of the gold. You're gonna miss some of the, the gifts if you try to rush it because it takes, it takes that long to really get in there and feel it and, and. This is suck the marrow out of it. I can, there's the only thing I can think of in the moment, but that's kinda what you're doing.

Like it needs, it needs that, that it's just like what? Fine wine or a grape pasta sauce. Like sometimes just require more time. You can rush it, but it won't be

Cindy: as good. Yep. And the grape pasta die for the wine to form and it's a process. Yes.

Finding Wisdom & Transformation Through the Astrological Experience

Amanda: There's also so much wisdom in what you just shared about your vows, and I love that the process of writing the letter like was a cathartic one that brought you back to a really important seed because so often we make commitments or vows and our hesitation to end [00:21:00] something or move on, I think oftentimes is because.

We feel out of integrity with something that we've already promised, or something that we've already said we would do, or you know, or even, even a dream that we had at one point, right? And so by acknowledging like, okay, I did make a vow. I did make a vow to this person. I probably publicly did it, right? Mm.

But to go back and to go, well, you know what? And for all intents and and purposes, I actually did fulfill that. I actually did do what I say, said I would do, and I can, I can free myself from that, um, from that commitment I made by, by acknowledging that I have fulfilled my commitment and that it is now time for me to move on.

I, I think that's really healthy and, and, and very wise and. Not that easy for, for people to do. So I just also wanna commend you on that, and thank you for [00:22:00] sharing and modeling. I mean, I think

Cindy: it's Uranus Really. Mm-hmm. Throwing some serious lightning bolts at me. Um, I, I also love when something horrible happens and I'm like, I, I can't make sense of it and I'm a Gemini, so again, it's, if I can make sense of it, it will all be okay.

I mean, that's of course not true, but that's how I go when I'm panicking. Yeah. So then when, when I'm just like, I, I dunno how to think, I dunno how to feel, I dunno what to do, I go look at the chart and then. It's just like without fail, we'll see something there and I'll be like, oh. So, because I moved into my new little cottage on the eclipse in Scorpio and two weeks later, the New Moon in Taurus, I didn't realize until after the fact, but uh, a Uranus was on my Juno, the goddess of marriage, the asteroid goddess.

Mm. I had a shock with relation to my ex, and I had moved on in my head [00:23:00] because I'm a Gemini, so I'm gonna go there first. And it was only from the shock that I realized I hadn't moved on in my heart. I still was deeply hoping and praying that he would. You know it. I couldn't get it around my head that actions, I know actions speak louder than words, but I kept hoping that his words would lead to actions and my head had come round, but my heart was still invested.

And I literally needed Juno to be zapped by Uranus to have the shock. And it was like it cauterized the wound in my heart, and it was a cutoff that I. I mean, I felt I could breathe after that. Well, no, first I had a few days of absolute utter devastation. And coming back to our conversation earlier about getting the sympathy, I just shared, I.

My heart out with like so many close friends, it's like I couldn't shut up. I had, I was on the phone to the next one, to the next one, to the next one, and I, I [00:24:00] also was like beating myself up for that. Like, could you just stop talking now? And I couldn't, and then I thought it's because I have to make it real.

Mm-hmm. I have to out myself. I have to all as an enabler. I have been hiding certain things for so long. If I don't. Out him. But that's where I felt a lot of guilty and integrity because I've been, I've been hiding his stuff for years also because of my own embarrassment and shame and all of those reasons you do that.

But now by outing him, by outing me, I had to, I had to make it real. I can't, I can't turn around and go back into denial because I realized about addiction. Is that it was easy to go, well, he's an addict because he's an addict. But when, when I haven't been with him, a lot of the things like denial, a classic thing in addiction, I've got that too.

A lot of the things that I put on him, I've got them too. But he was my addiction. Ooh. And [00:25:00] so it was very, very intense. Few days, blew me away. Broke me down, broke me open Phoenix, the craziness out of me, and then I was like, huh. I think. I think I'm through it. Okay. I'm not gonna lie, there's been a few moments, but mainly when Venus literally was on the, the degree of my rising sign.

