The Unpredictable Uranus: The Leo New Moon’s Emotional Blind Spot w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Uranus & Your Emotions

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…
πŸŒ‘ About the Sun Uranus Square and the New Moon Uranus Square, symbolizing unexpected upheavals and emotional blind spots that may lead to sudden changes in your life.
πŸŒ’ How the Mars Uranus Trine can transform potential catastrophes into opportunities, representing courage and the ability to turn challenging situations into blessings in disguise.
πŸŒ“ The intriguing and eccentric nature of Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes, and how its unique characteristics have made it a symbol of revolution and wild energy in astrology.

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[00:00:00] The famous Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett, once said, I can’t go on. I’ll go on. It’s something to think about. When the sun squares Uranus this week. Next on Horoscope Highlights.

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Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom. I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week, I wanted to [00:01:00] talk to you about an interesting aspect that comes in three parts. It begins with the Sun Uranus square taking place on August 15th, and it is then followed by a new moon Uranus square early August 16th and then concludes with a Mars Uranus trine later that day on August 16th.

Now, what does all of this really mean? Let me go ahead and break it down for you.

First of all, let’s talk about the planet Uranus. Uranus is the planet of what I don’t expect in astrology. Since its discovery in 1781, at the midpoint between the American War for Independence and the French Revolution, Uranus has been upsetting the established order since.

It upset the established order with its discovery because until Uranus’s discovery in 1781, there were only [00:02:00] the seven planets in astrology. That is the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. But when Uranus was discovered, as I said before, it upset the established order and suddenly the planets became the ancient or traditional planets and Uranus, Uranus ushered in what we now call the modern planets and the modern planets in astrology are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

So Uranus, by its introduction, upset the established order and in its interpretation. The way that astrologers worked with its meaning in an astrological chart was also associated with upsetting the established order. Uranus was seen as eccentric, a maverick planet, something that didn’t follow the rules, something which is echoed to this day, and they didn’t know this at the time in 1781, by the fact that Uranus is the only [00:03:00] planet that orbits the sun rotating on its side.

Okay, the rest of us are rotating, uh, basically a globe that’s revolving around a north and a south pole as we orbit the sun. Uranus rotates the sun on its side so that its north and south pole are where the equators are with the other planets. And that’s where Uranus, rotates on its axis. Uranus also happens to have rings.

just like Saturn. So Uranus has always been this wild and crazy eccentric planet, the one that’s likely to throw a Molotov cocktail into your best laid plans. So just like with Uranus’s discovery, Uranus was always associated to revolution and change. Whenever it enters a sign, it knocks over the game board and sends all the pieces flying.

So this is why astrologers have a look at Uranus with some measure of [00:04:00] trepidation. Now, some astrologers are very bold. They say, they say, well, Uranus comes from the word Urania and Urania is the goddess of astronomy. And before astronomy, there was astrology. So this is why all Aquarians or people who are born with Sun Uranus conjunctions are natural astrologers.

And to some degree, they’re right. There is an ability to sort of conceptualize abstractly and to interpret things that might leave the rest of us going, wow, how’d you get that? Okay, so these flashes of brilliance are things that are often associated with Uranus if it is in your own natal or birth chart.

When Uranus squares, a planet like the sun, for instance, or when Uranus opposes it. The relationship is much more antagonistic, okay? It’s more like Uranus insists that things need to be turned upside down, and whatever planet that is [00:05:00] squaring or opposing it is like, No, wait, I liked that. And Uranus is like, No, upside down!

And the moon might be like, But that was my favorite coat. Or the sun might be like, But I was just getting used to this idea. Or Saturn might be like, You can’t just overthrow a rule like that. Or Mars is like, Who are we fighting now? Or Venus is like, Suddenly, I don’t know who I’m in love with. Okay, so Uranus goes and it mixes everything up, and it does that, it does it with a radical intent and an equally radical effect.

So, this is why, since the, uh, uh, year 2020, astrologers have sort of been embracing themselves, uh, during those times of year, when these sun squares Uranus in the sky. Although Uranus entered the zodiac sign of Taurus in 2018, it’s not until 2020 that we have been having regular Uranus squares taking place twice a year.

Uh, once in Aquarius season, which is late January and [00:06:00] February, and once in Leo season, which is, uh, late July into August. So for those two periods of time, since 2020. Um, those might be periods of time, especially if you were born under Taurus or Leo or Scorpio or Aquarius. Those Januarys and Augusts since 2020 might be periods of time in which you’ve suddenly seen your life upended.

Things turned upside down. inside out, spun around in place so that the direction that you thought you were going in is suddenly a very different direction that you are embarking upon. These are the things that sun Uranus squares do. And so, this feeling of a Uranus square can be like a bolt out of the blue.

It can be a total reversal of fortune. I thought I was up and now I’m down. Subsequently, it can also be, I thought it was down and I’m coming back up. There’s that side to [00:07:00] Uranus turn of the wheel of fortune as well. Or it can be that moment in musical chairs where the music stops and you suddenly realize you don’t have a chair and everyone else has grabbed it.

So what do you do in that moment? Do you, uh, glumly accept defeat or do you look at someone and push them out of the chair and take the chair in their stead? Okay. So these are the critical moments. The critical crossroads that a Sun Uranus square can beget, uh, that they can bring. It’s, it’s suddenly what made sense yesterday makes no sense today.

And that can be, as I, uh, mentioned before, associated with reversals of fortune or wild spins on the wheel of fortune.

So this Sun Uranus square will be taking place on August 15th, and then it’s followed by a new moon Uranus square. So, basically the new moon Uranus square following on the [00:08:00] sun Uranus square.

It’s a very interesting nuanced read. Because first it’s the sun, the conscious mind, what I know about myself to be true, being faced with a sudden reversal of fortune. Or if you think of the sun in Leo, uh, squaring Uranus and Taurus, it’s literally as if the rug has been, um, pulled out from under you.

Okay. Like here’s the you, like I thought things were fine. And then someone takes the rug, which is Taurus, which is the ground, the firm ground that you thought you were standing on and yanks the rug out from under it and watches you fall to the floor. Okay. So So this is going to be the first part of that, uh, square, August 15th, followed by a new moon square to Uranus, right on the heels.

And what’s really fascinating about it, there’s actually two points about it that are fascinating. First is it’s a, it’s, it’s describing a volatile emotional reaction. Okay. So. you know, one, one can go through a [00:09:00] wild spin on the wheel of fortune and be like, Oh, that was exhilarating or something like that.

Yes. There are some of us in society who do react to changes that way. Um, or, but, but it’s the new moon that brings the emotional, like, quality to it. Now, new moons are interesting because they’re the only time of month when, if you’re looking in a clear sky, you cannot see the moon at night. You cannot see the moon at night because the moon is next to, or in front of, the moon is in front of the sun.

And so what’s happening is the light of the moon is based on the moon reflecting the sun’s light. So if the moon is in front of the sun, we can’t see the moon. The moon is, is, is, is unable to, uh, reflect, uh, the sun’s light. And what that can talk about, I mean on one hand we, uh, associate that to new beginnings, the planting of seeds, seeds being, uh, buried in the earth and then one day they will sprout and go on and, and live and, and that’s kind of a, [00:10:00] and that’s a very beautiful analogy of really the following lunar cycle, but let’s freeze frame for a moment there on the new moon in Leo that’s taking place.

With a new moon, there is an emotional blind spot when it comes to self. Because the moon is, is covering, the sun. The moon actually takes precedence over the sun. Uh, and, and we actually see this in an actual solar eclipse where the moon will pass in front of the sun and block its light.

But in a new moon, it’s, it’s basically at the same place as the sun and so it doesn’t reflect light at night. What that means is that there’s an emotional blind spot. And that this can lend itself. To, um, lack of impulse control when it comes to the emotional life, that one can have a very powerful reaction to what’s going on.

Um, an urgency that’s associated to that reaction. Um, and a feeling that it needs to be expressed [00:11:00] immediately, particularly if it’s a new moon and Leo Leo being a fire sign fire signs, believing in the absolute necessity of expressing what one fields feels constantly 24 seven and at the top of their lungs with bold letters.

And, uh, uh, uh, exclamation points. Okay. So, so there can be this, this very powerful and will be a very powerful emotional reaction. So whatever the square pretends, it will be an emotional one and it will be a very powerful one. It may have to do with home or hearth or family. Um, and certainly ones. Feeling of, of security or placement in the world.

Like, like I believed this to be true, and suddenly the rug has been, uh, uh, uh, pulled out from underneath me and I’m in free fall, or I’m running for a chair and the music’s turned off, and am I really gonna like leave the game or am I gonna like find somebody that I can throw out of the chair? Priscilla, she looks.

smaller than me, and, and, and she’s a [00:12:00] whiner and a complainer. No one will be, uh, put out if I throw Priscilla out of her chair and take it. Okay, so, so it might bring that kind of like, uh, mercenary moment there, or, or impulse in one. Okay, and so this might be, um, uh, collecting in its energy or in its force.

But what’s interesting here is that there is a beginning following a radical shift or a radical twist. And what that leads me to believe. Is a whatever the upset on August 15th. It’s not a complete surprise. It’s something that, uh, you probably been suspecting or anticipating or waiting for and, um Maybe even putting off, okay?