I had two wobble days, and then I looked back at the chart and went, oh look, Venus just landed on my ac. I mean, you can't make this up, you know? But ultimately when I have those moments that are too much and I take it to the chart, or I listen to one of the astrologers that you have speaking for the week, oh yes.

Remember they said that? Oh yeah, that's exactly what happened. Or one of the, the inner circle forecasts or whatever it is, and then I can breathe again because I go, you know, you're not doing life wrong. Life is hard. Those happily ever after fairy tales that we've been told and kind of like they're becoming my butt bear.[00:26:00]

Cause it's like they don't get married and live happily ever after. That's not true for anyone. Then they get married and it's hard work having a child that's like you're a new person. Once you start having kids, you have to learn something else. Then this happens, then that happens. We're never done. And I think that that's why we feel we're failing at life because we were kind of conditioned to believe that when we reached a certain point, everything would be peachy and it's peachy and challenging all the time.

Amanda: Mindy, I love this so much. This is personally coming through at a really amazing time because do you remember when Ann Orley would talk about how when you go back to your place of birth, it's almost like a reset. Like, like you, you actually have to like reset the energy. So I'm at my parents, and this is, you know, where I grew up in this town and we went to the 4th of July parade, which was always a big tradition.

Everybody goes to the 4th of July parade and, and I got to sit there and [00:27:00] like just people watch and sort of feel the energy and I was like, oh my God. No wonder I grew up never feeling good enough, never feeling pretty enough, never feeling successful enough, never feeling any enough, because that's what this place is sort of designed for.

It's kind of like. It, it, it just, it's like built into the culture that like everyone's just trying to be perfect and put on the perfect facade and, and who you are as a person, like authenticity and all these, all these things that we talk about all the time at Astrology have, they're just not, they're just not value that much.

You know? They're just not, they're not the most important value, and so I. It's been amazing for me to like experience now from this vantage point of like just having compassion for my young self of like, oh honey, like it's okay. You don't fit in. You're never gonna fit in. Actually, you probably won't fit in pretty much anywhere [00:28:00] unless you create your own community, which I've done.

Cindy: You can do

Amanda: that. Good. So yeah, like, oh, I feel like I fit in in Astrology Hub. Like I feel like, you know, I feel like I fit in at the astrology conferences, but like in terms of the general world, you're just never gonna fit in. And like that's okay. And, and who you are. Like, just focus on being who you are as best as you can be.

Because, because you're magnificent. Just like Cindy's magnificent and everybody's magnificent, but if we're all trying to be the same. If we're all trying to be each other, we're totally cutting off our joy, we're totally cutting off our unique expression, and we're, we're robbing the world of the, the beauty of like, um, the fa the many facets of the diamond.

You know, you can have a flat looking diamond or you could have a radiant diamond that has so many different colors and frequencies and, and, and energy. So, It's amazing that you're saying what you're saying. It's actually like really helping me as I've

Cindy: been in this process. But I find quite interesting also [00:29:00] with the Venus retrograde coming up, and you must have Leo in the seventh.

Yes, I, cause you're at Aquarius Rising. Yes. So, I mean, here you are looking at the relationships you grew up around and you're having a reset from your value system. It's like perfect timing for you to go do that.

Amanda: Right? So Cindy, I have to ask for people who are like, God, I'm going through some stuff. I, maybe I'm going through a divorce or a breakup, or, you know, whatever.

Or the midlife, you know, they're just at that Uranus opposition moment. They're somewhere in their early forties. Uh, or coming up on that maybe late thirties and going, oh, that's coming. Um, what has been, and that, by the way, that does not necessarily mean you're gonna get divorced. Like that is not everybody's story

that is not everybody's path. So please don't

Cindy: like, and as some of the astrology hub, I, I dunno if this was in the inner circle on the main, the main, um, podcast, , I think when you actually think it was the main one when you did the transits and things and there were different people talking about different ones.

It was that big thing you did, I can't remember what it was called, game [00:30:00] changing transits. The game changing event. There you go. And it was like, okay, so you do the Uranus, well sudden return, then you do the Uranus opposition, and then if you, you know, whatever you go through there, that's like your process to get to the Chiron return.