Maybe even sort of like, yes, I know that this day will come, this, this, uh, day of reckoning will come, this day of confrontation will come, this day of, of, of upset will come, and I’m going to put it off because I’m not [00:13:00] in a hurry to go and meet it. Many of us, when it comes to huge reckonings in our lives, aren’t exactly, you know, eager to race on forward and meet it head on.

We Might put it off or see what we can do to get out of it or look around for a loophole or an escape clause or, or, or maybe someone to hide behind. Something like that. So, um, or, or maybe we put our head in the sand like an ostrich. So, so, but, but this is, there’s, there’s a, I knew this was coming flavor to this and then it hits, it’s kind of like the wave crashing against the shore.

It hits on that August 15th, but yet the planets. quickly pivot. Okay. So, so without the third part of the aspect that I will be describing, it would have just hit and you would have been laid low. And Priscilla would have said, you are not throwing me out of this chair. Get away, get away. He’s trying to cheat.

Okay. And you would have like a glumly left. Okay. So that would have happened, but because it pivots very [00:14:00] quickly. On that new moon with the Uranus square, so it’s almost like here’s a surprise revelation and here’s another twist to counter your surprise revelation. Okay, because the two luminaries are squaring it at the same point, but they’re going to.

Um, uh, absorb that information or react to that information very differently. The sun’s gonna have a very different reaction to a uranium squared than the moon will. Okay, so it’s almost kind of like, here’s your rude awakening and and and I’m going to counter that with a surprise twist. Okay, so this is going on.

And then what emerges out of this is Mars moving into a trine position to Uranus. Now I’m going to sound a little technical here, so I hope I don’t bore you too much, but, but all of this is happening at the 23rd degree. In other words, the sun squares Uranus at 23 degrees. So it’s the sun’s at 23 degrees.

Leo. Uranus is at 23 degrees Taurus, [00:15:00] and they square at 23. The new moon, it’s 23 zero actually, the new moon is at 23 17 minutes. Okay, so it follows that. And, um, and so that’s, that’s the Counter punch or the counter reaction to the image. Uh, original flip. It could be a flip back or, um, or a flip tort or a flip away.

Um, and then you’ve got Mars at 23 degrees. Virgo trining this Uranus at 23 degrees Taurus, and what happens here is that Mars changes the character of. Uranus. It doesn’t change the character of Uranus. It changes the Uranian energy by aspect. What do I mean by this? Okay. We’re dealing with a square. Um, a square is combative or conflicted or embattled on, uh, by nature.

Okay. Because all squares, whether they involve the planet Mars or not in a chart, [00:16:00] in an astrological chart, All squares are of the nature of Mars. So this is why squares are combative or angry or about struggle. Um, and, and, and, and, and square between planets is literally one planet trying to get the, upper hand over the other planet there’s, there’s a, there’s a struggle of like, I’m going to know that that’s a square.

Okay. Um, okay. So armorously. That’s, that’s what I’m looking for. I just had to act it out first. What is this? Arm wrestling! Arm wrestling! Okay, that’s what I’m looking. Arm wrestling between the planets. That’s what’s going on in a square. But then this is very quickly picked up, curiously, by Mars, which is a combative planet.

But Mars is trining Uranus. So out of what could be A disastrous, upset or, or, or horrible or how am I going to live upset comes this idea of a new beginning, which is immediately picked up by Mars trining [00:17:00] Uranus, which is involved in that square. So in other words, what we’re being assured of by the stars is that, um, something is taking over.

That’s going to move this energy and a more positive or constructive direction. How do we know it’s positive? It’s a trine. All trines are positive. How do we know it’s constructive? The trine is taking place between two earth signs. Mars is in the Virgo, which is an earth sign, and Uranus is in Taurus, which is an earth sign.

So suddenly Uranus and Taurus Um, and ask any Taurus what their life has been like since 2018, but where Uranus and Taurus has been causing basically, you know, earthquakes, uh, in the Zodiac side of Taurus. It’s been, it’s been causing tumult and, and, and, and, and, and, and flips and revolution and change in the Zodiac side of Taurus.

And Taurus doesn’t like those things. Taurus wants things to be stable and secure, and it doesn’t like living next to basically [00:18:00] a firehouse with the engines, fire engines going wrong. You know, like sirens whirring at 530 in the morning, which is kind of like what it’s like to have Uranus in your sign if you’re a Taurus, signaling another change or another radical shift in direction or reversal of fortune.