And that's gonna be like a whole nother, and I've just keep having it in my head. Like if I just keep doing the work, like really show up and do the work. Maybe the next one's gonna be a little easier. Like my Saturn return. You, you got divorced at your Saturn return, so I didn't do that then. Yeah. So if it was inevitably gonna happen, it could, this is when it's happening for me.

You know, if I didn't do it now, I'd probably do it at Chiron return. I dunno what that's gonna hold for me. But,

Amanda: you know, yes, you would have another opportunity the next time around.

Cindy's Advice for Practices

Amanda: So for people that are going through something in their life right now and, and seeing the impact astrology has had and your. Awareness of the moon cycle and the bigger transits and you know, all the different things you've referred to, [00:31:00] what, where do they start?

Like where would you recommend someone who's like, God, I'd like to be able to use it that way too. Where would you point, like what direction would you point them in?

Cindy: I, I mean, I always think it depends very much on the person. Like also, you know, where your elemental, you know, I, I mean, I was working with somebody yesterday who had like, no Earth, so I wouldn't recommend she started in an earthy practice if she was not coping.

But I would recommend that she needs to get grounded because that's not natural for her. Um, she doesn't know how to ground really. So I think it's like, what, what usually works for you? And then finding a tool. Skin. So maybe you just find it through meditation, through working with one planet through, you know, just, I mean, Venus has been so beautiful.

You can't miss her in the night sky. Whether you know anything about astrology or not and just, just going out and watching the moon. Um, I had somebody else say to me the other day how, since [00:32:00] she was like six years old, she would just go up and watch the moon. And now she started reconnecting to the moon and she remembered this childhood memory.

That's a beautiful thing to just start doing. You don't really even have to understand to get started. You really need to feel and just get present. But I mean, for me, I a big, uh, person about like. Throw the toolbox, you know? So, um, I, I love to use cards. I love to use crystals. I love to use oils. And then if I'm actually going into astrology, I would probably find somebody to help me get started if I don't know anything.

And do you wanna learn astrology or do you just wanna have an astrology reading so that you get yourself a little bit more? And one of the things I found when I've held women's circles for years, It was at the moon. So we would talk about the moon. This is New moon in this, a bit like in the inner circle.

Really? Yes. Um, so we did seven years of that and we hit the satin square for that, and my, my beautiful co-facilitator decided that she [00:33:00] needed to take a different direction. So when she did that, I needed to reform mine up until then. I was just speaking to them about the moon every month. This is what Gemini energy is, this is where we should set our intentions.

You do you with what you feel from that? Yes, and we would have activities around that. So it was like we would, for me, it's like tapping it in different directions. We do something creative, something embodying something, intellectual journal or certain questions. But then when I had to shift the red tent practice, I've turned it into more of an astrology learning.

But now, The people that have stayed with it are people who want to learn but are overwhelmed. Yes. So we just pick one place and I think of it like we're still in the moon school, cuz I still hold it at New Moon, but we have a masterclass teacher every month. And maybe it's Mars, maybe it's Venus. And so that then they, I'm showing it to them in their charts as well, and I'm giving them little things like, okay, you write your Venus story, Mar Venus is in Gemini, therefore, and they've got all these cheat sheets [00:34:00] to help them with keywords.

But what's been so beautiful is they're really getting it and they come up and they tell me their own story that they've made about their. Their Venus or their Mars or their Mercury or whatever it is, and I can see that it's really landing because they're spending a little time with that one planet.

So I, I do, I do think simplifying in whichever way, shape, or form. Mm-hmm. That's helped. You can find that for yourself. Yeah. I was just talking

Amanda: to someone today about, How you can go super deep and nuanced and technical and like, wow, I mean, endlessly. You can do that and you don't have to, like, you literally can get so much out of one piece of information in your chart, like just really unpacking your sunshine, you know, going far beyond the social media memes or the stereotypes of what your sun sign is, or really just like focusing on your child's moon sign.

Period. Like [00:35:00] knowing their You're a big moon person. Totally. Oh, especially with kids.

Using Astrology for Parental Support

Cindy: And I loved what you said about like how it can help you with your kids because that's been huge for me. Trying to understand now my kids and how to process. Cuz it's not easy going. You know, being a child, going through this with your parents and recognizing that they each need from a moon perspective and the need, the moon is the needs, you know, to, to process it differently.

And if I can respect that in them, because I'm an Aries Moon, I sometimes when I'm triggered, Which I'm so much better with, cuz I've been doing this for a lot of years and it's, I really can see the benefit of doing it for a lot of years because instead of just being like reactive, yeah, I can just take that, that pause moment and then go, hang on a second.

Don't take that personally. Yeah. You know, you can process that just now, but that's not what they need from you right now. But understanding their needs and with that, being able to, Treat them differently because I think I came, I grew up with a thing where everybody's supposed to be treated the same.

You know, if one gets a [00:36:00] certain amount of money, everybody does. If one gets to go to this thing, everybody does, but we're not the same. So I do find that that way of parenting, which definitely came from both sides of my family, I dunno if it was just generational, but I don't think we have the same needs.

So how are we giving them the same things or expecting even the same things from them? Totally. I've got a Cancerian child who cannot re communicate. My eldest is a Gemini. My youngest has a Gemini moon conjunct Jupiter. I can speak to those kids. Yes. The other one,

Amanda: no. Hold me, hug me. Or like they, they, they need something totally different, right?

Cindy: Yes, totally. And he freezes me out when he's not coping. For me, being a Gemini and being someone who wants to express, communicate, just tell me problems so I can try and fix it. Yes. You know that that is like torturous, so it's easy for me to get triggered. [00:37:00] Yes. But when I look at his chart, he's got, he's an Aries rising.

He's got like car. In fact, my moon would sit right inside of his first house. So I can see where we. Trigger each other, but also whenever I really wanna kill him, which more often than I'd like to admit, I think of his chart and he's got this big Cardinal Cross with Pluto, his rising sign, and Uranus. He's got planets on all the angles, big planets, Uranus, Saturn, sun, and Pluto, and Venus, even.

There's four planets involved, five planets involved for him. And when I can't do another minute, I pause and I just think, can you imagine what it must feel like inside of him? Can you imagine how he must be feeling pulled in four directions by these heavy hitting energies and not able, he's a crab, he can't even express it.

And then I can bring myself back from throttling him, which is lucky. So just turned 12 on the 4th of July.

Amanda: Oh, nice, nice. [00:38:00] Yeah, I mean, that is the way that astrology enables us to have more compassion for each other. And, and so much of what you just said, I mean, a, we're not all the same. B, we have different needs.

C everybody's needs are valid. It like doesn't make you wrong that you need to communicate and, and he needs to freeze out like. Both of you just have your needs and being aware of it, just it's like, well, this is what I need and I don't have to take it personal. And um, and then, and then being able to like actually put yourself in their experience.

That's even next level. That's like, wow, that really, I. Probably helps you in a lot of very intense moments. I remember, um, having a reading with Natasha Alter, uh, who, who is, you know, the one I had my first astrology reading with, who were still dear, dear friends. And when I was going through my divorce, she said something that was so helpful to me.

She looked at both of my girls' charts and went, they're wired for complex relationship [00:39:00] dynamics. They don't need the happily ever after white picket fence. They didn't come here for that. And I was like, whoa. She's like, you did, you needed that. That was something you needed. But they don't. Wow. And actually its good for them to be exposed to, to more, um, you know, nuance and different experiences.

I was like, whoa, that is, So helpful. Like, thank you. Wow. You know, liberation cuz you, we worry about our kids through all these things and course, and I have to say they, they have done incredibly well. Like, no, I mean, I do think because there's still a lot of, like, I never speak. Poorly about their father.

You know, like I'm very conscious that to keep love alive in their experience is the most important thing. Mm-hmm. Um, so, but anyways, no matter what they, they have, they are getting what they came here to get [00:40:00] through, through me not staying married, so, mm-hmm.


Amanda: Thank you, Cindy. This has been so fruitful and beautiful and I just, I really appreciate all the different things that you've shared here today.

I hope that it's helped some of you out there, like any of you out there, going through challenges. If you're interested in finding a place where you can actually. Be held in your learning of astrology and really get to dive in and start to understand your chart and start to understand how to use astrology as a tool for spiritual growth and transformation.