Uh, Uranus when it trines Mars becomes more benevolent. It becomes benign. Instead of being the planet of revolution, which is overthrowing things, uh, Uranus becomes the planet of revelation, which is this idea of suddenly the clouds parting and being able to see that there actually is a plan to what feels like haphazard changes and, and, and, and, uh, developments in my life.

So, um, so when this trine, uh, takes place, It’s also really important in the way that it keys off the, um, Mars. Uh, [00:19:00] Uranus, uh, is in the zodiac sign of Taurus, right? And so, uh, okay, we’re, we’re gonna do, Uranus is in the zodiac sign of Taurus. We’re gonna put it right over here, okay? And, and, and then Mars is in the zodiac sign of Virgo, okay?

So Mars in Virgo is in front of Uranus and Taurus. All you have to do is think of zodiacal order, all right? Uranus is in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Mars is in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Mars is ahead of Uranus and Taurus, okay? It’s, uh, it’s, it’s, it’s ahead of it, okay? Uranus has to, is, is racing to catch up to Mars and it’s not going to catch up to Mars and Virgo, but, but Taurus is behind. Virgo. Um, if, if you think of a calendar year, okay. Uh, uh, Virgo, which we associate with August is after May, which we associate to Taurus.

So, so Mars is, is after, Uranus in Taurus. So it’s ahead of it. [00:20:00] And what happens here is that Uranus then because of the trine becomes supportive of Mars’s energy. Right. It’s going to support Mars in doing what Mars wants to do, which is to, you know, win the battle in Virgo, um, and Mars and Virgo, uh, as we spoke about, uh, a few weeks ago, is very much about, uh, workers and labor and, uh, unions and things like that.

So, you know, uh, around the time that Mars entered, I think was the beginning of the writer’s strike in Hollywood, you know, and you’ve got writing with, with, uh, with Virgo, which is Mercury ruled, which is the planet of scribes. And, you know, so, so, so you just don’t mess with workers or laborers, uh, when Mars is in Virgo.

Okay. Because they’re going to, because they’re going to mess you up back. Okay. So that’s, what’s going to happen. They’re united and they’re standing firm. Okay. So Uranus is behind that. And so Uranus is pushing. [00:21:00] that energy forward. It’s pushing the Mars forward in a constructive way. Um, that would not necessarily have been the case had, um, Uranus been in front of Mars.

Okay. Then Mars is trying to like catch up to Uranus. And that’s a whole different astrological prediction that I’m not going to bother you with today, but it’s because Uranus is behind. Mars. Uh, Uranus and Taurus is behind Mars and Virgo, that it’s kind of like a coach. Think of it as a coach that says, okay, you’re ready to go and play in the big leagues now.

You know, you yourself might be like, no, I’m not ready to play in the big leagues now. I don’t, I don’t feel ready for this. I, I don’t feel prepared. There’s, there’s much more training I need to do. I can’t possibly, and the coach basically like. pushes you in at the deep end of the pool or, or, or it’s like being pushed out of the nest.

You know, it’s when the mother bird, you know, sort of like kicks the baby bird out of the nest and says, it’s time for you to go. Okay. So this is what the Uranus Mars trine is going to do. So there may have been [00:22:00] this event. Uh, there may be this event that takes place which leaves you like, oh my goodness, something stable, something I relied upon, something I thought was always secure has fallen away in my life.

The, the rug has been pulled out from underneath me, I don’t know what I’m going to do, you know. And then there may be an emotional response to it, which is, Do something, you know, like, don’t just sit there petrified, do something, throw Priscilla out of that chair, do something, you know, and, and, and so it’s like, what am I going to do?

And then all of a sudden, there’s going to be this feeling of, you know, where you’re saying I can’t go on, I can’t, I’m not up to it, I’m not up to the task at hand, I can’t possibly step up to the plate. There’s going to be this shift in your energy, which will be like, I can go on. I, I can step up to the plate.

You might not know exactly where that’s coming from. Um, don’t think about it too much, but you might all of a sudden be infused with a courage or bravado or, or, uh, or, uh, I can do this, you know, [00:23:00] remember Mars and Virgo. We can do it. Okay. I can do this. And what Was looking like it was going to be a debacle.

or even a catastrophe actually becomes not only a moment of opportunity, but it becomes a chance to really prevail or to show yourself off, you know, show that you can really do what you’re being pushed into doing, not by choice, but now that you’ve been kicked outta the nest or thrown to, uh, the wolves or whatever.

You, you have to deal with all of this. And because Uranus is in Taurus and it’s turning Mars in Virgo, you’re going to find yourself not only very up to the challenge, but very capable of, of moving forward in your life. So much so that this might actually turn into a blessing in disguise. And now that you’ve been kicked out of the nest, uh, you may finally spread your wings and fly and ultimately [00:24:00] soar.




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