Mm. So no matter what you're going through, you can actually get. Better through it and become a better version of who you are. The Inner Circle is designed for that, so you can get on the wait list right now. We're not in a, we'll be having a promotional period sometime in the near future, so if you wanna get on the wait list for the Inner Circle now, it'd be a great time to do that.


Amanda: astrology Wait list, astrology Circle waitlist. Also if you're [00:41:00] interested in getting a reading, Natasha Alter actually does work on our Astrologer Connect platform where you can connect with different astrologers to help you personally going through whatever you're going through.

I highly recommend checking that out too. That's

Amanda: Astrology Hub Dots. Calm slash connect. Some of the best relationship astrologers on the platform are Michelle Dench. She's incredible. Andrea Michelle Kennedy, if you connected with what Cindy shared today about Juno, Andrea, Michelle does a lot with the asteroid goddesses, so if that kind of like ring a resident bell for you, she would be a great astrologer for you.

Of course, Natasha alter's amazing Nora Rochelle, I mean there's a lot of amazing astrologers. Say

Cindy: Nora. Last year she was in Inner Inner Circle. Was it last year? When was she in Inner Circle Guide? Yeah, I think last year. Yeah. And it was, it's funny how almost every month whoever was the guide would do something that just was exact, because I actually separated December of 2021 and I just joined Astrology Hub.

Like literally [00:42:00] I joined. Wow. And then I separated, and I think, I didn't know it at the time, but I think I needed. To have that in the background and every single astrologer would just be bringing the exact right lesson that I would need to hear. No, Rochelle did that. Heart commands, I think it was called in her.

Yes. I think it was just phenomenal. But I mean every, every one of them just was amazing.

Amanda: Yeah. And like you said, it, it, it, it seems to work that way. Like the, the different astrologers that guide our inner circle, they, they bring through a practice or, uh, a perspective that it's aligned with the energy, the astrological energy of that moon cycle.

So it's probably going to feel really relevant for you. It's, but no matter what you're going through, so

Cindy: you do have a special kind of magic at Astrology Hub for somehow having the perfect astrologer for that song. I don't know how you

Amanda: do, you know what? I literally need to hand off the credit for that to my team [00:43:00] because they, they really like create this amazing.

Uh, experience throughout the year and, and, and, and we do together. You know, we'll be like, does that feel like the right one to follow that right one? And, um, but, They have a lot of input on who we put where and how it all works. And yes, of course, then there's God who helps.


Cindy: so conscious and intentional though. It's really something you can feel with Astrology Hub, the, the energy behind every member of Astrology Hub's team, but even the community, I think it's just so powerful.

Amanda: Thank you, Cindy. Yeah, it's, um, I really appreciate that. It's, it's very much, uh, a, it is somewhat of an experiment of like, If you set an energy in an organization, can it be felt like, can people connect with it and, and I'm happy that.

Do you say that You do and that we get to hear that because it's like, okay, it does work. It, it, it does matter that less tangible but very intentional [00:44:00] frequency that is set, you know? Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. Oh, well, you're just a joy. Thank you so much for being here. I'm so grateful to get to meet you and to get to share your story with the community.

Thank you for all the Inner Circle members. I know they all love, they love these episodes, I think the most. Yes, because they get to meet you all too. So, um, thank you Inner Circle members for tuning in. Thank you for anybody else that is out there that's just curious and interested and, and just really wanting to, to connect with something that can help you connect with yourself and really just.

Consciously navigate life as much as possible. You know, we all have our moments of unconsciousness that is like absolutely a human thing, human. Yes. But as the more, the more places we can go, the more people we can surround ourselves with that help us remember to stay aware and remember who we are and remember the bigger picture of why we're here.

Um, I just love being able to do that with all of you. So thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. [00:45:00] Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. Check out the inner circle wait list. Get on that wait list if it's right for you, and um, and book a reading with someone that can help you if you're going through something where you could use some support.


Amanda: astrology All right, everybody. Thank you for being here, Cindy. Thank you for, it's so great to meet you. Thank you. Thank you. Take care everybody, and we will catch you on the next episode.

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